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December  Hip Hop News Headlines 2009

NY Times: BOB HERBERT: A Less Than Honest Policy

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff Says to Tune out ‘The Left’

Breakdown FM: w/ Davey D on All Day Play Radio #2 Remember the Time When Hip Hop Was Raw?

Breakdown FM w/ Davey D on All Day Play #1 Open Hearts & Minds On a Cold Rainy Day

Oakland Launches a New Radio Station-All Day Play FM is Here…

Obama Accepts Noble Prize &References Dr King Says Non-Violence is not an Effective Method For Heads of State

Operation Small Axe Film on Oscar Grant Comes to LA

Lil Wayne Recruited by DEA to Go to Mexico Check Out Drugs

Former Employee of Bank of America Blows Whistle on Horrible Banking Practices-How is Your Bank Treating You?

Why Is the Media So Obsessed With Horrifying Images of African-American Mothers?

Copyright Time Bomb Set to Disrupt Music, Publishing Industries

Naomi Klein Throws Down in Copenhagen..COP15 President Says Failure is Not An Option

Singer Jennifer Hudosn Sparks Controversy in South Africa-SA Actors Don’t Want her Playing Winnie Mandela

25 Joints to Get U Thru the Day #18: Beats Till The Break of Dawn

Raiders Play the Pittsburgh Squeelers-Here’s the Teams New Official Jersey

December 4th 1969: 40 Years Ago the FBI Murdered a Black Panther-We Remember Fred Hampton

Police are Now Confiscating DJ Laptops as “Evidence’ for Illegal Parties-What’s Next?

America’s Obsession with Extramarital Affairs Are Used As Distractions to the War

November  Hip Hop News Headlines 2009

Racist Tea Party Folks Attempt to get Violent with Pro-Immigrant Demonstrators.

The progressive movement in America has lost a beautiful voice-Andrea Lewis

Former Street legend Pee Wee Kirkland…has some choice words about Hip Hop

Army takes single mother’s 11 month old & force her off to Afghanistan

Dead Prez, Speech touch down in the Bay Area This Weekend

25 Joints to get U Through Tha Day#17: The Spectre of Music


Elizabeth Méndez Berry: The Obama Generation, Revisited

Top 10 Racist Bloopers on Live TV

Hate Crime in Albany, NY-Black Man Thrown Into BonFire

After Fort Hood: Count All the Dead

Y’all Remember Lady of Rage and Her Afro Puffs? Well She’s Back

The Fort Hood Massacre Should be Awake Up Call-There are ‘Crazy’ People All Around Us

“Can’t” Knock The Hustle! – (Ignorant Blogs VS Jasiri X)

Goldman Sachss is at it again-First it was 23 billion dollars in bonuses, now it’s Swine Flu Vaccine

4 Videos to Start Your Day: Jasiri X, Toki Wright, Gucci Mane & Usher, Akrobatik vs Sage Francis

Black US Public Wants Peace, But Black US President Wages War -Black is Back rally in Washington Nov 7th

Immortal Technique & Hip Hop Chess Federation to Address Escalating Latino Gang Violence in SF

The Big Story in Yesterday’s Election Wasn’t GOP Victories-It was Low Voter Turn Out?

 Jeff Johnson: The Future of Black Politics

10 Races to Watch Across the Nation-What does it mean?

Chairman Fred Hampton jr Speaking Tour Kicks Off in The Bay Area

‘Random & Ridiculousness’: Bossip Urban Gossip Site Tries to Clown Jasiri X Video-get Backlash from their Readers

Jay-Z Responds to Beanie Sigel Allegations of Disloyalty

The good, the bad and the ugly of celebrity worship

October  Hip Hop News Headlines 2009

Is Beanie Sigel Relying Up on Another Grown Man to Take Care of Him?

Breakdown FM: 25 Joints-HealYour Heart & Bless Your Soul

Is Gang rape becoming a Spectator Sport? Give National Attention to End Violence Against Women

KRS-One on one: Hip-Hop needs More Women

Breakdown FM Podcast: Naomi Klein-The Shock Doctrine-from New Orleans to UC Berekely

Michael Jackson Movie ‘This is It’ is Definitely worth the price of Admission

An Open Love Letter to BET CEO Debra Lee (Dear Debra)

Before there was Madea w/ Tyler Perry, There was Geraldine w/ Flip Wilson-How Many of Y’all Remember?

Is Texas Going to Execute an Innocent Man Today? Save Reggie Blanton Call Governor Perry

Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty-is facing 8-12 Months Jail time

Woman Faces 15 Years for Cutting Line at Walmart, KKK Involved

Breakdown FM: Wall Street Gangsters, Wu-Tang Clan-Why Cash Really Rules Everything Around You

Blackface is the New Black

GOP on GOP Violence: Bill O’Reilly Underfire for Interviews w/ Marc Lamont Hill

This is the logo Marc Lamont Hill must Use as an Avatar

Goldman Sachs is Giving Away 23 Billion In Bonuses…Where’s All the Tea Party Protestors? Why are they so Silent?

