Woman Faces 15 Years for Cutting Line at Walmart, KKK Involved



As folks read this story and peep the video, keep in mind some sort of law needs to be put in place to reign in the abusive power of District Attorney’s especially when they are in small towns, like Kenneth. Mo.  There are literally hundreds of stories around the country of how DAs rule entire counties with an iron fist. One of the more notorious ones is the case involving Regina Kelly in Hearne Texas. Folks may wanna rent the movie American Violet to get a better understanding of how out of control things can get with ruthless district attorneys.  We are including the interview we did with Regina to further illustrate our point.

-Davey D-


Woman Faces 15 Years for Cutting Line at Walmart, KKK Involved

by Boyce Watkins, PhD

Heatherellis-KKKHeather Ellis of Kennett, Mo., has quite a story to tell. It all started nearly three years ago in a local Wal-Mart.

Ellis was shopping in the store with a cousin, and the two temporarily parted ways to find the shortest line. Seeing that the other line was moving faster, Ellis went to get in line with her cousin.

She was accused of cutting the line by a store employee, who then notified the security guard. According to Ellis, she was shoved by another customer, had her items pushed to the side and was shortchanged when she finally checked out. The police affidavit states that Ellis was belligerent, loud, abusive and cursing when she was told to leave the store by the assistant manager.

Ellis’ aunt, Lily Blackmon, received a frantic call from her son and claims that when she arrived, her daughter’s head was being repeatedly banged against the police car as she told officers that she wasn’t resisting arrest. Blackmon, who was a probation officer in the town for 11 years, asked the officers why her niece was getting such rough treatment.

“I said, ‘What is going on?’ And all [the officer] could say was, ‘She cursed,'” said Blackmon.

Ellis was charged with disturbing the peace, trespassing, resisting arrest and two counts of assaulting a police officer. She was then offered a plea deal by Dunklin County Prosecutor Stephen Sokoloff. The prosecutor offered to drop the felony counts to one misdemeanor of disturbing the peace, as long as Ellis signed the plea deal. Her aunt claims that the deal was offered so their family wouldn’t file a lawsuit.

Ellis refused to take the plea deal, claiming that she wasn’t willing to admit to something she didn’t do; however, 11 months later, the misdemeanor counts were dropped, which seemed to be good news. The good news, though, was replaced with something even more disturbing.

It turned out that the misdemeanor counts had been replaced by felonies. Ellis now faces 15 years in prison if convicted. When her aunt went to prosecutor Sokoloff to find out what happened, Sokoloff allegedly told her, “Mrs. Ellis, when you get through, I don’t care what you say. You may as well take my way out. My way was the plea bargain. If you don’t take that way, I can assure you, you’ll never win in here.”

Ellis claims that her pending convictions have cost her two jobs and the chance to enter medical school, but she still refuses to sign the plea deal. Racism recently entered in to the story when Ellis was handed KKK cards from a Kennett police officer warning her about her actions. The cards stated, “You’ve just been paid a social visit by the Ku Klux Klan; the next visit will not be social.” The officer claims that he only showed the family the cards to make them aware of the situation. Since that time, and after a dramatic plea for support, people have come to help Heather. The site www.SaveHeatherEllis.com has emerged, and her father appeared on CNN on the 15th of October to tell her story.

Dr. Towanna Freeman, a management consultant, argues that Walmart was to blame for the unfortunate sequence of events: “No matter what angle you take on this case, it all started when Walmart failed a valued customer and it’s Wal-Mart that owes Ms. Heather Ellis a written apology.”

Dr. Freeman goes on to argue that Walmart should have cleared up the disturbance as soon as it occurred, rather than allowing it to get out of hand.

When it comes to the trial of Heather Ellis, the bottom line is this: This young woman’s future should not be in jeopardy over this incident. If the prosecutor’s office could drop significant felony counts down to one misdemeanor, then they can drop the charges altogether. This may also be a case of what I call, “You got the wrong black person syndrome,” in which police treat a black suspect a certain way because they believe the person is either uneducated or without influence. Most cases of police abuse go unreported or without accountability by the police department. Once they found out that Ellis was a college student, this may have led to the surprisingly generous concessions made in the original plea deal. There appears to be a power trip in this case, in which the prosecutor (like the one in the Jena 6 case) seems to feel that he has the right to destroy this young woman’s life over an argument at Wal-Mart. I don’t think we should let that happen. Rev. Sharpton and I will have something interesting to talk about this week.

source: http://www.bvblackspin.com/2009/10/12/woman-faces-15-years-for-cutting-line-at-walmart-kkk-involved/

To watch video about the incident, please click the image below:



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20 comments on “Woman Faces 15 Years for Cutting Line at Walmart, KKK Involved

  1. A law should be passed making it a federal offense
    for officers to physically abuse/murder anyone without just cause such as posing physical harm. Cutting in line isn’t even a misdemeanor and if approached
    correctly could have been ignored. If there is such
    a law, Wal Mart should make it known. I will never
    shop in Wal Mart again and I will Email this
    article to everyone I know. I feel it is the duty of
    Wal Mart to clear this up. I’d also like to know who
    gave security guards and police officers the job
    description of executioner when there is no
    threat of physical harm? I’ve always wondered
    about that.

  2. They still dragging out that musty relic to intimidate folks? I’ll bet “the social klub” can be found on “The People of Walmart”…lmao!

