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  1. The Black and Proud Concert: Where Liberation Meets Culture
    Local and National Artists Perform at Benefit Concert Promoting African Liberation and Unity

    A diverse lineup of African artists and musicians, from traditional African drumming to salsa meringue to hip hop, will perform Friday, May 22nd, 7pm-11pm at the Carlos Rosario School Auditorium, 1100 Harvard St. NW in Washington, DC. The Black and Proud Concert opens a weekend of African Liberation Day events organized by the Uhuru (Freedom) Movement.

    Program highlights include
    • Hometown favorite DJ Soyo
    • New Jersey based rapper Hassan Salaam
    • Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers
    • Afro-Cuban salsa meringue band DC Casineros
    • Senegalese hip hop duo Wageble
    • Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers
    • Three Generationz, the DC based singing trio that is Nata’aska HumminBird, Maimouna Youssef, and N’avasha Daya of the world-renowned soul band Fertile Ground.

    These artists represent the cultural component of the growing African Internationalist movement that is uniting African people everywhere in the struggle for African freedom and independence.

    Hip hop artist and political organizer Africa’s Trigga, who embodies the concert theme “liberation meets culture,” will also perform. He attracted national media attention last year for asking Obama, “What about the black community?” and has been on the front lines of struggles against police oppression in African communities across the country.

    The concert will be followed by a two-day conference aimed at putting revolutionary ideas into action through the African Socialist International. Students, activists, organizations and individuals from across North America are expected to attend and will engage in strategizing with the program’s dynamic speakers and workshops on the concrete work of building a liberated and united African nation.

    Tickets $20 benefit African Liberation Day. For more information contact 202.580.8276, or visit

  2. Davey,

    Under “Appearances”, don’t leave out your important appearance at MoAD.on February 7, 2009:

    Conversations That Matter: The Future of Hip Hop

    “A powerful conversation with one of Hip Hop’s premier scholars and activists Davey D and entertainment lawyer, Michael Ashburne.”

    Rodger, Sr.

  3. hope you are well, we met in toronto and i did a drop for you! I finally finished my soul-hop album entitled TRAINATHOUGHT.

    I would love to get you a copy, get your thoughts, maybe get an interview, or cd review..ANYTHING! i am trying to spread this positive vibe and let the world know that we all cant be gangsta’s…also want the world to know that there is realness that still exists, and that there is hip hop music that uplifts.

    hope to hear from you soon king!


    Sean Mauricette
    a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL
    416 939 7822

  4. I was glad to read your comments on Michael Jackson and those of Mr. Hutchinson. Common sense, independent analysis and honest discernment are increasingly rare commodities in America. However I believe that the fanaticism of the prosecutors and the mob mentality feeding frenzy of the media indicates something far more sinister……. I believe there was a secret agenda to try and destroy Michael Jackson by the elite banking interests that own all our media and our politicians.

  5. Hello Devey

    It is Mash from Blastmagzine Blast Magazine is an urban magazine that specializes in underground subjects such as hip hop, grime, r n b, UK hip hop etc. We are also involved with clothing lines, clothing shops. Blast Magazine 1 has a street team who work on the streets of the UK to get the most information and to help upcoming artist, clothing lines and shops as much as we can I would like to know if you are available to write some urban material for us can you please let me know if you can please

  6. tru it was bete 4 u 2 apoligize cuz dat pose to be yoa lover so u did gud bye doin dat n yoa azz shouldnt have done it either

  7. Ice Cube is a icon in Hip-Hop! Cube should get the same kind of treatment & respect that Jay-Z is getting right now if not MORE! The radio stations should play Ice Cube’s music more often classic and new.

    And Kanye West proved Cube’s point at the VMA awards last year when he made an ass of himself, put Beyonce on BLAST, and made Taylor Swift’s career worth something all in the same night

  8. RE: Thor.
    I agree that people should be upset about the mis-casting of Pharaohs, Jesus and the fireman in the 9-11 movie. I’m upset! We have knowledge of what these people looked like. Cast appropriately rather than giving some lame “in the spirit” excuse. Lawrence Fishburne playing Othello was brilliant.

    Thor, however is a mythological being. The myth was created by people who were white and probably had no idea that there was any other skin colour in the world. If their knowledge is limited to white people how likely is it they would imagine a black person? I’m sure Idris Elba can play the role well – especially in the spirit of Thor – but I do understand why people are upset especially when Marvel have presented Thor as white – in effect creating the legend for its’ 20th/21st Century consumers – which is what is now expected.

    If Elba can play Thor does it justify the arguments of those who mis-cast white actors when they should have cast black ones? Kind of, but can you really debate a myth vs. reality?

    As unlikely as I think it would be, and Marvel has made it so for thousands, Elba makes a good point when he makes the comment about people believing the hammer comes to Thor when he calls, but they can’t stretch their imaginations to see Thor as black.

    I look forward to seeing the film and cheering Idris Elba on.


