Kanye: If Taylor Swift was Keyshia Cole


Kanye: If Taylor Swift was Keyshia Cole

by Paul Porter

Keyisha Cole

Keyisha Cole

Kanye West blew it big time on the VMA’s Sunday night. I am sure he never thought that his cognac induced state would put a bullseye around his neck. Yes, your actions were arrogant and in poor taste, but the reaction opens the wider door on race in America. How we react and report on blacks and whites in this country has been on display through a narrow lens. If Taylor Smith was Keyshia Cole the uproar, hate mail, death threats and media coverage would never seen the light of day.

Because in this country a black man can rise to stardom screaming lyrics of misogyny and hate on a women as long as that woman is black. If you did the same exact thing stealing Keyshia Cole’s moment only black folk would be talking about it. The larger worm has been unveiled with a slick delivery that often eases around the obvious issue..Van Jones is a green jobs communist. Joe Wilson raised a million dollars for yelling ‘You lie’ at the President. And Glenn Beck is a patriot. And when your black your a nig**.

Kanye West and “Nigger” reached the top of the charts on Twitter and his website is flooded with hate mail and death threats. Nobody wants to look at race for what it is. Race is boiling over and unfortunately only the haters are ready to talk about it.

Kanye was wrong, but the millions of folks that are spitting the “N” word have a much larger problem than Kayne’s arrogant ego. Next time you interrupt someone make sure it’s a black woman.

Paul Porter


40 comments on “Kanye: If Taylor Swift was Keyshia Cole

  1. You know…this is a cold blooded article, but so true. I have never thought that this was such a big deal in the first place. It was the MTV Music Awards…he was being himself…whats the big deal. The awards sucked beyond that anyway. But the BIG Huff really has been racially motivated. America has been frustrated with the Eloquent Black man for sometime, and now this is a great opportunity to bring a bold, boisterous(sometimes unthinking), successful Black man to his knees. He has apologized…but how much deeper does this have to get? And if this had even happened to the cross-over Queen Beyonce, nobody would have been mad besides Jay-Z….Im tired of white women being put on this unrealistic, undeserving pedestal.

    GREAT Article…I am going to share this on FB!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  2. LOL!

    Just some more faux-outrage (n-words) over a non-issue (Kanye/Taylor) at some debunked setting (MTV)…and I thought the faux-outrage over universal health-care was bad!

  3. Are you serious? Must we as black people try to pull the race card on every issue? Kanye took it way too far this time. What if the tables were turned? What if a white man had grabbed the mic from an up and coming black woman and then said that another “white” woman should have won the award? You would never hear the end of it. Black people would be screaming racism all day long, when in fact maybe it wasn’t. Maybe that guy was just an ass and would have done it to anyone. Let’s stop turning every issue into a race issue when things don’t go our way.

  4. All that I can add is what I wrote about twelve years ago. I can’t find the article or letter, but it was written during the time Lauryn Hill was out. In the letter I was pointing out how our musicians and singers have no “soul”, how they’ve abandoned the art of singing like “black folk” to sell records to white folk. Same thing applies today. Since Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, did what he did to be accepted by MTV, Black people have never been real “soul singers”. The’ve had “Sold”, but it wasn’t the soul I know about. Real simple, if anybody that was at the VMA that was Black and “could sing” and had real “soul” they wouldn’t have even been invited. All of todays singers and rappers are famous because they are selling records to white kids and globally (hip-hop), its not about what black person has talent, its about who and what “they” want to hear. So if “they” are buying your records, and you know you really do not have “Black people’s talent”, just shut up, because ain’t none of todays so-called artist got a bit of “soul” nor” talent”. You all are just selling records to white people for the record companies (jewish people, of course). I can’t knock you, but it ain’t soul nor Black people’s music. Once you “pop people” sell a certain amount of units, “they” (your consumers) own you. Kanye and most of these young black folk just don’t know their history nor what the hell has been going on. It ain’t always about money, people. Have some pride, dignity, respect and a sense of history (minstrel) and we can get through this. They let you into “their” house because you can do music to please them, Kanye, and you insult their daughter?! know your history ,because you all are not doing “our’ music. No one ever told you guys our history and you guys forget where your at, like -everythings all even now.

  5. Like Bernie Mack used to say, “I ain’t scared of you muther fuckers!” Black, white, jew, gay, woman, immigrant, whoever, I’m going to tell it like it is.

  6. Good write, but I don’t see the parallel. Taylor Swift is a massively popular pop star with a wholesome image and a fan base that is mutually exclusive to Kanye’s. So in a fan’s eyes they watch a young girl get totally dissed live on a very popular award show by a dude double her age that was lit off some Henny. It was wrong, and a ton of people got upset, understandably. That is where it ends. I think the juxtaposition of the age difference and positive image thing is what fueled the furor for the most part.

