Calling out the Racism of Ron Paul & Alex Jones (Obama Deception) As Our Desperate Army Recruits Neo-Nazis



daveyd-raider2 A couple of weeks ago I wrote about this and showed an interview I did with right-wing terrorism expert Sara Robinson. With so much going on with this bad economy its hard for people to concentrate wrap their heads around this latest revelation. Nevertheless we have to. We also have to understand that these white extremist are very slick with their rhetoric. Many of think we’re gonna see folks running around in bed sheets and visible swastikas talking crazy. Folks know better in 2009. The rule of thumb is this ‘Not all police officers wear uniforms’.  Hence ‘Not all white supremacists wear sheets over their heads’.  Some of them might even be quite appealing.

Today white supremacists have pretty much accepted the fact that they live in a multi-cultural society and thus they hide their true colors in many social situations. In some instances they’ve made themselves attractive even to alot of  Black folks and younger people. This attraction comes because they  often reinforce their anti-government rhetoric which has across the board appeal. These White supremacists talk about being independent and fighting a corrupt Federal reserve.  They talk in such a way that they really sound like their bringing the heat.  The mistake many of make is by not asking who are ALL the people they intend to bring heat to? Yes, the they wanna smash on the police, and so do many of us. Yes, they hate the government and think its out of control and corrupt, and so do many of us.  They believe the federal reserve and the banks are out to economically enslave us and thus must be stopped- Again, we believe that as well. Then they may even go so far as to suggest that 9-11 was an inside job by elite government forces who are seeking to bring New World Order. Many of us go for that. We’re ready to ride with them because they’re essentially ‘sound like their bout it bout it’.

But what happens when they express their disdain with our Brown skinned brothers and sisters and use the flimsy excuse of being against  ‘illegal immigration’ as the cover?  What happens when they say things about hating Isreal and Jews who are controlling the media, and in the same breath express a zeal and desire to wanna go smash on all those Arab terrorists both here and abroad? For me the red flag should go up whenever white folks start talking about smashing on communities of color. We should all understand what that has meant historically. Sadly too many of us let that go for a variety of reasons. 

Is Ron Paul Shielding for Racists? Does he have a Zero Tolerance agenda for racism?

Is Ron Paul Shielding for Racists? Does he have a Zero Tolerance agenda for racism?

For example, when former Presidential candidate Ron Pauls ays he he has no problem collecting money from the white supremacist groups like Stormfront and the Ku Klux Klan, we find all sorts of excuses to justify it. They range from ‘well he can’t control who gives him money’ to ‘he’s doesn’t really feel that way he’s just using their money’to erroneous comparisons between the KKK and the Black Pather Party. (the Panthers have historically been about working with and being in solidarity with white allies-early on they recognized class struggle and the insidious role capitalism played in harming us all)  Huey Newtonand Bobby Seale were never ever about running around beating down and hanging white folks to keep the purity of the Black race in tact. That’s not the same as the Klan and white supremacist groups.

If a guy like Paul knowingly takes money from white supremacist organizations and knows that they are amongst his followers, then should we not be looking to see how this appealing figure is trying to aggressively disavow racism and build bridges between his racist and non racist supporters? What sort of tone is he setting?  Does his political agenda specifically call for zero tolerance for racism? Is he talking about class in a way that allows us to all find common ground the way way that slain Chicago Black party Chairman Fred Hampton sr did when he formed the first Rainbow Coalition and engaged the White Patriots or is Paul letting folks do what they do while he does what he does?

In the great state of Texas we’ve had a few racially motivated killings including last year’s killing of a Black man Brandon McClelland inParis, Texas where he was dragged to his death in the back of a pick up by two white men. Ten years earlier, the world was shocked when we heard about the horrorific killing of James Byrd being dragged to his death in Jasper, Texas. Was Ron Paul and his ilk out there demanding justice and pushing for racial harmony in those incidents or were they sitting back collecting money from White Power groups as they continued to talk about how corrupt the government is?

Also in Paris, Texas when 14 year Shaquanda Cottonwas sentenced to a whooping 7 years in jail for shoving a teacher’s aid, many saw her harsh sentencing as racially motivated and understood that this happened in the backdrop of racial tensions in the area. Was Ron Paul joining Civil Rights groups and using this well publicized incident as further proof that the government was inherently corrupt?  Did he make note that Paris, Texas had along sordid history of lynching Black people and putting Blacks in their place stretching back for almost 100 years? Where was all the anti-government rhetoric around that incident? Was there at least a press release of support for Shaquanda?

This past April, Hearne, Texas was the cite for the premierof the film American Violet which is about the outragous set of racially motivated incidents that led to to the jailing of almost 30 people after a mentally challenged man was beaten by police and forced to ‘finger’ people who the police felt were drug dealing. One of the people fingered was a mother of 4 named Regina Kellywho refused to plea bargin and go along with the hardball plea bargaining tactics of  of district attorney John Paschall. Kelly along with the ACLU fought this case and won sparking anger with the DA who is on record of calling people Niggers and beating his daughter for dating a Black man. Was the Ron Paul Revolution on the scene with the Kelly case? Do I hear crickets in the room?

Leading up to the screening in Hearne, Tx, the district attorney who was still allowed to keep his license was running around threatening store owners who advertised the film and doing his best to try and prevent the screening in Hearne, Tx was the Ron Paul Revolution on hand to point out how this was yet another example of government gone wild?

Should we be concerned when Obama Deception film maker Alex Jones calls meCHA and La Raza the new KKK and opposes the efforts of Latino grassroots organizers to shut down immigration detention prisons?

Should we be concerned when Obama Deception film maker Alex Jones calls meCHA and La Raza the new KKK and opposes the efforts of Latino grassroots organizers to shut down immigration detention prisons?

Many of these questions can be asked Alex Jonesthe inevsytigative reporter and film maker who put out the Obama Deception  documentary featuring KRS-One, who says he against  racism and  white supremacist groups but then turns around and calls Latino organizations like MeCHA and La Raza the ‘new KKK’.  Now, for some who have been caught up in the Black- Brown gang conflicts in Southern, Cali, such assertions may hit home, but for the rest of us his remarks should be more then disturbing.

How many of us doing peace and social justice work have found ourselves as allies to these Latino organizations?  When you see or hear about Jones opposing the efforts by Latino activists in Texas, to shut down immigrant detention camps, that should ring a bell? How can one say they are opposed to New World Order and then be in opposition to oppressed people who are victims to its long range policies-starting with the conquering and stealing of indigenous land?

 When he says the ‘pro-immigration movement’ is being used by ‘the elites’ to pulverize the middle class, how such rhetoric any different then the intolerance routinely expressed by the Lou Dobbs and Glen Becks of the world?  When we see and hear him brag about disrupting a news conference where the Austin police are being thanked  for not arresting undocumented workers and declaring Austin a sanctuary city of sort,   should that ring bells?

Keep all this in mind as you read the article below and understand that those with an racist end game have refined their approach. On one hand they’ll have beer with you and maybe share a joke, but behind the scenes their gearing up for something much more sinister and long term.

Also ask yourself as you read this article.. will the Ron Paul’s and Alex Jone’s of the world stand up and demand that our US Military be held accountable for recruiting Neo-Nazi’s until the fold?Will they be checking to see if big corporations or the ‘elites’ are funding their operations?

Some thing to ponder…

-Davey D-


“I Hate Arabs More Than Anybody”: Desperate Army Recruits Neo-Nazis

By Matt Kennard, Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute. Posted June 17, 2009.

