Columbus: Overrated White Guy (Top 10 Overrated White People)



COLUMBUS: OVERRATED WHITE GUY (Top 10 Overrated White People)
“We continue to praise Columbus, the vicious conquistador, as a hero.”

On Monday, our nation will celebrate Columbus Day, although Columbus was an immoral treasure hunter who merely stumbled upon a region that had already been “discovered” by indigenous nonwhite peoples. In the true spirit of Columbus, I have decided to make my own list of overrated white people:

Elvis Presley — Elvis didn’t write his own songs, barely played the guitar, and was a worse actor than the entire cast of “Belly.” Despite being a cheap facsimile of Little Richard, he is still known as the “King of Rock ’n’ Roll.” Only in America.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

— Despite bombing Africa and the Middle East regularly, approving the Welfare Reform Bill, the Prison Litigation Reform Act, and “three strikes” legislation, black folk regularly regard Clinton as a messianic figure.

Babe Ruth — While there is no doubt Babe Ruth was the most dominant player of his era, he was also the beneficiary of smaller playing fields and a segregated league. Still, Ruth, rather than Hank Aaron or Willie Mays, is the most celebrated player in the history of the sport.

Bill Walton — Walton embodies hyperbole. As an announcer, Walton regularly refers to at least eight different players as the “best player in the world, bar none” and regularly refers to routine turnovers as “the worst play in the history of Western civilization.” As a player, Walton put together one of the greatest college careers in NCAA history and won an NBA title. Still, a career full of injuries make Walton’s placement on the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players list dubious at best.

Eminem — Without question, Marshall Mathers is a dope MC. His first two LPs (particularly the second) will go down as classics. Still, the genius label is too quickly attached to Em at the expense of more significant old-school rappers like Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane, as well as contemporaries like Black Thought, Kool Keith and Common.

Tony Romo — From mishandled to untimely interceptions, Romo finds new ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Still, the Cowboys quarterback is considered a top-tiered QB.

Justin Timberlake — He can dance. He can sing. Is he any better than dozens of black R&B singers? No.

Paris Hilton — What does she do again?
For my next trick, I’ll make a list of overrated Black people. My top choice? Here’s a hint: It rhymes with Schmarack Chlobama.

Marc Lamont Hill is a professor at Columbia University and a Fox News commentator.

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48 comments on “Columbus: Overrated White Guy (Top 10 Overrated White People)

  1. I’ll get back on this, because I have to check and see if FOX News is that same station with Glen Beck, O’riely, and Sean Hannity and them. If so, “here we go again” on the Black vs. White while a certain group get’s paid and “we” end up with FLAVOR FLAAAAAV!!!! Been there, done that, Marc Hill.

  2. Looks like somebody is having a Kanye moment. “Yo Imma let you finnish but … this is why black people are better than whites…”

  3. COME ON MAN !!! Emenim ???
    I smell a lil hateration. Em does not get the credit he deserves can’t help but think his skin color has something to do with it. For a white man to be successful in hip hop he had to be an exceptional talent. He is probably one of the most underrated artist in the game..

  4. “For a white man to be successful in hip hop he had to be an exceptional talent” – not so, the “Beastie Boys weren’t. Just the facts, Jack.

  5. Beasties weren’t exceptionally talented? I guess that’s true lyrically but not true on the whole. Paul’s Boutique is a sampling masterpiece. That along with 3 feet high and rising and nation of millions were the three albums that proved sampling could be an art.

    Personally I think M&M is rated about right. Not over or under.

  6. I do not know if you guys know a guy named Marley Marl who was back there with DJ Mr. Magic on the radio. There are two history’s of Rap Music. One with Grand Master Flash and one with Scratch 2000. One with The Sugar Hill Gang and one with Rox Box and Run-DMC and Beastie Boys. One with Sugar Hill Records and one with Profile and then Def Jam. One starting the music in 1979 on record and one calling the music “hip-hop a way of life” in 1987 with KRS-1. Most important thingto know is that there are two histories and whoever control the money is controlling the way the history is being written. from the Bible to hip-hop, ‘IT’S LIKE THAT AND THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS – HUH!” Doesn’t make it right, just makes you look at things more closely. There are two storie and one overshadows the other – “origin”.

