Houston Sends Strong Message to Questlove &


questlove-400Looks like the city of Houston put a hurting on a quite a few folks this past Sunday. First, the Texans came out and put the smash on my beloved Oakland Raiders..I started to shell out 99 bucks for a close the field ticket and at the last minute something told me to save my money. It was a good call. I spared the agony as the Texans showed the Raiders.. 29-6 is not a good look.. Lucky for me I was able to nurse my ‘wounds’ at the crib…

Now on the other hand, my good friend Questlove of the Roots, a die hard Eagles fan.. Well he wasn’t so lucky. In the early hours of the morning was involved in a car crash. No, he wasn’t driving-It was a cab and he messed up his hand.. I hit him up today to see if he’ll be able to play his drums.. I guess thats a dumb question cause Quest can play with one hand if need be.. Anyway it was good to see he came out relatively unscathed. It was Quest second accident in the past year..Oh yeah Quest did hit me back finally and said he’s doing fine hanging out on the set of 30 Rock.

As the I watched my beloved Raiders get squashed and heard about Quest’s accident, I couldn’t help but wonder if The Great State of Texas was sending us both a message.. Don’t mess with Texas.. Don’t mess with the cab drivers and don’t mess with the football team.. Ok already.. I hear ya loud and clear..LOL

-Davey D-

The Roots’ ‘?uestlove’ injured in Houston car crash


The Roots star Ahmir ‘?uestlove’ Thompson is nursing an injured hand after he was involved in a car crash in Houston on Sunday morning.

The producer and drummer for the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon house band took to his online blog in the early hours of Sunday to tell fans of his close encounter, initially insisting he had escaped unscathed.

He wrote on his Twitter.com page, “I gots (sic) to be the golden child. Survived yet another car crash unscathed. The cab however…”

But in another post a few moments later, Thompson admitted his hand had suffered slightly in the collision.

He added, “Left hand feels pain but in the scheme of things I’m happy to be alive and leaving Houston.”

It’s the second car accident Thompson has been caught up in in the last year — last November, the acclaimed hip-hop band survived a bus crash in Paris escaping with minor cuts and bruises.

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