KRS Says Def Jam Destroyed Hip Hop



KRS-One says that Def Jam which was recently honored at the VH1 Hip Hop Awards has single-handedly destroyed Hip Hop. He acknowledges that the culture would not be where it is at today had it not been for the upstart label, but in 2009 , everything that we complain is wrong with Hip Hop is personified with Def Jam and its success. In short Def Jam had failed to use its leadership role and guide the culture..


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61 comments on “KRS Says Def Jam Destroyed Hip Hop

  1. just some background.. i’m south african.. born and bred.. I adopted the culture as mine in 1984 at the age of 12.. been thru all the facets.. started out b-boying.. emceeing.. deejay.. been a tag-up artist.. hiphop entrepreneur.. the whole shebang..

    i say that to say this…

    culture refers the shared aspects of a collective. the collective are the joint custodians of the culture and its individual facets. Def Jam in my estimation was merely an aggregator in that they brought talent to a central location from where they provided a launchpad. Def Jam gave exposure to just 2 facets of the culture – emceeing and deejaying. I fail to see how Def Jam directly influenced growth and development in b-boying, graf, street knowledge and entrepreneurship as a single entity when the culture’s custodians were and still are its mass of participants.

    Perhaps I miss something, and in the event I do.. please enlighten me.

  2. Did Def Jam destroy Hip-hop? Def Jam created the whole concept of Helping Ignorant people – Hurt Our People. KRS- 1 is a joke. These jewish people gobbled up everthing that had to do with Rap Music and then titled it whatever it wanted to sell to white people and globally. Russell Simmons never ran Def Jam and Jay Z is just the replacement “face” for Russell. Def Jam destroyed “Rap Music”, but it created modern day Hip-hop. I was watching a movie about “Cadilac Records”, there are no Howling Wolf’s with pride, dignity, and self-respect in the industry these days, just a bunch of Muddywater’s, flunky-junky type negroes. I couldn’t watch the entire movie because we still got negroes acting like that to this day for these hawk-nosed bastards. KRS-1 was part of the initial problem with “Criminal Minded” and talking about the nine millimeters. Pot calling the kettle black.

  3. KRS One is crazy as f*ck… He’s actually pretty dangerous IMHO. (sounds like a rap record right there! LOL.. put some Autotune on there and sang it!) but I digress… there was a time long ago that I loved Def Jam.. but Def Jam had two identities… the Rick Rubin version and the Russell Simmons version.. I always like Rick Rubins version… Russell didn’t want to sign Public Enemy back in the day from what I hear, and he started this whole idea of “going R&B”.. but hey who am I to say?
    “Knowledge Reigns Supreme is crazy as f*ck!.. sang that song you beezy!”

  4. Hell is yous talking about this man is right. After all of the blackballin’, shelfin’, payola, fraud, adding viruses to cd’s etc. you don’t agree with him? Yeah K is crazy as f#ck but he’s right this time. Nas said something similar and Canibus also. Down with def jam! they had most of hip hop thinking that it was black owned for years. come to find out it never was. ole dic in the booty simmons power probably got the def jam VP and pimp c killed to.

  5. First blacks complain that the artist like Little Richard and all the old era artist wind up broke. Nobody owns anything, no guidance beyond their hit making years. Russell comes in helps start Def Jam a new label that gives rise to all different types of talent. Russell shows hip-hop how to mogulize. Build value then capitalize. Then diversify. Think business for the jump. Now hiphop is the number one music genre fostering artist success beyond music and people got a problem. I guess Russell has to excuse himself for not being the supreme ruler of hip-hop or a back to africa type exponent. That’s not his function. What he does he does well. Showing young blacks how to make the system work for them by example and mentoring. Entrepreneurialism! Well all those that contend do have an option. Do it your way. Russ is still the Ace of Spades in my book. Now maybe one day one of the moguls from his school will change the cultural representative elements of the business, but they will have to be a mogul first. And no matter how “black” they are that means they owe Uncle Russ just a little bit. This era is the height of capitalism the only thing that moves without money is lips.

  6. the mogul who sold off the masters of a company he cofounded with 2 other people, that is a heck of genius move really, the era of capitalism heh this is the era of the new Black Bourgeoisie chasing to nowhere, and the era of let’s not knock a brotha, saga continues on to a next generation near you.