Rallies Planned in 18 Cities Demanding CNN Drop Lou Dobbs as they Premier Latinos in America

Rush, Rams and Reverse Racism

Bono of U2: Rebranding America-Barack Obama and His Noble Peace Prize

72 Democrats Sell Out Public on Net Neutrality-They Side w/ AT&T

Troubled Kids-Troubled Adults: The Only One Who Spoke Truth Yesterday Was 6 year Old Falcon-The Balloon Boy

Lou Dobbs: Racist, Out of Touch-Stuck in the Past

Remembering Rappers Delight-30 Years Ago It Was Born

Jasiri X: What is Peace? (Not Another Hate Letter to Obama)

Far Right Wing Nuts Protest an Elementary School where Kids Sung Song About Obama During Black History Month

Here’s a Commonly held Belief About Columbus-They Claim Native Americans Can’t lay Claim to America

Why We Should Re-Consider Honoring Columbus-Legacy of genocide in the ‘New World’

What is the State of the Black World?-The Killing of Derrion Albert

Michael Moore: Congratulations President Obama on the Nobel Peace Prize — Now Please Earn it!

25 Joints to Get u Thru the Day: Rise of the Brown Emcee pt 1&2

President Obama Wins Noble Peace Prize-Will It Give Him Political Cover?

Columbus: Overrated White Guy (Top 10 Overrated White People)

Cleveland Hip Hop Artists Set to Do Harvard

Hip Hop Chess Tourney Kicks Off in SF This Weekend

Houston Sends Strong Message to Questlove &

Pittsburgh Troy Polamalu Steps Up and Sets a Good Example for Other Pro-Athletes

Live from Pittsburgh: A Hole in the Wall-What They Refused to Show at G20

Afrika Bambaataa pays tribute to fellow Pioneer Mr Magic

Hip Hop Legends DJ Premier &DJ Nasty Nes Offer Condolances to Hip Hop Radio Pioneer Mr Magic

September Hip Hop News Headlines 2009

Texas Wants to Secede from the US-Should Black and Brown Folks Jump on Board?

Black Eyed Peas’ Apl.de.Ap Asks Fans To Support Philippines Relief Effort

The Only Color That Matters Is Green-(World Premier)

Senate Panel Rejects a ‘Public Option’ in Health Plan

Roman Polanski and the Contradictions in Us All

An Open letter to Young Warriors in Chicago from Nas (the Killing of Derrion Albert)

KRS Says Def Jam Destroyed Hip Hop

Barack Obama: Diasporic Personality, Cultural Entrepreneur, American Emperor

The City of Steel-Police Dominate the G20 in Pittsburgh

The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations

G20 Summit-Jasiri X Report Back-Pittsburgh Police State

“Use The Force Luke” – Storm Troopers Occupy Pittsburgh, PA

Report Back from G20: Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign

Discovery Channel’s ‘Gang Wars: Oakland’ Series Spreads All the Wrong Messages About Poverty and Minorities

An Interview w/ community activist, author Kevin Powell-Why activists should run for office

7 Ways to Save Radio Now

Kanye: If Taylor Swift was Keyshia Cole

2 Reviews of Michael Moore’s Film-Capitalism: A Love Story

Ignorance at the Tea Party, Fox News & the Dumming Down of Urban Radio

Is the name Redskin Offensive-Native Americans Go to the Supreme Court

Has Obama Backed Off of a Big Opportunity to Heal America’s Racial Divide?

17 year old Cipher Emcees speak on Absentee Parents, Drug Abuse and a Crumbling Healthcare System

All Female (B-Girl) Hip Hop Dance Crew from Texas Wrecks Shop

Treach from Naughty By Nature Speaks on Peace Efforts in Newark, NJ

Interview w/ DJ Pam the Funkstress aka the Party Slapper

President Obama Calls kanye West a Jackass-Wow

Michael Jordan Gets Bitter During Acceptance Speech

The Female MC (Where’s She At?)

An Open Letter to South Africa’s Caster Semenya

M-1 of Dead Prez launches from the Ghetto to Gaza Speaking Tour

The Phony, Corporate Sponsored Disruptions & Outbursts of Kanye West & Joe Wilson

Virginia Gov and DNC Chair Tim Kaine Says Times Are Changing in Texas

Rosa Clemente Weighs in on Van Jones Takedown

Is BET really the Belly of the Beast? An Open Letter from Andreas Hale

Fox News Pundit Marc Lamont Hill Speaks about Van Jones, Attacks from the Right & Holding Obama & Dems Accountable

Ice Cube Drops New Song About The Oakland Raiders, while Other NFL Cities sit back in Silence

McCarthy Era Politics-Another Obama Aid Forced to Resign-Glenn Beck Strikes Again