  9. i am a singer, musician, performing artist and in fact i can rock everyplace, my style is different and among the best in the world, I’m dynamic in style i can rap,blues,slows,dance-all etc, i backup ma track ma self… but the problem is that im so poor, i huzzle to produce demo copies and each day i was inspired with a new tracks…… will never regret doing something with me but instead brought much joy, reign, fame and gratitude to you please do anything to help me

  10. Find out about the Movement for Revolution in this country by participating in a dynamic “Put Revolution on the Map” web-a-thon on Sunday, August 8, 2010 from 4PM to 10PM EST.

    This web-a-thon is both a fundraiser and a means to introduce people to “The Revolution We Need… The Leadership We Have” Campaign; and the leader of the movement, Bob Avakian, a tremendous revolutionary leader and thinker.

    We are at

    On June 20, several hundred people participated in the campaign’s first webathon. 160 people donated and we surpassed the goal. $10,048 has been raised with almost $1,000 in pledges yet to come in. This was a success and showed the potential of “giving people the means to become part of this revolutionary movement, and organizing into this movement everyone who wants to make a contribution to it, who wants to work and fight, to struggle and sacrifice, not to keep this nightmare of a world going as it is but to bring a better world into being.” [From Message and Call.

    We are aiming to raise $12,000 by getting to a larger body of new people to check out the web-a-thon and the movement behind it. Find out about this!

    There is also a Facebook GROUP page: “Put Revolution on the Map.” The Facebook EVENT page is Put Revolution On The Map” #2: $12,000 Fund Drive Web-a-thon.”

    The Blog address is: You can also join us at Twitter at

  11. Hi, wanted to see if can interest you guys in doing an editorial in my upcoming WEST COAST POPPERS
    featuring Pioneer Poppers like: Boogaloo Shrimp, Taco, Mr.Animation & more

    Plus Old School artist like Egypt, Newcleus, etc.

    We hope to wrap by end of Dec.2010

    Thank you

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  13. I’m right now working with Magic Touch ENT. do art work and they have a lot of artist, beats and music. Hip Hop, R&B Poets and I’m trying to link Tommy the CEO up with good people. Can you give him a hand with putting together these mix cds? His studio is on 8th in Locust Long Beach CA. 90813 Contact Tommy 323-602-6369 He’s doing videos, graphics, recording, mixing and mastering and party promoting to raise money to push projects. Me I work with B-Boy & army Of Dark knights productions. I just see this guy is going places and he has some R&B hits on his hands. Peace.
    He’s looking for investors to help push these finish products out to the world.

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  15. Hi Dave Im a dj from london Uk. can you get me johnny stakes email adress? me and johnny go back a long time if you are in contact with hime please pass my email to him wich is peace

  16. Greetings, We are a positve Hip Hop group named RBG for Red,black, and Green, Real Black gods, Righteous Black Guerillas, We are striving to push a positve outlet of Hip hop music with the same energy of the mainstream. We would deeply appreciate if you in any way can help us spread our message. Here’s link to our free mixtape that will be officially released soon:

  17. NEW VIDEO!!!! DJ Toure from 101% Music and The Hieroglyphics releases the video for his new single “She Like It” off his new album Toure’s Theory Session 1 to drop July 17th!!! The song Produced by DJ Toure Features BLegit, D-Lo, and Lonodon. Peep it or be a rhombus! This is Bay Area Hip Hop!

  18. Live Performance by E40 for the Pumpkin Funktion at the Redondo Beach Performance Arts Center on October 26th….doors open at 7p.m….. for more details and tickets go to or call 323.642.8711

  19. Tracy 168, michael c tracy : i have seen it written by michael, i presume, a statement that begins with the humble introduction, ” when i stand before God ….. ” in my humble opinion tracy 168 has utilized his God given gift to better others, to give, to share. Tracy 168 has beautified the earth with his art. A master artist & peacemaker he has Decorated this place, our place with beautiful art never eliminating wit n humour when appropriate. This world is a better place thanks to mr. Michael tracy, tracy 168. And to quote one of his murals, ” stop bitchin, what’d u do to make the world a better place”
    thank you tracy 168 for all your love n beauty shared. I know there are many angels smiling down on us as u must be an earth angel.
    Signed anonymous admirer

  20. Hey Davy d

    I was hoping you would be open to speaking with me. My cousin did some work with you some years back, and I know that you are the person that can point in the right direction.
    Ak-9ine is a family member of mine. I hope that sounds familiar. I wanted to talk to you about a program (50 billion empowerment plan) that is for the black community. If possible I would like to share with you what the program is and how it can change the state of our neighborhoods all over the US.

    Thank you,

    Don Parish

  21. National Call In for Imam Jahmil (H. Rap Brown) February 11th, 18th, and 25th 2013
    to Governor of Atlanta Nathan Deal @ (404) 463-7791 requesting the return of Imam Jamil (H. Rap Brown) to a Georgia correctional system.

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