How Michael Got Gangsta With Sony Music Over Black Music & Racism



How Michael Got Gangsta With Sony Music Over Black Music

Michael Jackson was not as timid as one might think when it came to doing battle with the industry. Not too many people wanna talk about his battle with Sony Music

Michael Jackson was not as timid as one might think when it came to doing battle with the industry. Not too many people wanna talk about his battle with Sony Music

This is what I liked about Michael Jackson. Call him weird, call him eccentric, but the man was no dummy and he would step if needed to.. I am including a story we ran the day after Michael Jackson was in Harlem where he called out Tommy Mottola and Sony Music. He said Mottola was a racist which was bold  given that at the time Motola was one of the industry’s most powerful executives in the industry..

This is the article that we  ran in June 2002 in my FNV Newsletter

-Davey D-


The article below is reprinted with permission from  Ayana Soyini who documented this historic event which originally appeared on the website The new website is Khamouflage Productions


Greetings: On Tuesday July 9, 2002 I attended a music industry summit
in Harlem at the headquarters of the National Action Network.  The
Summit was called by Rev.  Dr.  Al Sharpton, Johnny Cochran, Michael
and many other prominent people in the entertainment, legal,
and political activist communities.  Contrary to what some of the
media has been reporting, the Summit was not solely for the airing of
grievances by Michael Jackson.  As you may or may not know, Michael
recently said some very candid, open and straightforward comments
about the historical racism and economic disparity that is prevalent
in the music industry.  This has been extremely detrimental,
specifically to the African-American community who has historically
been at the forefront of innovation in America.  One cannot talk about
the history of the United States without talking about the
contributions African-Americans have made.  Most notably, all
recognized popular American musical art forms have been created and
developed first from within the African-American community (i.e.
Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul etc…)

Our music was often called “race music” by white Americans to
highlight the fact that as a people, the African-American experience
is unique and our expressions culturally rich.  Let me emphasize once
again that the focus of this Summit was not on Michael Jackson.  No.
The focus of this Summit was on calling attention to the historically
corrupt, exploitative and one-sided business dealings perpetuated by
the music industry.  The focus was on what particular strategies can
be implemented to end the injustice.

Let me clear up some of the inaccurate reporting being done by the
larger media outlets.

THE LIES: Michael Jackson is disgruntled because his last musical
project “Invincible” only sold 2 million copies and he is desperately
trying to save his career.

THE TRUTH: Michael informed the audience that Invincible has actually
sold 10 MILLION copies worldwide to date and he is personally
satisfied with the numbers.

THE LIES: Michael has gone crazy and this is just another “bizarre
publicity stunt” to call attention to himself.

THE TRUTH: The larger media outlets have always been fond of attacking
him at random.  Michael was in Harlem just 7 weeks ago along side the
likes of former President Bill Clinton at a fundraiser for the
Democratic National Committee and the larger media outlets called him
an ICON then.  Why is he “Wacko Jacko” now for bringing up some very
real issues that directly impact peoples lives?

THE LIES: The idea that racism and economic disparity exists in the
music industry is farfetched considering the success of certain
individual artists and people like Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Sean “P
Diddy” Combs etc…

THE TRUTH: There are absolutely no Black owned public relations firms,
travel agencies, advertising agencies etc…  that have contracts with
any of the major corporate labels.  If $20 million dollars is being
spent on marketing and promotion of an African-American artist or
someone doing a recognized African-American art form, then why have
the talents of African-American business men and women been overlooked
and not deployed to help facilitate the process?  Are African-American
businesses unable to effectively market, promote and work in tandem
with any of the major labels?  With African-American consumers making
up a large percentage of the buying public through our extensive
spending power, how much of the monies generated from successful
commercial endeavors pushed by the music industry goes back into
African-American neighborhoods?  For every Will Smith who has
generated tons of income for his employers you have a multitude of
artists stuck in unfair contracts that find them in debt to their
label for expensive which they have no control or say of.

THE LIES: Many African-Americans in the music industry do not support
this cause.

THE TRUTH: This has been a long-standing concern in the
African-American community.  A broad based coalition has already been
mobilized.  Some of the supporters who were in attendance included:

Londel McMillan – the legal mastermind who helped Prince free himself
from a horrible contract with Warner Bros.  He also represents the
Artist Empowerment Coalition which includes members such as Stevie
Wonder & Chaka Khan.

Terrie Williams – founded the Terrie Williams Agency in 1988 and is
recognized as one of the top public relations and communications
firms.  She has written a number of best-selling books and has a
client roster which includes Fortune 500 companies.

Dave Mays – founder of The Source magazine.  One of the more popular
and influential publications geared towards Hip Hop music, culture and

James Mtume – Musician and Producer extraordinaire as well as a
longtime community activist and spokesperson.

Shakim Compere – Manager of Queen Latifah and Flavor Unit Enterprises.

David Patterson – New York State Senator.

Doug E.  Fresh – longtime Hip Hop entertainer and grassroots community

Also in attendance were reps from National Music Distribution, family
members of W.C.  Handy (credited with pioneering Blues music), the
daughter of Otis Blackwell (the man responsible for writing many of
the hit records for Elvis Presley) and many others just too numerous
to mention.  The room was packed and the media turnout was extensive.
There are many who support the issues being discussed and are
committed to lending support whether quietly behind the scenes or by
more visible and public actions.  Look for a possible Class Action
Lawsuit to be filed as well as an upcoming meeting being called with
the heads of the 5 major distributors and their respective label heads
(i.e..  Tommy Mottola, Clive Davis, Doug Morris etc…).

In closing, please don’t believe the false hype and negative media
propaganda tactics deployed by the larger communications outlets.
They are only presenting distorted facts in an effort to discredit
what is credible.  They are trying to put the emphasis on a few people
(i.e..  Michael Jackson…  who happens to be the best selling artist
of all time and has generated BILLIONS of dollars) to fool you into
believing that this issue is irrelevant and inconsequential to the
lives of the everyday person.  If you have any sort of conscious or
soul, please don’t make snap judgments as to the motives of this
movement and the people who are spearheading it.  It is really the tip
of the iceberg of a long overdue need to reform how big business
operates in the United States and globally.  It is also tied into the
growing Reparations Movement that has also attracted many heavy
hitters (i.e..  Russell Simmons).  It is time for this generation to
pick up the torch and continue to build on what our ancestors have
accomplished so far.  As Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently
stated, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.  Thank
you for reading and Blessed Love!!

Ayana Soyini, CEO Goldeneyes Entertainment

Below is a video we attached where, Jackson speaks before a crowd in London and explains whats really cracking off. He starts speaking about 3 minutes into this 9 minute video..