  7. “Paul’s Boutique is a sampling masterpiece.’

    yeah, but the Dust Brothers produced it. (someone needs to check their references before commenting). the fact is the Beasties always needed help with their production, whether it was Rick Rubin or Money Mark. their actual sound is lo-fi garage a la “Check Your Head.”

    as far as overrated white people go, that’s kind of a redundant topic. i mean, there aren’t too many celebrated white people who aren’t overrated, when you think about it. I just saw a clip where High Jackman was talking about how his interaction with a poor farmer in Ethiopia changed his life. If his life really changed, he would have broken off some of his loot from that terrible X-Men movie to dude or bought him some solar panels and a new cow.

    “How’d Bryant Gumball miss this list? ;-)”

    LOL. what about Ward Connerly?

    “For a white man to be successful in hip hop he had to be an exceptional talent. He is probably one of the most underrated artist in the game.”

    Eminem, underrated? no fucking way.

    for a white man to be successful in hip-hop he just has to connect with a mainstream, crossover audience. it doesnt hurt that Em is a cold MC, but if you were to break down the demographics of his fan base, you’d see that it’s the opposite of racial profiling statistics for law enforcement.

    i’d have to strongly agree on J.Timberlake. Only a white man could bring something back which never went away. that’s like Colombus discovering America, it was already there.

  8. E-S I’m going to let that questioning my references shit slide. I grew up reading liner notes before people shouted the producers name real loud.
    So they had the dust brothers produce their album. So what? Is Mike Jackson less talented because he had Q? I see your point but I’m going by the name on the front not the ones in liner notes. That was some creative shit and it was the Beastie boys who made it happen.

    Not to mention the Dust Bros are white as well.

  9. b-lo T,
    i’m not disputing your assessment of P’s B. yes it was a masterpiece. but by not crediting the actual album’s producers, you imply the beasties are somehow more talented than they actually are.

    dont get me wrong, i love the beasties for who they are and for their zanyness and willingness to experiment. but their rhymes arent especially grand nor royal, mainly consisting of regurgitated old-school references (which people under the stairs and jurassic 5 do a lot better).

    to give you another frame of reference, i dont think there’s any question that de la’s first three albums with prince paul producing are way better than their later output. “stakes is high” is a good album, but given the choice between the Dilla remix of the title track and the LP version, i’d choose Dilla every time.

    and there are a lot of dope-ass hip-hop producers who just happen to be white–Tony D, Gary G-Wiz, Rick Rubin, alchemist. even Mark Ronson is a-ight.

    i think what this comes down to is cultural authenticity. to the extent the Beasties and Eminem are being themselves, they are not problematic.

    the problem comes when they get placed on a plateau ahead of people who are more deserving and more culturally-authentic.

    i dont think anyone would deny that Elvis Presley is a great singer and one of the most iconic pop culture figures of our time. But he clearly didnt invent rock and roll, he just made it cool for white folks to listen to–and ultimately co-opt. today a black man playing guitar is considered “alternative” which is ridiculous, given that it’s a tradition which stretches back to Africa.

    And to answer you on the Mike Jackson thing, his talent was never questionable, though he worked with a lot of outside producers and songwriters. comparing him to the Beastie Boys isnt a fair comparison–the Beasties put together dont have the talent he had in his little toe, no matter how many times they’ve hung out with the Dalai Lama or dated actresses.

    at the very least, a producer has a vision for an artist which enhances what that artist is able to do on their own. for example, Guru’s production on his solo stuff without Premier is simply not as good as the Preemo-laced Gangstarr joints.