  7. POOHpOOHAss… I don’t know what this line means “ole dic in the booty simmons”… but if you are saying that he catches rather than pitches.. I been saying that for years!

  8. I don’t see how one man can teach another to become an entrepenuar. Maybe he or his staff can pick talent, but thats a different story. I say the total moguls created by Russ is maybe one- Jay Z. Everyone else is scrapin for crumbs. I estimate the good artists (not superstars) get a couple 100 g’s every now and then, others get cut from the team- really not the pay to support the lifestyle. The real moguls are never seen.

  9. Russell teached by doing. How to create a brand from the streets up. How to tie other business into your brand. Understanding the politics of your area on power levels. Do fashion, do books, do the stock market, you can even have your own credit card. Use the label because the label is using you. He guided hip-hops first career artist – LL Cool Jay. Use television effectively. (Lol Graffit Rock) Russell showed out the hustle. Behind the scenes players like Kevin Liles and Chris Lighty have benefitted. Artist like Jay-z Master P, and Puffy have followed the moves. Behind them you have people like T.I and Baby.

    People see Russ as being such a dominate figure throughout the life of hip-hop they want to blame him for shortcomings in the culture. Look wherever the head of mainstream African American culture is, hip-hop is. When there was a strong consious movement going on hip-hop was there with P.E and X-Clan. When that slowed down and pursuit of the middle class became the dominant group thought, hip-hop was there counting the Benjamins. Now with Obama out you see hip-hop going into clever word play and sophisticated self images, probably best demonstrated by Blueprint 3 and this new guy Drake that looks like Obama’s trick baby. So where we as a people are at hip-hop is there and Uncle Russ is still a factor.

  10. for once, i (almost) agree with Bro Rob’t. i think one has to look at Lyor Cohen’s role in creating the Def Jam empire. while Rush was the face and Rubin the creative innovator, Cohen made Def Jam into a capitalist’s wet dream, at the expense of the culture. i remember when def jam put Mokenstef, South Central Cartel, and Montell Jordan on their 10-year anniversary CD, alongside classics by LL, PE, Beasties, Slick Rick, et al. something just didnt feel right.

    KRS-One is an enigma. sometimes he’s right on the money, and other times pedantic and egocentric. this time, he’s on the money.

    however, i’m not quite sure what the difference is between “Rap Music” and “modern day hip-hop” as defined by Bro Rob’t. not that you’re an expert or anything, but are you sure that isn’t backwards?

    AFAIK, hip-hop is a culture, defined by the five elements, while rap is the commercial genre defined by record labels and mass media. there was no rap music before hip-hop culture, so it’s puzzling as to why these definitions would be flipped. that’s like defining the Kemetic religion from a Christian perspective.

    modern-day hip-hop is a bit of an oxymoron, since few major labels are making hip-hop music these days (though the same can’t be said about the underground). i dont really consider SouljaBoy hip-hop like Whodini or the Fearless 4 were hip-hop, but he is a rapper.

  11. I have not watched the video. I refuse to.

    Had a squizz at KRS and Marley’s track on Youtube not so long ago. Especially loved Kris’s defining Hip= To Know and Hop=Movement.. and then concluding that HipHop=Intelligent Movement. (His words not mine)

    Months later he turns around and claims that one record label hijacked an entire cultural phenomenon.. an INTELLIGENT MOVEMENT that he is an integral part of.


  12. he got caught up, like some fell for the boogie, until they woke up years later and relized they slept, and there was a new generation and to that new generation the people who slept had fell off.

  13. russel and krs is my niggas and all, but i think kris is right on this shit here but i always wonder why more niggas never step up and say somthing too.

  14. Get off of Russell Simmons’ dick. Damn! I’m going to one day down-load a tape called “Rapologist Speaks ’94’ on here and it will mention how KRS-1 messed up “Rap Music’. My kids do not need to see how you came from the projects and became a hip-hop mogul. My kids do not need to see that, but if that type of propaganda is going to be used to have every Black male in America thinking that they can quit school and do the same, I’ll keep saying something like I’ve been doing for the past 15 years. KRS-1 is funny. As long as these brothers are getting paid they are going to be quiet, but as soon as the funds run low they right back it. THOSE WHO AIN’T SAY NOTHING BEFORE, I AIN’T TRYING TO HEAR NOW – YOU JOHNNY COME LATELY’S!

