Rapper Asher Roth has  gotten himself in a LOT OF  controversy over comments posted on his Twitter blog. The white rapper supposedly, attempting to make a joke,  wrote “Been a day of rest and relaxation, sorry twitter – hanging out with nappy headed hoes.”

Who the heck is ASHER ROTH?
courtsey of playahata.com 

asherroth-225Rapper Asher Roth has  gotten himself in a LOT OF  controversy over comments posted on his Twitter blog. The white rapper supposedly, attempting to make a joke,  wrote “Been a day of rest and relaxation, sorry twitter – hanging out with nappy headed hoes.” This was around the time Roth also made another comment, “At rutgers stirring up a suckus,” hinting that the rapper made the controversial comment “hanging out with nappy headed hoes” because he may have been at Rutgers University at that time.
The rapper supposedly thought that it would be funny since he was allegedly attending Rutgers, so he blurted out the infamous words of Don Imus, the radio talk show host who was compared to that of a racist after he made the comment “nappy headed hoes” which then was targeted at mostly black female athletes, specifically the Rutgers University women’s basketball team. 
Since posting the comment, the rapper has been in fell retreat, he realized it was inappropriate or simply wanted to avoid any possible bashing and/or career damage as he removed the comment and allegedly made numerous attempts to apologize for his misuse or possibly offensive use of attempted humor.

Asher Roth hasn’t stopped there now he’s turning to Black men.

Apparently Asher, who’s affiliated with Atlantic Records and Jay Z and Kanye West, claims that he’s ‘disgusted’ by the Black rappers. Here’s his exact quote:

“All these black rappers — African rappers — talking about how much money they have.  ‘Do you realize what’s going on in Africa right now?'” Roth says.

“It’s just like, ‘You guys are disgusting. Talking about billions and billions of dollars you have. And spending it frivolously, when you know, the Motherland is suffering beyond belief right now.

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  1. well excuse me for this but the white boy is right !
    we have to give the white man enough room to speak his mind
    and for that nappy comment …it was obviously a joke gone wrong ,white people dont know how to joke about those situations,they ll never learn but i doubt the kid is a racist

  2. Listen to what he spits on his “A Millie Remix.” The kid clearly has knowledge and skill and good intentions. In the song he calls out people like Lil Wayne for rappin about B.S. and money while there’s poverity and war going on all around us. He even takes to task the military industrial complex and folks who drive hummers… As for this Africa thing, he obviously needs to develop some political swagger since he definitely didn’t articulate himself that well. Furthermore, I think its more appropriate to take these rich rappers to task over being more concerned with their own people starving here at home. Let’s address Oakland, CA before we go all the way to Africa.

  3. He may be correct on some level, but he has some damn never to be adopting a music form that black people have created, himself catapulting to fame through the at form, and not settin up a charity his damn self. Talking about smoking weed and drinking in college isn’t any more positive.

  4. First Let me say that I don’t condone or approve of the joke he made, that was offensive. While I wish he would make more of a statement, He did apologize minutes after putting up that comment on twitter (he then deleted anything related to those comments shorty after).

    But come on Davey D. Lets get some context and not do shock journalism. Where is a link to the interview that you pulled this quote from? What was the context of that answer? Before people “go in” on Asher Roth for his comments, how about we do the knowledge and find out why it is that he said that statement.

  5. I would like to apologize. I should have read more myself. Davey D did not write the article. As it clearly states, it was courtesy of playahata.com Once again, my apologies.

  6. What up family

    I wish i could write now, but he needs to keep africa, black, hip hop , our people without context at his mouth, its on……..

    Rosa Clemente

  7. If Asher Roth was black, this story wouldn’t make local headlines, let alone national ones. Meaning that there may be reasons why an up and coming white rapper may put that type of innuendo out there. It doesn’t take a genius to know that if it gets national publicity, even though negative, it still helps to promote his career. It’s not like he’s an established Rapper known all over the world. In that case, the negative publicity would damage his career, so he’d never come close to saying things like that (especially being white). Imagine what the fallout woud be for someone like Eminem, if he came out and pubicly aired any criticism towards blacks, whether constructive or not. I’m sure this kid is no dummy. I’m saying all this to say that this story doesn’t warrant our attention. Just because it’s in the news doesn’t mean that it’s newsworthy. We should be more selective on the types of things we choose to respond to. Often times, our collective response to manufactured, highly publicized propoganda is exactly what’s wanted. That’s why we shouldn’t be so quick to respond to everything. We should first find out if it’s even worth our attention, not to mention our reactions.

