Hard Flows and Keen Intelligence-Meet Paris’ Protege T-Kash


T-KashWe sat down with Bay Area rapper T-Kash who talked to us about his new album on Guerilla Funk Records and his new album ‘Brians All Over the Streets’. He is signed to Paris’ record label and an incredible artist who spits fire and keen intelligence. He lives up to the monikor Hard Truth Soldier.

He is also the host of my old show the Friday Nite Vibe on KPFA 94.1 FM in Berkeley where brings political commentary to the Hip Hop beats he offers up to listeners. A couple of years ago, he was voted Best radio show host by the East Bay Express.

In this interview we cover a variety of topics including:

Transformation from ignorance and thuggery into consciousness, Surviving the recession, survival tactics in the hood, what he learned from Boots Riley, What he learned from Paris, Obama’s trip to the Middle East, being Black and Muslim in America, the state of the Black Church, Should Black folks in America be Christian, Is Religion Opiate for the Masses?, Martial Arts, Chess and working with Adisa Banjoko.

Breakdown FM: Interview w/ Bay Area Rapper T-Kash



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