On a muggy Florida evening in 2008, I meet Iraq War veteran Forrest Fogartyin the Winghouse, a little bar-restaurant on the outskirts of Tampa, his favorite hangout. He told me on the phone I would recognize him by his skinhead. Sure enough, when I spot a white guy at a table by the door with a shaved head, white tank top and bulging muscles, I know it can only be him.

skrewdriver-225-daveydOver a plate of chicken wings, he tells me about his path into the white-power movement. “I was 14 when I decided I wanted to be a Nazi,” he says. At his first high school, near Los Angeles, he was bullied by black and Latino kids. That’s when he first heard Skrewdriver, a band he calls “the godfather of the white power movement.” “I became obsessed,” he says. He had an image from one of Skrewdriver’s album covers — a Viking carrying a staff, an icon among white nationalists — tattooed on his left forearm. Soon after he had a Celtic cross, an Irish symbol appropriated by neo-Nazis, emblazoned on his stomach.

At 15, Fogarty moved with his dad to Tampa, where he started picking fights with groups of black kids at his new high school. “On the first day, this bunch of niggers, they thought I was a racist, so they asked, ‘Are you in the KKK?'” he tells me. “I said, ‘Yeah,’ and it was on.” Soon enough, he was expelled.

For the next six years, Fogarty flitted from landscaping job to construction job, neither of which he’d ever wanted to do. “I was just drinking and fighting,” he says. He started his own Nazi rock group, Attack, and made friends in the National Alliance, at the time the biggest neo-Nazi group in the country. It has called for a “a long-term eugenics program involving at least the entire populations of Europe and America.”

But the military ran in Fogarty’s family. His grandfather had served during World War II, Korea and Vietnam, and his dad had been a Marine in Vietnam. At 22, Fogarty resolved to follow in their footsteps. “I wanted to serve my country,” he says.

whitepowertattoo-225-daveydArmy regulations prohibit soldiers from participating in racist groups, and recruiters are instructed to keep an eye out for suspicious tattoos. Before signing on the dotted line, enlistees are required to explain any tattoos. At a Tampa recruitment office, though, Fogarty sailed right through the signup process. “They just told me to write an explanation of each tattoo, and I made up some stuff, and that was that,” he says. Soon he was posted to Fort Stewart in Georgia, where he became part of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Fogarty’s ex-girlfriend, intent on destroying his new military career, sent a dossier of photographs to Fort Stewart. The photos showed Fogarty attending white supremacist rallies andperforming with his band, Attack. “They hauled me before some sort of committee and showed me the pictures,” Fogarty says. “I just denied them andsaid my girlfriend was a spiteful bitch.” He adds: “They knew what I was about. But they let it go because I’m a great soldier.”

In 2003, Fogartywas sent to Iraq. For two years he served in the military police, escorting officers, including generals, around the hostile country. He says he was granted top-secret clearance and access to battle plans. Fogartyspeaks with regret that he “never had any kill counts.” But he says his time in Iraq increased his racist resolve.

“I hate Arabs more than anybody, for the simple fact I’ve served over there and seen how they live,” he tells me. “They’re just a backward people. Them and the Jews are just disgusting people as far as I’m concerned. Their customs, everything to do with the Middle East, is just repugnant to me.”

Because of his tattoos and his racist comments, most of his buddies andhis commanding officers were aware of his Nazism. “They all knew in my unit,” he says. “They would always kid around and say, ‘Hey, you’re that skinhead!'” But no one sounded an alarm to higher-ups. “I would volunteer for all the hardest missions, and they were like, ‘Let Fogarty go.’ They didn’t want to get rid of me.”

Fogarty left the Army in 2005 with an honorable discharge. He says he was asked to reenlist. He declined. He was sick of the system.

Since the launch of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. military has struggled to recruit and reenlist troops. As the conflicts have dragged on, the military has loosened regulations, issuing “moral waivers” in many cases, allowing even those with criminal records to join up. Veterans suffering post-traumatic stress disorder have been ordered back to the Middle East for second and third tours of duty.

The lax regulations have also opened the military’s doors to neo-Nazis, white supremacists and gang members — with drastic consequences. Some neo-Nazis have been charged with crimes inside the military, and others have been linked to recruitment efforts for the white right. A recent Department of Homeland Security report, “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” stated: “The willingness of a small percentage of military personnel to join extremist groups during the 1990s because they were disgruntled, disillusioned, or suffering from the psychological effects of war is being replicated today.” Many white supremacists join the Army to secure training for, as they see it, a future domestic race war. Others claim to be shooting Iraqis not to pursue the military’s strategic goals but because killing “hajjis” is their duty as white militants.

Soldiers’ associations with extremist groups, and their racist actions, contravene a host of military statutes instituted in the past three decades. But during the “war on terror,” U.S. armed forces have turned a blind eye on their own regulations. A 2005 Department of Defense report states, “Effectively, the military has a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy pertaining to extremism. If individuals can perform satisfactorily, without making their extremist opinions overt they are likely to be able to complete their contracts.”

Carter F. Smith is a former military investigator who worked with the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command from 2004 to 2006, when he helped to root out gang violence in troops. “When you need more soldiers, you lower the standards, whether you say so or not,” he says. “The increase in gangs and extremists is an indicator of this.” Military investigators may be concerned about white supremacists, he says. “But they have a war to fight, and they don’t have incentive to slow down.”

Tom Metzger

Tom Metzger

Tom Metzger is the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and current leader of the White Aryan Resistance. He tells me the military has never been more tolerant of racial extremists. “Now they are letting everybody in,” he says.

The presence of white supremacists in the military first triggered concern in 1976. At Camp Pendleton in California, a group of black Marines attacked white Marines they mistakenly believed to be in the KKK. The resulting investigation uncovered a KKK chapter at the base and led to the jailing or transfer of 16 Klansmen. Reports of Klan activity among soldiers and Marines surfaced again in the 1980s, spurring President Reagan’s Defense Secretary, Caspar Weinberger, to condemn military participation in white supremacist organizations.

Then, in 1995, a black couple was murdered by two neo-Nazi paratroopers around Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The murder investigation turned up evidence that 22 soldiers at Fort Bragg were known to be extremists. That year, language was added to a Department of Defense directive, explicitly prohibiting participation in “organizations that espouse supremacist causes” or “advocate the use of force or violence.”

Today a complete ban on membership in racist organizations appears to have been lifted — though the proliferation of white supremacists in the military is difficult to gauge. The military does not track them as a discrete category, coupling them with gang members. But one indication of the scope comes from the FBI.

Following an investigation of white supremacist groups, a 2008 FBI reportdeclared: “Military experience — ranging from failure at basic training to success in special operations forces — is found throughout the white supremacist extremist movement.” In white supremacist incidents from 2001 to 2008, the FBI identified 203 veterans. Most of them were associated with the National Alliance and the National Socialist Movement, which promote anti-Semitism and the overthrow of the U.S. government, and assorted skinhead groups.

Because the FBI focused only on reported cases, its numbers don’t include the many extremist soldiers who have managed to stay off the radar. But its report does pinpoint why the white supremacist movements seek to recruit veterans — they “may exploit their accesses to restricted areas and intelligence or apply specialized training in weapons, tactics, and organizational skills to benefit the extremist movement.”

In fact, since the movement’s inception, its leaders have encouraged members to enlist in the U.S. military as a way to receive state-of-the-art combat training, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer, in preparation for a domestic race war. The concept of a race war is central to extremist groups, whose adherents imagine an eruption of violence that pits races against each other and the government.