    Many up and coming artists will say and do a lot of stupid things just to get put on. So some white kid, who’s trying to make a career in a field created and dominated by blacks, feels comfortable enough to not only criticize blacks in that very field, but to also publicly use the Imus comment. Hmmmm. What is he on? Who cares? No one should. That’s not news and doesn’t deserve our attention. It’s more of that manufactured BS that requires our response for it to work, but not work for us. Let’s NOT once again combine our precious and potent energies and channel them toward yet another under-handed, back-door attempt to use our energy for someone else’s gain. We have to stop falling for the “red herring”, or as some say “the okey-doke”!!!!

  8. Fuck Asher Roth he’s a punk that like everyone else has said is capitalizing on a black art-form, and pointing the finger at people he has no right to. and his music sucks.

  9. The Jury Is In: Asher Roth Is A Racist, Self-Destructing, Deluded Fool.

    The nerve of this cat! Africa? Really? Does he care to elaborate on the reason Africa is “suffering”? Thought so.

    The problem is, as Black and Brown folks, we excuse this kinds of assaults. We let the descendants of our slave masters dictate to us what the truth is. And this is even truer in Hip-Hop, than it is in many other realms of social engagement.

  10. First, It isn’t fair to judge a person based off of one very insensitive, bad, dumb joke and a quote cherrypicked from an interview.

    Secondly,just because he is white, that discredits his statement? While I don’t agree with how he said it, or the statement verbatim, he has a valid point.

    But it seems as though, for some people, our ego and pride and perhaps some of our own prejudices may be getting in the way of seeing that.

    I suggest reading the entire interview, or better yet, his statement about this whole situation, before people start labeling him as a racist.

  11. Asher Roth gets beat up for speaking the truth but, nothing happens to eminem for that shit he said years ago. Im dumbfounded.

  12. eminem minds his business, and focuses on white issues. he has a bigger respect for blacks in hip hop if you ask me. he exposed white peoples dirty laundry. u have never heard him talking about black people needing to this and that. If anything he gets on the white hypocrisy most which is what he should be doing because he knows that and can speak on it. Eminem dont even do songs w white rappers hardly ever. But you wouldnt really catch him approachin shit like dat. It’s not like whites and blacks dont ever relate or fuck w each other. But white cats that get respect in the hood, black culture or whatever know better than to insult that community. Especially if you involved in our culture. thats why white cats from the hood get love cause they lived it and go thru it to. Im sayin that white people in oakland and black people get along because its not like they speaking on our lifestyle from a distance, they are guilty by association. They see for theyselves what we go thru and they ride w us. But dont be tryna be down w blacks and eat off our culture and then talk crazy like you callin shots. And his staements were just plain ignorant no matter what race he is. Everybody always jump up and be quick to side w that shit in fear of being seen as black nationalist, apathetic to other cultures issues, unassimilated, angry, bitter, racist. I say fuck that the truth is the truth. if he wanna bring it on that level platform and niggaz say nothing. I can fathom that. Thats the day we officially just acceptin anything. How u gone still support that sucka from sienfeld when he spoke on hangings in a comedy routine towards a black heckler. Fuck forgiving that shit. Fuck him. why do we gotta go out our way to accept his statement or anyone elses that makes the victims the blamed party. To me thats the same as sayin we inferior. were just dumb. too dumb to want to help africa. Well then sucka go help Europe, stop rapping and shutup. Dont worry about black rappers. we was okay when he decided to start rapping based on black rappers. He is rapping now because black rappers are letting him eat.

  13. Every reaction to something doesn’t have to be direct and made in the heat of the moment. Yes, sometimes things need to be handled that way. But often times, there are less direct, reserved methods that bring better results. Flammable stories like these need a fuel called “attention” for them to burn and have any effect. That’s why I said that this story doesn’t warrant our attention. This kid is banking on our responses. He’s tying to use us. He’s trying to use the love we have for our own culture (which we are knowingly quick to openly defend) to get his name out there. That’s why I’m saying that we (as a culture, as a Hip Hop Nation, etc.) should just ignore this kid and anything related to him. To ignore him doesn’t mean that we accept what he said. It means quite the opposite. It woud send a messge to him that let him know that his words cost him the entire support of the community he’s trying to get into. If he got no attention everywhere he went, his career would fizzle out before it ever got off the ground. Ignoring his ignorance would put a muzzle on his mouth and career. But to sit up here and react with stuff like “fuck him”, “…he’s a racist”, and so on doesn’t really do anything to address the issue. If anything, those type of reactions in this type of situation play right into the hands of the back-door schemer (Roth in this case). Ignore the dude, and he will go away. Keep giving him attention, and he may end up with a number one hit (on our behalf).