    So getting back to the whole question of overrating, i can’t give the Beasties props for the production on an album they didnt produce. maybe you can but not me. i give them props for putting out some interesting music, and for being the Beasties in general, but to be perfectly honest, i dont know when the last time pulled my copy of Hello Nasty off the shelf and said, damn, i’ve got to hear this now.

    bottom line is you have some people who have stuck around long enough that they are famous for being famous. and you also have a lot of folks whose artistic output is deserving of much higher commercial and critical recognition, both black and white.

    just to give you another example, i’d rather listen to Brother Ali than Lil Wayne any day.

  10. “I do not know if you guys know a guy named Marley Marl who was back there with DJ Mr. Magic on the radio. There are two history’s of Rap Music.”

    it’s tempting just to ignore you altogether since you have yet to assemble a coherent premise, much less a factually-accurate one. and i hope you don’t think i’m just using you as my personal internet whipping boy.

    i just have to strongly disagree here. of course we know Marley and the Juice Crew. GTFOH. Cold Chillin’ is a classic hip-hop label. and i dont think there are two histories, at least not according to anyone but you. it’s interesting to note that GMF+F5 turned down the Sugarhill record deal originally as they thought hip-hop was primarily a live medium which would never translate to record. Of course they changed their minds after Rapper’s delight came out. there are references to “rappin'” before hip-hop’s emergence (like James Brown and Isaac Hayes), but it’s generally understood by anyone who knows anything that the Last Poets and Hustler’s Convention were a primary source of inspiration for the first-generation MCs (Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, etc.).

    and this is where i think Bro Rob’t’s problem lies. History never just goes from point A to point B and stops, dead. Each sucessive generation adds to what has come before. That’s why tradition cannot be separated from history. Real hip-hop is still being made today–despite the commercial rap industry–and there are international hip-hop scenes which are just getting the music now. To them, Melle Mel and GMF are perhaps less seminal influences than Tupac or Snoop Dogg, simply because the frame of context and point of relevance has shifted. “So Many Tears” is inherently more universal, for instance, than “New York, New York,” though both are undeniably great records.

    Bro Rob’t, any time you want to debate specifics, and back up your opinions with facts, come widdit. Until then, good luck on making a coherent, convincing argument. No really.

  11. OK
    Nice long answer. I was stuck in a cube for the afternoon so I appreciate a long reply that came before quiting time.
    I was defending the B-boys against the guy who called them talentless not trying to exagerrate.
    I’m out til Tuesday

  12. he didnt say they were talentless, he said they werent “exceptional”–which i’d tend to agree with. love the video for “sabotage,” though. and licensed to ill is still a great album. grand royal mag was kinda fresh while it lasted. they also had a decent roster on their label at one time. they’re pretty great live and and they get props for giving MixMasterMike a job.

    but they really overuse the rapping through a megaphone shtick on their studio albums. also they tend to fill in each others verses cause none of them is a particularly strong MC. Rappin Rodney had more mic skills. LOL.

    The worst part is every time they come out with a new album, rolling stone acts like the gaping maw of the cosmos has split open and delivered a bejeweled egg made of volcanic stardust filaments. that makes them a bit overrated in my book.

  13. Sampling and Marley Marl. Two histories. One you all know and one “we” know. From here on out, I will give “book” references to my facts. I expect you to do the same, no more “internet” bullshit, please! He who writes the most ain’t right. There are two histories, and he who has the most money (or time) is currently “writing it. Watch it on your VH! Hip-hop Honors next week. How they can skip a history from 1979 to 1983. “To remove the legacy of an entire race from the minds of the masses is a tremendous act of deception. We call it ‘ the greatest rip-off of all time” – Return To Glory (Joel A. freeman and Don B.Griffin). x

  14. The same thing that Elvis did The Beastie Boys, Vanilla Ice, and Eminem is doing. Its the same thing overall, Black people start something and white people take it over. I, personally, see what you mean on the two histories. Some of us know more “white” hip hop history than anything else. Why is that?

