Black Panther Co-Founder Bobby Seal Speaks About Trayvon & Obama’s Speech

Bobby SealLOS ANGELES (Herald de Paris) — President Barak Obama said on July 19th, 2013 that Trayvon Martin could have been him 35 years ago. Oh how right he is.

In 1968, two days after Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered, { and to be portrayed in my feature film SEIZE THE TIME: The Eighth Defendant } Little Bobby Hutton was murdered by Oakland Police. Shot more than ten times. Bobby Hutton was our first member in my Black Panther Party after we wrote and finalized the TEN POINT PROGRAM. In fact Bobby Hutton was my part time after school assistant at the North Oakland Neighborhood Service Center, where I worked for the Department of Human Resources for the City Government of Oakland, California. I hired and took Bobby Hutton under my guidance. Getting him back in school. Teaching him to read better with an introduction of the Autobiography of Malcolm X.

I got Huey Newton to teach Bobby Hutton and several other youth basic points about the law and how to take an arrest so one dose not get extra charges resisting. Huey was in law school at the time. Hiring Bobby Hutton as my youth assistant became important to Little Bobby Hutton because he saw how I organized the summer Youth Jobs Program that also taught my One Hundred youth then a few introductory job skills. Getting the 18 year olds special class drivers licenses to drive the ten wheel dump trucks I would check out at the City Yard.

A year and a half later Bobby Hutton was the first Black Panther Party member murdered. In the Book Black Against Empire ( Political History of the Black Panther Party -by Joshua Bloom, UCLA & Waldo E. Martin, Jr. UC Berkeley – Jan 2013 ) the inquest on Little Bobby Hutton, one police person surprised the inquest by testifying that the other cops had literally “murdered Bobby Hutton” after Bobby Hutton had surrendered. Bobby Hutton walked out with his hands up and in between several policemen. One cop with his foot shoved Bobby Hutton in the back saying “run nigger.” Bobby Hutton, hands up stumbled forward a few steps and some five policemen all open up firing, shooting and murdering Little Bobby Hutton. I had been making plans with the Reverend Earl Neil to go to Dr. Martin Luther Kings funeral the night Bobby Hutton was murdered. Marlon Brando, Yes the movie actor, a very close friend of mine, had advanced all the money I needed to take my five member crew to Dr. Kings funeral.

The Stand your ground laws proliferated in more that twenty odd states is nothing more that armed vigilante laws allowing anyone regardless of color to profile and harasses, shoot and kill young black and brown youth, et., al.. We need a more profound progressive movement for greater people empowerment political representation to get rid of such Vigilante Profiling laws. For greater community control of police.

Thank you President Barak Obama.

Bobby Seale

Power To The All The People!


17 comments on “Black Panther Co-Founder Bobby Seal Speaks About Trayvon & Obama’s Speech

  1. First and Foremost your organization has committed serious felonies with offering a bounty on Zimmerman of $10,000. Which actually violates his civil liberties. Also keep in mind this is a violation of the RICO which in this crime is organized. Keep up your racist ways and it defeats the purpose of your entire organization.

  2. Wayne you fool their organization did not offer a bounty on Zimmerman. One organization has nothing to do with the other, dummy.

  3. Yo Wayne. Why are you breathing air? Your stupidity knows no bounds. It would be a good idea for you to get your facts straight before you open your mouth, much less write anything. I’d suggest that you engage your brain, but that is already a hopeless enterprise. You stay your racist *** off the streets. It would be easier on everyone’s nerves if you did. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE

  4. All Power to the People means that as Americans we must unite not be separated by race color religion…

  5. I respect what Bobby Seale said above — except for his “Thank you President Barak Obama” (another “Revolutionary”, like Angela Davis and Amiri Baraka, for Obama?).

    So far, Obama has thus far only smoothly said, like Bill Clinton used to, ‘I feel your pain’, while doing *nothing practical* to *actually relieve* it.

    As I said in my comment post under Davey D’s article here at, “Time to Have a Serious Conversation About Race?”:

    { Obama didn’t want to have a serious conversation about racism when Henry Louis “Skip” Gates — even a Black *Harvard professor*, and he even *looks* the part, although Harvard recruited and emplaced Skip there for his *nonthreatening mediocrity* — was harassed and arrested by the cops… Obama thought that a smooth-over and a chuckle over a couple of beers in the White House rose garden would solve everything!