That goal comes up often in the chatter on white supremacist Web sites. On the neo-Nazi Web site Blood and Honour, a user called 88Soldier88, wrote in 2008 that he is an active duty soldier working in a detainee holding area in Iraq. He complained about “how ‘nice’ we have to treat these fucking people better than our own troops.” Then he added, “Hopefully the training will prepare me for what I hope is to come.” Another poster, AMERICANARYAN.88Soldier88, wrote, “I have the training I need and will pass it on to others when I get out.”

On, a social networking group for neo-Nazis, a group called White Military Men hosts numerous contributors. It was begun by “FightingforWhites,” who identified himself at one point as Lance Cpl. Burton of the 2nd Battalion Fox Company, but then removed the information. The group calls for “All men with military experience, retired or active/reserve” to “join this group to see how many men have experience to build an army. We want to win a war, we need soldiers.” FightingforWhites — whose taglineis “White Supremacy will prevail! US Military leading the way!” — goes on to write, “I am with an infantry battalion in the Marine Corps, I have had the pleasure of killing four enemies that tried to kill me. I have the best training to kill people.” On his wall, a friend wrote: “THANKS BROTHER!!!! kill a couple towel heads for me ok!”

Such attitudes come straight from the movement’s leaders. “We do encourage them to sign up for the military,” says Charles Wilson, spokesman for the National Socialist Movement. “We can use the training to secure the resistance to our government.” Billy Roper, of White Revolution, says skinheads join the military for the usual reasons, such as access to higher education, but also “to secure the future for white children.” “America began in bloody revolution,” he reminds me, “and it might end that way.”

When it comes to screening out racists at recruitment centers, military regulations appear to have collapsed. “We don’t exclude people from the army based on their thoughts,” says S. Douglas Smith, an Army public affairs officer. “We exclude based on behavior.” He says an “offensive” or “extremist” tattoo “might be a reason for them not to be in the military.” Or it might not. “We try to educate recruiters on extremist tattoos,” he says, but “the tattoo is a relatively subjective decision” and shouldn’t in itself bar enlistment.

What about something as obvious as a swastika? “A swastika would trigger questions,” Smith says. “But again, if the gentlemen said, ‘I like the way the swastika looked,’ and had clean criminal record, it’s possible we would allow that person in.” “There are First Amendment rights,” he adds.

In the spring, I telephoned at random five Army recruitment centers across the country. I said I was interested in joining up and mentioned that I had a pair of “SS bolts” tattooed on my arm. A 2000 military brochure stated that SS bolts were a tattoo image that should raise suspicions. But none of the recruiters reacted negatively, and when pressed directly about the tattoo, not one said it would be an outright problem. A recruiter in Houston was typical; he said he’d never heard of SS bolts and just encouraged me to come on in.

It’s in the interest of recruiters to interpret recruiting standards loosely. If they fail to meet targets, based on the number of soldiers they enlist, they may have to attend a punitive counseling session, and it could hurt any chance for promotion. When, in 2005, the Army relaxed regulations on non-extremist tattoos, such as body art covering the hands, neck and face, this cut recruiters even more slack.

Even the education of recruiters about how to identify extremists seems to have fallen by the wayside. The 2005 Department of Defense report concluded that recruiting personnel “were not aware of having received systematic training on recognizing and responding to possible terrorists” — a designation that includes white supremacists — “who try to enlist.” Participation on white supremacist Web sites would be an easy way to screen out extremist recruits, but the report found that the military had not clarified which Web forums were gathering places for extremists.

Once white supremacists are in the military, it is easy to stay there. An Army Command Policy manual devotes more than 100 pages to rooting them out. But no officer appears to be reading it.

Hunter Glasswas a paratrooper in the 1980s and became a gang cop in 1999 in Fayetteville, North Carolina, near Fort Bragg. “In the early 1990s, the military was hard on them. They could pick and choose,” he recalls. “They were looking for swastikas. They were looking for anything.” But the regulations on racist extremists got jettisoned with the war on terror.

Glass says white supremacists now enjoy an open culture of impunity in the armed forces. “We’re seeing guys with tattoos all the time,” he says. “As far as hunting them down, I don’t see it. I’m seeing the opposite, where if a white supremacist has committed a crime, the military stance will be, ‘He didn’t commit a race-related crime.'”

In fact, a 2006 reportby the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command shows that military brass consistently ignored evidence of extremism. One case, at Fort Hood, reveals that a soldier was making Internet postings on the white supremacist site But the investigator was unable to locate the soldier in question. In a brief summary of the case, an investigator writes that due to “poor documentation,” “attempts to locate with minimal information met with negative results.” “I’m not doing my job here,” the investigator notes. “Needs to get fixed.”

In another case, investigators found that a Fort Hood soldier belonged to the neo-Nazi group Hammerskins and was “closely associated with” the Celtic Knights of Austin, Texas, another extremist organization, a situation bad enough to merit a joint investigation by the FBI and the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command. The Army summary states that there was “probable cause” to believe the soldier had participated in at least one white extremist meeting and had “provided a military technical manual to the leader of a white extremist group in order to assist in the planning and execution of future attacks on various targets.”

Our of four preliminary probes into white supremacists, the Criminal Investigation Command carried through on only this one. The probe revealed that “a larger single attack was planned for the San Antonio, TX after a considerable amount of media attention was given to illegal immigrants. The attack was not completed due to the inability of the organization to obtain explosives.” Despite these threats, the subject was interviewed only once, in 2006, and the investigation was terminated the following year.

White supremacists may be doing more than avoiding expulsion. They may be using their military status to help build the white right. The FBI found that two Army privates in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg had attempted in 2007 to sell stolen property from the military — including ballistic vests, a combat helmet and pain medications such as morphine — to an undercover FBI agent they believed was involved with the white supremacist movement. (They were convicted and sentenced to six years.) It found multiple examples of white supremacist recruitment among active military, including a period in 2003 when six active duty soldiers at Fort Riley, members of the Aryan Nation, were recruiting their Army colleagues and even serving as the Aryan Nation’s point of contact for the state of Kansas.

One white supremacist soldier, James Douglas Ross, a military intelligence officer stationed at Fort Bragg, was given a bad conduct discharge from the Army when he was caught trying to mail a submachinegun from Iraq to his father’s home in Spokane, Wash. Military police found a cache of white supremacist paraphernalia andseveral weapons hidden behind ceiling tiles in Ross’ military quarters. After his discharge, a Spokane County deputy sheriff saw Ross passing out fliers for the neo-Nazi National Alliance.

Rooting out extremists is difficult because racism pervades the military, according to soldiers. They say troops throughout the Middle East use derogatory terms like “hajji” or “sand nigger” to define Arab insurgents and often the Arab population itself.

“Racism was rampant,” recalls vet Michael Prysner, who served in Iraq in 2003 and 2004 as part of the 173rd Airborne Brigade. “All of command, everywhere, it was completely ingrained in the consciousness of every soldier. I’ve heard top generals refer to the Iraq people as ‘hajjis.’ The anti-Arab racism came from the brass. It came from the top. And everything was justified because they weren’t considered people.”

Another vet, Michael Totten, who served in Iraq with the 101st Airborne in 2003 and2004, says, “It wouldn’t standout if you said ‘sand niggers,’ even if you aren’t a neo-Nazi.” Tottensays his perspective has changed in the intervening years, but “at the time, I used the words ‘sand nigger.’ I didn’t consider ‘hajji’ to be derogatory.”