Below is an article where long time activist Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory’s Comments On Michael Jackson
By Bakari Akil II


Dick Gregory spoke about sinister forces at work trying to undermine Michael once he took on these record labels

Dick Gregory spoke about sinister forces at work trying to undermine Michael once he took on these record labels

Dick Gregory, activist, health guru, ex-comedian as well as advisor to many influential people is a man who has been a mainstay in American culture for decades. As a friend to Michael Jackson for many years he offered insight to the current situation involving Mr. Jackson and provided a perspective that has not been evident in many media outlets.

On a radio show entitled Make it Plain, hosted by WOL’s Mark Thompson in Washington, D.C., Dick Gregory stated in response to the mad media frenzy and tilt toward guilt coverage, that those who believe in Michael Jackson’s guilt or innocence should first ask for truth to be exposed. Whether it is damaging for Michael Jackson or not, he insisted that truth is the most important aspect of this issue.

However, Mr. Gregory does not believe that Mr. Jackson is guilty of the
charges and raised many questions concerning the events leading up to the actions of law enforcement and consequent media coverage. He asked why was it necessary for 40 police officers and 20 FBI agents to raid Michael Jackson’s property. More specifically, why were FBI agents present, especially since the allegations against Mr.Jackson are not a federal offense?

He also questioned the legitimacy of the claim of law enforcement that they did not know of Mr. Jackson’s whereabouts and the timing of the raid.  According to Mr. Gregory, there is a monetary element to this entire situation. He states that Michael Jackson purchased the Beatles catalog for nearly $48 million and it is now worth $1.5 billion. He also owns the rights to the Elvis catalog and found out after his purchase of the Beatles collection that these rights also included ownership of Little Richard’s catalog of which, Michael Jackson promptly called Mr. Richard and returned it to him.

His suspicions arise from the fact that Michael Jackson has taken out loans and his lenders wanted collateral, which was none other than his Beatles catalog. Mr. Gregory stated that Michael Jackson did not mind offering that up as collateral because every time he would come out with a record he would make around $500 million from his efforts. For those who doubt those claims, he explained that there is a mischaracterization that occurs when
people think about what is success for Michael Jackson. Although he  different. He also admonished the audience not to forget that Michael Jackson embarrassed SONY and music mogul Tommy Mottola when he claimed that they were racist and that they took advantage of and mistreated Black artists.

Not holding anything back, Mr. Gregory stated that Rev. Al Sharpton, who came to the defense of Michael Jackson during this time was soon
overwhelmed by media coverage of a video tape which showed individuals attempting to frame him in a drug deal.
He went even further stating that this type of behavior could be traced to Bill Cosby and the suspicious murder of his son Ennis, who was gunned down while changing the tire of his Mercedes on a California highway. He claims that this happened after Mr. Cosby hinted that he wanted to purchase NBC when it was up for sale.

Dick Gregory also alleged that when they showed Michael Jackson in
handcuffs, it was symbolic and when they handcuffed him, they handcuffed us all (Black communities). He stated that they allowed Mr. Jackson to board his private plane in Las Vegas, fly back to California and then handcuffed him and immediately took them off when inside the police station. According to Mr. Gregory, law enforcement had not judged him an extreme flight risk if they let him fly in and obviously not a danger if they immediately uncuffed him once inside, so why the posturing?

Mr. Gregory further intensified his discourse by reiterating that the value of Michael Jackson’s catalog cannot be underestimated and asserted that Mr. Jackson could easily be killed, have it consequently ruled a suicide and thus his collection will be forfeited in lieu of his debt.

He further commented that people such as Liz Taylor, whom he knows Michael would rush to their aid in times of need, have not come to his defense or spoke out on his behalf. He also talked about how many people take “Michael” for a joke, yet he is very intelligent and that he knows what is going on.

Yet for all his concerns, Dick Gregory stated that Michael Jackson will
“come out clean” in this dilemma and he called for people to say a daily
prayer for the “truth to come out” about this situation concerning Mr.
Jackson at 12:00 P.M., no matter what the time zone. He believes,
ultimately, people will be shocked at what that truth is.

In the final analysis, many may balk at the comments and observations of Mr. Gregory, believing that governmental officials, media organizations and corporations in the music business may be beyond collusion or conspiracies (when two or more make a conscious effort to bring about a certain reality), which is fine. Yet, free and independent thought that Mr. Gregory exhibits is absolutely necessary, especially in an era where fact and fiction has taken an equal seat in mainstream media and thought.

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75 comments on “How Michael Got Gangsta With Sony Music Over Black Music & Racism

  1. Thank you, Davey D. I don’t want to be considered a conspiracy theorist. People are just afraid to say the truth. Michael Jackson sort of lost his soul in all of the hype, and once he realized he was a “Black man” just with light skin, they had already hemmed him up like Jesus for crucification. People don’t want to hear the truth, the truth hurts too bad. Black history is the greatest rip-off of all time – “Return To Glory” movement. Dick Gregory doesn’t impress me no more, I’m sorry.

  2. Thank you for these post. I’ve never seen this side of Michael Jackson. This was great to see. Thank you, Davey D.

  3. Another interesting piece to google is “Michael Jackson claims lawyers of unspecified ethnicity out to get him”. In America you can’t say their ehtnicity because you’ll be labeled “anti”. The man is dead, but the facts are right before everyone’s eyes who is and have been doing this stuff to African American people. Black people need to always speak up, not only after they fall out of grace. They need to always be conscious of racial parity . Tiger, Jordan, whoever, we don’t need you back “after” they diss you. People can cross-over without selling their souls, ask Ms. Patti Label.

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  5. See, i may not have been aware of all the facts but i never trusted the large media coverage of major MJ events nor the OJ events. I always wondered “what’s really goin on.” Glad i am not alone and that there is someone who has the inclination to search and find the truth.

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  7. I know multiple doctors put Michael Jackson on a dangerous course of medical therapy, and then in steps Sony, AEG and Dr. Murray. None of them giving a damn about our Angel, Micheal Jackson

    Soon AEG and Dr. Conrad Murray start working together.

    AEG, Dr. Murray and all the others were motivated by greed. There is no honor among thieves.

    So, AEG eventually set up Dr. Murray to take the fall for Michael Jackson’s death? Now, Dr. Conrad Murray, in order to save himself, had better start “singing like a bird”, and try to bring his fellow conspirators down into Hell with him.

    The fires of Hell await those who caused Michael Jackson to be removed from this planet too soon.