  15. Jose, on September 28th, 2009 at 8:19 pm Said:

    POOHpOOHAss… I don’t know what this line means “ole dic in the booty simmons”… but if you are saying that he catches rather than pitches.. I been saying that for years!
    That’s was a quote from pimp c. he said it on the radio shortly before he died. you can find that interview online. flavorblade stay in your place. i only mentioned your idol russ to show how def jam was tricking people by parading russ around like he owned def jam after he sold out. most people still think he started that company on his own without whites. he showed us how to sell out and use hip hop as a jump off for other ventures, nothing more or less. u T-T Head!

  16. Oh yeah, white people started “hip-hop” as the definition for Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes back in the last century. “Rap Music” is the industry started 30 years ago when a Black woman named Sylvia Robinson first recorded the “SugarhillGang”. White people would not accept Rap Music, but jews came in took the nursery term that european people created and sold it back to white people and globally using these three jewish guys calling themselves “The Beastie Boys”. Rap Music – Black people. Hip-hop – jewish people. Not anti-semetic, just ther facts. “Hip-hop” pushed everything Black out of the industry except the artist that were to be exploited. There is a big difference between “Rap Music” and “Hip-hop”. If you can understand that “white people” never understood Rap Music, you got it, if you can’t understand that, you’ll never comprehend what I’ve been teaching for 15 years.

  17. My place can’t be defined by you. PoPo. Nobody said Russ started Def Jam by himself. It was a good three man team. Russ, Cohn, and Rick Rubin. Lyor was more or less the legislative paperwork guy, Rubin the music guy, and Russ the marketeer and Personel manager. It took all three performing well for them to have the success they had. What they accomplished was essential to hip-hop only a hater would see it different. Now sold out. You mean he should have kept his ownership percentage in Def Jam? Or do you mean they went with the music the market itself produced. Say what you want the best M.C’s come out and what the talent is rapping is not some verbatum coporate self doom blacks script like you rap is evil cats be coming with. The talent pool was fished by Def Jam as great as any label has fished it. Sell out for signing and giving big Budgets to LL Cool Jay, Public Enemy, DMX, Redman, Method, Jay -Z. That’s the talent pool. Those dudes had to rise. Get off Def Jam Chris. Shit Interscope is where it got ugly at. Pac dying. B.I.G. Gave 50 a marginal talent the world. Rigged numbers.

  18. the problem with blaming a single label for ruining an entire culture is there’s no way that can’t be called scapegoating, or at least, minimizing/oversimplifying the situation.

  19. “Rap Music – Black people. Hip-hop – jewish people. Not anti-semetic, just ther facts. ”

    that’s your thesis? that hip-hop was created by jews? not Bambaataa, Flash, and Kool Herc?

    well, that is an_interesting_perspective. not historically or factually accurate in the least, but interesting nonetheless.

    Bro Rob’t, i must ask, exactly who have you been “teaching” this theory to over the last 15 years?

    also, i’d say that Rick Rubin understood rap pretty well, except it was called hip-hop back then.

    and it was called hip-hop back when the sugarhill gang did it. in fact, the first lines of rappers delight begin with “hip-hop.” this is not something that’s even debateable.

    but we all know SHG were merely the first to make a rap record, not the first to participate in a culture.

    given that Kool herc started throwing hip-hop parties in ’73 and “rappers delight” came out in 1979, i’d say there’s a huge credibility gap in your analysis, to put it mildly.

    to say that whites invented hip-hop–did you actually say that, or am i dreaming?– does a tremendous disservice to the breakers, graff writers, and djs–black, white, and brown–who were body-rockin, going all-city, and scratching wayyyy before the SHG even made a record.

    sorry, but this must be said: you are a serous candidate for wackest internet commentator ever–and that’s saying something.

    if true knowledge is “arm, leg, leg, arm, head,” you’re a decapitated quadriplegic. i feel sorry for your kids, it must be pretty messed up to have a wingnut dad like you.

  20. e-scribblah @ Robert Jr. James McClendon – “sorry, but this must be said: you are a serious candidate for wackest internet commentator ever–and that’s saying something. ”

    LMAO! I definately co-sign that one!