Geoffrey Millard, an organizer for Iraq Veterans Against the War, served in Iraq for 13 months, beginning in 2004, as part of the 42nd Infantry Division. He recalls Gen. George Casey, who served as the commander in Iraq from 2004 to 2007, addressing a briefing he attended in the summer of 2005 at Forward Operating Base, outside Tikrit. “As he walked past, he was talking about some incident that had just happened, and he was talking about how ‘these stupid fucking hajjis couldn’t figure shit out.’ And I’m just like, Are you kidding me? This is Gen. Casey, the highest-ranking guy in Iraq, referring to the Iraqi people as ‘fucking hajjis.'” (A spokesperson for Casey, now the Army Chief of Staff, said the general “did not make this statement.”)

“The military is attractive to white supremacists,” Millard says, “because the war itself is racist.”

The U.S. Senate Committee on the Armed Forces has long been considered one of Congress’ most powerful groups. It governs legislation affecting the Pentagon, defense budget, military strategies and operations. Today it is led by the influential Sens. Carl Levin and John McCain. An investigation by the committee into how white supremacists permeate the military in plain violation of U.S. law could result in substantive changes. I contacted the committee but staffers would not agree to be interviewed. Instead, a spokesperson responded that white supremacy in the military has never arisen as a concern. In an e-mail, the spokesperson said, “The Committee doesn’t have any information that would indicate this is a particular problem.”

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47 comments on “Calling out the Racism of Ron Paul & Alex Jones (Obama Deception) As Our Desperate Army Recruits Neo-Nazis

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  2. “The military is attractive to white supremacists,” Millard says, “because the war itself is racist.”

    wow…. that statement says it all…. btw, one of the “Gangland” epis was about how the army was recruiting former gang bangers….now this….

    the words of my father continue to warn me about the ‘armed services’…..

  3. I’m not sure if you are saying all white people who want to fight beside black people are racist, or if you are just saying some are, and those are the ones we need to watch out for? if the latter is true, i agree 100%…

    I am half white, half hispanic. I fight for equality more so for Black people than hispanics, because i see more racism hitting the Black community. I fight for equal rights of all, but i do fight more so side by side with Black people.

    I may have misread or missed something in your article, but i just had to say, if i didnt miss something, if you are saying all white people who claim to help us or help Black people are ALL really racist down under, that is offensive and hurtful, and untrue. I have dedicated my life to this, and to think that because i am half white, you would think that i have some underlying racist motive doesnt make sense to me.

    I agree that people like Ron Paul are racist. I have protested against him from the start. I hate that man, he is a closet racist, and it shocks me how many people support him.

    But ignoring him and his kind for a moment, shouldnt me and you, or say a white person and a black person, be able to fight for equal rights and revolution for Black people, side by side, when both people truly believe in it and truly are fighting for it?

    I think it should be what’s in a persons heart that matters, not what color of their skin is. I am light skinned, but i have a revolutionary heart, and would die in the fight to see justice in the Black community. There may not be many white people or even hispanic people who are like that, but i am, so shouldnt the few rarities be welcomed to join the fight? As long as all of our hearts are in the same place, why would it matter what color my skin is?

    Again, i agree, most whites-even those who claim revolution- are racist in one way or another. But not all. I don’t think you can generalize anything.

    I really hope i miss read your article.

  4. Yeah, cats like Alex Jones and Ron Paul give off that “eerie” vibe. Like Davey wrote in his piece, many of the things these two and others speak about make sense. Its when they go into “coded” speak and rhetoric that drove me away. Maybe, they’re not really having us in mind to begin with as a lot of those types have done in the past.

  5. Well done here Davey. We asked similar questions about KRS’s appearance with Jones and what exactly Jones’ plans are. Like, I too have real problems with bankers and the federal reserve system (which obama just gave more power to…) but im not trying to build with no security guard-killing nazi.

    Plus, where was KRS on this electoral stuff BEFORE obama won? all this dyson-like post-game quarterbacking is an issue too.

    anyway, thanks davey.

  6. Their movement will be split in future. The Nazi/racist sector will fall right in line with the “German way of things”.

  7. You guys are falling right into Glenn Becks deathtrap. How can you guys call Alex Jones and Ron Paul racist. Where is your evidence.? It all boils down to freedom or slavery which side are you on? These ideas are devoid of color because all of us are or will soon be slaves of the bankers. Its really soimple guys like Ron Paul and Alex Jones are interested in what happened to the 14 trillion dollars that has been unaccounted for during these bailouts. Is that racist? You guys are fools if you dont want to know whaere our money is. RON PAUL is proposing HR 1207 to audit the federal reserve which is the root cause of our economic woes. If Obama is a puppet he wont be the first or last. Race is a non issue at this point because white people are being brutalized by police as if they were black these days. This is due to the theft of 14 trillion dollars. Te people who stole it have made americans out to be terrorists because soon we will all wanna know where our money is. Barack is a pretty distarction from the reality of the situation as planned. If bush was in there you would wanna know whare the money is so now your afraid to ask. YOUR ALL FOOLS if this is the case. I guess if Barack ewas president and handled Katrina exactly the same as Bush you guys would make excuses for him. YOUR FOOLS IF YOU WOULD MAKE EXCUSES for that man based on his skin color.

  8. Let me get this straight if your not for being looted by the bankers your a racist white supremecist ?

    By the way Von Brunn was a government operative to create this idea that if you dont like being financially raped then your a terrorist for asking to audit the fed. You have to step up your sophistication levels. The only peple who are injecting race are the ones who stand to lose due to the audit.

  9. And furthermmore if Ron Paul and Alex Jones are racist what does that have to do with reinstating all of our constitutional rights. You dont have to like me just honor my rights. Its your right to not like me because im black if you want i dont care just dont touch me or violate my rights. You guys are fools if you think them being racist has anything to do with it.

    IS there 14 trillion missing? YES If a racist told you would it make it untrue? NO whta are gonna do to find out where your money is?

  10. Whatever man! Why don’t you google search Jamiel Shaw to find out who the REAL racists are. That’s right!

    It’s illegal aliens and the whole imaginary aztlan movement, who are murdering black teens in California, simply because they’re black, and NO OTHER reason.

    Blacks are waking up everyday to the FACT that their problems ain’t with whites anymore. Whites and blacks are uniting against this 3rd world foreign, criminal illegal alien invasion.

    I catch illegal aliens burglarizing vehicles all the time here in Texas. Only ONCE have I ever caught a white guy breaking into a car, and I have NEVER caught a black guy!

    So go ahead with your racist, “unity of the brown-skinned people” mindset. We figured you’d have learned by now, that’s all a fraud. Even Hispanics I know are opposed to the illegal alien invasion, and so should you!

  11. Ok Roy.. I’m quite familiar with the Jamiel Shaw situation..I live in LA.. The cats who came after him didn’t do so trying to further anything other then they were gang banging. That shit goes on everyday in LA.. and it could’ve just as easily been another Black man who was gang affiliated or if he strolled out to Orange County , one of those crazed neo-nazi types or the police.

    You catch ‘illegal aliens’ breaking into cars all the time you say? What are you a cop? or some cornball who fears that things are changing… Yes my eyes are wide open.. for people like you LOL

  12. Blessings Davey D

    I appreciate your piece so much. I have been doing all i can for a long, long time to educate people about the likes of Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Jeff Rense, David Icke, American Free Press, Christian Identity, Militia of Montana, etc.

    I lived in Stevens County in eastern Washington for many years, known for it’s white supremacy. My multi racial children were harassed by bigots and my youngest had “nigger” spray painted on her school along with “queer bag” not to mention kids calling her that regularly and older ones bullying her because of her hair. We left cause it is impossible for a child to learn when she is doing all the anti racist educating in unsafe conditions. No one would support our stand. I will never live there again. I am sick of lazy lefties who fail to dismantle their racism and oppressive behaviors.