Some thoughts on last nights speech…Liars, Illegal Immigrants, Jesus Christ & Money Changers

He’s Really Not Into Us-The Cruxifiction of Van Jones

Van Jones, Barack Obama and the Audacity of Capitulation

5 Reasons Why Van Jones and Progressives are Better Off With Jones Out of the White House

Van Jones, Barack Obama and the Audacity of Capitulation

August Hip Hop News Headlines 2009

Chris Brown Needs to Fall Back & Stay Out the Spotlight for a While

Blackwater-The World’s Most Deadly Mercenary Army-An Interview w/ Jeremy Scahill

Hard Flows and Keen Intelligence-Meet Paris’ Protege T-Kash

Glenn Beck’s Crazy Lies About Van Jones Gets Refuted

Who is a Hip Hop pioneer and what is a legend?

Lou Dobbs to Speak at Hate Rally-CNN’s Credibility at Risk

Breakdown FM: Interview w/ Pittsburgh Rapper Jasiri X-The police State of Pittsburgh & the Upcoming G20 Summit

Breakdown FM: An Interview w/ Charli 2na-Like a Fish Outta Water-2Na Goes Solo

A History of Black-Brown, Unity, Tensions & Struggle

Republicans looking for ‘great white hope’ to counteract Obama? Congresswoman says she didn’t mean it that way

Kanye West vs George Bush-The Katrina Mix-We Remember 4 Years Later

How I feel bout Regionalism, East vs. West Coast & topic of East Coast Bias!!

How Did Senator Edward Kennedy’s Work Affect Young People?

Ted Kennedy’s Legacy in the Black Community

Fidel Castro says racist right-wingers fight Obama

Juelz Arrested For Threatening Girlfriend; Released

Woman Beaten at 50 Cent’s Mansion for Refusing to Have Oral Sex-What’s Our Stance On This??

Jackson’s Death Ruled as a Homicide

Should Rap Artists Have a Morality Clause in Their Contracts?

The Media Crisis of 2009-Radio Needs to Embrace the Future

Rapper behind ‘Roxanne’s Revenge’ gets Warner Music to pay for Ph.D

Glenn Beck goes after Color of Change co-founder Van Jones

Police Dispatchers in Ohio Suspended for Racially Charged Emails and Photos About Obama

Cynthia McKinney’s Triumph Tour Comes to Bay Area-She’s Set to Help Save Black Newspaper

Obama On Health Care: Is it A Comprehensive Betrayal?

Troy Davis Gets a Stay of Execution

Obama Punks Out to GOP & Insurance Companies-Public Option is Outta Here

Healthcare Debate Impacts Hip Hop Artists-many who are Uninsured

Method Man being Sued for Shooting a Houston Woman

Breakdown FM: Healthcare or Healthscare-Which Way Should We Go

Hip Hop History w/ Big Daddy Kane-This is Why He is One of the Best

3 Classic Songs from the early days of LA Hip Hop

Before there was 50 There was Tim Dog-Remembering the East-West Coast War

Police Corruption along the Border is Big Business

Trials of a Hip Hop Educator: Racial Profiling in a Post-Racial America?

4 Hip Hop Songs of Advice and Reflection for the Young Black male

Scarface is calling it a day-Politics Has ruined the Music Biz

Wrath of Khan: Idiots on the Loose (Fake Healthcare Disruptions)

Houston We have a Problem-Racism & Sexism Allegations Singe Fire Department

Too Many Funerals, Too Many Early Deaths-No Time to Grieve

John McCain Says No To Sonia Sotomayor-What is the GOP Thinking?

Baatin of Slum Village Passes-Memorial Held in Detroit

Lil Wayne: Whippin’ it like a Slave in Black August

Make Her Say (Poke Her Face): Un-conscious Hip Hop, Oral Rape and the Silencing of Women

How the Healthcare Debate Got Hijacked

July Hip Hop News Headlines 2009

The Audacity of Post-Racism

Paris, Texas-The History of a Troubled City-Report Back from Paris pt2

Trae Day community celebration ruined by driveby shooting at Texas Southern

Is the Obama Health Care Plan Really Better Than Nothing?