  15. Who else would read Rolling Stone magazine or know about rapping Rodney Dangerfiled. There’s something sour in the milk on here, Davey D.

  16. Lordy – “For a white man to be successful in hip hop he had to be an exceptional talent”

    So House of Pain, 3rd Bass & Vanilla Ice are all “exceptionally talented”? To name but three?

    I am so tired of the way that still – STILL – at this point in HipHop’s history whenever paleness is mentioned all of us white folk start squealing like bitches about how hard it is for us to shut the fuck up and not be the centre of the Universe. It’s just embarassing.

    Paul’s boutique may be a ‘sampling masterpiece’ but so are many things that are (gasp) not actually HipHop. Fact is the beasties are second rate MCs and fifth rate lyricists and they are far, far FAR from anything I would describe as exceptional in the context of HipHop.

    If you are saying for a *second* that their discography – which qualifies as ‘exceptionally talented’ in pop music but in HipHop barely even makes the grade – qualifies as exceptional and that their skin colour was a disadvantage in the 80s when they released ‘fight for your right to party’ then you are quite simply nuts.

    Honestly, are white people so desperate to identify with oppression that we are actually unable to handle reality?

    Meanwhile Em is a talented MC but if you’re trying to tell me that being white hurt his sales you’re back in the nuts pigeonhole again.

  17. “I, personally, see what you mean on the two histories. Some of us know more “white” hip hop history than anything else. Why is that?”

    hmm, can’t really speak for other people’s experiences. i remember when newsweek et al. were publishing hit pieces on the culture, that just motivated me to tell it like it really was in print. that’s all documented so no need for me to prove my credentials at this point.

    the notion of a “white” hip-hop history is oxymoronic to me, since it couldnt stand on its own. but i suppose it’s possible for someone to only listen to white rappers, beginning with bob dylan all the way through eminem, el-p, cage, etc.

    that gets a little creepy though when you think about so-called “horrorcore” rappers who get lumped in with hip-hop artists but are actually closer to punk/metal/industrial…no connection to the culture whatsoever–at least the Beasties were b-boyish. these horrorcore dudes are suburban wiggas into Satanic bullshit. kinda sad if you ask me.

  18. I don’t know about Paul’s Boutique but License to Ill was the shit during it’s time piece. M&M has a cartoonish flow style mastered that no-one else really has (perhaps Buster), along with a standard midwest double time cadence, and a slower buck up flow, all of it makes his lyrics seem better than they really are. On paper it reads quite ordinary and isn’t distinguishable from any of the other top rappers. Much ado about nothing. Plenty of horror and demented mayhem type stuff. Why are white folks so into that shit? Rob Zombie and Marilynn Mason are like Gods to their crowd.

    Here’s a quick list of white people that are legit for their praise:

    Joe Montana
    Carl Sagen
    Tim Russert
    Abraham Lincoln
    Franklin Roosevert

  19. “Honestly, are white people so desperate to identify with oppression that we are actually unable to handle reality?” ANSWER HIM DARN IT!!! Not all of you all are brainwashed. Thank Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, Almighty God. Honesty is the best policy.

  20. e-scribblah and crew, I am waiting for your book references to back up “your” facts or opinions. Typing a whole hell of alot but there’s no references to support your comments. You said “Come widdit’. You doing all the typing, where’s your book references?

  21. my book references?

    i listed the “egyptian book of the dead” aka papyrus of ani awhile back. that is the foundation for knowledge of self.

    i’m not going to list my entire library or reference every single bit of literature i have ever studied on here just for your edification, especially when you thusfar have only referenced one book (repeatedly), and havent quoted any passages.

    you greeks already pillaged alexandria but you didnt get all the books. that’s why your knowledge is incomplete. and you knights of malta have only spread disinformation, such as your false claim to be builders of solomon’s temple. i have nothing to prove to you regarding veracity of the “true” knowledge. you, on the other hand, cannot say the same.

    i can obviously go deeper, but unless you have a specific question, it’s kind of pointless.