    (But Skip Gates got what he *deserved* because, before it happened to *him*, he didn’t believe that cops systematically profile, harass, and arrest, when not beating, shooting and killing *other* Black people, adults, teens and even children, males and females — whether they’re wearing hoodies or *not*!) }

    And, just above that, I wrote:

    { Obama didn’t want to have a serious conversation about racism when Reverend Jeremiah Wright wanted to have a serious conversation about racism… Obama *scoffed* at Reverend Wright, Obama then saying that, ‘Real racism no longer existed!’, and said that, ‘Reverend Wright was living in the *past*!’ — in one of the most historically notoriously racist cities outside of the South, with plenty of stiff competition from *other* notoriously racist cities outside of the South. }

    Additionally, I wrote there:

    { …there’s a lot of things that need straightening out in America — and even about Obama and his Obama apologists, WHO FIRST HAVE TO TELL ME WHY WE SHOULD EVEN *VOTE* FOR A BLACK PRESIDENT IF HE CAN’T ACTUALLY *DO* ANYTHING FOR BLACK PEOPLE BECAUSE HE’S *BLACK*!? } .

    So, I think it’s way too late — and way too soon — to be congratulating Obama for some job ‘well done’.

    Which brings me to another point:

    While I otherwise respect the words and history that Bobby Seale shared above, we should understand and recognize the difference between what other former Panthers once *were* and what they now *are*.

    Some former Panthers now *are* just _old political museum pieces_ (or, like Bobby Rush, now Democrat in Illinois, have *nothing* to say about police brutality when the Democrats support that to suppress any progressive dissent outside their conventions) who blather on and on in trite platitudes *intellectually* or *strategically* devoid of *any* *actual* substantive information upon which we can *plan* and *act* *today*!!

    And some former Panthers, like Bobby Rush, are trying to get us to *still* give — over and over and over again at the U.S. Presidential (or gubernatorial, or even Congressional Black Caucus) level — our, anymore, unfulfilled, *UNNEGOTIATED* ALLEGIANCE to the Democrat party! — without even MAKING any *DEMANDS* for our votes!! — while still making empty statements about *Revolution*!!

    Some former Panther speakers have, in the meantime over the years, become — by intellectually *serious* people — _all too easily *intellectually threatened*_, _intellectually *insecure* has-beens_ , with little-to-*no* true consciousness remaining. Some former Panthers verbally puff on and on about *the old days* and their former laurels and spout rousing political *platitudes*, before their glassy-eyed admirers who, as the majority of Americans usually do, love *celebrity* more than true *continuing* substance. What the Panthers did before *back in the day* was *great*! But some of them have _nothing else to offer_ **now** (other than to blindly vote for the Democrats, for lack of strategizing anything *better* to do/offer), and have become _INTELLECTUALLY **TIRED**_ today! We should give them their past due, let them lecture about the old days to teens and 20-somethings, not *necessarily* expect much more, and be prepared to move on.

    As I said above, we — *serious* thinkers — should be intellectually cognizant of any difference between what some former Panthers once *were* and what they now *are*.

  6. Worth the Read:

    Ok now look at crime in relationship to drugs.
    Inner Cities- Poverty controlled areas – Drug Areas
    Human Trafficking- main control ingredient -Drugs
    40% of Black males in jail, on probation or on parole – Drug related

    So in effect drugs control the inner cities, programming is so good even the black media- hip hop etc. glorifies being a gang banger drug dealer it’s about the money or is it about controlling a race?
    Now someone did mention the war on drugs!
    Hmmm…Supplied by the CIA to control the inner cities- god forbid American People come together – see more separation and more control. No different than MKUltra…

    FDA Regulated Drug Companies- Regulate to do what? Have you ever read the disclaimers on these meds? Crazy Right? More control, More Money…Now why is pot illegal again..Growing up in Flint Michigan I never in my life saw a person high on weed go start a fight? Have you?

    So the poor are controlled so in the eyes of the government – the more poor people we have the more control they have…..does that make sense to you?

    Ok now that we have established Drugs and the Government War on Drugs = Government funded then Government spends money to fight what they just imported…while minority populations are controlled with media – culturally influence…
    Now the war on Terrorism, Oh the bad terrorist, but they did tell you we are breeding terrorists through drone strikes on innocent people in other countries, why so everyone hates the USA…so Now the red blooded American is pissed off into patroitism hating other countries why not knowing these acts of terrorism are minimal compared to the shit our leaders have blow them away for years….it is a sad sick circle of insanity…..#1 Gun Salesman in the world = Obama #1 Drone Strike Ordering President= Obama and why didn’t he Drone Strike Benghazi? What dirt did the Ambassador have on him or the CIA……Oh Look now running guns to Al-Quada in Syria…..WOW….more funding of terrorist activities….Take a cold Hard Look at the Truth…

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