President Obama Reacts to Harvard Arrest Says Police Acted Stupidily

M-1 of dead prez-Report Back from Gaza -Why we should be concerned w/Palestine and International Struggles …

Did White People Build This Country? A False Assertion Gets Corrected

KKK & Neo Nazi’s Square Off Against Black Panthers in Paris, Texas

Chris Brown Publicly Apologizes to Rihanna & His Fans

Mark Anthony Neal: The Demise of VIBE

Sad News-Beastie Boy member Adam Yauch has Cancer

This is what Oakland Needs Right About Now…

Corporations Are Missing the Mark & Killing Urban Radio Format

Pat Buchanan Calls Sonia Sotomayor a Minor Leaguer-Says white men didn’t get a fair shake during hearings

Hip Hop is Speaking Truth to Power in Iran-An interview w/ Iranian Rapper Salome

Wise Intelligent Speaks: Trenton Police Shoot, Kill a Man Last Night

White Cops In Philly Refer to Black Kids As Ghetto Monkeys-Black Cop Set to Sue


Wake Up GOP: Sotomayor Is This Generation’s Jackie Robinson

Starbucks Set to Start Swagger jacking Local Coffee Houses by removing Its Name

Q-Tip Set to Pen a Book About Industry Rule 4080

First Wise Intelligent, Now Hip Hop pioneer Paradise of X-Clan get arrested on trumped up charges

Cynthia McKinney, Charles Barron & M-1 of dead Prez Arrive in Gaza

Two Thugs Start Fight Get Beaten By Everyone in Store

Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers Falsely Arrested!!!

Hip Hop Industry Insider Pens Novel for Young Adults

Hip Hop Congress National Convention Comes to Seattle

Jacob the Jeweler Forfeits $2 Million In Laundered Funds

Bury the Never Ending Myth of Jackson as Child Molester

Michael Jackson’s Memorial:End of an Era-Close of a Chapter-Where Do We Go from Here?

Philadelphia Private Swim Club Forces Out Black Children

Big Beef in Congress: Shelia Jackson Lee vs Peter King Over Michael Jackson

Why the new Webcaster Royalty Deal w/ Sound Exchange Stinks

Chuck D & Funk Expert Rickey Vincent Speak on the Music & Political Legacy of Michael Jackson & the Jackson 5

Charges Dropped Against the SF8

Chuck D & Funk Expert Rickey Vincent Speak on the Music & Political Legacy of Michael Jackson & the Jackson5

Breakdown FM-The History of Funk-A Retrospective into the Musical Legacy of MJ and the Jackson 5