  3. That is justice in the new post racial obama era america. Now that yall elected a black president, race wont be an issue. LOL!! No DA in any country upholds justice.

    Why dont you talk about special order 40 in LA and how that brotha got killed by the illegal. Illegals dont get asked nothin in LA on special order 40.

    There will never be justice in this racial nation. With obama and holder and the justice dept, justice is an absoloute joke. Obama plays the race card every chance he gets, yet where is his outrage in this case??

    I trust no cop, no politician, and no justice dept officials. Its all about the bribe, you make the bribe, contribute to the campaign, you might get justice.
    Protect your own neck, cuz the govts is comin to crack it for you.


  5. This is just another wake up call for Black Americans, the KKK is alive and well and they will continue to do stupid things until we stop them. The proscuter in this case is probably the Grand Dragon of the local KKK chapter. Well boy your day is comming and it will be sooner that you think. You and rest rest of your ignorant red-neck fellow klansman are going to feel the wrath of God. All of you racists white folks are going to be a thing of the past in next 20 years. Look out your front doors the mexicans are comming to your neighborhoods as fast as cheese melting on a hot sunny day.

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  7. Ok This Thing Is TOTALLY BULL SHIT first off she cut and second there is like definitely 50% african american ppl in kennett…. no offense if i was behind her BROTHER i’d be pissed to if she jumped in with him idc who you are THAT BULL SHIT

  8. I think white people as well as the police officers were discriminated against. she said she was the one that was victimized when actually the police were the true victoms. She was given ample oppertunity to leave of free will. the african americans get the naacp involved over every incident between blacks and whites. and the whites are being called racist well thank you kkk for stepping in because im tired of this. so now keep on because the klan is alive and ready to strike and ive got to see this. the kkk are the only ones that stand up for us and I dont wear the sheets but you can call me one of them and im proud of it they dont like it they can go back to africa. she wanted the letter traced back they dont care. now she has got her self in a mess that she cant get out of and now the kkk is in it and they dont stop.

  9. Yet “another” case of WHITE racism? Funny that “hiphopandpolitics” (as well as most of America’s main stream media) never consider/publicize the following verifiable statistics:

    + For every black woman raped by a white male, significantly more white women are raped by black males (and, most rapes of black females are by black males).

    + For every black assaulted/robbed/killed by a white, there are at least ten whites assaulted/robbed/killed by blacks (and, most blacks are assaulted/robbed/killed by other blacks).

    + White male inmates in prison are RAPED much more often by black male inmates than the other way around.

    So, where is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, etc., protesting all the BLACK on white crime/racism in America? Where’s the outrage for that???

    One last factoid: There are more blacks living in predominately white neighborhoods than whites living in predominately black neighborhoods. Indeed, wealthy blacks in particular tend to live much more in white neighborhoods (who can blame them for trying to escape so-called “proud” black communities).

    In sum, just remember this: MOST white people nowadays are in fact spineless, conflict-avoiding politically-correct drones; however, thankfully not ALL of them are . . .

  10. She should learn to obey the law and quit the attitude everybody owes her….how about maybe working for a living

  11. if this was a white individual calling a black woman an ignorant walmart employee NAACP and all those other liberal goddamn organizations would be so far up their asses they could taste them! white people need an organization that backs them just as much as the other races have!

  12. First off it’s very stupid for her to be looking at 15 yeas for cutting a line in a fucking grocery store. they had no business treating her like a damn animal. Any one who even thinks that was justifiable must be WHITE. You guys love shit like that espically when it comes to us AFRICAN AMERICANS. The law will never change regardless of what color our PRESIDENT IS! WE HAVE TO MAKE A STAAND AS BLACK PEOPLE AND JUST BE TIRED OF THE ABUSE. BUT QUOTE FROM THE BIBLE THOSE THAT WERE FIRST (WHITES) WILL BE LAST AND THOSE THAT WERE LAST (BLACKS) SHALL BE FIRST. WE WILL GET THERE ONE DAY JUST STAND UP FOR ONE ANOTHER AND PRAY IN THE PROCESS. THAT’S WHY I DON’T LIKE WHITE PEOPLE THAT MUCH NOW AND MY GREAT GRANDMA IS WHIT WHAT ASHAME.

  13. Look, the truth is bad people come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Consider this: Possible sexual offender drives dark colored Lexus ES330 with Texas handicap license plate # 1BVKY. Location is San Antonio, TX. Subject is an older white male (approx 50-65 years of age) with gray/balding hair. Last seen wearing blue jeans, white T-shirt, and brown leather-type jacket. The vehicle in question is registered in Comal County, TX (sticker # 55122663).

  14. this just sadden me about the whole kkk thing. i never understand it and never will! my prayers are with you and your cousin. it just makes me so mad that these young and old rednecks have nothing better to do than be mean abusive to people. if the truth were known these people or there family somewhere down in history has slept with a black female. all the kkk members should all be tortured like the way they have done to blacks many years ago. i am a white female. and i am proud that i am not involved with any wrong doings in the way i treat people.

  15. another thing this lady should not go to prison even if she did argue walmart has a policy customer is always right! she got a very long sentence.sex offenders can sleep with children and they get maybe 2 years in prison and 1 on parole! she got as long as if someone had murdered or robbed a bank.i hope someone will have a heart and help her. i write to imates in prison i have done that for many years i would love to write her please let me know how i can!

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