    Click on the link below and you will see a video with pictues of most of the conspirators
    or suspects and additional information:

  8. Dr. Murray needed a lot of money.
    “LOS ANGELES — Dr. Conrad Murray was in dire financial shape when he signed on as Michael Jackson’s personal physician earlier this year at $150,000 a month.
    The Las Vegas cardiologist owed a total of at least $780,000 in judgments against him and his medical practice, outstanding mortgage payments on his house, delinquent student loans, child support and credit cards.
    Court records chronicling Murray’s woes in Las Vegas, where authorities searched his home this week as part of a manslaughter investigation into Jackson’s death,”…_n_248456.html

    I believe the thugs in the record industry, in one huge money payment, paid Dr. Murray to murder Michael Jackson. How I don’t know, but for the answer to the question Why, read below:
    Michael Jackson fought against the corrupt record industry, and he would not stop:
    Watch Michael’s London Speech, again, and all doubts will leave your mind:

  9. Allow me to add the following to the list of murderous conspirators:
    Colony Capital
    Thomas Barrack the other Doctor.

    Dr. Tohme, Tohme who could have been giving Dr. Murray instructions
    over the cell phone on the day of the murder.

    The latest mysterious figure in Jackson’s life and death is Dr. Tohme Tohme, who has been called Jackson’s “adviser”, “sole spokesperson”, and “business manager” for the last year and a half of Jackson’s life. So far the press hasn’t really delved into Tohme’s background as a recent AP report on Tohme listed his background as “murky”. The AP news article stated the Tohme used the title “Dr.” and that Tohme “apparently” has a medical degree even though there’s no record he’s practiced in the United States.

    Tohme claimed he set up the original meeting between Barrack, Tohme, and Jackson. One result of the meeting: Barrack wound up saving Neverland from the auction but also gained ownership, with Jackson given some sort of profit sharing agreement. It was Barrack who contacted the owner of AEG, Phillips Anschutz.

    On June 2, Business reported that Barrack’s own fortune, which Forbes estimated in 2008 at 2.3 billion when Barrack met Jackson, had dwindled to the “multi-millions”. Barrack and Anschutz believed worldwide ticket sales to Jackson’s “greatest” comeback tour could exceed $450 million. The money that Barrack invested in Jackson was backed by his investment in Neverland. Phillips Anschutz’s AEG’s investment in Jackson: $20 million.

  10. This is real. What you say is true.
    Except we are all in the “matrix”.
    Who is funding Murray’s attorneys and PR campaign?
    Very easy to add a shot of something by someone while the Dr. was on the phone, or slip something into a vial. There is more at work here.
    LaToya may be “out there” but she is right that there is more than one here. It is easy to bring enough people together who all benefit from something. AEG, Sony, Tommy M., evil control all coming together to get their piece of the pie. Revenge, money, power, vindication…
    Murry plays a part but this is also the fall guy.
    Why did it take the police over a month to actually search the good doctors office and storage?
    Where are the things stolen from Michael’s house BEFORE the family got there?
    Who keeps putting out odd web stories to counter any lead?
    We got the old police chief in our town for a while and he about ruined in in less than 4 years. Corruption abounds.
    We the public need to keep the pressure on.
    Michael represents the good inner child of us all.
    love you Michael, RIP

  11. Then if American (white) people are being racist to black people, then why can’t they have all white singers, all white basketball players, all white golf players, all white athletes,, all white business people , all white customers, all white in America, all white workers, all white newscaster, all white dancers, all white managers, etc etc., why do we need black people to do for themselves? If they don’t let black people to own a company, then the first place they won’t let them have color people if their minds are racist in this country. I’m not black but I like black people because they are energetic, vibrant personality, very athletic, very creative people, and they are smart black people too. The white people should not control what the black people want too, because they are the ones created their own talent , skills and etc, so why won’t the own and manage their own business? why it’s always white people dominate everything? and also you black people, why don’t you create your own country like USA, why don’t you pull all your head together . I don’t understand why white people always use the word black , why can’t they use their own color white? and why too many white woman chooses black people as their husband , or boyfriend. etc? why white woman attracted to black men?( because they are hot and sexy and they loved dark skin people, I guess?) and also, why black people are the best when it comes to talent? I like white people too , because they are white color and delicate. so please we don’t need to use colors and no name calling each other. good luck to white and black people. you guys are the best color s on earth. thanks.

  12. They made up all these allegations, made up gay rumors, made up overdose rumors, hired publicists to talk badly about him, drowned him to debt so Michael jackson would give up selling the Beatles catalogs, they were using black people so it would looked like the black are jealous to each other, , they hired different doctors to confused his health conditions, they hired publicists to mock him , they hired Ian Helperin to collaborate the plan, they hired Martin Bashir to disguise his nice friendship with Michael, they took a video inside his house to show all his weaknesses, they criticized him and accused him of molestation, they used Martin Bashir ‘s brother to gain access Michael Jackson’s Neverland, they took a video around his house and told the whole world that he was a childlike attitudes, they sensationalized him having a dolls, mannequins around the house, they used his childhood as their scapegoat and told the whole world how bad was his family, they hired different doctors to collaborate their plans, they hired Dr, Conrad Murray to collaborate their plan, and they paid the media to hammered Michael s whereabouts and made up stories about him taking drugs, they forced him to signed a contract that they can control his business, they insured him for big amount of insurance,, at the same time Murray’s he’s doing his part, the media was hammering him maliciously, the media was attacking Michael’s family especially his father, they tried to complicate the whole motive so the fans around the world would think that Michael was a bad person, they collaboated Ton barrack for his neverland, his accountant defrauded his bank account, etc, etc, This whole thing was made up and killed Michael Jackson so they can control of his music publishing company, and I understand that the Beatles Catalog was also doing their part, all his lawyers , doctors, accountant, friends in business were not in Michael Jackson’s side . They made him confused and hired this Murray to killed him slowly, You are right Ian Helperin, They killed Him for his business and you too collaborated with them and this is the biggest conspiracy in USA history and SHAME ALL OF YOU and believe it or not, YOU WILL NEVER HAPPY in your whole life. I think you all desperate to have Michael Jackson’s business but I’m telling you -ALL THE FANS ARE TIRED OF ALL YOUR TACTICS

  13. I suppose they never expected Michael to have a will & to make sure all his business & personal assets would be fully protected from all his enemies.

    Obviously, now they just have to kill everyone in Michal’s family before they can finally get their hands on his money.

    And figure out a way to divide up his possessions between ALL the people who cooperated in this vast conspiracy.

    If they’re smart, they’ll hold off killing his family BEFORE they start paying off any debts he left….. no sense seeing the profits slip.


  14. Correction:

    If they’re smart, they’ll KILL his family BEFORE they start paying off any debts he left….. no sense seeing the profits slip.

  15. This is very telling. Thank you for the videos, the write-up and the heads-up. I’m not sure WTF happened there but something stinks to High Heaven with Murray, Tohme (I’d bet that IS one of the phone calls that quack Murray made while Michael lay there dead), AEG, Phillips, and the lot. It just doesn’t pass the smell test, whatever happened. I have to wonder if the FBI has been notified about Tohme – not sure they’d care but he’s one sidewinding snake, it seems – like many others around M.J. unfortunately.