Cynthia McKinney released, returning to United States

The Missing BET Awards-Michael Jackson Video Tribute That Was Never Shown

BET Denounces Lil Wayne & Drake Performance But Only to AHH

Filmmaker Byron Hurt’s Open letter to Debra Lee & BET

Comedian Dave Arnold Rips the BET Awards

Has Change Come?: Art, Hip-Hop, Sports, and Culture in the Age of Obama

Chuck D of Public Enemy Releases YouTube Video Tribute for Michael Jackson


June Hip Hop News Headlines 2009

  • Update: Anti-Gang leader Alex Sanchez Denied Bail
  • Greg Tate: Michael Jackson-The Man in Our Mirror
  • How Michael Got Gangsta With Sony Music Over Black Music
  • Minnesota court rules Democrat Al Franken won Senate seat
  • Cynthia Mckinney Arrested & Detained by Isreali Government-Free Cynthia McKinney
  • Vibe Magazine Shuts Down
  • White Cop Calls Oscar Grant a ‘Bitch Ass Nigger’ -Moments Before He was Shot
  • Beneath Low: BET, Lil Wayne Set the Stage for Child Pornography
  • Ishmeal Reed: The Persecution of Michael Jackson
  • Another Police Terrorism Incident-This Time in Baltimore-Transit Cop Rapes Girl
  • Thoughts on the Jena 6 and the Recent Verdict
  • BET Missed the Mark Last Night w/ Their Michael Jackson Tribute
  • White House Is Rather Mute on Jackson’s Death
  • 25 Joints to Get U Thru the Day-Michael Jackson-My Forever Came Today
  • Look at How Society Works-Remembering Michael Jackson
  • Time to Emancipate the Airwaves
  • Paul Porter: Black radio Speaks w/ Forked Tongue
  • Feds Say Ex-NBA Star Tipped Off Drug Kingpin
  • Is there a Warrior Gene that causes Gang Bangin’
  • RIAA Loses Minneapolis File Sharing Case
  • Music Never Sounded So Good-Meet Jessica Celious
  • Why the New I-Phones Suck- Be Warned It’s Not what You Think
  • Black Radio-The History and Demise of WAMO in Pittsburgh
  • Two Hip Hop Legends Pass-A Graff Writer & a Music Exec
  • Police Terror Strike Again Black EMT worker brutalize By Police while transporting patient to Hospital
  • Supreme Court Rules Convicts Have No rights for DNA Testing
  • Rap & Rock Come Together Again w/Street Sweeper Social Club
  • Rebel Diaz Are Free The case brought Against them has been dismissed in the ‘Interest of Justice’
  • Warning: Boo to Time Warner Cable They back to Scheming Again
  • iScrewedUp — Radio’s New App-How Bigtime Radio Executives Messed up Again
  • Is the Uprising in Tehran Real or a CIA Backed Exercise? Protesters in Tehran Address Progressive Community
  • An open letter to black radio from Tony MF Rock
  • Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Original Speech where he said ‘God Damn America’
  • DJ Quik’s Diva-Like Behavior at Ruby Skye
  • Calling out the Racism of Ron Paul & Alex Jones (Obama Deception) As Our Desperate Army Recruits Neo-Nazis
  • Ten Known (and Little-Known) Facts About Tupac
  • 25 Joints to Get U Thru 2Pac’s Bday
  • Illdoctrine: In Defense of Charles Hamilton
  • What if Steve Jobs Took Over Clear Channel?
  • 2Pac Lost Interview w/ Davey D from 1991 (from Juice to the meaning of Hip Hop)
  • Breakdown FM: 2Pac Birthday Tribute Mix
  • Remembering 2Pac the Infamous Westside Radio Interview
  • Maker of Auto-Tune Machine Responds to Jay-Z’s death of Auto-Tune Song
  • Clear Channel is Done In the next 6 Months-But Will Radio Survive
  • We’re Outraged About Voter Fraud in Iran-But Are We Outraged Enough to Fix Voter Fraud Here at Home?
  • Aren’t You Glad Orlando Lost Now That We Know the Owner is a Right-Wing Nutcase?
  • Bill Maher: Message to Obama-Stop Being a Celebrity & Be More George Bush-like
  • Newest Rhymesayer Member Toki Wright Comes through and Represents
  • Star & Buc, Glen Ford of Black Agenda Respond to Michael Eric Dyson
  • Why aren’t elderly white males being profiled and called Terrorists?
  • A Message to the Laker Haters
  • Reverend Wright Says Jews Are Controlling Obama-Causes Uproar
  • WTF??? BART Officers Involved w/ Oscar Grant Promoted
  • Lauryn Hill cancels European Tours-Cites Health Reasons
  • E-40 vs the Notorious BIG (the untold story)
  • The Rise of Private Armies-People be Warned Its Happening As We Speak
  • Drake Plans New Lawsuit Over Unauthorized New Album
  • Breakdown FM: The Knox Fam-Destroy to Build
  • DJ jazzy Jeff Shut Down & Tossed out for Playing Hip Hop
  • Breakdown FM: An Interview w/ Martín Perna of Antibalas
  • Rachel Maddow: Right-Wing Terrorism Must Be Stopped
  • Sister Souljah Meets Euphrates- Definition of African Woman
  • Don’t Hold Obama to a Race Agenda
  • Cedric Muhammad-Black Coffee Show-Davey D Speaks on HR 848
  • Killer Cop Johannes Mehserle will stand trial for Murdering Oscar Grant
  • UK Police Seek to Arrest People Wearing Too Much Bling
  • American Jews in Jerusalem Express Hatred Toward Obama for Speaking to Muslims
  • Eminem Gets Humiliated at MTV Awards
  • Did Bill O’Reilly Inspire the Killing of Abortion Doctor George Tiller?
  • President Obama Has a New Cyberplan Straight Outta the Big Brother Handbook
  • Hip Hop Congress Awareness Festival Unites Diverse Crowd
  • More Details Emerge from Austin Nightclub shooting
  • Disgruntled Texas Rappers Shoot Up Nightclub-Injure 8
  • African Scholar/Historian Who Influenced Nas-Dr Ivan Van Sertima Passes
  • May Hip Hop News Headlines 2009

    Who Killed Black Radio-A Journalist Roundtable

    Download Podcast

    Obama Chooses Sotomayor for Supreme Court Nominee

    Bun B Says Only 6 rappers making Money During Recession

    The Culture of Bling is Losing Its Ring Amongst Rappers

    Oakland Police Harrass & Intimidate West Oakland Organizer

    MLK vs the Radio-Historic 1967 Speech about the Importance of Black Radio

    Rapper Charles Hamilton Gets Punched out in a Battle

    When the Fever Was Mecca-The Legacy of Disco Fever

    L.A. Gang Waged War To Eliminate Black People

    The Knox Family: Natural Born Thrillers from Seattle

    Long Beach Rapper from Tha Mexakinz on Trial

    Hip Hop Caucus Engages Capitol Hill

    Ending Wackness in the name of Blackness-HR 848

    Oscar Grant trial pt 2 Oakland Rappers Trinidad and Franchize

    A Detailed Report Back from the Oscar Grant Trial (video included)

