Virginia Gov and DNC Chair Tim Kaine Says Times Are Changing in Texas

Gov Tim Kaine

Gov Tim Kaine

Is Texas about to turn Blue? If you ask most people outside of the Lone Star state they’ll look at you in disbelief and start laughing. After all when you have a governor who runs around declaring he’s gonna have the state secede from the union, who could take such a notion seriously? Antics like the one Governor Rick Perry pulled make for great TV and water cooler talk, but unfortunately it’s put the state in a bad light and made us a laughing stock. This has angered many within the state.

Fortunately Rick Perry is not your typical Texan. He represents a small mindset from the past which is soon to be overshadowed by a new energetic growing population that is increasingly young, increasingly people of color and increasingly left leaning in its politics. We are in a state that that for so long has been solidly red but is now purple and about to go blue. People who really know what time it is are taking note.

Earlier this year we caught up with former DNC chair Howard Dean and he told us that he saw Texas changing for the ‘better’ within the next few years. Virginia Governor and current DNC Chair Tim Kaine came to Austin the other night along with a large contingent of DNC folks and underscored Dean’s assertions. He gave an inspring speech as he talked about what took place in his home state of Texas and what he sees coming down the pipe. It was clear to him that ‘times were a changing’ and folks better get ready to make room at the proverbial blue table. Kaine said he and the DNC will be doing everything they can to make this happen. Kaine noted that 2010 will be the state’s political superbowl and when all is said new sheriff in town and her name is Texas..If everything continues to grow as predicted, the only thing Red in texas will be raw meat.

Check out this video to hear just how serious Governor Kaine was as he put forth some very inspiring and hope

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