    The twitter thing with the “N-bombs”, that is an increasing problem with the internet. Anybody can be brave and hide behind their computer screens with no consequence to incindiary comments. Pretty much every forum and blog comments section has a nasty troll that says hateful derogatory things. These trolls cover the broad spectrum of sexism, racism, classism, and lack of respect for human beings in general. Thanks to the internet, they can spout off without getting punched in the mouth or fired. Pure cowardice! Don’t let the trolls let you believe that their opinion is the prevailing opinion!

    My sister is a youtube vlogger, and you wouldn’t believe the hateful comments she gets and has to delete. The internet is a wonderful thing, but shows us the worst in people too.

  7. I think if Taylor Swift was Keyshia Cole in this situation, it wouldn’t have escalated to this point, b/c Kanye woulda got his ass kicked for grabbing the mic during her acceptance speech.

    I also see the race implication here, and I don’t want to ignore the possibility, but I think the general consensus is that Kanye is an ass. White people aren’t the only ones annoyed at him, black people are too. Kanye is known for random outbursts. We’re just more sympathetic toward him b/c we share a race. We’ll still support him, but he was foul for what he did.

    That said, at next year’s VMAs the security is going to be much tighter, esp for people who fit the description of the perpetrator.

  8. I agree with this article in it’s entirety but based on the comments above, I see that we all interpreted it differently. Her age, personally, was what made me feel for her but lets not overlook the race factor fueling the way that others responded. Okay, if you don’t want to put Keysia Cole in her place then replace her with Keke Palmer who is not only a star on Nickelodeon but is 3years younger than Taylor. Sit back for a moment and think about whether that story would have gotten as much exposure or attracted as much PURE HATRED for one individual. This isn’t mindless immature “cyber bullying.” This is articulate individuals who are putting together hateful opinions based on how they feel in regards to this particular situation. Lets keep it real here and stop playing dumb.

  9. Are you KIDDING ME?! Your over-simplification of the event is just mind numbingly ignorant. Oh yes it’s always “the white man” How DARE you sit there and try to undermine what he did! First of all it’s Taylor SWIFT, not SMITH; maybe you should double check your article before posting it. 2ndly, if Keyshia Cole was as good as Taylor Swift and won an award after working her ass off, then i would be just as outraged.
    It is just like you black extremists to try and turn this into a race war when the real issue is his deliberate disrespect at the event. I’d compare him to a white arrogant d-bag, but they all pale in comparison.
    I’m trying to think of white artist that dared call himself “the Voice of This Generation” only to find out that he is dreadful without autotune.
    I’m trying to think of a white guy that gets outraged and throws an infantile tantrum every time he loses an award. No, I cannot think of a single person THAT audacious and narcissistic.
    I think everyone needs to boycott his music and show him just how big a prick he is! I mean we all boycotted Chris Brown after he hit Rhianna. Well Kanye took a low blow to Taylor. Next thing he’ll be interrupting Patrick Swayze’s funeral to inform everyone that Michael Jackson’s was better!

  10. I am so tired of hearing this bullshit. Kanye was worng for what he did but when you think about it beyonce did deserve that award. Tailor swift video is wannna Myley Siruis kiddy video. When Beyonce came out with that video everyone was trying to do that dance. We all know that not many black people watch the VMA award because its race issues. Yall really thik Lady GaGa deserved new best artist? I mean we all know Drake deserved it, He havent even come out with a album yet and performed at the BET awards. Kanye was wrong for how he approached it but we all know what he said was true. I go to Penn Tech college and i remember when all the white people said Kanye is hot and one of there favorite rappers even though they dont listen to it. Now that this happened everyone say Kanye is a idiot and a prick(whateva that mean). They even try to bring up when Kanye west said President Bush hates black people. Kanye might do it at the worng time but he sppeaks what every black person be thinking and thats the truth. This world is all based around racism

  11. This is all over-blown. Too many ENTERTAINERS in ONE room too close to ONE stage and all they need is ONE mic. The boldest (not necessarily the best) entertainer will always take over the show… in a very cheesy forum nonetheless. Howard Stern & Bruno’s antics alone should let you know nothing on MTV should be taken THIS seriously. You’re giving them credibility as a legitimate awards show. Even the trophy is a joke.

    Haven’t you ever heard Patti Labelle sing (scream) over a duet partner? How about Etta James’ comments about Beyonce after the inaugural ball? And that’s just the old school folks. We already know the new school “artists” will say/ do anything to get the attention, spotlight, record sales, ass, etc.