  21. KRS is crazy, crazy smart! Google the Harvard Report that’s the blueprint for DefJam and every other greedy ass Label! Props to Nelson George for dropping that knowledge in his new book City Kids. Oh yeah let’s not forget radio payola, or the visualization of music MTV, VHI, BET short attention span consumerism blingbling, goodbye DJ Jam Master Jay, hello Lil Wayne.
    I blame capitalism personally. Jews didn’t invent money the devil did.
    RIP Grand Master Roc Raida

  22. King Tim III (Personality Jock) , Rappers Delight, We Rock More Mellow, Super Rappin’, Super Rappin’ 2, Super Rhymes, Micstro, Love Rap, Rappin’ and Rockin’ The House, To the Beat Yall, Catch The Beat, Rockin it, Raptivity, Funk You Up, Spoonin Rap, Breaking Bells, That’s The Joint, Christmas Rappin’, New Rap Language, Rap, Bounce, Rockskate, Its Nasty, Freedom, Showdown – was this “Rap Music” or Hip-Hop? Well, when you start bringing white people in like the owner of Tommy Boy Records and others, that’s exactly when “Rap Music” was on its way out and they started to try to change shit. Study your history, they did it to Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Sugar Hill Records, Michael Jackson, you name the successful American story, these same people united through their synagogue with bankers, lawyers suing, and media owner’s slander to destroy them until “they” owned everything (Bill Gates must be a jew?). Call it capitalism. Its more than that, people.

    Now, I know Rick Ruben started Def Jam and Russell Simmons hooked up with him with Rush Productions and all, and I know LL put the label on the map and by 1988 Rubin and Simmons were doing two different things, but the Lyor Cohen guy, I never heard nothing about that jew until Russell sold Def Jam. All this talk about “three” people building Def Jam, that’s some bullshit! You had Rick Rubin picking the real talent (T La Rock, LL Cool J, Run-DMC over Rock Box, Beastie Boys) and Russell doing tours, and with that said now you got this “greedy jew” buying his way into history? But that’s “Hip-hop” (Helping Ignorant People -Hurt Our people). That’s why I don’t fuck with it. If Black people ever studied history… Russell Simmons is not even a part of Rap Music’s History, he will always go down in my book as the negroe the jews used until they got the consumers where they wanted them to be with their mind control Hitler-like dumb-down propaganda. Once they did that, they told that negroe, “Here’s a hundred milion (same number of slaves that were financed to be brought to America during the Middle Passage) dollars for absolute control of your young race, but don’t you ever bring your black ass back to this industry again”. And that negro is barred from recording music to this day. I never liked Russell Simmons. Ruben is a jew, but I have more respect for him than I do Russell any day. Black people don’t never have a “history” when they mess with these people. Read “The Origin Of Rap Music” or listen to “Rapologist Speaks ’94”. Jews can’t stop the “truth”. Do I hate these people – No! Do I hate the fact that you people fall for their bullshit – HELL YES! Mother fuckers cost me a lot of money these past 15 years and cost alot of Black people there lives over not hearing the “truth”. So basically, from the Middle Passage to Hip-hop they’ve been exploiting and fucking us over ever since we’ve been here in America. Do I want money? NO, I WANT “AMERICA” TO WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE REALLY DOING. Its in the Bible.

  23. And e-scribblah, I don’t expect you to agree, just read the “truth”. “Jews didn’t invent money”, just the system to place value on things. A diamond in Africa is worthless unless a jew places a value on it. Know your history and the facts, people. God “not” the devil invented money as protection, the devil has his people in the synagogue of satan saying that they are Hebrew Israelite and are lying. They are doing the works of their father – satan. They will have you worshiping money, instead of the true God. Let’s get the facts straight, people. This whole Hip-hop story is deja vu, just open your Bibles.

  24. Came across a funny piece on “Should Rap Music be apart of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?” Should have read some of those racist comments. White people always loathed what Black people created; unless they could steal it, but let them jews tell them devils to let LL Cool J in and they won’t say a word edge-wise. I don’t think they realize that Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five are there. You got to know” history” and when you do, you’ll see why they hate “Rap Music” and will purchase “hip-hop”. I’ve been saying this for 15 years. Rap Music is not Rock and Roll, but Black people created Rock and Roll and never got the financial pay due to them nor the recognition. Basically, Black people should be selecting who they think should be in the Hall of Fame since they started the music. Read what these racist people really think about “Rap Music” (Black people), of course, they love Hip-hop (jew music). Know your history people!!!