    Unfortunately too, SONY won the rights to show the “This Is It” film and they’re ONLY showing it for a “2-week limited” time. MILLIONS around the world who want to see their man perform one last time before he died are going to be able to see it in 2 weeks? Right.

    That’s a &T#!@ slap in the face to Michael’s fans – it’s clear to see Sony (hardly surprising) doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about them. Micheal would be so pissed.

    It’s probably some marketing bullshit ploy on their part – but you know I’m seeing the film ( I HOPE) because I love Michael – NOT because I like Sony. I can’t STAND Sony.

    This pasty-white mofo loves Michael Jackson and is PISSED about how he was treated by the media, these “handlers”, and the damned industry. I hope the truth comes out, and that the Karma train meets them all really soon.

  16. The Media called Michael Jackson a “Freak, Weird, Gay, Pervert, Pedophile, Drug Addict, Jacko Wacko, Bleaching skin etc, and now they want Michael Jackson’s piece of his fame? Shame all of you !! Michael Jackson was a vegetarian. They all have no respect but yet they were using Michael Jackson to raised money for their own charities, Shame, Shame, American Media!! You could have done Michael Jackson in so many good ways because Michael Jackson draws a lot of people. Michael Jackson is like a MAGNET, people likes Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson has a good way in dealing people but this competitive company who are Jealous of Michael Jackson, they ruined his reputation to elevate their own publishing company and their recording company. . Believe me or not it’s not gonna work who ever ruined Michael Jackson. But I’m telling you , Michael Jackson would turn out to be the winner here. They could have been made a deal with him because he was very easy to please people and make business with him rather than killing him. All the fans around the world knew that MICHAEL JACKSON, didn’t do anything wrong in this world, He was a victim of these company who were fighting to have Michael Jackson, and this Beatles Catalog, it wasn’t Michael Jackson’s fault that he bought the Beatles Catalog. The Beatles catalog has been tossed up for 4 times and of course Business is Business. Jackson bought the ATV Music Catalog that includes Beatles Songs, Elvis Presley, Taylor Shift, all the previous singers in 20’s, 30’s 40’s, 50’s, 60’s , 70’s, 80’s and some 90’s , all movies, cartoons, etc, not just Beatles Songs. The Beatles own publishing company, NORTHERN SONGS, was bought by ATV Music in 1969. ATV owner was Lew Grade. Lew Grade was born in Tokmak, Ukraine, a Jewish Family who fled to a new life in the EAST END of London. His other successes a producer included award winning JESUS OF NAZARETH (1977) staring Robert Powell . Grade had unique success in selling to the American Market . The mini-series secured a breaking record $12 million. Grade also promoted extravagant quality production in ATV to prove that its equal to BBC TV for instance giving over a whole evening schedule to a live broadcast of ” TOSCA” from SCALA starring Maria Callas. Grade’s professional life had also intertwined with the famed British Rock group The Beatles during two of their most crucial periods . In 1963, after tough negotiations with Lew’s brother Leslie Grade to do so, they performed on the ATV show Sunday Night at the London Palladium as a Royal Variety Performance to Queen Elizabeth ll. This was a big moment for the rising band prior to the appearance on the Ed Sullivan Sow and the start of Beatlemania. But when Grade crossed paths with the group again in 1969, it was under less friendly terms. Grade and ATV Music Publishing bought a majority share in Northern Songs, the company that owned nearly all Beatles ‘ works. After fierce battle, Grade and ATV won control of the company while controlling any other song works by Paul McCartney and John Lennon between 1964 and 1971.( George Harrison and Ringo Starr broke from Northern Songs prior to Grade’s acquisition ). Lew Grade sold the ATV to an Australian billionaire media mogul and he sold it quickly for profit to Michael Jackson. ATV music publishing bought by Michael Jackson for $47.5 million and the ATV would retain control of Northern songs. Paul McCartney was not interested to buy it as it was too pricey . The Beatles catalog has had a long winding road. and I think Michael Jackson was a blessing to have it and Michael Jackson said” I want to clarify a silly rumor– that Beatles catalog is not for sale, has not been for sale, and will never be for sale” What a smart Michael Jackson. He’s a an extra ordinary businessman . Believe me or not many publishing company are lining up to buy the catalog but Michael Jackson didn’t want to sell the Beatles catalog becuase he wants to preserved it for the next generations. Wow ? Michael Jackson knows well in Music Industry than any business people in the world.

  17. Aside: Finally, a medical expert admits Michael Jackson was not addicted to Propofol.
    Read Below:

    Authorities Taking Their Time in Jackson Case
    (Yahoo news, (9/21/09)

    Dr. Jayson Hymes, an anesthesiologist and specialist in pain medication and addiction, said authorities are confronted with a central question: “It’s not illegal to be a bad doctor but when does it go from bad medicine to so unbelievably stupid it’s criminal negligence?”

    He said investigators may be questioning Murray’s claim that he was trying to “wean” Jackson off the powerful anesthetic by giving him decreasing doses.

    “It makes no sense,” said Hymes. “You don’t wean people off propofol. People don’t go around craving propofol. What he needed to be weaned off of were all the other drugs.”;_ylt=Aq8yKfQ9bThqSUHOP.peoY9xFb8C;_ylu=X3oDMTJwZ2xmNDZlBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkwOTIxL3VzX21pY2hhZWxfamFja3Nvbl9sZWdhbARjcG9zAzEEcG9zAzIEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yeQRzbGsDYXV0aG9yaXRpZXN0

  18. HI! my name is ona…i saw on youtube the extended version of the michael jackson video he did in harlem where rev al sharpton was standing behind him…and this the one where michael said that tommy mottola called an artist who he didnt want to name a fat black nigga…and that was the example that mike used to prove that tommy mattola was a racist…does any one have that video or know where i can find it…thanx…

  19. Michael Jackson’s name stand for ultimate success. Many many people were/are jealous of him. He knew that and the people who really love him know that.
    Many have tried to discredit him and bring him down and they are still trying to do so.. and for this reason, MICHAEL JACKSON WILL LIVE ON FOREVER!
    Michael Jackson..he was an abused individual yet he did not in return abuse others. he was misunderstood but he tried to lend an ear and a hand to those in need.
    He stood (and still stands)head and shoulders above the rest..and oh yeah..he is very intelligent , far more than what people give him credit for.He knew what was going on.There were/are many conspiracies going on everywhere where there are millions/billions to be made. Everyone knows that. For those who refuse to believe that there are evil people in this world, let them continue to play ostrich. People are still wondering how Michael died…really how did this happen?!..especially now that the autopsy revealed that he was in good health. For that moment that we lost Micheal, that doctor is must be held accountable.