    But I agree with hiphopmuse, Keyshia Cole (not her bodyguards) would have whipped his ass. And I know it’s an unpopular perspective, but I’m not convinced that Kanye would have done that to anyone black… much like how Joe Wilson wouldn’t have shouted at a white prez. If true, where does that put Kanye in regards to race? I wouldn’t call him a “jackass” or a racist, but I’d say he should do like those with political motives at awards shows do if he really wants to talk about something or someone other than himself- wait until he wins an award, bring up his point until he gets played off by the house band. You don’t snatch a mic from a kid & tell her “Imma let you finish” (an attempt at being courteous?), then rant, and walk off. But hey, it’s all entertainment. You’re giving them ratings and hype and hits so they can do a bigger show next year.

    ODB still did it best… “I went & bought me an outfit today that costed me alotta money today… Wu-Tang is for the children” @ the Grammys, yo!!!! RIP

    Re: Single Ladies. One of the best vids of all time really? I’ll give it up for the choreography, but I coulda shot that on my iPhone.

  12. Of course there would be no sympathy for her if she were a young black woman, from the general population or from our own men. What happened when Don Imus did much worse than Kanye could probably ever even conceive? Imus was referred to as a “good guy” who made a bad mistake. He was compared to rappers who don’t get punished for doing the same thing. In the end, his punishment? A new contract with ABC, a successful $40 million lawsuit against CBS, and a second chance even from some leaders of the black community. Zora said it best, black women are the mules of the world. Our strength is expected and then condemned.
    If the Chris/Rhianna situation is any indication of how little the general public values the lives of black women–how quick people were to jump to the defense of Chris Brown, even after they saw the pics and saw how badly she had been beaten (men and women)–then I would have to say no, no one is going to feel like some man should be condemned for stealing a moment from an award’s show for a black woman.

  13. I think level of outrage from whites would be literally minimal to non-existent if it had been Keyshia Cole. Not to be a psychologist or anything but I feel white people have a fear of a “out of control nigga” and I think that is why they are coming down so hard on him. Its almost like they are saying “stay in your place nigga”. I feel personally angered by the way he is being treated. I feel when you are calling one black person a “nigger”, that is calling all of us one. So I feel we all should take issue with the way he is being treated regardless of we approve of his actions or not. And I feel the mainstream media is very hypocritical to not point out all the internet hate that has erupted behind this. I just hope black people wake up and take note and see that the need for our unity as a people is greater than ever!

  14. Darrius,

    With respect, brother, don’t miss the point of the piece. Pulling the card? You do see that Paul’s point is not to defend Kanye but to indict folks making tired racist remarks aimed at him, in knee jerk fashion. His point is entirely on point. He’s not “pulling the race card.” Further, I’d caution you from using vocabulary (“race card”) that was invented by folks whose aim in race discussions is to 1)deflect blame and 2) turn the tables on the victims.


  15. the only “victim” was the girl; kanye stepped into some s**t he had no business steppin into and now gotta deal wit da consequences. only way to grow…

  16. If it were Kesha COle, he would have NEVER grabbed the mic b/c he knew there would have physical hell to pay. He may have said something after the show, but he knew better than to run up on KC.

  17. I’m sticking with my “race card” verdict. Why must we always bring up race when things don’t go the way we want them to? Regardless of race, there will always be people who take things too far. There has always been racism in this country and there always will be. How ever, that doesn’t mean that every situation that involves black and white, makes it a race issue.
    People say that the reason they are making a big deal about it is because she is white. Well if he had grabbed the mic from Eminem, do you really think there would be this much fuss about it? Nope. Maybe it’s the fact that she is a young hard working artist that has people so upset. This was her first moment to really shine, and Kanye took it from her.

  18. “Like Bernie Mack used to say, “I ain’t scared of you muther fuckers!” Black, white, jew, gay, woman, immigrant, whoever, I’m going to tell it like it is.”

    Bro Robert, who are you talking to, exactly? you know you sound like this homeless crack addict named Archie who babbles endlessly and just wont shut up, even though no one has any idea what or who he’s referring to. This morning, as i sipped my latte in downtown Oakland, he kept saying, “you know, a heart attack could happen.” I told him i don’t like to think about these things. his reply, “it’s possible, though.” tell it like it is all you want, but you’re talking to yourself–just like Archie.

  19. Yes, Paul is playing the race card to make a point. But it’s an obvious one. I dont necessarily agree that an uproar over an outburst by Kanye or anyone else over a live national television audience against a black woman would “never have seen the light of day.” I also dont believe Kanye would hate on Keyshia Cole–remember, he felt Beyonce was deserving of the award.

    In Kanye’s congac-clouded mind, he was attempting to right what he saw as an injustice–a marketable white woman receiving an award over a more-talented (yet equally-marketable) black woman. So he was protesting racism, when you think about it. It doesn’t make sense that he would have had the same reaction against a sistah. what Kanye needs to understand is that he’s been co-opted into a system he has no control over. His attempts at protest come off as egocentric behavior.

