Texas Wants to Secede from the US-Should Black and Brown Folks Jump on Board?


Texas Secession: Should Black and Brown Folks Jump on Board?
by Davey D

source: The Southern Shift
southernshifthat-225I always find this concept of Texas secession interesting. I especially find it interesting when I see and hear the way it’s being framed. Words like ‘Freedom’  ‘Independence’ and ‘Oppression’ are used suggesting that it’s a noble endeavor and not something sinister. Some find the conversation compelling when it focuses on our main two parties Republicans and Democrats being a thorn in our collective sides that needs to be done away with. There’s lots of tough talk from secessionist about dissatisfaction with the Federal government which is very relatable when one looks at high unemployment rates, Wall Street Bankers getting bailed out, mismanaged wars and no Universal healthcare. All of this makes a secession argument intriguing.

Today secessionists claim that their motivation is not racism. They emphatically claim an increasingly Browner and Blacker Texas is not their main reason to secede. They want freedom from Oppression. Ok I’ll buy that – we all want that type of relief. Now my question is will a Republic of Texas change the flawed political dynamics of the other 49 states and strive to be a true Democracy? Will a Republic of Texas have a government that is a true representation that is reflective of the population? For example, will there be proportional representation ensuring all Texans to have voice and a seat at the table or will it be winner take all? In short will the Republic of Texas be for the people by the people? After all, the reason to secede centers around a Federal government that is unresponsive. The ROT should ideally change this, right? We will no longer have to worry about a federal government that spends our money in all the wrong places. We will no longer have to worry about a federal government that doesn’t listen to the peoples true wants and needs. I can completely understand the frustrations one has with the Feds. I can assure you, those sentiments are not exclusive to the ‘good’ folks behind the ‘Texas Nationalist Movement’. Lots of folks feel that way. Lots of Black folks, lots of Brown folks.

I recall during the height of the Black Power movements, in the 60s and 70s groups like the Nation of Islam (then known as the Black Muslims) along with others called for a nation within a nation. It was a type of secession of sorts. Leaders felt like the Democrats and Republicans were morally corrupt. They felt the Federal government was a sham and ideally things would get better if the nation’s Black population could take over the states they tilled the land for as slaves and call it a day. Freedom from oppression was the guiding force. Black folks were looking to get their 40 Acres and mule as promised by the Feds.  Perhaps this will happen under the Republic of Texas. Broken promises shall be honored right?

As we now know all that nation within a nation talk was met with swift and ultimately destructive response from our federal government. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, under the leadership of Texan Lyndon Baines Johnson, did ‘name checks’ on opponents and ran a vicious Cointel-pro campaigns to dismantle the Black Panthers, derail the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King and make any talk of a nation within a nation sound utterly ridiculous. 

There are many Chicano’s here in Texas who can recall the heights of the Chicano Movement where issues like Land Grants were front and center and people were seeking ways to get back ancenstral lands that were stolen. I believe there’s quite a bit of ‘property’ in Texas that folks may be looking to get back.  Will that at least be discussed in the Republic of Texas? After all Chicanos and many indegenous folks have major beef with the Federal government who they feel behaved in an extremely undemocratic fashion. They can tell you story after story of broken promises, broken treaties, and unscrupulous land grabs. One should be able to safely assume that within a strong independent Texas such atrocities will not take place. The goal of having honesty within our government is one of the reasons to secede. 

The Republic of Texas… Is this an opportunity for ALL the people in Texas (Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Young, old ) to have the wrongs of the past corrected? Is the Republic of Texas intending to be a true Democracy or is all this talk of a Free and Independent Texas just a sham conducted by some disgruntled people with its core goal to grab land and resources?

Something to Ponder

-Davey D-

An exclusive interview with Daniel Miller, President of The Texas Nationalist Movement

Source: Cypress Times Article

TexasSecession-225Over the past few weeks The Cypress Times has carried several opinion pieces in our Op/Ed Section from supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement.  The Texas Nationalist Movement supports Texas secession, and the establishment of a free and independent Texas. 

These op/ed pieces have garnered an amazing amount of attention and have resulted in some very, let’s call it lively, commentary.  One of the themes repeated often in the negative commentary is that the Texas Nationalist Movement is motivated by racism and a hate specifically for Barack Obama.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the TNM is not an Obama thing.  It’s not a Democrat thing.  It’s not a GOP thing.  It’s a freedom thing.

The TNM was formed way before anyone outside of Chicago, and a few domestic terrorists, had ever heard the name, Barack Obama.  Most people in the U.S. back then thought ACORN was just a nut long cherished by squirrels and that Socialism was something that happened in ridiculous places like France.

