Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner

Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner is one of the oldest and largest Hip Hop sites on the web.. It goes back to 1992 when it was first set up.. Almost everything I ever written including the FNV Newsletters, things like photos collected, interviews I recorded, music charts I put up can be found there-often times in its original form..

Nowadays in the age of social media and blogs a lot of my work is centered here..or at my other blog HipHopandPolitics.com   I’m slowly but surely integrating a lot of the articles found on Daveyd.com over into the blog formats..  nevertheless.. feel free to click on over and check it out.. there’s lot of treasures to be found.. I consider it an archival site meaning you can get a good sense of some of the ways we used to approach doing websites back in the early 90s, late 90s etc..

Peace out for now

Davey D

Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner

15 comments on “Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner

  1. davey d.im head of security for publice enemy for 19 yrs..just wanted to shout out to you and say thanks for your words and your professionalisim within the industry. hop to see and or meet you if we havn,t already donme so…malik

  2. Davey D, do you know who gets big props in hip-hop but was whack as hell on wax? The Cold Crush Brothers. They were the proof that some emcees were just meant to be club “house party rockers” and then there were those who could make records “rapping” and selling music to teenagers all across America. Those who were “rappers” as Sylvia Robinson and them identified the profession of those who make songs on wax moved the industry, those who emceed the parties and made tapes “rocked the mike”. I bring this up because Grand Master Cas always say Hank stole his rhymes, but Cas wasn’t good enough to make a rap record “himself”. What Sylvia started was the industry, what Grand Master Cas and them were doing was rocking the mike on tapes. One will always be remembered as an “emcee” and the other will be the one who made this thing the industry it is today 40 years ago and America gives no credit. I just thought I’d mention there was a reason Hank did what he did and Cas couldn’t do what Hank did. “Fresh, Wild, Fly, and Bold” was the only hit they ever had on wax and when did that come out like in 1987? History is the answer.

  3. McClendon, do you really think Caz “wasn’t good enough” to make a rap record? Like anyone remembers Big Bank Hank for anything except stealing Caz’ rhymes. The actual story is, Hank worked as a doorman at a club where Joey Robinson used to frequent. Joey told Hank he had a group but was looking for one more emcee. Hank told Caz and–stupidly–gave him his rhyme books, the hip-hop equivalent of a magic scroll. In all honesty, given that “Rapper’s Delight” WAS a novelty track, i think Sylvia’s motivations were primarily financial. She wasnt trying to support a cultural movement.

    Nevertheless, i will agree that the couple of times CCB made it on record, the results didnt match their live show. But that can be attributed to cheap production, not lack of lyrical quality. Very few of the Tuff City productions held up to Sugarhill or Enjoy’s efforts at that time, though the styles were similar. I still think “Yvette” is one of the greatest story-raps of all time.

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  5. does anyone know how to post a question on this website? I am currently doing my dissertation and am writing about hip hop and would love to receive feedback from the forum users on this website.

  6. Hey you guys used to do a year in-review type of blog or article where you would look at things like top ten artists of the year, top ten albums of the year, verses of the year, new comers of the year etc…. you did this a few years back and im just wondering if you still did it because I’ve been tryin to look through your page and can’t find anything, even the older ones?

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  8. Waheed and the resistance out of oakland cali..deserves props for their 2009 release.”its time”. Talk about underated!

  9. really informative in a good way to reach the people of color who don’t have CNN or cable.and get another perspective from the other side of the coin other than social media.

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