  22. Just back up what you say with references, ’cause I’m tired of your internet bullshit. And “Eygtptian Book of The dead'”, you’ve quoted nothing from it. Diop and Van Sertima, can’t tell you what to read, but stop blowing smoke up the people’s ass! Yes, reference every so-fact you know “Rap Music”. Shouldn’t be hard, if you have the” facts”.

  23. Boy, I could find nothing on Raymound Faulkners race and ethnicity, however, he held in high esteem with jewsih people for that book “egyptian book of the dead”. Its basically a re-write with him translating things and denouncing everything Black in Kemet. Can’t tell you what to read, but stop blowing smoke up the people’s ass with your jewish propaganda. THIS IS JEWISH PROPAGANDA, PEOPLE. EVERYTHING THIS GUYS E-SCRIBBLAH TYPES. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE, HE IS NOT FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!!

  24. Pingback: Columbus: Overrated White Guy (Top 10 Overrated White People) | Happily Natural

  25. The only overrated white guy (with dark skin) on here is who happens to be a Jew, but disses Jews and puts down black folks like Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks and disregards Hip-Hop as a postive culture and is hella ignorant, spewing his lies regularly is…Robert Jr. James McClendon aka Slobert Jewnior Lames McWackson.

  26. the EBOTD is Jewish progaganda?


    interesting you say that, since it precedes Judaism by thousands of years. obviously, you’ve never read it.

    you want a quote?

    “in close connection with the natural and spiritual bodies stood the heart, or rather that part of it which was the seat of the power of life and fountain of good and evil thoughts.”

    (from the doctrine of eternal life, pg. 73)

    ankh you very much.

    R McClendon, you are revealed for what you are, a minion of Set and keeper of false knowledge. hope you enjoy burning in eternal flame.

  27. Who do you think excavated and changed the history and color of the people in Africa. The only people allowed were the jewish Brittan’s. Everything in Africa was stolen and changed, all of the concepts of religious books came from Africa, our music has always been stolen. Here’s something that kills all credibility of jew eurocentricism – Greek hostorian Herodotus – “Somewhere around 457 – 2450 B.C. wrote in The Histories that: ‘ That Colchians, Ethiopians and Egyptians have thick lips, broad nose, wooly hair and they are of burnt skin.” Return to Glory Page 20. Herodotus was a Greek not a jew, who preceded any jew excavating the tombs of ancient Kemet. The truth will set you free. The same thing you’ll do on VH1 tomorrow with “our” history you’ve done with ancient Kemet, the Bible, history, and now our music, but God will set you straight. All that Black people need to know is that these people have changed history and have turned all nations against the Black man so that they can reign. “Every” nation has kicked these wicked people out of their country… If am am a jew, I am the honest jew.

  28. “Somewhere around 457 – 450 B.C. wrote in The Histories that : “The Colchians, Ethipopians and Egyptians have thick lips, broad noses, wolly hair and they are of burnt skin”. This was written way before Raymond Faulkner went in to get paid and change the facts.

  29. honestly, i dont care if you are jewish or not. makes no difference to me. all i know is you’re wack.

    you make such outlandish claims–without citing sources, i might add–it’s just not possible to take you seriously. simply put, your ramblings make no sense whatsoever.

    can you even define “jew eurocentism”? obviously the Jews were Semitic peoples originally from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and East Africa who migrated throughout Europe.

    Given that they directly opposed Christianity and Christian-ruled European countries and were frequently oppressed by Christians and Catholic churches, not to mention the Nazis, it’s hard to make even a weak case for this concept. Eurocentricity is usually considered Anglo-Saxon in origin.

    That’s not even open to debate.

