Hip Hop Offers Up A Special Father’s Day Message



Today we salute those men who have stepped up to the plate and held it down by doing the right thing-Taking care of their kids.. These videos should remind folks exactly what they should be doing.. Be a Father to your child. Below is the classic  EDOG and the BulldogsBe a Father to Your Child’


Here is the new NY Oil ‘Be a Father’


How can we forget Shaquille O’Neil’s ‘Biological Didn’t Bother

Below is probably one of the most heartfelt exchanges between father and son I have ever witnessed. It was during a book signing for our book BAF  (Be A Father) and it took place between Rhymefest and his 10 year old Solomon

 Here’s the excerpt 

Rhymefest showed and proved how a father should be building with his son.. The exchange below will fill you up..

Rhymefest showed and proved how a father should be building with his son.. The exchange below will fill you up..

Last night (June 2 2008) at the book release party in Brooklyn for ‘Be A Father’, Rhymefest who is one of the co-authors was scheduled to Freestyle. He was initially viewed as the person who could help lighten up the mood a bit and give us some breathing space since the night was filled with heartfelt testamonies and heavy readings on a topic we rarely address openly. Being a father, Father son relationships, manhood and healing from the abandonment of our dads were a few of the topics many of our distinguished people had dwelled upon.

 The mood was serious when Rhymefest took the floor. He told the capacity crowd that rappers always freestyle and that they need to do more. He said it was important to strive to be great and not successful. So instead of freestyling he said he wanted to take his time and show the type of conversation a father should have with his son.

He said before coming to the floor he had asked his 10 year old son named Solomon to write down 5 questions that he would like answered that he had never asked before. Rhymefest would do the same and together they proceeded to open up and have a heartfelt, deeply personal conversation in front of us all.

By the time the two were done there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. To say the least it was groundbreaking and the audio doesn’t do this justice. The spirit in the room was moving as evidence by grown men being touched so much that they broke down and I’m sure many made a decision to strengthen the bond between them and their own children. Peep the audio, reflect and step foward…

Click the link below to listen to the father-Son exchange w/ Rhymefest

The Father-Son Exchange Between
Rhymefest and His Son Solomon


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2 comments on “Hip Hop Offers Up A Special Father’s Day Message

  1. Father’s can’t have nothing nice, they took down the EdOG jernt. But the NY Oil jernt brought a tear -Thanks! “LIke James Evans” – Damn! Mad props to all the Black, White, Hispanis, Asian, Arab, and Indian Fathers doing “God’s will” for their family. Happy Fater’s Day! I got my wife and son and daughter, today’s a good day to go to church, you all!

  2. Hip hop aint offerin up no special Father’s Day message… never has, never will.
    Except the time honored traditional question of “Who’s my baby daddy?”

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