Breakdown FM

Breakdown FM is a station me and a couple of buddies, Alex Mejia and Mark Skillz started a back in 2005. It was to fill the void of not having a place where we could hear good music from various genres and insightful interviews on urban landscape.. We kicked this off and over the next 5 years did over 1500 interviews and shows.. Breakdown FM was also heard a variety of platforms.. including AOL, Sprint, various radio stations around the country.. Most recently it can be heard on All Day Play FM..

Every week we get down and dirty on the ones and two over at the All Day Play where you can here my station Breakdown FM..

There’s no telling what we may play and who we may interview… but be sure to peep it..

You can catch our weekly mix show which streams live by going HERE

Below is a list of shows & Interviews you can check out… Enjoy

6 comments on “Breakdown FM

  1. wait… you mean you are a part of breakdown FM. Not sure how but an episode found its way to my computer and I didn’t get round to investigating in order to uncover more, but seen as its part of a series, I will look into this. How about some direct links?

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