    Willie D Remains Jailed, Attempting Bond Release

    New Details Emerge on Dolla’s Shooting-It was an Out of Town Hit

    NY Rapper-NYOil Starts Unemployment Jobs Initiative

    We Remember Malcolm X on His 84th Birthday

    Konvict Muzik Artist Dolla Gunned Down In Los Angeles

    Michelle Obama-Is not a Great Beauty-Says Supermodel Iman

    Man Shot at B-day Party in Inglewood, Cali

    Oscar Grant Trial Starts Today in Oakland

    Eminem Set to Shine Light on Unemployed Autoworkers

    Louis Vuitton Puts Rick Ross on Blast-Calls Him Out

    Rebellion Breaks Out in East Austin After Cop Shoots Man in


    Sooner or Later Everyone Talks-the Real Truth Behind the Stop Snitching Movement

    T.I. Kicks Alfamega Out of Grand Hustle Crew on Live Radio

    Download Podcast

    Breakdown FM-Straight from ATX-Meet Public Offenders



    Breakdown FM Interview w/ Music Industry Vet Thembisa Mshaka







    April 2009

  • Asher Roth Sparks Controversy over Black Rapper remark
  • The Hip Hop Police-It’s Origins & Evolution
  • Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Tavis Smiley, and the Impoverishment of Black Media
  • Funkmaster Flex Threatens To Ban All Interscope Artists
  • One Night in Frisco-DJ Rhettmatic vs Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill
  • Fox News Unhinged, Irrational Obama Attacks Stir up Violent Right-Wing Militants
  • The Creativity Stimulus by Jeff Chang
  • A Tale of Two Reverends-Jeremiah Wright & Edward Pinkey
  • Why We Don’t Condemn Our Pirates in Somalia by Knaan
  • Police Terror Strikes NY & Lousiaina-73 Year old handicapped man Murdered
  • A Response to Marvin X from The Ansars About Askari X & Lovelle Mixon
  • A Conversation w/Knaan-the Real truth about Somali Pirates (video)
  • Cops Hate Kidz & Kidz Hate Cops-Zumbi of Zion I Responds to Police Brutality
  • Breakdown FM: MC Hammer-The Vindication Interview (Flashback 2006)
  • 3 Cops Killed In Pittsburgh-2 Wounded over Domestic Violence Dispute
  • Public Slight-Lost Opportunity for Oakland-Dellums & Lee Dissed by OPD
  • March 2006
  • The Differences: Being Black or White and a Murderer
  • Prince Goes Off on Soundman & Nokia Theater Executives
  • Davey D’s Adventures at SXSW#3 Invincible, Homeboy Sandman & King Asoka
  • The Differences: Being Black or White and a Murderer
  • Karmic Justice 4 Killed Cops
  • More Troubling Allegations for Racist Dallas Cop
  • The Big Takeover: It’s All About Power Not Money for Wall Street Crooks
  • Destablization, Demonization & Domination-The Mexican Drug War
  • Dead prez Speaks Out About Cop Killings in Oakland & Oscar Grant
  • Davey D’s Adventures at SXSW #2 Meet Bay Area Rapper Patriarch
  • Oakland’s Civil War-the People vs the Police w/ Mistah Fab
  • Boston Teens Blame Rihanna, Pepa’s Drama w/ Treach
  • Mexico’s Drug War Bloodbath: Guns from the U.S. Are Destabilizing the Country
  • Drama In Texas-As Racist DA Threatens People Over Movie Screening About Corruption
  • Update on JR & OPD Frame Up-The Maturing of the Oscar Grant III Justice Movement
  • Is Hip Hop a Movement? In 2009 We Examine Our Political Relevance
  • Oakland Activist Van Jones Gets Appointed to White House-Keynotes Powershift Summit
  • Why I am supporting Clear Channel-If they Get Hit-I Get Hit
  • Breakdown FM 25 Joints to Get U Through The Day-Women Speak Their Minds
  • Pork Is Good for U-Time to Stand Up to the Organic Revolutionaries
  • Obama is Set to Have US Boycott the UN Racism Conference
    Hip Hop News February 2009
  • Breakdown FM-25 Joints to Get U Through The Day-Commercial Radio Is Lost
  • Boo! to Congressman John Conyers-This Esteemed Congressman Has Been Duped
  • Houston Club Security Under Scrutiny For Tasering Popular DJ
  • Snoop Dogg and T.I. support Farrakhan and NOI at Savior’s Day
  • Hip Hop’s Judgement Day: Is It Good for Black People
  • Eric Holder’s Much Touted Speech on Race Lets White People Off the Hook
  • The Corporate Media Is Shamelessly Pretending Racism Died When Obama Got Elected
  • Experts call ICE program used by Arizona Sheriff a failure
  • 50 Has a Come to jesus Moment-Stops Joking About Rihanna Beating
  • Oscar Grant B-Day Celebration Coming Up Feb 27th in West Oakland
  • Hip Hop Chess Federation Mind over Matter Tourney Kicks Off This Saturday
  • Black Folks in Vegas Set to Shut Down F Street
  • Violence in the Black Community & Hip-Hop: Root Causes & Real Solutions
  • Physical Graffity: Scratching the Surface of a Complex Issue
  • December 12th Movement Calls for Homeland Security to Investigate NY Post
  • T-K.A.S.H. and True Justice performing Superman in Berlin
  • Paris & T-Kash get Busy on Stage
  • To Michelle Obama, and Her Sister “First Ladies”
  • NAACP Rejects Rupert Murdoch and the NY Post’s Weak Ass Apology
  • Should California Legalize and Tax Weed to get Out of Fiscal Crisis
  • Breakdown FM: The Real Truth behind the Stop Snitching Movement
  • Breakdown FM-How Congress Really Works-Navigating the Halls of Power
  • Record Labels Trying to Tax Broadcasters-Will Club DJs be next?
  • John Legend Takes a Stand Tells Artist to Say ‘No’ to the NY Post
  • Republican Leaders Say the Party is In need of a Hip Hop Makeover
  • Afeni Shakur Releases Official Statement Regarding Lawsuit
  • Hip Hop Journalist Adisa Banjoko Sounds Off Against Dead Beat Dads
  • K’Naan: Straight Outta Mogadishu-Don’t Sleep on this Guy
  • Bay Area Journalist Being Framed by Oakland Police-Please Support
  • 5 Questions with: The Mighty Underdogs
  • How I Went from Prep School to Prison by John Forte
  • Simulating Murder-Another Look at the NY Post Cartoon Fiasco
  • OPINION: The Post’s Post-Racial Politics