The truth is that George W. Bush was the Governor of Texas when TNM launched its initiative to say “Adios” to the United States of America. So, it’s really not an Obama thing, okay.
“We’re non-partisan with people from all walks of life,” Texas Nationalist Movement, President Daniel Miller told me in a recent interview.  Truth be told, the TNM hasn’t much use for those now running the DNC, nor the GOP.

“Our organization rejects these dividing lines which are artificial.  Both major parties fundamentally engage in the same activity,” Miller says.  He also adds, “We (TNM) railed against Bush and the Patriot Act, too.”

So, if the Texas Nationalist Movement isn’t about party politics, what is it about?  Party politics after all are what makes our Government go round.  It’s about the two party system, right? Wrong.


“It’s about people who agree with individual freedom and liberty not putting trust in government,’ Miller says. “How long can people be disenfranchised from government before they say let’s do our own thing.  You saw it in the American Revolution and in Texas history.”

Miller goes on to describe the U.S. Government as “overbearing, oppressive, unwielding and unresponsive.”

I think that pretty well covers it. 


I have to admit as a fifth generation Texan the notion of Texas pulling up stakes and saying, “See Ya” to the U.S. has always fascinated me.  I’ve always thought of Texas secession as a romantic expression of the individualism and ruggedness of the people of Texas.  I see us Texans tipping our collective Stetsons and riding off into the sunset of independence never again to be bothered by those foreigners on the other side of the river.  You know, the Red River.  However, I never really considered it.  Should we really consider it now?  

How’s that hope and change working out for you?  That phrase is getting a lot of action these days.  For that matter how was it working out for you before the change, when George Bush pushed for the first stimulus package and ignored the security of our borders?  Have you really seen a change, or is it more of the same?

When the Dems are in office the GOP is complaining, when the GOP is in office the Dems are complaining.  Are they really all alike?  I make no judgment call here, I’m just asking.
The questions really become:

Are we (the people) okay with how things are?  Can we change those things given the current system?  If the answer is no, what next?

“People eventually say I don’t want to be a part of this anymore,” says Miller.  “Secession, independence or autonomy come into play.  It has played out across the globe for thousands of years.”
What would a Republic of Texas look like?  Is that bunch in Austin any more trustworthy than the bunch in DC?  The thing to look at, according to Miller, is the Texas Constitution.  Specifically,

Article 1, Section 2 which reads as follows:


All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit. The faith of the people of Texas stands pledged to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject to this limitation only, they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient.”

The Texas Constitution leaves little wiggle room on this matter.  It is less open for broad interpretation than the U.S. Constitution.  Isn’t that where we began to get in trouble in the first place?  All of that broad interpretation.


Can Texas secede, and become a free Republic once more?  Miller says “Yes” and perhaps sooner than anyone thinks.  Miller believes that the secession movement has the support of between 2.2 million and 6 million Texans.  That’s a broad range and Miller understands that.  The range is due to how the numbers were extrapolated from several sources and polls.  Either way it’s a big number.  It is a number that makes the TNM a formidable force in Texas politics.

Miller believes the issue of Secession will be addressed in “a rapid fashion” during the next legislative session (2011) or perhaps sooner, once the Governor’s race has ended.
Miller also says, in the context of the current political climate in America, “I think by the time we get to a vote, Texas independence wins by a landslide.” 


Miller explains that the U.S. Government has moved America in the wrong direction for over 20 years.
“Incrementalism is where it’s all going.  They’ve incrementally moved us so far that now they’re emboldened to take bigger steps because they have less distance to go.”  Miller adds, “For 20 years we’ve been asleep and now the noose is around the neck.”

Miller realizes that secession is not the first thought your average citizen has in terms of fighting back.  He sees what is happening with Townhall Meetings, and TEA Party gatherings, but still believes Secession is the right move for Texas and Texans.

“People will exhaust all the usual opposition first.  But they’ve (the Federal Govt.) taken the position that they know what’s best for us,” says Miller.  Then he reminds me of the Texas Constitution, Article 1, Section 2.  It’s about the people!


Secession is not spelled out in the U.S. Constitution, it is an inferred right, according to Miller who also says that the Declaration of Independence makes it plain as to how it all works.
When the colonies declared independence, each “state” seceded from England to form a new union.  It would occur much the same now.  If the issue is put in front of the people of Texas and they vote to secede, then Texas will declare independence from the U.S.  The Governor and the Legislature will hold a convention to call for articles of secession and to negotiate a settlement with the U.S.