    Sadly, people are so undereducated in this country that few even know how to check the background of well funded idiots like Alex Jones and Ron Paul. They each have a long history in the white supremacist realm.

    Divide and conquer is their specialty. Too many so called lefties go for the conspiracy crap with no way of verifying the info. I found that particular willingness to swallow the whole mess very disturbing.

    The extreme racist right has a history of wooing the left. See writings on this subject by Bill Weinberg of WW4report, Chip Berlet’s Public Research Associates, Michael Novick’s Anti Racist Action “Turning The Tide”.

    In the mid 90’s i went to militia nutjob meetings in the county courthouse and elsewhere in my community to witness their hatred in action. I collected boxes of their hateful publications and read the horrid stuff, so by the time the 9/11 so called truth movement emerged, i recognized the template of anti immigration, anti choice, homophobic, pro gun, pro white male. My suspicions proved to be true.

    The black vs. brown conflict can be traced to the divide and conquer tactics of the LA County prison system. The history of how that all developed is documented in Michael Novick’s “Turning The Tide” back issues, among other reliable sources.

    The bigots want migrants to be scapegoated rather than looking at the fact that the US stole all this land from Indigenous peoples, including Mexican Indian people. NAFTA gave free reign to corporations to rape and pillage the land and the people. Over 2 million Mexican farmers were ruined when the US flooded the Mexican market with cheap GMO corn. It just goes on and on. Believe Alex Jones and you are part of the destruction corps want.

    Free Trade is destroying Africa in the same way it is destroying Mexico and will destroy us all. Free Trade equals ecocide, femicide and genocide.

    We must seek and verify truth, build trust and unify as never before seen in the history of this country since invasion. To do this requires examining the root causes of oppression and how we each can become the either the peacemaker or the peacetaker.

  13. I am a Canadian mulatto, I am well educated and have a website I run you should check out.

    I agree to an extent with some of what is said.

    But how can you defend what Israel is doing to Palestine? The Gaza strip is a concentration camp, and its basically the impetus that provokes any arab blowback (no not 9/11 that was totally staged) and thus the crux of global unrest. AIPAC petitioned to go into Iraq, they want them trading in US dollars. (Zionist dollars). DOnt believe the rastafarian nonsense, its cool and all but its just a way to tie black people to the grand scheme.

    Lest cut the BS here too, Jewish wealth is immense, they dominate the American media, and yes banking as well, in addition to owning many of the most prominent corporations throughout the globe. ISRAEL has nukes! And they wont let the UN inspect them! Yet they are hounding Iran over the same issue! DOUBLE STANDARD?

    All the while they hide behind US (as in you and me), they hide behind people of color talkin about the holocaust (and sure that was tragic no doubt) but no influential jews were killed off in that, it was mostly the poor ones. Meanwhile we dont have a word for what our people incurred, we get the term “slavery” not anti-afroism, or anti blackism. The only race with a specific word like that is Jews. Semite doesnt even mean JEW!!!! It means person from the middle east.

    My point is we are being fucked up from all angles. There is a war going on and black (brown) people are in the middle. Jewish faces dominate progressive politics, but its all a scam.

    Anyways visit my webpage.

    The truth is in the middle of what you are saying. The Jewish mafia is one with the neocons, they dont care about their people in Israel, they exploit their religious delusion.

  14. Absurd for anyone to dis an entire people due to the actions of well funded greed mongers. I disagree that Jewish faces dominate progressive politics. Progressive politics are so divided that we can’t even get together massively in the streets to oppose the ongoing genocidal actions of US and the war against the poor, Indigenous and voiceless. Personally i believe fear, privilege and white male dominance continue to be a problem in too many so called progressive movements where i live. I am sick of the widespread obliviousness.

    I know so many Jewish people devoted to justice that your (fadsmashers) assertions are flatout bigoted. People are such willing pawns due to laziness, failure to educate themselves and a serious lack of dismantling the racism, sexism, classism and other oppressive behaviors that are serious impediments to any kind of deep, courageous resistance. The deadly position of Israel against the Palestinians is not proof that all Jews are bad. It is very dangerous for any group to be so maligned and dovetails too neatly with David Duke, David Irving, David Icke as well as Alex Jones and others who are rabid anti semitics pushing the so called 9/11 truth movement.

    Rachel Corrie, who was involved with the International Solidarity Movement, was from Olympia where she worked with my best friend. The ISM was co founded by Jewish people who continue devoting their lives supporting the Palestinians. Women In Black, of which i am part, was established in Israel and Berkeley at the same time by Jewish women opposing the occupation. I could go on and on. I will check out the website, but i will not jump on any blanket bigoted bandwagon.

    I think the website is sexist and too willing to align with 9/11 truth which is permeated by bigots. Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Webster Tarpley, American Free Press, etc. Libertarians are white, free trade assholes. I think you could use a real dose of authentic peace and justice.

  15. Mr. Detroit, you’re full of horse-shit. All you do here is throw around random slogans like typical Ron Paul/Alex Jones supporters. Why don’t you open your mind and try and find the real news, instead of this conspiracy crap that Alex Jones is peddling? Ron Paul isn’t the Messiah you think he is, he’s just another white Republican who calls himself “Libertarian”, because it sounds so much better than “white Republican”.

    The New World Order this, and the New World Order that!
    Alex Jones, yo momma’s a New World Order.

  16. First off, if you want to give yourself any credibility when slandering someone you might want to utilize the spell check feature on your computer.This crap you wrote about Ron Paul is misleading and backed by ZERO facts. Libertarianism in itself is anti-racist because it rejects collectivism. Ron Paul is against the war on drugs for the specific reason that it targets poor people of color. Keep voting for puppets like Obama who have no substance and you’ll keep getting what you pay for-empty promises, more war and more of the rich getting richer. Blind partisanship is what is destroying this country.Just because you identify with a party doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hold the person you voted for accountable. We have killed a million innocent people in Iraq and now Obama is invading Pakistan and Afghanistan.For what? Is this the way he’s going to change our global image like he promised in the election?

  17. I’ve been a regular listener of Alex Jones since around 2000, and I can tell you your opinions of him are off target. I do practice differentiating his facts from his opinions, but even his personal opinions do not come close to racist views, in fact this whole article seems a bit not right.
    I shall say your right Alex discusses La Raza, and when he does he presents factual evidence for his opinions, as in open calls for killing white people, and a insurrection from Mexico to invade the U.S.
    Are ALL of La Raza spewing this? probably not. Does the fact that only SOME are spewing this mean we shouldn’t address it? I think not. And to quote Alex, as he so often says, that sort of “dove tails” with his views on immigration. Alex is whole heartedly pro legal immigration, however he is against entering our countries borders illegally…that illegal citizens, whatever you wish to call them, those entering a sovereign nation to whom they claim no allegiance (does that sound less racist?) are more or less ushered in over the border, in huge volumes, absolutely contradicts our governments views on security elsewhere in this nation, not the least of which for Americans. Alex doesn’t like “fair” treatment of illegals? Not true. Alex has a problem with contradictory laws which give “people who enter sovereign nation to whom they claim no allegiance” rights, benefits, and legal loop holes which Americas own “citizens” are not allowed to have. I dont care what color you are, to bend the laws for some, for those said to be “illegal”, whilst oppressing, looting, and eradicating rights of its own citizenry should be enough to get the most apathetic person angry.
    Alex brings up a point, he has for years….How can you ramp up security, push the public in to a panic stricken mode, place cameras on every corner, more or less militarize our airports, etc., etc., and yet people are allowed, helped, to enter over the borders of this country illegally? Does that not prove the fallacy and the fraud that is this manufactured state of fear we live in where we accept any and all invasions of privacy all in the name of safety and security? Is pointing out that “illegals” get benefits that Americas own citizens, We The People, dont get, a racist statement? BS

  18. Well Josh.. at least u have the sense to lay out and admit to Jones.. take on some of this.. Thats appreciated.. with that being said.. his take on Immigration is diamterrically opposed to folks like myself who recognize that at the end of the day this is stolen land.. and people have a right to it..borders cross them not the other way around… With that being said.. Jones has been more than outspoken he has been at rallies along with his people to actively oppose those who want to put an end to unfair immigration laws and do away with these harsh detention camps..

    with respect to la raza..and MecHA.. thats much deeper issue more than I have time to go into, but it dovetails to the understanding of stolen land and connecting with first nation people who were victims of genocide..

