Sister Souljah Meets Euphrates- Definition of African Woman



Sister Souljah always drops jewels for us to marinate on. In the mid 90s she came by Oakland’s McClymonds High School for the Nommo Lecture series and gave us lots of mental food. This is an excerpt where she talks about the definition of an African woman trying to survive the storm of America..

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17 comments on “Sister Souljah Meets Euphrates- Definition of African Woman

  1. I once met her at a book signing with her husband. She said some relevant stuff back in the day, but she’s too “Public Enemy” for me. Limelight activist – speaking for the “cause” when your hot. Great mix, but let’s be honest, if she hadn’t of spoke agianst President-elect Bill Clinton she wouldn’t be state-wide known. Just kicking old school balistics. She was thorough, no doubt, “She was”. Been there, done that, time for some new blood to break through.

  2. I saw a video of Sistah Souljah giving a speech after the PE heyday. She said that she of course has continued her activism and during that time has caught quite a bit of heat from virulently racist America. The Bill Clinton debacle is just one. She said that she was battling for Black folks but when the she looked around Black folks weren’t publicly defending her. It is really doing her work a disservice to call it “Old School Ballistics” as if having a hit record is what makes you a legitimate servant of the people. (Black People!) We should honor our elder activists and stop declaring that anything or person that has lasted longer than 15 minutes of pop culture fame needs replacing with “new blood.” Younger generations need to utilize the words of older generations to make their own words stronger. You gain POWER by valorizing your own historic voices not by discarding them! Haven’t you noticed that every few years TV guide. people magazine or Newsweek has Elvis on the cover with the words “KING of Rock N Roll” (A lie of course). That’s how you maintain POWER.

  3. “Fight the Power’, Duane. I’m stumped, you all. I guess anything “positive” is better than nothing, my bad! Of the record – we didn’t agree with her in her debacle with Bill Clinton, however, the other media did, which is where she got her 15 minutes from. Knowledge is POWER.

  4. Robert Jr. (whatever your name is…?), you sound like a wack-ass, corny sellout… “too Public Enemy”…what is that supposed to mean? Especially on a HipHop website. Go talk that dumb shit over on some cracka forum where they can all agree with you.

    “New blood”…what is she…about in her mid-40’s..? That would be young for a spokesperson in any other ethnic group. Hey Jr. if you want to live your whole life being ignorant, thatz your business, but keep your comments away from our queens (and kings), you squire…

    I recently read a book written by Sista Souljah… Hard-hittin’, informative, & very relevant…especially for young sistaz & bruthaz.

    So, hey ya’ll don’t heed this fool nor his foolish words…


  5. Yeah, alright AfroAsiatic, step into the 2009’s. You played just like she is. Time for new – Big Daddy Kane was “King Asiatic” – grow up. You don’t have to listen, just be willing to learn and grow. You too young to comprehend anything about what I said about Sister Souljah. You read a book, I watched how she got that 15 minutes. Once again, kids – knowledge is POWER..

  6. And Afroasiatic, I was listening to an old peice on her with Bam speaking against mind control on FM 97 and a lady was speaking about the station – that’s the type of “new blood” I’m taliking about. Not your Farakahans, Sister Souljahs, Michael Dysons, Chuck d’s, Russell Simmons, ect. New blood, some “reniasance ” stuff you negroes ain’t ready for. You don’t hear me – AFFFROOOOOO! Ya played.

  7. I love my queens, but I love “facts”. Google “Sistah Souljah Moment” and maybe I’ll make more sense, AfroA.

    Imhotep (I know too much to sell-out. I could have done sold out and came back by now and it would have never made a difference to you negroes, but I’m too Black, too Strong for that non-sense. My message has been constant and has never changed)

  8. Hey “Jr.” you need to grow up. We don’t need to google sistah souljah moment to know what it is. We’re a little more advanced than that. I’m 49. You’re bluffing because you don’t make sense. Younger activists that are conscious are listening to and being apprentices of Sistah Souljah’s generation of activists. You obviously don’t belong to either group.
    That whistling sound above your head is my original point about “power’, which you missed entirely.

  9. Duane Deterville, who you think you talking to? Stop with the none-sense. You darn near 50 and still supporting “Helping Ignorant People -Hurt Our People”, you should have been grown out of this hip-hop thing yourself. What I do I been teaching Blacjk youth since 1987. I bet you did google “the sistert souljah moment”. Grow up with me “49 year old”. Please!!!

  10. sistah soulja is still outhere I just wish she was heard more through channels like she was 20 years ago, the youth today would really be interested to hear what she says, it’s just that today we are now seeing what we said we were so against 20 years ago, now be the defacto standard. We live in the get stupid error/era we need to face that it is a reality, if we don’t we will sink each future generation.

  11. just spreadin hate and discord throughout the ranks now carry on with your little debate over whose the blackest in the land

  12. It’s not about who is the blackest, its about who stole a people’s God, faith and identity and then hide. Its about “truth”, and if I am a “nigger” for exposing those who stole Black people’s legacy on down to how Sister Souljah got famous, on down to who stole Rap Music, so be it. It ain’t hate when you are not afraid to speak the truth. its plain stupid when you let people steal your God, history, and culture, and then try to sell it back to you as their own. That’s ignorance, Black people. This is a black site and they calling me the “N” word, God Bless America/Israel.

  13. If you want a hero, people? Google Mrs. C.Delores Tucker. Stop falling for the okey-doke people they tell you all to follow. Goggle C. Delores Tucker – stay away from the henry louis gates, cornel wests, michael eric dysons, sister souljahs, chuck d’s, russell simmons, and them. Whoever the “media” don’t like, that’s probably who you are supposed to like. THINK!!! THAT’S NOT HATE, THAT’S COMMON-SENSE. Know your enemies!!!

  14. davey d, please give me “robert jr. james mcclendon is a nigger” e-mail address so that i can find this person. you have all of our e-mail addreses. just give me his or her e-mail address. trust me, we will find him to the thirty-third degree.

  15. Davey D, you never did give me this persons e-mail, but since those who control the internet wish to slander my name since Oct. 14, 2009, I will be seeking legal advice on “slander” by those who run the internet, who chose to post this “racist and anti-hammitic” remark on the world-wide web. Who runs the internet and gatekeeps what’s printed on the web is who we want to expose. I’ve typed thousands of things on the internet and those who control it have been allowed to “slander” my name with this racist/anti-hammitic remark since October 2009. If I was in fact a jew, it would have been taken down. Will be contacting you soon after seeking legal advise on those who control and gate-keep the internet. ANTI-HAMMETIC, YES!


  17. I am sorry people,,,, But I really hate her books. Just easy to read. no stories all the time. Once I saw her at an event, she was bitch as well…. I was so disappointed.

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