If the U.S. Government were to ignore those articles of secession, then Texas could declare unilateral independence.

I asked Mr. Miller what a new Texas would look like geographically. Since it is well known that Texas gave up a good deal of real estate when it joined the U.S., his answer surprised me.  Daniel Miller says the better question might be, what would the United States look like?

“Without Texas, the U.S. ought to think about its viability,” says Miller.

Mr. Miller believes strongly that when Texas secedes, others will follow.  There are other secession movements underway in the U.S. today in states like Vermont and Wisconsin as an example.


The Secession “nay-sayers” are quick to point out that Texas would lose a ton of Federal money if it were no longer a part of the United States.
Mr. Miller says, “For years now every dollar we (Texas) send to DC is declining in terms of what we get back.  In the past 30 years Texas has never gotten back what it sends to the Federal government.”

I shared with Mr. Miller that some of the nastier (and therefore not published) commentary we’ve received at The Cypress Times regarding Secession calls the members of the TNM racists, again asserting that it’s an Obama thing.  Can a nation of racists flourish?

“We take exception to that,” Miller says.  “Our members are Hispanic, Asian, Black.  All power is inherent in the people.  Tyranny doesn’t discriminate and freedom shouldn’t either.”


Miller says that the Texas Nationalist Movement needs,  “All Texans who believe in independent rights and principles to stand with us in order to see Texas independent and to reserve those freedoms.”

The Texas Nationalist Movement needs to grow.  In order to grow they need people.  “It takes money to reach people,” says Miller.

“We are engaged at a very personal grass roots level.”   The plan is to organize and mobilize.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is hard at work holding meetings in various regions and is planning a 3-Day Conference in March.

The Texas Independence Conference will be the first of its kind.  The TNM will have special speakers and guests from Texas and from the outside.

To learn more about The Texas Nationalist Movement, or to join their cause visit their website at http://www.texasnationalist.com/

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23 comments on “Texas Wants to Secede from the US-Should Black and Brown Folks Jump on Board?

  1. I think that the idea of secession would be interesting because people would begin to understand how things work. If the result of all this talk is that Black and Brown get active in their politics and participate then I say “good”. If it empowers people I say “good”.. if it is another attempt to keep the same idealogues to continue doing the same thing then I say “no good”.

  2. Personally I would entertain the idea of Texas seceding as well as California splitting into at least 2 states. Hawaii becomes independent, and North Carolina and South Carolina merge.. same with Virginia and West Virginia. I am not sure about Alaska or Puerto Rico or Guam or American Samoa? Maybe make all Commonwealth’s independent?.

  3. You make a good point Jose,.. Folks in brooklyn may want to best understand this before they say don’t let the door hit u.. because secession starts with communities locking removing themselves from a larger city. Like here in oakland, we have a little city called Piedmont. It was basically white folks wanting to get away from Blacks. In harlem we have Morning side Heights and now rthey changing the name of sections in Bed Stuy.. about 20 years ago Black folks tried to call their neighborhood in east Palo Alto, cali, nairobi and folks had a serious hissy fit and fought to shut it down..

    Right now Texas is a minority majority with more than a million new people expected to come to Houston alone in the next three years.. They are also opening up a bunch of new colleges.. so the democgrphics is changing and as it does, we have folks talking about removing it.. They are dead serious about this.. and so i think its a good oportunity for folks to learn how such things happen..

  4. Let Texas go. See how they react when we pull out the billions they get for NASA. They think they have trouble with Mexican drug gangs now wait til they no longer have the federal government to intervene or subsidize local law enforcement. Or wait till all that foreign oil they process around Houston re routes up the Mississippi. I would give it ten years until we are discussing the illegal Texans crossing the border to flee the poverty and drug violence racking their financially strapped government.

    And if that doesn’t break them we’ll force the Texan’s and Cowboy’s to play in the CFL. They’ll come crying back after the first draft.

  5. Oh and another thing to consider : The Confederacy let blacks fight in the civil war as well. Racists have a way of not being racist so long as they’re being served voluntarily.

    Does anyone really doubt that there’s a form of apartheid in the final plans of these good ol boys?

  6. Tim Texas is more than just rednecks and cowboys.. Lots of decent folks live there and they are now the majority.. However there are some very vocal and visible folks who have another take on things and won’t go dfown without a fight.. The other thing is Texas is the tip of the iceberg other Southern states are looking to change up as their populations change and become even more Blacker and Browner..