    No one is disputing at this point what the ancient egyptians, ethiopians or colchians looked like. (do you even know where colchis is?) not sure why you even reference Herotodus, but its safe to say he didnt live for 2,000 years as you suggest. LOL.

    it’s also safe to say your crackpot theories hold as much water as a sieve.

    in fact, the translator of the EBOTD, Sir EA Wallis Budge, postulated the connection between Egyptology and African religions in the late 19th century, which directly contradicted Petrie’s theory of Caucasian dynastic conquest of Egypt in the Pharonic Age.

    Petrie and others like him who believed in Eugenics were both white supremacist and anti-Semitic. They have been completely discredited by archaeology, science, and genetic research, while Budge’s theories, discredited at the time, have proven to be 100% accurate.

    If Budge was Jewish, which isnt known, he certainly did not advance the concept of Eurocentrism. In fact, he paved the way for Afrocentric theories, such as those which later appeared in “Stolen Legacy” and “Metu Neter,” to name two literary sources The EBOTD provided empirical evidence which supports both SL and MN, as do later archaeological finds from the Valley of Kings, Giza, Thebes, Saqqara, Siwa and other places in Egypt .

    At this point, the only conclusion one can make from your babblings is that you are filled with self-hatred and loathing, and that your mix of anti-Semitism, Masonic gobbledygook, Christianity, and wanna-be Afrocentric scholarship has seriously clouded your judgment.

    another quote:
    “homage to thee, king of kings, lord of lords, and prince of princes” (papyrus of ani, pg. 352)

    this is from a hymn to Osiris. what’s interesting is that Solomon was also given the same title. also, Jesus is called the “prince of peace.” Therefore, one can infer that Egyptian religion is the direct predecessor of both Judaism and Christianity. now go put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

  30. The Egyptian concept of the Sun god is actually more closer to the truth than the modern religions have. It’s where heaven is dimensionally speaking. Life for the spirit, but hell to a demon – burns then up. The life giver is the life giver. All things are related. All life transcends. From where to what is another story.

    The Egyptians still had to conceptualize a heaven as being a place for the physcial abode; as do modern religions conceptualize heaven as a place where you keep you physical body. But on that dimensional side matter as we know does not exist. The fact that consiousness does not need matter to contain it is a major point that modern dark age theologies haven’t grasped.

    I’m tripping how folks on this site try to play around with their identity. The internet is the only place where I encountered white people fronting black. Ain’t trying to be a nigga when you going for that job though.

  31. what i’m tripping on is how actual knowledge is considered non-black. that’s some slave teachings for sure. wonder what Frederick Douglass or Ahknaten would have to say about that–and wiggaism in general.

    btw, i’d add Alexander the great and Aristotle to the list of overrated Caucasians. Aristotle, of course, was the thief of the Alexandrian library. Stolen Legacy makes a pretty convincing argument that he didnt actually write any of the books he’s credited with.

    for the record, my identity is and has always been e-scribblah, the hip-hop scribe. nothing more, nothing less.

    “deeper than an ocean
    deeper than the notion
    that the world was flat when it was round”

  32. Another overrate is Paul. A liar and a plagerist. They were Peters words. Jesus said Peter would be the rock he built his church on meaning it was Peters inspiring words and spiritual intrepretations that would inspire billions across time. Regardless of church. Not how the Romans want you to believe that Jesus said that meaning Peter would give the Romans some sort of church authority. Paul made up that horse shit. Then all of a sudden some elected by man Pope is God’s authority on Earth. That’s game people. Shit don’t he wear diapers. I mean I don’t expect God to send a 20 year old, we wouldn’t feel that, but a trembling senior citizen reading something a speech writer wrote. No special insight or knowledge. Got to come stronger than that.

  33. “light up the chalice
    mek we born down rome
    we nah support pope paul pon vatican throne”

  34. Colchainians were Black people in Russia. Your boy Faulkner tried to change the facts and say that Egypt named by Greeks meant that “Kemet” meant fertile Black soil, while Herodotus the Greek Historian from 457 – 450 BC clearly defined them as Black people with burnt skin. Stop perpetrating like you Black with that “Cushite” talk. You are no more Black than I am jew. The people figuring out you know too much white history to be Black – ALEXANDRIA” HUH! YOU PLAY YOURSELF EVERY TIME, e-scribblah.

