Wrath of Khan: Idiots on the Loose (Fake Healthcare Disruptions)



Idiots On The Loose (Fake healthcare Disruptions) 

by Nida Khan

Freelance Journalist Nida Khan

Freelance Journalist Nida Khan

They’re not racists. They’re not angry because they’re increasingly becoming the minority in an ever-mixing society. They’re not infuriated that an African American man is leading the country, and moreover recognized as the most powerful man in the world … nope, the mobs of loud, vicious, instigating White folks storming local governmental meetings are mad over health care – and they’re not afraid to cling to their religion or guns to prove it.

As Congress prepares to take its annual August recess, members are returning to their constituents who are eagerly anticipating a thorough discussion surrounding health care. The debate has been waging for some time now as President Obama pushes a dire change to our costly, inefficient system. As the battle lines have been drawn – and redrawn – something more sinister has been taking place. Instead of engaging in insightful and informational conversations, many citizens are being brainwashed to ante up.

Frustrated over job losses, an ailing economy and a sense of hopelessness, angry Whites have now galvanized around a well orchestrated ‘protest’ against health care reform. Fueled by right wing media, pundits and so-called GOP leaders, these Whites have taken their subconscious hatred of ‘Black power’ and change to the streets and into governmental buildings in towns across America. Holding ‘R.I.P.’ signs with Democratic leaders’ names, and in some cases assaulting such leaders, these fundamental groups are yelling and disrupting order so that no real discussion can take place at all.

If you ask how many of these anti-health care reformers have Medicare, the overwhelming majority will answer ‘yes’. Can someone please tell these idiots that Medicare is a GOVERNMENT run program. So before chanting ‘less government’, perhaps these geniuses should take a good look at all the benefits they have received from our government over the years. And more importantly, they may want to take a look at why, just why, they are so damn mad.

(Nida Khan is a freelance journalist for print and radio visit her site http://wrathofnkhan.blogspot.com )


(peep out the videos below.. the first is an orchestrated Mob attack where hired conservatives attempt to shut down a town hall meeting and prevent discussion.. The second video is award winning journlaist Eric Boelhert explaining whats really going on..)

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19 comments on “Wrath of Khan: Idiots on the Loose (Fake Healthcare Disruptions)

  1. “Come on, Leroy, you can run but you can’t hide”. Davey D, what’s your take on Nas, Nick Cannon, And Afflicion or whoever’s video called “Eat Dat Watermellon”? If you’re a Baby Boomer it’s offensive, but someone else needed to say something. I said it on my tape “Rapologist Speaks ’94, Robert Townsend said it in “Hollywood Shuffle”, Bill Cosby said it, when will they learn.They ain’t just start doing minstrel Rap, this has been going on since 1987, but was documented on tape in 1994 on “Rapologist Speaks ’94”. For the shock value the video was worth it, I’ve been saying the same thing for 15 years and they made sure they boxed me out. And they are still gate keeping my comments off You Tube. Go head, NAs – Release Yo’ Delf! You got my support, or rather you finally grew up and got mine. “Can’t Stop The Prophet”. Dave Chappelle is my hero, he walked away from all the shucking and Jiving and Hip-hop (helping ignorant people – hurt our people) and all that.

  2. Thanks for posting this info to inform your readers of what’s going on out there. Now, how to mobilize folks to help overcome these folks? Our President and the progressive movement needs our help–he cannot do this alone! Those who sit back and criticize need to jump in and defend our values at this time.

  3. Sounds like the Star Wars to me. Where the Emperor controls both sides of the war leaving the People’s lives in the crossfire.

    Here we have Rick Scott who is probally well paid by big pharmeceutical companies to organize the opposition to Obama. I wish we had some serious invesitigartive journalists who could look into it! And on the other side according to the Black Agenda Report, you have a President who was finianced by the corporate health care industry, more than any of his republican and democrat rivals combined!

    Either of those sides means we loose, and loose pathetically without a even a glimpse of hope at a chance to fight back.

  4. Only thing people “I” know I need as far as Health insurance is a Dental Plan. If this saves me money on Health Care, I’m down, but if its just help those who never had it get better coverage than me, “Hell to the no!” Cut the medical fraud first and hit up the pharmaceutical companies, and then give those of us who have decent insurance a better Dental Plan. I’m all for that. Slab Tzu, there’s only one group or sect of people that Iknow that “always” have people on both sides to collect all of the money, and these are the same people running hip-hop. .

  5. do any of you even know what the health care bill says?? if you did you may have objections too. the disruptions are not fake. Blindly following obama is just what the globalists who control him count on. how could you witness the behavior of the bush supporters who wanted 4 more years of lies and death. to act just like them for obaa who has lied on issues on several occasions. judge a man by the content of his character not his color. MORONS

  6. Mr. Detroit, since some of us are “morons” could you please post President Obama’s Heath Care Bill on here for us, you sound like you read it in its entirety. All I need is dental and glasses coverage and I’m straight. Mr. Detriot, were counting on you to provide a copy of the Bill here, since you are not a “moron”.

