President Obama Calls kanye West a Jackass-Wow


BarackObama-175This Kanye scenario has one twisted turn after another.. So now its come to light that President Obama called Mr West a jackass.. mmmm I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.. Somebody lemme know if president Obama called Glenn Beck, Rush Limabaugh, preachers praying for his death, racist neo nazi types, etc.. Has he called any of them jack asses??

Now I gotta wonder is Kanye gonna get a public apology?

-Davey D-

During a CNBC interview on Monday, President Obama called hip-hop artist Kanye West a “jackass” over his behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards. (Watch video of Kanye at the VMAs here.)

Obama’s colorful remark was actually made in an off-the-record portion of the interview that was tweeted — and then deleted — by ABC News reporter Terry Moran.

“Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a ‘jackass’ for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won. Now THAT’S presidential,” Moran wrote.

Politico’s Michael Calderone has ABC’s statement apologizing for Moran’s journalistic breach.

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15 comments on “President Obama Calls kanye West a Jackass-Wow

  1. Nothing is ever off the record ask Jesse Jackson who saw his presidential bid derailed by an ‘off the record’ remark… Obama pretty much fired (oops I mean accepted the resignation of his senior policy advisor Samantha Powers who called Hillary Clinton a monster off the record…

  2. Obama called it like it was. Rush/Back and their ilk are racist running dogs that are errand boys for the GOP/FOX/Supremacy.
    They are the radio and TV propaganda wing of the White Power Elite. For Obama to call them anything would only be to state the obvious.
    Kanye is what Canibus would call a “Hypaholic” He needs and feeds on attention, from his wack hair do to the bizzare woman on his arm he craves, needs, desires, wants, feinds for attention. He don’t care if its good or bad. In Brooklyn we tried to avoid cats like him that would mess with the most gnarly, dangerous crews in our hood just to get some “rep” no matter how severe the beatdown. Kanye would trade record sales for shine in a heart beat. Ernie

  3. Well..I’m sure hes had some off the record choice word about Rush but
    they leak what they want to break down his support.
    I’ve had Repulicans that hate President Obama tell me I should abandon him just because he’s not …”All Black” … So conqure and divide same old game different day ..

  4. Thank you Davey for pointing that. You know I am so sick of the double standards in this society. Black people are really in no position to publicly castigate each other, we are not even equal citizens in this society with full representation. It bothers me so much that our weaknesses are used by the white majority to vent their vitriol and hate. I was once told you should look past a persons fault to see their need and I want to say to all the black people so enraged at Kanye, if you are not seething with rage over the ongoing injustice that you and your ancestors suffer and are not taking to the the internet or whatever to vent that then leave Kanye alone-he needs help and your prayers-not your judgement.

  5. The president just spoke his mind out loud. And I think West himself must be regretful, he apologized for what he’ve done on another show.

  6. Obama could basically bump his toe on a stool, yell an expletive, and it’d be on the evening news with pundits “tweeting” about his lack of temper. I’m sure once his term(s) are over, they’ll be all sorts of tapes w/ Obama cussing out birthers and teabaggers…

  7. People are saying Obama spoke his mind but thats basically what Kanye west did. Sure he did it wrong, but we all know that award was deserved to beyonce, not Tailor Swift. This country is so fucked up with the race issue and for the president to get in this. Why did they ask him about what Kanye west did but what about all the racial slurs towards kanye on youtube and Twitter? Havent one person have yet to say anything to say about that.

  8. 1st Pres. Obama shold realize that he is never “off mike”. 2nd, he was just speaking his opinion in what he thought was a private conversation. Kanye interuppted another person (the winner) and a live broadcast. THAT’S the difference.

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  10. Is Kanye going to get an apology? Did Black people ever receive reparations from the Holocaust that Hitler put upon “our” people in Germany and from Africa like he did the jews? HELL NO! Obama sounded like the black dude at the golf club just trying to fit in. He’s not afraid of the black side of himself, but he’s terrified of that white side. Why? Man up!

  11. Kanye is a soft target for Barack. There are some more substantial and dangerous assholes in play. Doing hurtful things to groups of people at a time.

    Shit Kanye stormed the mic. That’s what 150 mil off rapping will do to you sometimes. Who is Taylor Swift anyway? Oh she was white? So what.

  12. Rama playing cards created 2004.

    Jack of Spades
    Card name: East to West
    Face photo: Kanye West
    Card sign: Taurus Gemini cusp
    Rise: Magnetism
    Fall: obnoxiousness
    Triangulation Flip: travel, gathering group energy, diversification. Paradoxes.

    Yeah that was a jack move. Not quite ready for the King of Spades currently held down by Jay-Z. JIf you would like a deck of these rare playing cards please email me a Yes Jokers included.

  13. We expect our presidents to act all “presidential”, but we also expect them to be real and be human. In this case, Obama simply said what all the rest of us were thinking too… some of us with much more colorful language. So, in this particular case, I totally agree with Obama.

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