Here’s a Commonly held Belief About Columbus-They Claim Native Americans Can’t lay Claim to America


DaveyD-leather-225As we sit back and ‘celebrate’  Columbus Day I think one should keep in mind that more than a few people had the gall to ask why I reprinted the essay put forth by Professor Ward Churchillwho laid down the facts about Columbus Day. Some felt by putting it out we were being divisive.  They felt we were making things too racial and living in the past. Really? BS.. Here’s the reason why I put posted the Churchill article.  You can read the article here:

All this morning, I heard newscast after newscast especially on the east coast where Columbus was touted as this revered explorer who led the way to the New World. Not one mention of the genocide he ushered in. Not one mention of him getting lost. It was all praises for a drunken sailor.

I couple that particular narrative of Columbus being a hero who sailed the ocean blue with the changes being advocated in Texas by members of its state board of education in history and social studies books where there’s a huge push to remove the already short mentions of iconic figures like United Farm Workers founder and Civil Rights activist Cesar Chavez and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall who successfully argued for the elimination of school segregation in the historic Brown vs the Board of Education. Marshall did this as a lawyer for the NAACP, before being appointed to the Supreme Court.  The push is to replace Chavez and Marshall with the accomplishments of far right conservative icons Reverend Jerry Falwell and Newt Gingrich.

Now many of y’all reading this are saying to yourselves ‘Who care’s? After all, it’s a typical scenario one might imagine to happen in a state like Texas right? Wrong.  Next time you open up one of your kids elementary school books, be sure to make note that Texas specializes in selling school books. It’s the country’s biggest exporter.  So you could be in a far off place like New York, California or West Virginia and be reading revisionist history…

Topping all this off is ridiculous column that was passed along to me this morning. Read it,  laugh and then take note. Wars are won by controlling the thinking of your opponent. People to the far political right clearly understand the importance of reaching impressionable minds early on and in controlled environments like school.  If you don’t believe me, look at the crazy protests our racist far right friends held in Burlington, New Jersey this morning to protest elementary school kids singing a song praising President Obama during a Black History month celebration this past February.

 Something to think about

-Davey D-

Joe McQuaid: Unlike Halloween in Manchester, Columbus is feted on actual holiday

by Joe McQuaid


christopher_columbusIn fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue

Happy Columbus Day. It was never a day off when I was going to school. And, yes, Columbus had long gone by then, so just forget the thought that when I was in school it was too soon to recognize the event’s importance.

This is one of those weird years when the day is actually observed on the date — unless you live in Manchester and we are talking about Halloween. Here, unlike in the rest of the free world, Halloween will not be celebrated on Saturday, Oct. 31.

As for today’s anniversary, it is generally believed to have been on or about Oct. 12 when Columbus and crew, aboard the Nina, the Pinta and the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, reached the Americas. Okay, I’m just kidding about the name of the last ship.

Although we didn’t get the day off from school when I was growing up, Columbus and the Santa Maria and the whole king and queen of Spain thing were a big deal. Editorial cartoons of the day were more likely to have an Indian looking at the white guys coming ashore and saying, “There goes the neighborhood,” than painting Columbus as a pillager and enslaver.

Some revisionist historians seriously hold that the Europeans were all bad guys who ruined the Americas, imported smallpox, stole gold and forced the savages to stop being savages and to share their smokes. The revise guys also like to speak of the “native Americans,” in reference to the folks Columbus ran into.

But those peoples’ ancestors had also come from elsewhere, and their claims to being here first are a bit like Columbus’ partisans saying he was the first white discoverer, which leaves no room for Leif Erikson or St. Brendan or Lord knows who else.

It is what it is. Nature abhors a vacuum, much as I abhor a vacuum cleaner, and the big wide world was not going to lie vacant for very long after sailors and explorers used their God-given brains and took the calculated risk that they would not fall off the edge of the earth or be devoured by sea monsters if they sailed west in order to get east.

There’s a line from the “Seinfeld” show that has Jerry and George arguing about their favorite explorer. George says DeSoto, for discovering the Mississippi River.

“Oh,” sneers Jerry, “like they weren’t going to find that anyway.”

Someone would have “found” the Americas, too. But Columbus is the guy who did it big time, without a GPS and even without Twitter or a Facebook page to spread the word.

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6 comments on “Here’s a Commonly held Belief About Columbus-They Claim Native Americans Can’t lay Claim to America

  1. Hey Davey,
    I appreciate that you reprinted the essay by Professor Ward Churchill. It was well worth the read. They don’t teach that in high school. We are told lies instead.
    BTW, I look forward to (finally!) hearing Hard Knock Radio again this week! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Knowledge applied is power — continued mis-education results in fools being used as tools — there’s always been a war for the minds and heart of the people from when poor white, indentured servants were conned into believing that white skin was a privilege to keep events like Shays Rebellion and John Browns Raid from happening again to today’s reality tv based in petty fighting and stupidity — It’s time for the people to wake up and recognize who truly benefits from our hatred of each other and the denial of the bloody truth of America’s imperialism

  3. I guess when those tea-baggers start screaming they want their country back, we can just show them this…lol!

  4. The HELL with Columbus, Magellan, and all those other so-called explorers. With each passing day on this earth, especially in ameriKKKa, one thing is recurringly and INFINITELY clear: that what ameriKKKa passes off as education is predominantly a mechanism used to stroke the ego of white nationalist/racism/white supremacy. Then again, when there are movies like “Pirates of The Caribbean” and people clamor and trip over themselves to spend money to see movies like that, it’s no surprise – and at the same time, news directors and reporters have the audacity to call those Somalians pirates. Hmmm. . . .I think K’Naan laid it out there and made it real plain: who’s the REAL pirates? Whenever you have a situation where people with diabolic attributes and behavior are continually held up as heroes, then this kind of bullshit will continue to happen.

  5. Don’t forget to bash Thanksgiving too. You know, the day they sat down with the Indians just before they ran them off their land. Nobody knows that the Indians supplied most of the food that day as the Pilgrims couldn’t hunt. This white boy doesn’t celebrate Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day or Elvis day.

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