  20. I’m glad that MJ is being vindicated in death. All the rumors about him were untrue but the Illuminati- controlled media made it so that we would all believe he was a wierdo and pervert which he wasn’t. MJ did have vitiligo and there is so much evidence of this but the media ignored this and went ahead to paint him as someone who hated being black. He didn’t molest those kids- there is absolutely no conclusive evidence and thats why MJ decided he was not going to settle it out of court but fight to defend his innocence in court. Something they didn’t think he would do and he was vindicated. The Illuminati control the music biz and if you’re against them, you’ll face the consequences. Think Tupac and others. This is the sad reality of the music biz and thats why Illuminati artists like Jay-Z, Beyonce and Rihanna always get good press cause they’re on the “right side” of the IIluminati. Don’t believe me about the Illuminati? Look whats happening to Kanye and I predict that his end wont be very good- lets see what happens to him in the coming years….

  21. P. S: I beleive they used a black doctor to remove all suspicion of a murder. I strongly feel that Murray was a mere puppet and that there are others that were involved in his murder but are not being mentioned. I believe Murray is a scapegoat and I feel sorry for him.

  22. Thanks for sharing!
    Articles like this should be published in the mass media.
    If officials can’t make justice in this case, maybe Michaels fans can do. I still dare to hope.

  23. @simonalyl- the mass media will never publish such an article ’cause they’re controlled the Illuminati so thank God for the internet…

  24. Then it’s up to Michaels fans to spread the word, Susan. We’re sick of them Illuminati ruling and brain washing.
    I still dare to hope.

  25. Susan Mueni–I hear what you’re sayin about Murray. But he made the choice to do what he did. And he admitted it.

    We love you, Micheal. You were brave, but after a while, it was obvious the onslaught took it’s toll. You were one man, but thank God Jesus is bigger than any injustice or evil. And he sees everything.

  26. @ Love MJ. He may have admitted it under duress- don’t underestimate what those wicked handlers are capable of doing. I suggest you check out the testimonies in the link you’ve just posted (funny coz I read it myself only yesterday!!?). The fans testify that MJ was sick and in a drugged- like state before weeks before his death and when they made complaints, the handlers just brushed them off. Therefore, they had already started killing him softly (sounds corny, I know lol ) BEFORE HE DIED. Plus, Murray was not the only one with MJ. There’s more than meets they eye in this story.

  27. Michael Jackson ‘s groups of conspiracy were already planned this for a long time. They started their first plan to get him with this molestations. All those people who were involved to plot to kill him were the people in competitive business. They didn’t t pen him down on their first attempt of molestation. so they decided to go for plan B how to kill him. so they started this drugs conspiracy. they were following him, they tract down all kinds of people of Michael Jackson like who’s his doctors, who’s his choreographer, who’s his advisers, who’s his financial advisers, where he goes, whose with him , they hired all kinds of publicists, all sorts of media, used other people to be with him and disguised as a sympathizer to Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was aware all kinds of people who surrounded him. He couldn’t do it by himself. they isolated him from his friends and families and from his fans.. This rented house of Michael Jackson were he died was also collaborating with the groups conspiracy people. Honestly this is not about the made up molestation, this is not about made up drugs addiction, this is not about he’s being broke, this is not about his records not being sold– THIS IS ABOUT THE PUBLISHING COMPANY_and the Beatles Catalog– they killed him slowly, forced him for this rehearsal, They successfully manipulated this whole scenario. All the publicists, the media, all the angles of the lawyers, the accountants, even the LAPD, the district attorney, the AEG, Sony corporations, all the Jewish friends of Michael Jackson’s , Tom Barrack, Dr. Tohme Tohme, the auctioneers, all the doctors, the hospital, investigators, autopsy, all kinds of drama circus, everything is in ONE ROOF. We need Justice for Michael Jackson’s death, but how? This is organize crime and it’s been on for many years. about his THIS IS IT MOVIE- we all fans around the world should rally and ask KENNY ORTEGA to show all the VIDEO FOOTAGE OF MICHAEL JACKSON- SICK OR NOT SICK OF MICHAEL JACKSON we deserve to know what’s behind the scene while during his rehearsal. What are they hiding from his fans? his families, his friends? SHOW US THE WHOLE VIDEO FOOTAGE OF MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!!!

  28. @Susan Mueni

    Yeah, Murray may have admitted it under duress. But I doubt it. He was probably the fall guy though.

    I read the testimonies. Exciting to be so close to MJ but there are some sad, sad tales there. If true, too many people around MJ neglected him. He was the promoters’ investment and they should have been more concerned about him instead of how much money 50 concerts would bring in.

    Have you seen this?,27574,26257469-29277,00.html

    Gotta love Teddy Riley. He was a friend to Michael.

  29. @ Instinct

    I hear ya. God is bigger than any evil on this earth. Whatever the truth may be, He knows it and it won’t remain hidden. Vengeance is His.

  30. @Love MJ, wow, that Teddy Riley link is great. Thanks a lot. I’m so glad he said what he did and hope MJ’s killers are brought to book. The truth shall prevail- just like we know JFK was murdered and other prominent people, we shall know in due time who did this to MJ. God is a God of justice and I know He loved Michael.

  31. I watched Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT. As I’ve noticed that some of Michael Jackson’s video footage was not from last 3 days of his rehearsal. As I a fan of Michael Jackson for nearly 40 years now, I noticed that there’s something wrong with Michael Jackson. He looked very pale, tired and weak when he danced. For the last 30 minutes of the movie, there’s something missing- his energy. Michael was thin, weak and I didn’t feel his energy on his rehearsal. People didn’t noticed that because of lots of flushes of colored lighting. Michael Jackson was totally sick and they slowly killed him and forced him to do this rehearsal despite of his weak body. If you can see and watch his facial expression like his mouth, his smile , his eyes , his lips and his body movements- very weak Michael Jackson. Kenny Ortega and all the dancers were there, ,didn’t noticed his appearance, again because of colored lights and the background was kind of dark. On his video footage, I noticed that there was one guy doing some video taping of Michael Jackson. For the last 30 minutes, all he did was singing and dancing by himself with no dancers around. That clips of Video, I suspected that it wasn’t part of his last 3 days of his rehearsal. Kenny Ortega , I believe he was being forced to choreograph as part of their conspiracy– they made him non-stop rehearsal and ignored his health conditions. They killed Michael Jackson- motives # 1- they want to control him since he was a free agent– #2- they want his ATV publishing company- #3- they want the Beatles Catalog (Northern Songs)back. –#4 they don’t want a black guy to own a music publishing company –#5- they don’t want to see black people run into business. IN other words only corporate business people would run this kind of business#6 Michael Jackson said something against their business reputations and that’s how they end up of killing him. They get rid off Michael Jackson. Why the point fingers at Dr. Conrad Murray ? because Murray was being framed/. Murray was another victim of this conspiracy. Murray couldn’t say much because the investigator, lawyers, police, etc were also collaborating with the conspiracy people. So, now what should fans do? what should black people do? Just keep silent? how to stop this mean, greedy groups of conspiracy people? Should we stop or boycott this company? should we stop buying any song artists , so all this conspiracy people would not generate any dollars from any song artist? how? This is very difficult to do but my only ways to stop this- we should stop buying any music song artists until this whole thing of Michael Jackson would be put in Justice? Should the Jackson’s family file a lawsuit against the media for manipulating this whole scenario? should the Jackson’s family file a lawsuit against AEG company for ignoring and neglecting his health conditions? I think they should. Who will help them put into massive file lawsuit? who will represent them? The lawyers who’re also connected to this group of conspiracy? The doctors who’re also connected to this group of conspiracy? All the publicists, media, unauthorized biographer , security guards, police, all of them- must bring to JUSTICE. Justice? what if the Justice is part of conspiracy? No wonder Michael Jackson said that we must HEAL THE WORLD. HOW? USA IS A TOXIC COUNTRY. How could Michael Jackson heal the world ?Who will be? Can Barack Obama do something with it? Are they gonna murder Barack Obama too? Are they gonna killed Ophra Winfrey because she owns a hosts telivisions ? are they gonna killed all prominent and wealthy black people too ? Yes, they don’t really care about black people. Why? black people are talented people, they do have skills too, they are good in singing, dancing, sports etc. USA is a sick country &,all kinds of toxic minds. Please we should STOP . We need to Change our ways towards human being. and JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON!!