    The larger point is that, as long as Kanye remains co-opted (i.e. a major-label artist on a major awards show), he is powerless to change the system–just like Obama is powerless to defend Van Jones or Jeremiah Wright. The take-home message? You can’t speak truth to power and remain empowered by the system. Maybe changing the system from within isn’t as easy as it seemed last November.

  20. I didn’t expect you nor anyone esle to catch on, e-scribblah. If you knew Black history and what “minstrel” was all about, it wouldn’t have went over your head. Another parable you couldn’t decipher.

  21. Kanye West only GREATEST mistake was to apologize because of the pressure from the media. I think it was a sign of weakness, lack of confident from him, and also opposite to the kind of rap star songs he singing about. Otherwise, he should have never done what it did.

    He should have apologized only without the fear of rejection from the people. To me, it’s just added up more prove to believe that most of black in America are nobody only if they have whites American friends. They have no REAL self confident and respect.

  22. Sounds to me like e-scribblah is “trying” to say the same thing Bro. Robert said – “they own you all”. Maybe we do need to study our Black History.

  23. So basically what some of you are saying is that white people can only be so angry with a black person before it becomes a race issue? If that’s the case then it goes both ways.

  24. “If you knew Black history and what “minstrel” was all about, it wouldn’t have went over your head.”

    why do you assume i don’t know black history, Bro. Rob’t?

    i don’t necessarily disagree with some of your more salient points, such as the comparison with kanye and minstrelism, but your commentary on a whole is incoherent in a lot of places,as it didnt relate directly to the subject matter. it could have been easier to read, i guess.

    and your follow-up commentary seemed to come out of nowhere, which is where my comment came from.

    but if we take ‘they own you all’ as a starting point, and apply it to kanye, then you can see the dilemma. without fame, he’s just another negro. with fame, he’s just another minstrel.

  25. So what if race had something to do with it. It wasn’t Keisha Cole up there, it was Taylor Swift. Kanye West is a completely arrogant jackass who shoulld get his ass kicked over and over! If I ever see him its gonna be trouble for him. He’s been on my list for a long time anyway along with TI and a few others. Wrong is wrong and that punk shouldn’t have done that, period!

  26. First and foremost Kanye is very successful at the expense of controversy. Kanye would have not gotten up there if the win was legit. We all said it at home. Beyonce should have won. We all say it everytime they put one of our own (clearly better than the opposition). We all accept that we won’t win. If we do it’s because it was nice. Kanye acted out and said what we all were thinking…I think that alot of people got the message and as a people we shouldd not write off one of our own for having speaking his mine. Yes it was at the wrong time but at the same time it was when the outrage was at it’s peak. Taylor is young and have a fan base and it was rude…but cmon now…we all were saying the same thing at home

  27. One of our own? If that doesn’t sound racist then I don’t know what is. Wrong is wrong, and I’m not going to defend someone just because they are black. Kanye had an opinion and there is nothing wrong with that. When he grabbed the mic and disrespected Taylor Swift is when it became wrong. We all were thinking the same thing? Did you vote for Beyonces video? I doubt it. How can we be mad when we didn’t vote? Rap and r&b fans are not as loyal as other genres of music. Maybe Taylors fans actually took the time out to vote. We can’t scream racism or get mad everytime we don’t get what we want. Plus beyonce got video of the year which is better then the award that Taylor got.

  28. If Keyshia Cole was on the stage and Kanye tried to “steal her moment”, he would have been met with a surprise………Taylor Swift needs to think alittle faster on her feet.

  29. People still talking about that fake bulls**t. Taylor and Ye have the same damn agent. The same agent that has 50 Cent as a client. The same 50 and Kanye who staged a fake beef to get first week sales up. People wonder why the government passes every damn law possible to keep people in their place with a glass ceiling at the top and quicksand under them, because we waste our time with garbage like this. When the hell did a VMA become as big as winning an Oscar or Grammy

  30. “If Taylor Smith was Keyshia Cole the uproar, hate mail, death threats and media coverage would never seen the light of day”

    Kanye would not have done it if it had been Keyshia Cole.

    Kanya is one of the biggest racists out there and has a history of stepping on white people when he thinks black people should win everything.

    the sonner you all realise that there is only one race but many nations the better.

  31. Who cares? taylor is a whore, keyshia is a whore and kanye is a whore. they all suck the same dick at the end of the day.

  32. Kanye’s actions were unacceptable and would be even if the person accepting the award was black. Why does everything have to be tied to race? Can’t human behavior be judged for what it is? It doesn’t matter what color skin Kanye has or how much money is in his pocket; he does not have the right to behave the way he did, to anyone.

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