4 Videos to Start Your Day: Jasiri X, Toki Wright, Gucci Mane & Usher, Akrobatik vs Sage Francis

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 Jasiri XBeware Young Girl

Beware Young Girl” explores the disturbing trend of horrific violence and injustice towards women, including the brutal gang rape of a 15 year old girl in Richmond, California, the case of Sarah Kruzan who was sentenced to life without parole at age 16 for killing her pimp, who raped her and forced her into prostitution at age 16, and the case of Heather Ellis, a college honor student who is facing 15 years in prison for allegedly cutting the line at Walmart. Episode 24 was produced by King Sym and was directed by Paradise the Arkitech of X-Clan

Toki Wright- Devil’s Advocate

This is the first video from the newest member of the Rhymesayers click. Its off the album ‘A Different Mirror’

Gucci man w/ Usher ‘Spotlight’

Say what you will about Atlanta’s Gucci mane.. He’s has gained a tremendous amount of momentum and has thoroughly crossed over as evidenced by this video and song. How are you feeling about Gucci Mane these days?


 Here’s an old emcee battle from 1999 that features Akrobatik vs Sage Francis. take listen and weigh in on this epic wordfest…

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2 comments on “4 Videos to Start Your Day: Jasiri X, Toki Wright, Gucci Mane & Usher, Akrobatik vs Sage Francis

  1. spotlight sounds like the basic t&a song that’s become common place in commercial recorded music sadly, usher appearing on it gives it more mainstream appeal.

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