  32. @Susan M.

    No prob about the link. It’s a good one, huh? Teddy knew something was up. Amen and true dat to the rest of your post.
    If you all pray, then pray for justice and for those who did this to MJ to be brought to justice, no matter who they are.

    If guys find interesting links, please post them.

    Don’t give up hope.

    The only thing that’ll make “them” turn on Oprah is if she stops playing the game. She’s no threat right now. Michael made somebody mad. It’s either like you say ,tptb don’t want a black man to have that much power, especially since this stuff has been theorized to go back as far as the 1993 molestation allegations, or Michael made people mad when he spoke out about the injustices in the entertainment industry and his beef with Motolla.

  33. @opinionated

    It would be great if those artists that imitate MJ, like Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, and Usher, and some others in the business would come out against the injustices in the business and in support for Michael. Or if artists would come out as a group and demand justice and an honest and thorough investigation in to his murder.

  34. @opinionated

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve heard from some of those who have that Kenny O. talks to MJ like he is a child. True?

  35. Like a child? More like a guy kissing butt to his Boss. MJ is in charge of his show.. and if thats all someone picked upon then they missed the movie as far as I’m concerned

  36. I haven’t watched it yet so can someone tell me how it REALLY was. I’m still debating whether to support those crooks by going to watch the movie…I’m caught between wanting to seem my idols last performance on the one hand or supporting these money hungry people. Decisions, decisions…

  37. @Davey D
    I don’t think that was all they got out of it, but it was mentioned by a couple of fans on a facebook page.
    Thanks for this article. Are you planning more on MJ?

    @Susan M.
    I’m going to see the movie today. I wasn’t going to go, but I’m not paying for the ticket. I’ve heard that it is great by some and, and sadness that Michael looks frail and thin and he forgets lyrics in a couple of songs and seems out of it by others. I’ve read reviews questioning the morality of putting something like this out. I understand the promoters have to get back what they loss, but I think MJ’s death is being exploited. I think the promoter (who also own the grammy museum and have Michael’s items on display) and Sony are gonna get paid for sure. At least, MJ’s estate gets 90% of the movie’s profits.

    Peace. And may justice prevail.

  38. DaveyD is right. Kenny O doesn’t talk to MJ like a child in the movie. He seems more like a brown noser. 🙂
    The movie is fun but it’s all because of MJ, his band, dancers,and backup singers. They are This Is It.
    MJ looked thin to me. And he skipped the words on one song because his ear piece was giving him problems. And on another but it doesn’t seem like their was something sinister behind it., like his health or meds.
    The one thing that was odd to me though was MJ in the cherry picker and in other places in the film where he’s wearing the same outfit. It looks like MJ from the 1990s, much younger. His hair is tied back and long and his face is fuller and he ooks younger. I thought they filmed the entire thing in HD, but a lot of it looks grainy.

    My favorite part: Thriller.

  39. Life and death is in God’s hands – God wanted to renew Michael’s life as he had really suffered in this existence. he had all the money in the world – he came from an underprivileged background and became the richest man on the face of the earth. of course those jealous of him couldn’t stand a black man being so successful so they framed him and put all sorts of accusations upon him and finally killed him. these conspirators must be caught and mj must be given justice. GOd is a just GOd – he now has michael and he is safe and sound.pray for his soul and those that he has left behind. rejoice in his music. we all have to leave this world to meet our creator. everything becomes a reason when we are meant to leave this world. only GOd can answer the mystery of life and death. michael’s worries are all gone as he has gone into the spirtual realm. pray sincerely that his soul is at rest with the creator and wait for the joyous day that we will all meet him at the other side. take care lovely angel michael – GOD loved you so much that he took you away from us – but his energy is all around us and in us – so Michael you are still with us. GOd bless u. love deepa

  40. I went to see this THIS IS IT, I have a strong feeling that Michael Jackson’s voice from rehearsal were not from rehearsal, They used his voiced from his previous concert voice and matched them to his rehearsal voiced so it would sounds like he was active lively voice. I watched them 3 times, his voice were not from his rehearsal from THIS IS IT- THIS IS NOT FROM HIS VOICE FROM HIS REHEARSAL!! COME ON PEOPLE-Open your eyes, open your ears, look at Michael Jackson appearance. Wake up- They fooled US!!!

  41. See, I was right. People, please you’ve got to believe me. Michael Jackson’s This is it rehearsal, go and watch it again, look at his body, look at his surrounding, no dancers were dancing, he was just kept singing by himself, please, please, they fooled US again. you’ve got to believe me. I could see with own sensitive eyes. I’m very observant person. Something wrong with Michael Jackson in This is it!! they lied to us! they lied to us. please, please people!! you’ve got to believe meeeeeeee!!!!! @simonalyl– thanks for sharing. when I saw Michael Jackson’s This is it., my first instinct was to check the lighting on the stage, and Michael’s facial expressions, his body movements, his sound of his voice and focused my ears to his voice and matched with his body movements and his appearance. My heart was pounding really fast and I kept telling to 20 people inside the theater and I even said it loud that Michael looked very sick and very skinny and those are not all from his This is it rehearsal. they used some of his video footage from his previous rehearsal- The lights background was kind of dark and too many colored flushing so no one would noticed him that he was really sick.