    Because of Jones take on government and its corrosive nature its strange to me to see how he takes the stances that he takes when in fact it was that very same govt and its corrosive nature that smashed on and continue to smash on the people who seek economic opportunities here in the US.. Thats like me saying I hate men who beat their women I have zero tolerance for that and then turn around and invite Chris brown and the late Ike Turner to sponsor an event…

    Peace for now..

  19. Not only are we having to deal with the damage from people who are pretty darned open about their hatred of immigrants like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck, but now there is Paul Craig Roberts who is being featured on Counter Punch. I have been doing all i can since i stumbled across this disturbing development. Is it because Alexander Cockburn is not so progressive after all?

    Paul Craig Roberts is the proud father of “Reaganomics” which brutally pulled the rug out from millions of poor single mothers using the racist stereotype of the “welfare queen” getting rich off their small checks. Not only that, but Roberts is featured on the white supremacist website Vdare named after Virginia Dare the first white person born in the US. Roberts has been featured on Alex Jones site spewing forth agreement with Jones virulent hatred of Mexican people, especially migrants.

    I am doing what i can to educate people about the terrible legacy of Roberts and his current affiliation and promotion of white supremacist philosophy. It really is disheartening to see how ignorant so many are around bigotry in this country. Right now 4 courageous students are on a 1,500 mile walk bringing attention to the need for humane immigration reform and are walking thru KKK country seeing children wearing the infamous sheets. They need support and conscious media attention.

    Have them on your show Davey D. THEY NEED SUCH SUPPORT AND VISIBILITY!!

    Love your work and am able to hear your show out here on Vashon Island, WA.

    Peace, love and justice,

  20. Let me just ask you these two questions.

    Do you think that all white people are inherently racist?

    Do you think that all black people are inherently racist?

    If you answered yes to only one of these questions, you sir are a racist.

  21. Racism includes the backing of an entire power structure, which people of color in the US simply do not have. What i have learned is all people struggle with prejudice, but privileged people, such as whites in the US, have the systems of education, media, government, police, military as a powerful infrastructure that keeps people who don’t fit down. Corporate Western Colonialism does all it can to permeate the prevailing mindset with racism. One has to self educate, spread the info and truly work for authentic peace and justice. Big full time job.

  22. To mr.detroit and all the alex jones, ron paul lovers. Mr. paul made several racist statements during the L.A. uprisings in the 1990’s. And what do alex and the closet racist do, they say “it’s a lie”. A civil rights congressman was spat upon, and what does alex say “he’s lying”. Black people constantly tell people that the tea-party is full of racism, what does alex say “their lying”. Whenever someone points out the obvious racism following out the mouth of his supporters alex simply state thier lying without any proof. Plus I keep hearing alex supporters stating they saw “illegals” doing this and that, my question is how do you know their illegal (racist comments). Whenever someone constantly takes up for bigotry, that person is a bigot himself. Alex hero is george washington, a man who owned thousands of slaves that he raped and sold and treated as sub-human. Now he wants people to believe he’s against slavery, bull-shit. He’s only aganist slavery because he and his family will be the slave. He’s aganist the goverment poisioning “our” food, while ron paul and the rest knew the goverment was and still are injecting black americans and (africans) with the aids virus. WHERE WAS THE OUTRAGE THEN!!! Where was all these truth movements. When thousands of doctors will now admit the virus is proven not to be natural. Why not call george washington and the rest of the bigots the real illegal aliens. To prove they are all racist, dear black people; they only want you to help them fight the goverment so they (unprivillage whites) can take against the privillage whites. And where do you think you will end up? You will end up just like the blacks that help fight against the british, those who help fight with the north -vs- the south! You will end up dead, enslaved, disrespeted, raped, or forgotten. More than likely ALL OF THEM. Black people don’t help the white male fight the hispanic race, just like our people help him murder the indians. We need each other to defend each other, no will save us but US. Peace–jim

  23. Thanks Jim.. I’m in Texas all the time and know Jones actions quite well.. He is constantly trying to smash on Brown folks and Black folks supporting him are either ignorant to his actions and definitely on the wrong side of history with respect to immigration..

  24. I think it’s unfair to have this Black & White view of people like Jones and Paul.

    Fractional reserve banking is destroying the world, there is a New World Order run by global elites, who are desperately trying to create a one world currency as we speak(look at the UN talking about we need a single currency this week, independent of the dollar and the Euro), the prison industrial complex and the military industrial complex IS what’s wrong with our country, and to act like those things arent true just because those guys may have some other opinions that we don’t agree with is foolishness.

    There’s more things I disagree with Obama and his Goldman Sachs/Citigroup cabinet about. Where’s the transparency? Where’s the end of Guantanamo? Where’s a Universal health care plan that doesn’t involve FORCING people to buy health insurance from one of the big insurance companies with threat of “penalties”? Where’s Obama addressing the prison industrial complex that effects HIS people the most? The lack of spine from Obama and the left hurts us a lot more than politically incorrect rambling from guys who will NEVER see the White House, so why are we spending this time on them?

    You can argue all day about their PERSONAL opinions, but the things that the guys in office are DOING is 10x worst and we need to focus on that.

    Also, Spaniards are not “indigenous” to North America. Most Mexicans are not anymore purely indigenous than you or I are at this point are “pure” Black. America was stolen from Native Americans by the French and Spanish and America stole it from them, that’s why they speak Spanish, the Creole’s speak French and not whatever the Mayans and Aztecs spoke.

    Also, the Mexicans SOLD California and Texas for 15 million dollars in 1848, so I don’t get where the idea that we owe them something comes in. Especially when the immigration policies of Mexico are WAY more stringent than Americas. They put El Salvadorians and Guatamalans in jail for years just for crossing the border illegally, then they have the nerve to criticize us? Really?

    Also, they don’t treat us(Black people) any better than anybody else does. Have you seen the caricatures of Black people in Mexican culture? Their country was liberated by a Black man(Vicente Guerrero) and yet they act like they’re above us. I’m not with the minutemen with shooting them or anything, but I don’t see them marching for Black kids that get killed for cops. I don’t see them doing anything for us other than benefiting from the Civil Rights movements started by us, then acting like they’re White and forbidding their daughters and sons from dating us. It’s a two way street. I aint bout to march and protest for them, when they don’t do it for me.