  • 2Pac Film Rights Caught in Legal Battle Between Afeni and Morgan Creek
  • Historic Day for Hip Hop Congress-From Sacramento-to Olympia
  • Photo’s of Rihanna Leaked All OVer Net-LAPD Mad as Hell
  • Two Suge Knight Related Pleas-He Admits to Beating Down a Woman
  • 5 Great Progressive Moves by Obama That You Might Have Missed
  • Black Leaders Silent As Black Rappers Create Environ Of Death And Abuse
  • In Defense of OneUnited Bank…and Rep. Barney Frank
  • Is Drug Violence Leading to a Civil War in Mexico?
  • Caravan for Justice to Sacramento-Thursday Feb 19th
  • New York Post Racist Cartoon Slanders President Obama-Boycott the Post
  • Students Take Over NYU Building-Demand University Divest from Isreal
  • The Failure of Hip Hop Journalism: Rewriting Hip Hop History
  • Rihanna/Chris Brown: Ending Violence Against Women & Girls
  • Rap Sessions Post Racism in America Tour Kicks Off This Week
  • 25 Joints to Get U Through The Day-No More Shame-Ending Domestic Violence
  • The Battle for J Dilla’s Legacy (Rule 4080-Industry Types Are Shady)
  • Oscar Grant Report (4) BART board mtg 2 Feb 12th Meeting
  • Oscar Grant Coverage-Interview w/ Oakland Police
  • Hip Hop Will Not Tolerate Racism-Set to take on Sheriff Joe over Immigration
  • Chris Brown’s Alleged Assault Charges Could Cost Him His Endorsement Deals
  • Zionists Crash Oscar Grant meeting -Try to Cause Rift between Blacks & Palestinians
  • Police Try to Intimidate Oakland Oscar Grant Marchers Last Friday
  • Hip Hop History: The Rise of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five by Mark Skillz
  • Hip Hop History: One Night At the Executive Playhouse-Pete DJ Jones vs. Kool DJ Herc
  • Hip Hop History: Cheeba, Cheeba Y’all: Original House Rocker Eddie Cheba
  • Hip Hop History: Founding Fathers-Hip Hop Did Not Start in the Bronx
  • Hip Hop History: Straight No Chaser-DJ Hollywood
  • Update on Events Dealing w/ Oscar Grant & Oakland Rebellions
  • Diddy Goes Nuts & leaves Club to Avoid Gun Search
  • Brother of Black Eyed Peas APL.De. AP Killed
  • AP Wire Hates on Street Artist Shepard Fairly-Sues Him Over Copyright
  • An Open letter to Will Smith About Denying Racism
  • Why is NY’s Former Punk Ass Mayor Rudy Giuliani Defending Wall Street Bonuses?
  • It’s Not Gonna Be Ok: A Look at the Economic Terrorism Crisis & The Left
  • 206 Zulu 5th Anniversary Going Down In Seattle
  • Black President, Brown America-Obama and La Raza
  • Russell Simmons Calls Out Bill O’reilly & Stanley Crouch
  • Black Power wins a Black president and a White Cop charged with murder
  • Time Warner & Other Companies Want to Limit your Internet use
  • Hip-Hop Chess Federation Announces Mind Over Matter II
  • Michael Steele – Republican’s First Black Party Chairman: For Real or Cheap Trick?
  • Hip Hop News January 2009
  • Is Obama a Hip Hop President and Does It Really Matter?
  • Kanye West & that Pesky Gay Question!
  • Black Artist Gets Death Threats After Criticizing Michelle Obama
  • This Week w/ Jasiri X pt 17: The Defining Moment
  • THE BRIDGE: The Notorious Conspiracy Theory
  • Road to Ruin: Twenty-Five People at the Heart of the Meltdown
  • John Conyers Sells Out & Supports RIAA Royalty Bill
  • The Windy City & the State of Illinois (Gangsterism at its Best)
  • More Police Terror-Brown Beret Mother Shot in Back By Police
  • A Letter to Barack Obama from Cynthia McKinney
  • NYC Bakery Makes Negroe Head Cookie Honor Obama
  • This Week with Jasiri X-Episode #17
  • Obama Inauguration-Dedicated to the Elders-(Michael Franti’s Hey Now)
  • Oscar Grant Report back pt 1 by One Fam (video doc)
  • Oscar Grant Report Back #2 by One Fam (video doc)
  • Hours Before Obama Takes Over-Are You Profoundly Excited?
  • Dispatches from DC: Election Day 2009
  • Oakland Rebellion: Eyewitness report by POCC Minister of Information JR
  • Authorities & Corporate Media Admit Grossly Exaggerate Oakland Riot Reports
  • BART Officer Arrested in the Nevada for the Murder of Oscar Grant
  • This Week w/ Jasiri X-tribute to Oscar Grant
  • Why Was the Mayor So Late in Speaking About Oscar Grant?
  • Interview w/ Oscar Grant Family Lawyer John Burris
  • Rage, Fury & Healing pt1-Brother Mandingo & Bishop Kane
  • Rage Fury & Healing pt2-Sounds from Fruitvale BART Station Rally
  • Rage, Fury, & Healing pt3-Boots Riley & Emory Douglass
  • Rage Fury & Healing pt4-Big jack Speaks on Trauma Witnessing Killings
  • Unarmed Man Shot By Police In Oakland-Caught on Tape
  • Oscar Grant, Young Father and Peacemaker, Executed by BART police
  • Oakland Rebels pt1-Young Brothas Confront OPD in the Streets
  • Oakland Rebels pt2-Interview w/ Journalist Eric Arnold & Resident Mike Russell
  • Oakland Rebels pt3 14th Street Car Fire
  • Ron Dellums Gets Confronted in the Streets of Oakland pt1
  • Ron Dellums Gets Confronted in the Streets of Oakland pt2
  • Interview w/ Greg Hodge & Deputy Police Chief Jordan
  • Hip Hop Reps for Oscar Grant pt1-Fruitvale Rally & Jahi
  • Hip Hop Reps for Oscar Grant pt2 w/Ner City, Mista FAB, Jasiri X
  • Hip Hop Reps for Oscar Grant pt3 w/ Sellessie, Arab Summit & Mista FAB
  • Hip Hop Reps for Oscar Grant pt4 w/ Deuce Eclipse, DJ Twelve, Ner City, No the Piper
  • Jay-Z Beefing w/ Obama Over Hip Hop Lyrics Big Upping Hamas
  • Co-Founder of Katrina Recovery Organization in New Orleans an FBI Agent
  • How Hip Hop Music Defines and Divides Black Women
  • Are We Being Hypocrites When We Blast Israel While We Ourselves Live on Stolen Land?
  • Is Hip Hop’s 5th Element-Video Vixens Like Buffie the Body
  • Trials of a Hip Hop Educator: Message to the Hip Hop Visionaries in the Year of the 9
  • Return to Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner

  • Big Beef in Congress: Shelia Jackson Lee vs Peter King Over Michael Jackson
  • Why the new Webcaster Royalty Deal w/ Sound Exchange Stinks
  • Chuck D & Funk Expert Rickey Vincent Speak on the Music & Political Legacy of Michael Jackson & the Jackson 5
  • Charges Dropped Against the SF8
  • Chuck D & Funk Expert Rickey Vincent Speak on the Music & Political Legacy of Michael Jackson & the Jackson5
  • Breakdown FM: Healthcare or Healthscare-Which Way Should We Go

    Hip Hop History w/ Big Daddy Kane-This is Why He is One of the Best

    3 Classic Songs from the early days of LA Hip Hop

    Before there was 50 There was Tim Dog-Remembering the East-West Coast War

    Police Corruption along the Border is Big Business

    Trials of a Hip Hop Educator: Racial Profiling in a Post-Racial America?

    4 Hip Hop Songs of Advice and Reflection for the Young Black male

    Scarface is calling it a day-Politics Has ruined the Music Biz

    Wrath of Khan: Idiots on the Loose (Fake Healthcare Disruptions)

    Are Texas Democrats Afraid to Step Up and be Counted?

    The progressive movement in America has lost a beautiful voice-Andrea Lewis

    Former Street legend Pee Wee Kirkland…has some choice words about Hip Hop

    Army takes single mother’s 11 month old & force her off to Afghanistan

    25 Joints to get U Through Tha Day#17: The Spectra of Music

    The TRUE Cost of War…TRUE LIVES for TRUE LIES

    Elizabeth Méndez Berry: The Obama Generation, Revisited

    Top 10 Racist Bloopers on Live TV

    Hate Crime in Albany, NY-Black Man Thrown Into BonFire

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