Racist Tea Party Folks Attempt to get Violent with Pro-Immigrant Demonstrators.


Last week we reported how the Tea Party folks were gonna be organizing Anti-Immigrant rallies in 50 cities around the country. The rhetoric being used was pretty inflammatory and it was noted that people should be aware of  attacks…

Quite naturally there were counterprotests, but what was interesting is to see how the Tea Baggers have been aggressive in confronting counterprotests… This video spells it out, although the Tea Party folks have tried to flip the script and say they were the ones assaulted. 

What needs to be noted is in most marches unless you are press you stay on your side of the street or in the area designated for your protest.  In almost every demonstration I’ve been to including the weekly ones that occur during our local farmer market each Saturday where Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Isreal folks hold simultaneous vigils and rallies.. They stay on opposite sides of the street and as instructed and later enforced by local police, one doesn’t roll off to the other side and start filming, holding up signs etc.. To do so is considered an antagonistic act.

When you view the video which was put out by the Tea Party people, you see what was clearly an act of provocation. This is just the beginning folks. Things are about to get ugly.

Update: someone sent me a copy of the anti-immigrant rally in Minneapolis.. Here these racist Tea Party folks get seriously punked.. pay close attention to the speaker at this ‘sparsely’ attended rally which was said to be ‘well attended’.. The speaker talks about the bigger problem of illegal immigrants..

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14 comments on “Racist Tea Party Folks Attempt to get Violent with Pro-Immigrant Demonstrators.

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  2. Um it’s clear that they were attacked by the open borders crowd no matter how you spin it. All the violence has come from the left.

  3. I saw a hilarious speech given in Minneapolis by a guy punking the tea baggers. He goes on and on about the violent disease ridden immigrants and right when he has them chanting send them home he reveals that he’s talking about the genocidal disease ridden lazy European immigrants.

    I think this is the link but I can’t confirm since youtube is blocked where I am.

  4. The race war is coming to ameriKKKA real soon. This place is pretty much a 3rd world country. Now we have this divisive, despotic communist obama to stoke the racial tensions.

    If the rule of law applied to illegal aliens, maybe it wouldnt be so bad. But when a black man is asked by the police if he is a parolee, and due to special order 40 in LA, they can t even inquire about their immigration status to any other race..

    This black person is sick of the double standard. I guess the mainstream state run media would consider me a racist xenophobic hater because i want the rule of law enforced.

    United we stand, divided we fall. never has america been more divided. Thanks for playin the race card Mr president.

  5. Maranatha starts by saying a race war is coming to “AmeriKKKa”, then ends by saying “united we stand, divided we fall”. How does one wish for unity amongst Americans AND a race war all at once? Awaiting your explanation, Maranatha

  6. If we have a race war before we have class warfare then the powers that be have succeeded. Rich people don’t give a shit about race. They got poor whites blaming black and brown and poor black and brown blaming white people. In a race war you’ll be fighting your neighbors and the rich will wait for to end and deal with an even weaker working class when it’s done.

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