  42. Observant
    Are you talking about the footage where he looks like MJ from the 1990s? Cause I notice that he looked different too. He looked healthier and younger. It when he’s on the cherry picker and the other footage where he his hair is the same and dress is the same as on the cherry picker. Me and my relative both notice that a track was playing in one scene and he wasn’t singing.
    I haven’t seen Simonalyl’s link yet. I’ll comment when I see it.
    People are getting rich off of this movie. According to some reports, he wouldn’t have wanted the footage released. Now they’re talking about an Oscar. MJ isn’t here to receive it. And what trips me out is that so many people on the internet have been fooled in to focusing their anger on the MJ’s family.

  43. I checked out Simonalyl’s link. I saw that the other in TMZ comment section on a MJ thread. Thanks for posting that here. It looks like it’s getting around. If it’s true, it’s too bad the person can’t come forward. But someone commented in a forum that if those under contract to AEG are supoened, then there confidentiality clause is no good and they can talk.

    Peace y’all. And Justice for the KOP!!!

  44. @Love MJ — click Michael Jackson Beautiful Girl(fanvid feat. super model Naomi Campbell) on you tube. Michael Jackson is too hot, sexy and I’m in loveee. it’s so beautiful!

  45. On October, 21-24st the corporation «DENAS МS» has taken part in the annual international congress EuroSpine-2009 devoted to problems of treatment of diseases of a backbone. On action which passed in Warsaw, A.A.Vlasov, the deputy director of medicine of Corporation, has acted with the report. Preparation for participation to the congress has begun several months ago: the Application blank and the report “Randomized placebo controllable research of efficiency DENS therapy at patients with osteoporosis crisis of vertebras” have been sent to congress organising committee. In some months the medical centre of corporation has received the invitation to the Action. Formation of the list of reports of the congress was preceded by strict and careful selection: one third has been chosen from the sent works. Representation DENS was included into number of the reports which are worthy. The leading manufacturers of medical technics and known medical institutions of Poland, Great Britain, USA, France, Italy, Greece and other countries have presented their methods of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with diseases and backbone traumas. (It is important also that on EuroSpine-2009 the Corporation DENAS MS was only one Russian company, whose report has been included in the action program). The overwhelming majority of works (about 95 %) has been devoted to the surgical treatment. Other reports concerned ways of rehabilitation by means of physical culture, medicines and others. And only one participant of the congress – corporation «DENAS МS», – has shown possibilities of treatment of spinal patients by means of physiotherapy.

  46. ^^What does that have to do with Michael Jackson gettin gangsta?

    I don’t want Spike Lee to get himself in to hot water, but I’d love for him to do a documentary of the years of Michael’s life following the 2005 trial. Inquiring minds want to know.

  47. See, I was right. People, please you’ve got to believe me. Michael Jackson’s This is it rehearsal, go and watch it again, look at his body, look at his surrounding, no dancers were dancing, he was just kept singing by himself, please, please, they fooled US again. you’ve got to believe me. I could see with own sensitive eyes. I’m very observant person. Something wrong with Michael Jackson in This is it!! they lied to us! they lied to us. please, please people!! you’ve got to believe meeeeeeee!!!!! @simonalyl– thanks for sharing. when I saw Michael Jackson’s This is it., my first instinct was to check the lighting on the stage, and Michael’s facial expressions, his body movements, his sound of his voice and focused my ears to his voice and matched with his body movements and his appearance. My heart was pounding really fast and I kept telling to 20 people inside the theater and I even said it loud that Michael looked very sick and very skinny and those are not all from his This is it rehearsal.
    hair loss forum they used some of his video footage from his previous rehearsal- The lights background was kind of dark and too many colored flushing so no one would noticed him that he was really sick.

  48. I truly think Michael was murdered.

    Michael was very smart and very well self educated.

    Gentle man, but wise to evils.

    Mottola being one.

    I think Michael may have been on his way, or had known of some dark stuff in the industry and he needed to be quieted.

    Michael always had a huge loyal fan base, and I be that pissed of the people that did not like Michael.

    Dr. Murder, ooops, Dr. Murray does not appear to be very bright.
    He would have been an easy target to bully into something.

    Michael was and is bigger than ever. Only now he is bigger in spirit and soul, and that speaks louder than being in human form.

    I pray everyday for his 3 beautifull children!

  49. Truthfully, I do not think it was time for MJ to go. However, the powers to be planned this from beginning to end. See, they need to look into the background of Dr. Tohme Tohme because it is possible that he has some “connections”. The FBI and CIA could and should do this. He had threatened Michael Jackson and his family. So, we need to keep them in prayer for real. He also threatened the people of Julian’s Auction. One of the ladies there is a friend of the family, and their safety could be at stake. Tohme along with a close friend of his did this purposely. See, Michael did not even know that his things were being sent up for the chopping block until he saw it on the internet. He was upset, and decided to fire Dr. Tohme Tohme. Michael and his father talked they had made up over time and a close family friend of more than thirty years Mr. Leonard Rowe and his family were people that Michael could confide in along with numerous others. Tohme was MJ’s final financial adviser who was introduced to him by Jermaine one of his brothers. He thought that this man who by the way has over twenty alias could help his brother restore Neverland from foreclosure. Tohme got so thick with the King Of Pop that he eventually took over his own life. This is according to Ms. Raymond Bain and her family. Ms. Bain was Michael’s publicist. Due to the fact that Michael was getting out of the music business for sure according to two of his numerous family members he was working on getting some people out of his life permanently. His spiritual advisor Rev. June Gatlin was a lady that he could share info with and she and her family were trustworthy along with a longtime friend Pentecostal minister Andre Crouch and his sister as well as Clifton Davis and his family and Mr. Dick Gregory and his family. Anyway, Rev. Gatlin was helping Michael to get on the right track and recorded a conversation from September 2008 where Michael indicated that he was afraid of Dr. Tohme Tohme. At the same time, this so-called doctor had MJ under his watch. He was monitoring the King of Pop. There were several people who wanted to help the superstar and he was willing to get help and get back on track. A concert promoter in New Jersey was going to work with MJ to get a small set of concerts. However, these concerts were spread out where Michael would have gotten the rest that his body needed. He wanted to do these concerts. However, Tohme was not going to let that happen. Michael told his fans, family, and Mr. Rowe that he had agreed to do only ten concerts with AEG. He called Randy Phillips and told him please do not add anymore shows. Mr. Phillips and Dr. Tohme Tohme are brother-in-laws and too shady characters as well. Even the announcer who stood on the podium at the Arena in London stated ten concerts. Tohme was so shrewd that he went behind Michael’s back and booked him purposely to fifty back to back shows. Michael had not performed in twelve years and wanted to spread the shows out so he could get some rest. He wanted to be considerate of his own body and given the fact that this young man had three children, he wanted and had to provide for like every good parent he needed consideration. I remember his chef Ms. Chase saying that Michael was being put under so much stress. He told her that they were killing him in rehearsals. I understand and read a clip from youtube that Randy Phillips stated that if Mr. Jackson was too nervous to get up on the stage then he would throw him up there. Paris told one of her aunts Latoya that her daddy did not want to do all of this he needed time. This young lady loved her father dearly. I looked at this schedule and Michael would hardly have had anytime to breath. When Good Morning America interviewed Mr. Rowe, he indicated that they would not permit him to hire his own people for the show. The dancers were fine and singers but everything else that he wanted they ignored his wishes. See, I heard Pastor Crouch and Minister Louis Farrakhan say that they both received a call seven days before Michael was to go to London. MJ told them that he wanted to back out of this. However, the lawyer indicated that if Michael did this he would be sued and they were threatening to take his Beatles Catalogue. This is what they wanted all along. I heard a gospel artist on one of the Christian networks indicate this. How sad. Dr. Tohme Tohme had threated Michael and said there would be bloodshed. I heard that he may have either been at the home or given Dr. Murray instructions with how to apply Propofol and then overdose him. Now, Dr. Tohme Tohme has taken over Michael’s company MJJ Productions and said that he was in charge until further notice. The memorabilia is something that he is unwilling to give back. He told MJ’s estate executors that they will have to sue in order to get them back. Now, I understand that Mr. Mottolla is friends with his lawyers and Tom Barrack who is one of the executors that AEG brought back in is close to Dr. Tohme Tohme the man who planned the 50 shows. Liza Minnelli’s husband said that Michael called him two weeks before he died to tell him what happened and it is the truth. AEG brought in all of those people without Michael’s permission. Former manager, lawyers, etc. Now, Dr. Tohme Tohme feels happy and I believe is pulling strings behind the scenes. He called Michael and personally told him what he had up his sleeve. One of the staff members said there was an argument or two between the two of them. This man divided Michael from his money, lawyers not the ones brought in by AEG, friends and family. He told Rev. Gatlin what Tohme did. Tohme indicated in an article that he built a fence to keep people out of Michael’s life. Michael was able to talk to his fans to came to greet him on a daily basis. MJ had to talk with Tohme then he would talk to MJ’s business associates. Michael did not appreciate this. So, Tohme was fired and Rowe hired. I think the company was not pleased with this at all.