  25. D You act as if Mexicans and Indigenous or Mestizo types respect you.. They USE your civil rights struggle for their own means and whenthey get what they want and more political base believe me BLACK WILL GO BACK of the line.. do you know about Hispano American Race relations? I am Latina but not from Mexicao or central America I am racially ambiguous and have recent black ancestry and roud of it. I know my people way better than you do and La Raza culd give a f8ck about other Latinos and they have vey extreme views and desires. In Mexico black mexicans were intentionally writen out of the history books while they exist in abject isolation and poverty in the southers area mainly veracruz oaxaca and some other states. Thet always fail to mention their liberator GUERRERO was a mulatto man and mulattos as well as afrodescendants ut up a fiece fight and many for the most part were absorbed intot he population. They aint trying to hear that. There is a fierce anto black sentiment amongst many latinos even those with obvious black ancestry like Dominicans and Puerto Ricans. Please immese yourself in the culture and travel.. I hear it all because people dont knwo what I am and think anything but black and say things that make my heart bleed. bEFORE YOU LOOK FOOLISH DEFENDING THESE GROUPS do research.. Just because a white person is sayig something doesnt mean automatic black brown unity- btw blacks arent black they are brown as well many lighter than the so called brown. Illegal immigration is not a joke, and you talk about how indigenous lad was stolen etc and it forces this situation, well in Israel newsflash people weer there before 1947- indigenous palesitians, and their land was also stolen. Jews are not in the same boat.. to use exceptions to the rule like the few that fight against feds etc or the moderate LaRaza members is ridiculous because atthe end they each benefit from what the greater group ideology represents and when shit hits the fan then you will see people’s true colors. How you supporting the dream act and all that shit when you have blacks and hispanics who are citizens born here or naturalized that cant get the same benefits. How can you trace illegal crime when they can make up a name run and slip though anonymously. It is dangerous be they Mexican Chinese Irish or Ecuadorian.. and it gives hispanics a bad name I am sick of being labeled with these people..this si nto about balck brown divide it is about the truth..and black and brown can agree that illegal immirgation is not cool and la raza is RACIST even against other Hispanics..they believe that cali and oregon etc is the birthplace of some aztec god and whites shoud die and blacks bak to africa google their vids on youtube.. type afro mexican see whateople say when they think noone is looking

  26. NYC i suggest u do ur research ..u dont know me.. u dont know my history.. who I know what I know, my background etc..what looks foolish is u saying what u said to someone u hardly know…Do u know if I traveled? Do u know if I am aware of this history?. U my friend dont know what ur talking that for someone else.. and nice try..with the rhetoric

  27. Blessings Davy D

    Just wish to tell you how much i appreciate your perspective and tireless work. It is tedious dealing with studied ignorance.

    Here is a link to my friend Bill Weinberg who has been doing great work exposing the racism within the 9/11 nutjob movement. He includes Alex jones in this link.

    Peace to you,

  28. -What evidence does Davey have the Jones hates black and brown folks?

    -What evidence does swaneagle have that Jones and Paul have a ‘long history in the white supremacist realm’?

    -What evidence does swaneagle have that the 9/11 truth movement is based on anti-semitism, or that the anti-new world order movement is based on racism?

    swarmeagle says: Divide and conquer is their specialty. Too many so called lefties go for the conspiracy crap with no way of verifying the info. I found that particular willingness to swallow the whole mess very disturbing.
    Then says right uniting with the left is a bad thing after discussing divide and conquer.

    The FORD Foundation funds Berlet, and FORD has a long history of funding movements and terror activities that want to tear apart this country. What does that say?
    THE FBI through COINTELPRO is still creating havoc, this time by using moles to create hates groups (white, black and brown alike). Nobody ever touched that either.

  29. Alex Jones has a video interview with Paul Craig Roberts both denouncing Mexican migrants in very hateful terms. When his website was printed in 2002 on the Deception Dollars, along with americanfreepress (white supremacist paper used to be the Spotlight), jeffrense, oilempires, etc, all which featured racist materials at that time, Jones had an article on his homepage denouncing the samaritans who place water along the border so people don’t die of thirst. I spent many hours delving into his very bigoted materials. Takes time, but it is there. After i started alerting people to this, the racist, anti choice, anti migrant stuff takes more effort to find, but it IS there. Jones is an opportunist who hides his agenda, but after going to so many 2nd amendment meetings in the ’90’s, i developed a pretty accurate crap detector.

    Paul Craig Roberts is a white nationalist who is a featured writer on the Vdare website named after the first white baby born in america. He is also featured in Counter Punch for some damned reason.

    Spend a little time looking into Ron Paul’s background and you will see his relationship with white supremacy. White supremacists who are not in the closet about their feelings donated publicly to his campaign and his past writings indicate racism against black people. His life is permeated with bigotry. His son did not fall far from the tree.

    I neve said the 9/11 truth movement is based on anti semitism, but that many people, like Jeff Rense, americanfreepress, infowars, globalresearch are anti semitic. Way too many people who have been involved with the 9/11 movement from it’s inception are bigots, this does not mean all of them are, but way too many people do NOT pay attention when white supremacists show up. Ignorance is rampant.

    As the mother of mixed race children, i witnessed for myself Christian Identity adherents saying that Jews, race mixers and homosexuals should be executed in my own community. I did a lot of reading as well as talking to these people who were very influential in the militia movement of the ’90’s that went underground after Oklahoma City til the Minutemen border vigilantes emerged.

    I am not about to trade one jack boot for another. I do not trust the extreme racist right. They are truly the amerikkkan death squads as too many of these gun loving patriots have assassinated abortion providers, the black guard at the Holocaust museum, the convicted killers of prostitutes in Spokane and Seattle, convicted killers of Indian people in racist border towns in the south west. Most such killings go unsolved, but overwhelmingly when murders are solved, the killers are involved with hate groups. Few have made these connections, but i have been paying attention for years to the killings of the maligned and marginalized by right wing nut jobs.

    Uniting with sane people is definitely essential, but i have no faith that a white supremacist will watch my back rather than stab it because i dared have brown children.

    As far as Berlet taking funding from Ford, i do not know as i haven’t talked to him about that. You must know that to do that kind of research takes money that rarely comes from conscience as those striving to end war, genocide, ecocide, femicide just do NOT get funded. That’s why my work is so obscure i have no money just my own time between hard labor jobs. But i do know my subject. Too bad more people don’t make the effort to really educate themselves about the history of white supremacy, violence, hate crimes and who they target.

  30. Just because people of color work for COINTELPRo does not mean they have power. The power structure is white male and the only people of color or women who make it under the institutionalized structure are people of color or women who replicate those behaviors of the dominators. Anyone remaining true to their cultural beliefs, simply self sufficient living, loving their families and their land are targeted, beaten down and stripped of all they have. Conform or die is what it has gotten down to for most people these days. It is a tragic mess. Trust needs to be built among families, friends, community emanating outward with codes of honor that protect basic human rights. We have this nowhere these days except in tiny specks. It is a major tragedy. I do what i can to create community with my close family and friends any way i can. Too much domination going on everywhere. Where is the peace? No vengeance.

  31. Davey D,

    Much respect and blessings!

    FIRST, I’D Like to Thank You for writing this Piece and encouraging this debate.
    I stumbled upon this article by simply googling “Alex Jones Racist”

    I must say I’d been an Alex Jones/Ron Paul follower for close to 3 years now. I was impressed with their rhetoric which I found gutsy and ballsy (full of balls), However, some of their sentiment did disturb me and I reacted EXACTLY How would u described- I was always trying to rationalize or make excuses for them.