  14. Asher is more relevant as a white rapper right now than Eminem. He’s the typical white college age student in the age of Obama. I want to hear his opinions through creative music. Africa’s needs are a topic on college campuses. Darfur and the whole nine. Eminem’s suicide manic , E- gossip skit is old now, especailly for a rapper in his thirties.

  15. Then it is people like you who make him relevant. That demand more out of him when it’s not needed. He is entertaining for white kids in college, let’s leave it at that. If you want to know his views i’m sure MTVU, numeorus blogs on line have that for you, but he is still not hip hop. Like I said, he’s as relevant in HIP HOP as Lady Gaga. Radio plays them both & will be all summer. I worked mixshow radio for over 15 years & I would be playing it for those kids too, but it’s still not hip hop.

  16. I find it very interesting when people make claims on what is or is not hip hop. What are the guidelines for being “hip hop”?

    He’s entertaining to more than just white kids in college and your lady gaga analogy doesn’t make any sense.

  17. How about he actually make music worth listening to instead of talking about what kind of music another artist should be making. I don’t like a tremendous amount of music that’s coming out but I make music and support music that i feel represents something. that’s how you balance things out. I say ignore him into oblivion. Stop giving him so much attention.

  18. dc my personal definition of hip-hop is simple. Hip-hop is everything that exists because of it.

    Personal taste not withstanding. Do you mean to say he doesn’t fit the stereotype of an M.C. People invent looks and background stories everyday. All I know is he can rap and the beats go with the song. .

    No. I don’t want to hear his views via blogs. He is an entertainer to me. Hearing him through his videos is good. His second one reminds me of how I was, even though our backgrounds are very different. That connection is hip-hop. Son.

  19. yo asher was just speakin his min bout wat he thanks about black rappers. which most of its true. lil wayne is a little punk talking bout how hes sooo rich when others are starvin. and the worse who is rick ross is a soo fat and needs to lose weight but instead just drives his stupid hummer everwhere an pollutes everythin

  20. Ascher Roth is not Hip Hop! Just look at his name, his image and his music. New millennium b.s. sound. And yes, entertainment is all about name, image, and style but hip hop has roots, and the further it branches the more dangerous the territory. An example of this is Nazi punk rock which basically derives from the blues (strange huh?). He’s Bill Oreily’s step-son on the mic – don’t forget that Fox news will also use turmoil in Africa to its advantage.

  21. I give a shit because fox news anchors verbally attack my latinos on a daily basis. Its kinda like a Rap battle that ends up violent (bad 4 hip hop). Have u ever seen a minuteman rally (the product of fox news)? If u don’t give a shit thats good for you Jamal.

  22. If Asher Roth is hip hop, so is Gym Class Heroes, One Block Radius & Linkin Park. If some people want to categorize those artists as hip hop, so be it. I do not. Do they rhyme…yes. I guess if you can relate to it & figure it should go in your IPOD playlist under hip hop it’s hip hop to you. The part that I hate in this conversation are the artists who gets skipped because of artists like this. If I felt Asher Roth was a gateway artist, opening doors so people can hear street reporters, storytellers & political activists, then cool. But since he’s the “the typical white college age student in the age of Obama. I want to hear his opinions through creative music” as someone quoted earlier, it’s another street reporter, storyteller & political activist that does not get play. dude.

  23. To: Jamal, Yes “my” latinos just like Hector Lavoe said it “Mi Gente”. You might wanna look up a classic musician sometime.

  24. okay ill look up classic musician right now… nope looks like your boy hector aint anywhere hmm not a very popular guy

  25. he has friends who are black and features with black rappers. he couldn’t possibly be racist. And that last quote about Africa isn’t racist one bit. Actually I agree with that statement. These rappers claim they’re from Africa and try to protect it but yet they don’t give money to help them. Yet, white American politicians are giving them money. idk just my opinion

  26. Apparently b-cuss jigga and kanye put him on he feels he can speak on black people and thats his right freedom of speech but i wouldnt be surprized if someone knocked him out if he keeps talking like that.he sounds like a typical white person that doesnt understand African Americans we as a people have been oppressed for centuries from the judicial system ,to the medical field,educational field,and the business world they killed all are positive leaders and destroyed black wall street in Oklahoma and now they wanna point the finger like we are the criminals get real.alot of rappers look out for Africa but they can only do so much b-4 the media paints a millitant image of them.just like its alot of hard working black folks out here but they only focus on the negative ones ,and that nappy headed comment is just plan racist straight up and down alot of black folk have become even more passive post 9-11 do to holly wood and all these fake new interracial movies and tv shows its just another way to break us down and tame us bcause the world is still about 85% racist and know im not racist i have whites and other races in my family and thats cool with me but the truth is the truth and it hurts.