  50. Everyone that had a part in trying to bring him down will pay. I was so happy that the coroner’s report listed the vitiligo which I knew and always believed.
    It took me months to watch This Is It, but I feel it also vindicated Michael. It was a rehearsal footage.
    But it showed a strong, determined, in chartge man. He was thinner than I liked, but he was at himself, highly respected, and knew what he wanted.
    Michael was strong and as such he didn’t have to yell, get bent out of shape, etc.
    Kenny Ortega really respected him. His dancers and crew were in awe. I was not for this being released at first, but God allows things for a reason.
    Murray is going to pay. Look folks he has one concern- HIMSELF. That man cares nothing about the pain and hurt he has caused any of us. The attitude he has is sickening. He is now started to behave as if we are annoying him and causing him problems.
    That’s one more reason I respect the CA State Atty General- he has not given up on trying to get his license. He has filed on behalf of the State Medical Board. Let’s pray they grant his request. MJ is not the first. There was a lady in Texas who tryed to have him investigated behind her husband dying.
    Once his license is suspended, he can’t work as a doctor, they he can’t pay support and Vegas is just waiting so they can show him the inside of a jail cell.
    I have no compassion for his at all.

  51. Plus, MJ was not an addict has some had said including a former spouse who had nothing nice to say when he was living.

    The tide is turning. I just hope I live long enough to see it!

  52. I believe that they had to make up this “addicted to drugs” story so that the public can swallow the reason he took “Diprivan” I donot believe it for one bit. If Michael was on drugs or abusing drugs the media would have been blasting it everyday. This is information that the “media” would have loved. How could they keep it a secret.
    Look at his public appearances does he look high? Look at Anna Nicole…., some Elvis Presley concerts, there appear intoxicated. Whenever was Michael intoxicated.

  53. I believe this Branca person and Sony both engineered the purchase of the valuable catalog by Michael Jackson. Michael was wealthy and could afford to buy it. However, I believe the plot was to set Michael up in many ways in order to gain control of Michael’s estate. In other words these devils used his money to purchase the catalog, but always intended to steal it from him. It’s similar to a sharecropping system; Blacks do all the work but are perpetually in debt.The more things change, the more they stay the same. (Visit the following website where King Leupold tells his missionaries that the “niggers cannot get rich”.)Source:

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  55. Michael jacksons holdings are around 2-3Billion. He was NEVER bankrupt. He owns half of sony/ATV, EMI, Mijac. so basically every third song you hear in an elevator or on the radio or on tv or in a movie is owned by Michael’s esate, it controls about 30 percent or more of all popular recorded music in the USA!!

  56. Where is Michael Jackson now? Who controls his estate now? Who are the major beneficiaries of his estate now? We talk about collusion and conspiracy; What type of judge would allow people to control Michael’s estate as they see fit, when Michael had fired these same people for theft and misrepresentation in 2003. In Leonard Rowe’s book, “What really happened to Michael Jackson” he gives compelling evidence that the “will” produced by these executors is a fraud. Michael wasn’t even in town the day he supposedly signed it. Was this judge enforcing “Dred Scott” that says “No black man has any rights that a white man is bound to repsect.” This is a travesty of justice and theft from the Jackson family. We are all in danger if this decision is not corrected, retroactively.

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  58. Michael Jackson would have been better off if he had not purchased that Beatles, Sony, ATV music catalog. If this is the true reason behind his death, I think he would have been better off without it. From what I’ve heard, there were many people who did not want him to get that much power. Recently, a Jackson family friend not Mr. Rowe this time but someone else mentioned all that Michael went through. If anyone gets a chance please learn about Geraldine Hughes who is the author of Redemption. Matter of fact, go to and see the clip on there were she describes the first case which is a setup by Mr. Chandler to get money from the King of Pop. Geraldine Hughes knew this was a setup and overheard the Chandler father on tape discussing how he would ruin MJ’s career over these allegations.

    When Michael bought that music there was a clause in there for morality. There were several things in there according to Civil Rights icon Mr. Dick Gregory. He was with MJ when he purchased the extensive music catalog. The only thing I wish Michael had was a true mentor. He needed that just like many other well-known individuals in the entertainment field. He was the first black artist who intergrated MTV in the early 1980’s and made it possible for black performers through music to make their impact on this network. That was a plus for him. He opened the door. I too saw the documentary This Is It. I cried because I miss MJ greatly.

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