  25. Anybody know the exact year Lyor Cohen started with Def Jam? Robert when you heard of him is irrelevant. I position like that the longer they go unnoticed the better. Like Slim of Cash Money. You wouldn’t feel better if he was black. If hip-hop didn’t become a business I doubt we be here blogging about it. I doubt this site would even exist. It’ll be Davey D’s Black Community News Journal or something.

  26. “Basically, Black people should be selecting who they think should be in the Hall of Fame since they started the music.”-Robert Jr. James McClendon

    This actually make sense. A good number of those cats currently inducted is just watered-down black material for the masses, hence their “mainstream” popularity.

  27. You all should search inside yourselves, and ask the question can you really blame or credit an entire race for creating or destroying music? Or is it the genius or greed of a group of individuals at particular times in history?

  28. flavorblade you do need to stay in your place! i only mentioned russ as an example of how def jam gets down. i’m not going to argue over the man and his business practices.

    to the person with the jew stuff: these people who call themselves aren’t jews. when you call them that you are only acknowledging that you have been fooled by them. they are just plain old whites who decided to uproot and take a entire peoples history. thats it! they aren’t true biblical, historical jews. real jews are all over the world so when you call those star of david devils jews you are doing them a huge disservice. israel is in africa and you can read throughout the bible that they were black people. most of you have been taught to keep that book closed so i can’t blame you for not knowing the truth, i guess. also, we have always rhymed! that isn’t anything new. thats why its hard to pin point when RAP started because it’s just making words rhyme. i personally think alot of the history we are given was created and packaged. you can pin point where someone rhymed over a break beat for the first time (supposedly) but not when someone first started rhyming.

    flavorblade you do need to stay in your place!

  29. ‘was this “Rap Music” or Hip-Hop? Well, when you start bringing white people in like the owner of Tommy Boy Records and others, that’s exactly when “Rap Music” was on its way out and they started to try to change shit.’


    this makes no sense. all those early records are hip-hop (fyi, T La Rock wasn’t actually on Def Jam. Neither was Run-DMC). if you look at the original Tommy Boy 12″s, not only did they have b-boys on them, but they also had arrows to help DJs in cutting and scratching. Tommy Boy put out “Planet Rock”–quite possibly the most influential single in modern recorded history,–as well as “Space is the Place,” “Play That Beat Mr. DJ,” etc., etc. De La Soul was on Tommy Boy. So was Queen Latifah.

    please don’t try to rewrite history to make it jibe with your wack thesis. historical revisionism is wrong whether its King James, Napoleon, or Bro Rober’t doing it.

    Complain all you want about white jews and white-owned record labels, but the fact is that Sugarhill were crooks who jerked every artist they had and black radio was scared of hip-hop when it first came out. without support from whites, rap music would have been a short-lived fad. sorry but that’s the truth.

    Bro Rob’t, if you can’t make a coherent point without lapsing into off-topic ignorance, perhaps you should just sit down and shut the fuck up already.

    you call hip-hop “jew music”–that’s just wrong on so many levels, i don’t even know where to begin.

    and you advise people to read the Bible, as if Christian scripture can save black people.

    Black people should read the Koran, as well as the Papyrus of Ani (aka Egyptian Book of the Dead) if they want to understand their own history.

    i personally believe that Christ was a black man (which would make him a black Jew btw), but since it’s impossible to get a Bible these days which hasn’t been edited, historically revised and altered to reflect a Eurocentric perspective, i wouldnt reccommend it unless you want brainwashing.

    despite the attitudes of some jews toward black folks, i’m not in favor of anti-Semitism (i’d call myself more pro-Kushitic) and it’s extremely problematic not to make distinctions between Jewish religion and the state of Israel.

    confusion+ignorance = hate.

    racist black people should be an oxymoron, but unfortunately, thanks to nuts like Bro Rob’t, they are among us, spreading lies in the name of “truth.”

    isnt that what the devil does?

    WAKE UP or shut up.