  7. morningside heights sits in harlem, but due to columbia university sitting right there, they use the name morningside heights, bedstuy has started having areas of it renamed, due to gentrification ocurring throughout historic black brooklyn, aka central brooklyn ny, gentrification is different than secession, secession means alienate away from others, gentrification is about removing an indigenous population and changing the character of the area.

  8. I dont blame Texas. The ever growing federal govt is imposing more control over states. The bills this administration wants to shove through will destroy each states soverignty. Black people need to wake up to what this facist govt we have has been up to. In case ya dont notice it we live in a police state. The telecoms are still immune to being sued by the people for the violation of IV ammendment. Cali voted to approve marijuana for medicinal use, yet the justice dept still conducts their raids. The fed govt needs to back up and start respecting the bill of rights. I think many more states will follow Texas lead if the facism does not stop…

  9. Marantha the telecoms are still immune to being sued, because the same group of people that accuses Obama of spending too much money are the same group that complained he might be soft on terrorism if he didn’t renew the Patriot Act and if he didn’t give the Fed the leeway needed including letting the telecoms fspy on us for the govts behalf…. As for the Black people waking up.. there’s a ruicher history behind this which I will unfold in another article, what is being suggested is a land grab, not a call for a correction to flawed democracy. If it was then the points laid out would be wholehardly embraced including jmaking sure broken promises TYreaties and land grants would be bestowed upon people who been living in Texas before it was Texas..

  10. Jose, on September 30th, 2009 at 10:59 am Said:

    I think that the idea of secession would be interesting because people would begin to understand how things work


    Everyone in here knows how things work except for you.

  11. If they were to take a stance against corporations I’d be real interested but they’re looking for an unregulated playground to break unions, pollute, and run their ponzi schemes. When they talk about government interference they’re not talking about legalizing weed or police brutality. They’re talking about getting rid of restrictions on everything from cap and trade to child labor laws. How else can you explain the favorable coverage they’re getting in the corporate media compared to the non corporate separatists calling for la raza? Or even the Alaskan separatists that want to socialize the oil there.

    There’s reasons we have grown a big government and it’s not the masons, it’s because we have big problems. Starting with a clean slate would eventually end up with a government only slightly smaller than ours. How would they deal with poverty without government? Who would control pollution and protect consumers from harmful products? Who’s going to fund the colleges and schools? They would argue that those things all existed before our oversized federal government and they did. So let’s go back to pre New Deal America and see how the poor lived compared to today. Look at literacy rates and upward mobility. Who’s free in that system?

  12. Texas’ succession would be a Very Bad Idea, unless they kicked all the white people out, and called it Tejas again. i dont see this working on any level. the local politicians are beholden to oil money, and even with the changing demographics, they would likely be shut out of any political process. at the same time, losing Texas could be a death blow to the US economy. this makes far less sense than splitting California into two regions.

  13. ^^^^”Everyone in here knows how things work except for you.”^^^ Ouch!
    I am so in need of education…. NOT!

  14. Um………just one question. How in the world can whites in TX talk about seceding on a land that doesn’t even belong to them?? Last time, I checked Texas(along with other states) is just part of Mexico that was stolen at gunpoint and annexed onto the rest of this stolen land called amerikkka. It’s insulting to hear many whites running around here in TX pumping up pipe dreams of ‘breaking away’ from the rest of the country when the land they live on ISN’T theirs to begin with. And, in case, anyone thinks that ‘that’s in the past’……….well, come politic with the Brown brothers and sisters here and listen to some of the things they have told me about the situattion themselves. Anyone Afrikan or so called ‘Latino’ would be a self-hating fool to jump on board with this. If anything, the Mexican people should say what happens to the territory.

    Big ups to all…….

  15. Jose, I’m yet to see one comment of yours that would even remotely demonstrate that you’re “educated”.

  16. “If they were to take a stance against corporations I’d be real interested but they’re looking for an unregulated playground to break unions, pollute, and run their ponzi schemes.”-b_lo Tim

    Good point!

  17. Texan to Brooklyn from Texas. We won’t let the door hit us on the A**. After we establish our new Republic and send you all of our perverts and criminals to live in liberal land.we will secure our borders and provide for the common defense. Of course you will be left with the trillions of dollars of debt your Marxist scum politicians generated to pay off the race hustlers and shiftless welfare cheats. Our new currency will be back by gold,while your worthless paper money will be used for wall-paper. We will then wait till your undefended borders allow your beloved Sons of Allah to nuke a few of your degenerate cities. In other words,blow your A**es off the Map. Enjoy your remaining days without Texas. They won’t last long. So increase your abortions and sodomize some roosters. I

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