  27. he never said any of this shit you idiot.check out all his interviews hes so humble and he doesnt even like being put in the spotlight.get your shit straight

  28. Ya’ll must be some dumb ass house niggas if you are offended by what the whiteboy says. Comin from a black dude, Im not offended, the shit he said about africa and some of these rappers is true. Shit, what was he gonna do tell kanye west, “hey i want you to get on stage and say this for me. please.” and hand him a note? No fuck that. Sometimes us as blacks (dare I say african americans) get offended over the smallest shit, just because a white dude said it. People wanna call themselves african americans, but dont wanna think about whats actually goin on in africa.

  29. hes right these niggers are animals. they dont give a shit about each other. they steal from there own communities and sell drugs to them. when they get money they blow it like a nigger would they dont care about darfur or the state of africa. now im not saying everyone is like this im not a racist. but the ones we see on tv are like this and they are niggers.

  30. Mornin, bad fake, specially from the major news corperations with the big slants to the left or right. Did you see last nights Red Eye? haha, that was hilarious! Sorry, I am rambling along once again. Have a Wonderful 1!

  31. I am sorry but the problem with a lot of black people is that they keep thinking whites are after their asses. Stop victimizing yourselves. And it’s a fact that a lot of black rappers brag about money, expensive cars, high life, how good-looking they are, how many ‘hoes’ they have, diamonds, gold and jewellery. Personally, I don’t think human beings need all those things to be happy in life, althougth these rappers keep trying to send us the message that that’s the only way to happiness, and that if not you’ll be stuck forever in the ‘hood’ living like a worm. Well, not really. Wealth is not what matters in life. Bill Gates may be one of the richest men in the world, but he will surely be remembered for what he did to revolutionize computing. Nobody will give a f**k about all those vain rappers after they die, because they never gave a f**k about anything other than their wealth. I like dance music and I think rap is musically a turd, and when it talks about ‘the hood’ and vanity I quite frankly don’t give a damn. Luckily now people can download mp3s for free so these artists (and sadly others) will stop making money from their s**t productions. Adios!

  32. To Everyone on here,
    You are all retarded. Most you can’t spell or put together a simple sentence. I’m now dumber for reading you bullshit blogs.

    Thanks for nothing, and who cares what he said. He’s a kid…

  33. Ricky Bobby: the pot calling the kettle black? Check your sentence structure.
    Asher Roth, what are you doing to educate, support, or promote Africa or it’s inhabitants?
    Should anyone be offended by these comments or statements? Certainly not.
    I ask again: who is Asher Roth?
    Before we start talking about “black rappers” in general you should really do research.
    Google Chill E.B., and if you’re REALLY down for the cause give me a holler.


  34. I can’t believe that rap has actually come this far in the music industry, as far as I know its all bullshit.

  35. First, Asher sucks.
    Yep…he’s white. So what?
    Rap music is 98% lame now.
    If you even CARED about leaving a heated response, ur corny.

  36. Why is this even a story? He never said anything about “black rappers.” He just said rappers. This is a fluffed up, bullshit story, that shouldn’t be a story regardless. This race shit is getting out of hand. Come on my fellow black people, why do we get so offended, which is the bigger issue here. We make ourselves look weak by doing so.

  37. tht white boy z s disrespectiful,mind ur own business ad count ur cents 2 watch boy.thy d tlk about wht thy workd 4 bt thy cnt donete the whole sh**t 2 africa.weck ass i cn rap bttr thn u or ask 4 hlp w cn write lines 4 u.

  38. Pingback: Black Student Union » Blog Archive » Jokes and Post-Racial USA

  39. How dumb are you guys? There is no black art form. There is no white art form. There’s art, and there is no reason that anyone who has talent and/or passion for that art form to use it. It’s a joke. There shouldn’t be racism or prejudice on either side. Grow the fuck up.

  40. It wasn’t a racist comment, but it was a stupid comment. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, if you are born in the USA, then you are an American, and the USA is the motherland. All this segragation of colors is so annoying, if you poor, you poor, who cares your color. If you are trying to go to college, then you are trying to go to college, who cares what your color is. We all pink and mushy in the inside….k, I’m out.

  41. Niggers are so stupid. Just because a white guy speaks his mind all you monkey are up in arms? Can half of you porch monkeys even point to Africa on a map? Probley not. Asher attended college and acctualy knows what he is talking about. So shut your hot cheeto eating mouths and let the man speak

  42. If he cared so much about people in Africa why doesn’t he stop TALKING and start donating some of his change to the needy in Ethiopia? What are only blacks supposed to care about the suffering of black Africans. Jay Z and Kanye are AMERICAN just like him and none of them seem to give two cents about anyone but themselves.

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