  30. y’all sound like a buch of weightless bitchasses just yappin like who got da true knowledge and shit, it would be nice if all y’all wackasses shut the fuck up for a change.

  31. I’m sure KRS could elaborate more on this topic that this clip didn’t adequately explain in 2 minutes, cause he does contradict himself in giving props to Def Jam and turning around and saying that Def Jam destroyed hip hop. My question is what’s Def Jam’s relationship to radio play. Is there something he knows that we don’t know. Payola? back door deals? He needs to elaborate.

  32. Russell Simmons is just another Illumanti puppet follower. The whole ’09 VMA Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident was staged. And the ’09 VMA was just a mega occult ritual. Go to this link to get the real truth —> ?p=2191

  33. this guy drinks the fox news milkshakes he says he likes playing the spin doctor route, guess it’s his vanity form of intellect or whatever, to me he uses too much propaganda to try to validate whatever he says. Too much of tool to me. And black people racists sounds like jesse powell trying to say white people i can be conservative like you too let me in please.

  34. Yo can’t define my place PoPo you just another cat with a keyboard and internet access. Please assess your own place and adjust accordingly. Now I’ll get into the jewish debate. In 2009 the people that are Jews are the ones who identify themselves as Jews. Whether from a purely lineage standpoint and/or religion. At some point in time whites from the north came and adopted the customs and religion of the indigenous Hebrews. They where curly headed blacks like Somalians. Christ was from the indigenous lineage. One of the reasons he had some many problems with the locals was because the Hebrew population was beginning to become racially polarized the Pharisee were an off shot started by the immigrants. During Christ time they were around their 5th generation. With the roman occupiers being white they were able to play the race card to get higher social standing. Still slaves to the Romans, but a peg up on the crumb catch. By the time of Christ they were more influential and controlled the Temple. So the crusifixiction was also a lynching of sorts. After this happened the indigenous Hebrews said bullshit and massed exodused to Africa settle along the North and East. Only a sect in Ethiopia maintained the Hebrew culture. The rest assimiliated.

    Giving the unknown facts is my place PoPo.

  35. McClendon, let’s face it: you are a nutcase filled with hate for everyone and everything. you probably wake up in the morning and yell at yourself for being ugly, then yell at your kids for having a crackhead father, then curse God for making you so stupid. i bet your dad beat you when you were little. the only people who ever agree with you are ignorant jailbird types. that should tell you something.

    your analysis is so off-point, it’s a wonder you can even type. I’m pro-Kushitic, not anti-Semitic, get it?

    you’re just a wacked-out, brainwashed Mason who references the Bible and goes out of your way to be a bigot.. just another hypocrite. news flash: no one wants to read your drivel. stop referring to yourself as a rapologist, you’re more like a racist apologist.

    sweeney, you wouldnt know a subject from a predicate. defending my creed? why, cause i dropped some science which went over your head? apparently that’s not hard to do.

  36. e-scribblah, I agree with you 100%. I’ve been reading all of Davey D’s posts for a couple of years then all of a sudden this types the most ignorant shit I’ve ever read. I think the majority of folks who do read Davey’s post agree with your sentiment too e-scribblah.

    Robert, if you honestly think Hip-Hop is hurting our people why do you go on a Hip-Hop website to voice your frustrations? And not only that, why don’t you create your OWN blog (you can do it for free) and attract those who share your twisted views? You act like you’re down with the struggle, but to me your just wanna-be revolutionary. I can tell by your ignorant statements that you haven’t read any books you’ve claim you’ve read and then you turn around and tell people to read. Also what’s up with your holier than thou attitude?! You need to check yourself seriously.

    Hello! The majority of folks that are tuned in on this site are Hip-Hoppers! When you direspect Hip-Hop you disrespect us. A lot of the cats on here wouldn’t be even interested in doin’ the knowledge if it wasn’t for Hip-Hop and MCs like KRS-ONE, Public Enemy, Jeru The Damaja, Sistah Soulja, Gangstarr, Melle Mel, etc.

    So please Robert do us a favor and start your OWN blog since you think you have all the knowledge and answers the plaguing us. And if you do start a blog of your own, I look forward to NOT visiting it at all.

