American Jews in Jerusalem Express Hatred Toward Obama for Speaking to Muslims



As President Obama makes moves to try and repair relationships between the US and the Muslim world this is what some American born Jews living in Isreal have to say about his visit. To say the least its more than sad..

What makes this even sadder is that Isreal pressured Obama to go against the interest of Black folks and other communities of color by not attending the UN World Conference on Racism. I guess that wasn’t enough.

See Max Blumenthal’s shocking footage of the reaction by some Israelis and American Jews in Jerusalem to Obama’s speech to the Muslim world. Co-produced by Joseph Dana, aka Ibn Ezra:

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13 comments on “American Jews in Jerusalem Express Hatred Toward Obama for Speaking to Muslims

  1. No comment. I don’t want to be considerd “Anti-semitic” or pushing “hatefuj propaganda”. You all know where I stand – “Let my people go”. Some more anti-hammitism media rhetoric from Blumenthal.

  2. The real haterd and disrespect was when after the President of the United States of America made a speech saying both sides would have to do things differently – Jewry made him fly to Germany to drop flowers and to never forget. Forget about the middle passage, so many people killed to even issue a number. These people hate Black people and have historically used white people (Romans) to do their dirty work. That’s the real hatred and disrespect of the Black race by these anti-hammites.

  3. Ok, so let’s see.. let me go to a bar in the hood, let’s say deep west Oakland, or no, better yet deep St. Louis. Go there, get some drunk fools and hit them up with some questions and only show the ignorant ones and say “Hey this is the voice of the Black Community”..
    wait we do that already, in a way, but it’s labeled Hip Hop.
    Let me digress.

    This is no indication of the status of Jewry… stop being so sensationalistic.

  4. Can’t get no more exploitive or “sensationalistic” than Hip-hop can you, Jose? And is “Jewry” the same thing as “Zionism” – an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish community using religion and finance to establish a Jewish community in Palestine and later for the support of modern Israel?” I’m like Benett, I ain’t in it.” Tthey won’t be sending me no more death-threats.

  5. Naw Jose no excuse for that type of bigotry… drunk or not drunk.. also it was a Jewish person who made it fam.. stop making excuses for thed unexcusable.. They knew what they were saying. Never when I’ve been drunk have I referenced people in such a vile way.. I think their drunkeness shows how they really think..

  6. The only disturbing about this piece is that it is just plain bigotry and ignorance. To sum up the voice of the Israeli Jews by this group of immature and ignorant drunks is just as ignorant as the people in the video.

  7. I am not excusing anyones behaviour, so you can relax with that part. And like you say drunk or not, these cats said what they said, it’s ignorant and hella stupid. But like Ryme stated, “To sum up the voice of the Israeli Jews by this group of immature and ignorant drunks is just as ignorant as the people in the video”.. just as ignorant.
    I know quite many a Jew, of all stripes, just as I know many Blacks and Latinos of all stripes, and if you get a certain bunch together.. this is what comes out.
    Besides quite a few people have made entire careers about making excuses for the unexcusable, but then that’s called being a Hip Hop writer, or Hip Hop scholar, or what have you.
    Just my two cents.

  8. Young punks, I’d like to see them come to the states and talk that shit there, they’d wake in the hospital. What did one of them say, try to nuke us, bring… or something to that effect. Seriously why the fuck do we back these fucks. Call me Anti-Semitic, after seeing this video I have an all new perception of these idiots.

  9. Those are some ignorant fools. If they actually did their homework(most of them looked like some college students) they would discover that Obama and the american political establishment is in full support of Israel and their ways.Israel is and has always been a geo-political ally for the imperial motives of the U.S.
    So all you ignorant jews and israelis need not to worry, this man named Obama is just using his smoothness to appease and falsely make ammends with the Arab world his crew wants to exploit.

  10. WtF? those kids are in Israel? A lot of hatred there- didn’t know it was like that. Why do all those kids sound like they’re from upstate NY. Are they?

  11. Shem1, I was thinking the same thing. They do look kike Catskills, “Beastie Boy” type jews don’t they? LOL!

  12. “Kike” is not a word. That’s “like”. Someone’s editiing my words or either the “k” is really close to the “L”. “They do look like Catskills, ‘Beastie Boy” type…” I saw that movie about the Isreali beautican played by Adam Sandler, I don’t want no beef with these people.

  13. They killed Michael Jackson, ain’t nothing but a thang like a chicken wang, to kill Obama to extort money.

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