  7. Mr detroit first your intepretation of rationed healthcare is off my friend.. on page 29 and second what exactly is wrong with these other provisions.? Obviously a lot if your quoting from a site owned by racist Alex Jones.. the same guy who says mexicans are the new KKK.. This is a simple case of I got mine-go get yours type of rhetoric..

  8. Non, “you” said it, not me. They are going to put you on that “list’, be careful.

  9. Mr. Detroit, that’s someone’s personal propaganda. I thought that you were going to provide us with a copy of the bill, we don’t need a code-worded translation. It reads like one more “moron” added to the discussion.

  10. DONT BELEIVE THE HYPE. ALEX JONES is real and even if he wasnt the information he provides is DOCUMENTED. I posted subsections of the bill all you do is click the highlighted words in the document and it will appear. You can read it for your sef but you will need a lawyer present to interpret it fully.

    Please dont fall for the media politricks. Alex Jones has never said mexicans were the KKK. that is a bold faced lie. Davey D i know you getting that corporate money and youare not allowed to keep it 100.lol

    But im gonna say that i listen to the alex jone show for a few years now and even when they were going hard on brother barrack before he even took office i even was looking hard fo the racism to come out of him. but it diodnt he stuck to the facts

  11. Brother barrack has been less of a messiah and more like a pimp
    but he is actually being pimped. BY WHO



    They are desperate now the agenda is stalling


    the BUCK STOPS HERE the lies will get bigger be prepared to choose god or satan


    ITS ONLY GOOD VS> EVIL now guys



  12. Sorry Detroit.. I clicked on the links..and your short assesments were not only exaggerated.. some of them implied that we were in agreement.. Not giving healthcare to kids undocumented or not.. is not the way I roll.. maybe you do but I don’t..

    Jones did say Mexicans were the KKK he said La Raza and Mecha were kkk.. I’m in Tx all the time quite familair with his racism..fam.. save the bs for another guy.. I ain’t the one..

    Lastly detroit get your facts right.. Dave makes his own loot.. and speaks quite freely..I’ve always spoken quite freely and will continue to do so.. I own my own.. do u?

  13. LA raza means for the race and no one else. And you being in california should know about the brown on black violence out there. Tell me is it racially motivated or not? also some of these groups do advocate killing “gringos” and that this is their land.
    Im not saying there the kkk however their is some history of violence and inflammatory rhetoric

    Dave remember the health care and bailout bills are over 1000 pages long their is some good parts and some bad lets take the bad out and make the bill 100 pages and easy enough for all americans to read.

    Hey at least i got you aware that there is a bill out there for us to be aware of. the people are becoming more informed. also remember when this bill passed through the house of representatives NO ONE READ IT. if no one read the bill how are you gonna implement it?

    all i wanted to do was bring attention to the fact that the mainstream media is trying to paint the protests as fake when in fact this is the result of bush too. there is still backlash over the bush banker bailout. REMEBER THAT NADI KHAN

    everybody in the USA is not happy and they have good reason to be upset. ONCE AGAIN you live in CAlifornia. AInt your state bout to go bankrupt? I wonder why?

  14. Answer: California is broke because….

    maybe giving too much care to undocumented kids…lol sike im just playing. but you cant let all of mexico come live up here for free and not expect repercussions and consequence


  15. First of Detroit the translation actually means the people.. But with that being said a bunch of gang bangers from prison is not the same as an organization which frequently breaks bread and works in solidarity with other groups including the BSU and ASU (black and African student unions.. My home boy who is member of Mecha is sitting right here as I type this saying your out of your mind and know not what you speak..

    Now as for the racial discord in LA where I live.. please tell me about this.. yes there are several gangs and a number of incidents that have been race related.. But that has been going on forever.. This new edict put out my the mexican mafia to ethnically clense the area is not mecha or la raza.. its prison gang where inmmates are seperated and divided by race.. Sad but true.. prison beefs spills onto the streets..

    What has cjhanged in LA is that crimes were usually Black on Black and brown on brown.. Black gang politics as dictated by Crips and Bloods had little to do with what ever gang politics Latinosb were dealing with and vice versa.. Thats all changed in LA.. So you will have Black on brown and Brown on black.. its sad fact of life in a gang ridden city..

    As far as where brown folks are coming from.. This is stolen land.. they didn’t cross the border-the border crossed them.. with our long line of broken treaties and worlsd wide deception if native peoplewanna lay claim to their land even as a philosophy then so be it.. It doesn’t lead me running around calling them the new KKK which Jones does.. Thats racist.. and he’s a racist..

    As for the Bill you didn’t get me aware of anything.. we been doing shows on this for minute..The lastest show which I am posting had folks reading talking points.. and holding signs that I seen in other parts of the country.. Also the folks who were supposed be grassdroots were healthcare workers who were spreading all these untruths like death squads when they knew better..
    These protests are FAKE as a porn stars boobs.. I seen them first hand.. not via the news.. I recorded them myself..

  16. “I’m like the sodomist, I’m out of this”. Mr, Detroit, yoy reall haven’t been helpful, starting the discussion calling people “morons”.

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