  37. I also agree w/ e-scribblah and Illuminassassinator too. Robert, you should really look into starting your own blog.

  38. I think peter and Robert are the same guy because they both misspell words for example “themselfs liberial” which the correct spelling is “themselves liberal” and his choice of words like “negroes”. That’s something Robert would say lol!

  39. What I speak you won’t find on the internet. I give you a book called “Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”, read it. Everything in the book came from public records. Read that book and then we can talk. If I tell you the “truth” and you disagree, prove me wrong. Don’t call me a “racist” or “anti-semite”. I got books and facts to back up what I say – not “emotion”. I don’t know peter, and I’m not into that Rush Limbaugh conservative/liberal stuff. I got more books, but start with that one, people. Knowledge of self will lead you away from this mid control. They enemy doesn’t want you to know the “truth”, remember that!

  40. I invite e-scribbla, flavorblade, alumniassasinator and anyone else to read that book and then we’ll jump into “Why Hip-hop needs to be checked and what it has done to everyone”. Read the the book and then we can talk, other than that learn to deal with the “truth’ here.

  41. I’m learning that a lot of people that call themselves “hip-hoppers” have been mis-informed. They just don’t want to open their eyes and see the light. Its time to grow up, yo!

  42. With all due respect to Mr. Magic, everything that made Rap Music what you people now call “hip-hop’ today was called Rap Music – not True School or Golden Era Hip-hop – It was called Rap Music by those who pushed the music out of the state of New Jersey. Which was Sylvia Robinson and Mr. Magic. Mr. Magic, your show was called “Rap Attack” out of New Jersey for a reason and then went into New York. You and Sylvia Robinson will go down as a legends in “Rap Music”, I promise you.


  44. flavorslave, on October 1st, 2009 at 5:47 am Said:
    sAVE ME YOUR FREEMASONIC BULLSHIT! tHE ONLY ONE WHO IS FOOLED ABOUT THE MADE UP HISTORY OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN AS THE BIBLE CALLS THEM IS YOU! i LAUGHED SO HARD AT YOUR LAST REPLY THAT I FARTED BLOOD. Your “”unknown” facts are really fairy tales invented by the devil who you serve every Wednesday in your masonic lodge.

  45. PoPo you are a nut. You assume stupidly. The only thing I know about freemasonry is how to spell it. Farted blood? You’re white. Not that it matters. Nothing enrages like the truth to liars.

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    hmm, it might be time to remove pork from your diet. or start using vaseline for your, ahem, sexual proclivities of choice. jes sayin’…

  48. as for you, mcclendon, how many of these posts are you writing under pseudonyms?

    it doesnt take an FBI typographer expert to see similarities–misspelled words, run-on syntax, lack of coherency. i honestly dont think there are that many people out there who agree with you.

  49. any premise which boils down to, if you’re not as (anti-semitic/racist/bigoted/misogynistic/homophobic) as i am, you must be a (jew/nigger/cracker/bitch/fag) is inherently false.

  50. i think that one significant point is being totally overlooked here. DEF JAM was NEVER a record label, neither was bad boy, deathrow, or murder inc. these were ALL production companies. they find artist, book studio time,hire producers if needed, and then turn the master recordings over to THE REAL LABELS. in the case of def jam, it was originally SONY who did the distribution, financed the videos, and so forth. now most of the REAL labels have a board of directors, and stockholders that call the shots. these people dont know hip hop, probably dont listen to it, and are DAMN sure not interested in preserving cultural integrity. they are simply about the bottom line dollar bill, and getting a profitable reurn on investment as soon as humanly possible. so def jam, or any other PRODUCTION COMPANY MUST turn in music with the bling, the drugs, sex and violence, that can be marketed BY THE REAL LABELS to make as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, OR the PRODUCTION COMPANY GETS DROPPED FROM THE REAL/parent label. major labels are not in exzistance to finance the cultural awareness of a generation! they are here to make money, plain and simple, and by any means nesseccarry. so to blame def jam SOLELY for the pitifull state that hip hop is in, is a bit of a strech to me. EVERYONE from artist to producer, to the end consumer, holds some of the blame.

  51. respect to all the real hip hop spekers that are out there reprecenting the real movement of hip hop true its form much love and keep up the good work im ina one love emcee WICHO EAST LOS CALI MANAFESTING…

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