  35. e-scribblah, I have been telling you this from day one the jews stole from Black people with Judaism and are stealing from them with this “hip-hop”. I’m smoking this in my pipe. Wehen will you learn. If these people will still your religion and steal your history, what won’t they take? That doesn’t make one anti-semetic, that makes one know the truth about these people. Know what you defend.

  36. Tonight what you’ll witness on VH1 “We call it the greatest rip-off of all times”. They take a history I grew up on and give the negoes Quincy Jones III their history called “Beef”. Black on Black crime series. If Black people knew their history and loved themselves -no Lyor Cohen could have split up EPMD or Jay Z and Damon Dash, or Russell and Joseph Simmons. Know your “history”, Black people. I’ve been preaching this ever since I’ve been on here. “The Origin of Rap Music” did not begin in 1984 with Def Jam that’s for damn sure! The people of Kemet and the Nubians were doing Black on Black crime with their civilizations while white people were still in caves, in this modern day you don’t let these people erase you from “history” again. GOD, HELP MY PEOPLE!

  37. I’m a white guy that totally found this by accident but I read it anyway. Agree 100% on the Elvis thing. The guy could sing but he gets way too much credit for Rock music. Little Richard invented rock-n-roll and was THE man. I saw his last concert on local TV in Atlanta on New Years eve and the old fellow could still do it! Agree with you on Romo too. Also agree with you on whites taking over anything started by blacks (vanilla ice, Eminem). BTW… Add Christopher Columbus to the list. All he and his men did was wipe out an entire population of natives and he gets a holiday and cities named after him and no one’s ever heard of Leif Erikson.

  38. Sorry but this SUCKS! ELVIS PRESLEY was way before Little richard ever in music, Check your history! Elvis had released dozens of records before Little Richard ever recorded. And Little Richard didn’t wrote all songs as well. Elvis is worldwide popular for your info.

  39. youre just a racist piece of garbage, i understand youre proud to be black, and there is nothing wrong with that, but if you seriously write a top 10 “overrated white people” blog, youre just a straight up loser. big time fcuking loser. get a life, realize that theres no segragation anymore, and be a regular human being. maybe stupid little blogs like this are the reason black people are still put through trouble in some parts of our country, if you would just shut the fcuk up and live like an everyday person in society, you would be treated like one. by the way, elvis sucks, and eminem isnt that good either.

  40. If Elvis, Eminem, Timberlake, Beasties are making music and selling records than who is anyone to question their success?? Who cares if there were ‘better’ black artists out there (not fact, opinion only)?? What is this a black vs white competition?? Music is a business and these guys were successful because they created a demand and sold records. Bottom line… Anyone who wants to waste energy complaining about their place in history are fucking clowns. Everyone is entitled to support who they want to hear as an artist. Just because society as whole doesn’t support the guy YOU like does not make us racist. But you trying to convince everyone of that, makes YOU an ASSHOLE.

  41. Musiic sucks today, and its because of the “greedy” folks who control the industry that do not have any talent only the ownership of the banks, stock market, insurance companies, and other credit lending agencies. The people who know the truth are always ASSHOLES or anti-something.

  42. Despite bill clinton being one of the biggest destabilizers of Haiti, B. Obama sent him – and GWB back to Haiti to be ‘overseers’ (read: thieves) of Haiti’s natural resources. (Recall that GWB wiped his hand on clinton’s sleeve after shaking hands w/ a Haitian man during one of their ‘official’ visits together.) In my estimation, this ignorant move on Obama’s part was part pacification and part re-colonization attempt. All three of them hate the idea of a truly AFRIKAN president and clinton hates the fact that his wife lost to Obama, despite his sexual antics w/ cigars. Why any one has ever been foolish enough to dub clinton ‘the first black president’ is indeed a mysterious and seriously dysfunctional act.

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