    Today I JUST HAD IT! I was listening to Alex Jones interview a former high ranking official by the name Dr.Steve Pieczenik,who seemed quite knowledgeable, as he’d worked under/with Henry kissinger,etc and all the top level power people.He also seemed quite intelligent.

    However, a she was talking about Barrack Obama, he had to mention how “Obama is not intelligent and he didn’t do well in college and in fact got in Columbia and Harvard via AFFIRMATIVE ACTION….”bla bla. But I was really even more offended when he said Michelle Obama got in Princeton Too via AFFIRMATIVE ACTION…..WTF?!

    Seriously, white people, why do you always have to discredit any black person of prominence by sneakily throwing in the “affirmative action” card?? It’s so disgusting and really shows who the closet Racists are, and REAL Racists.

    It Implies that a particular black individual, despite being successful and highly regarded within a specific profession, gained that spot via AA- Basically saying that the person is “NOT AS SMART/INTELLIGENT”, The Bar had to be lowered for them, thus they’re not on the same intellectual level as the rest of “us” white, flag waving Americans.

    That is the simple and plain truth!!!! whether you like or dislike Obama, you have to admit that he is indeed smart and intelligent. He was chair of the Harvard Law Review
    for crying out loud and PLEASE Don’t even try to explain that he got that coz of AA!!

    Michelle Obama is indeed a smart beautiful black woman with personality and style (unlike Dull, always fake smiling Laura bush).she Went Law School and proceeded to have a vibrant professional career before the white house.

    I’m not saying that all white people are racist, but as a black person in America, there are some signs/languages/words/phrases that are used by white people and we all know what they mean.

    I see some ppl in this post like MR DETROIT and others asking for “proof” of Alex Jones and Ron Paul Racism……LOL………HA HA HA….I’ve heard that so many times from white people in denial. I’m not saying Mr Detroit is white, but he sure does sound. As a black person in America, there are some things that you can NEVER Explain to a white person coz they’ll NEVER Understand! White people came here for freedom, capitalism, to explore the new world, while black pple came here against their will, oppressed. Those two can never be equal without intense struggle from the children of slaves.

    So Pls, stop asking for proof of racism coz if you’ve experienced it in America, you can smell it from afar and you know how it looks.

    As much as Alex Jones and the like seem to be fighting on behalf of the middle class, they are fighting for the white American middle class.I’ve heard Alex Jones talk of majority of football players as “Thugs”…and we all know what race makes up the majority of football players.

    Even Obama, a black man to ascend to the top of the American political system is still “niggerfied” by white society : Hey Obama, PROVE that you’re indeed a U.S. Citizen?
    PROVE your transcripts, Prove this, prove that….it’s no surprise to most blacks but it just shows despite what level you are in life, white people will always try to discredit the black successful man or woman.

    Wall street is run by mostly white males who mostly went to the Top Schools for the “smart intelligent NON-AFFIRMATIVE” Americans, and oh boy look at the mess they got the country into.

    Dr Alan Greenspan, PHD In Economics, worst Fed Governor ever, responsible for so much damage to the U.S. and world Economy.

    Just realize that those at the top hold the power, do not be fooled to support these wolves in sheep clothing -the Alex Jones and Ron Pauls’ who have their own agenda.

    Peace to everyone!

  32. The libertarianism promoted by Alex and Ron Paul is cleverly veiled racism. As is the insistence of small government. If you give people the right and freedom to be racist and a government that will support that liberty you have segregation. You open white only shops and have police enforce it, you make government small enough and you then have the right to private police forces, fire department and ambulance services that also have the right to be black or white only. Given the economic state of blacks in the US this free open market would slowly drive the poor citizens (mostly blacks) into pre-civil rights era oppression. While sounding the trumpet of liberty in debates and on the radio sounds wonderful the repercussions can be disastrous. There are many supporters of Ron Paul who do not understand this. Listen to his policies and imagine putting them into legislation and then imagine the benefits of those policies of you are rich vs. If you are poor. The right wing agenda is to decimate the poor (of all races – but mostly black). Take away health care for all, privatize education, take away minimum wage and reduce taxes on the wealthy (as the rich are the driving force for creating jobs).

  33. This stuff about “Ron Paul covering for racists” is absolute drivel.

    You have to be paranoid to think that Ron Paul actually is a racist. Moreover, you are likely looking for ANY thing to discredit Ron Paul, and this is the most promising path you think you can take to do so.

    Dr. Ron Paul’s consistency through the last few decades is unprecedented. And for you to think you can toss some garbage at him and somehow immediately destroy his character is asinine. It won’t happen, because those of us who value freedom, liberty, justice, and TRUTH will NOT LET IT HAPPEN.

    The good thing is, most people are smarter than this, you take people for fools, and it will lead to your shame as the Second American Revolution is a success and we ROUTE OUT THESE TYRANTS in our government and restore Liberty, Sound Money, Justice, Property Rights, and the Constitution.

    You would be wise to be on the RIGHT side of history sir.

  34. Also, I’ve noticed an awful lot of what seems like sympathy for the official 9/11 story. This has GOT to stop, and we need to call out those who ignorantly peddle this nonsense.

    Dave seems to be a self-declared educated man, but how can he (and many others it seems) support such blatant propaganda & outright lies. If we are interested in truth, which I’m afraid is not truly the case for this blog, we would demand a real investigation UNANIMOUSLY. Those who toe the line with the official story fall into one of a few categories: ignorant, apathetic, involved in the cover up, or a combination of the three. Period.

  35. Ray J i can guarantee you most likely are a Libertarian type who believes in the constitution, establsihed by and for white male landowners leaving everyone else out. Times are demanding that the most voiceless be heard. Ron Paul keeps the agenda for white males uppermost in his focus. He is unconcerned about equality, women’s rights, American Indian struggles to remain on their endangered lands, the fate of inner city Blacks living in deplorable conditions… His lack of voice for all these people and countless others is rather striking. Paul appeals to those whose interest in truth goes only so far. The agenda of white supremacy is very much a part of Ron Paul and his cronies in the so called 9/11 truth movment riddled as it is with bigots. Truth can only be deeply assured if all facets of the situation are examined. Sadly, 9/11 truthers have way too many flaws to be taken as serious shapers of justice. Bigotry denied is bigotry ignored and hate perpetrated.

  36. Here’s the thing Swaneagle –

    if by Libertarian you mean I support the cause of Liberty for ALL, then you’re damn right I’m a Libertarian.

    The Constitution does not discriminate. You are blind and brainwashed if you think it does.

    It is true that our founders should have done much more early on to free slaves. Some of them tried, but it was a strongly rooted part of the culture unfortunately, and was not able to be done away with immediately.

    You are being extremely devious (whether intentional or not I am uncertain) in your assertion that Ron Paul is unconcerned with minorities. It is this FOCUS on one minority needing attention over another that is so completely destructive. In a free society intent on liberty for all, this literally means there are no MINORITIES, there are no RACES, there are no GROUPS, etc. etc. Individuals are FREE, and rights are given on an INDIVIDUAL level, not a GROUP level. Get this straight, please, if you haven’t already…because it will twist and distort everything that follows in your reasoning.

    What Ron Paul does support is what the Constitution demands: equal rights for ALL. This means stopping the government from WASTING resources, as it will ALWAYS do, as people demand their entitlements — which should come from WE THE PEOPLE taking care of one another as it has been done throughout our country’s history.

    The fact that you say this:

    “The agenda of white supremacy is very much a part of Ron Paul and his cronies in the so called 9/11 truth movment riddled as it is with bigots.”

    clues me in to believe perhaps your intent here is more devious than we can know, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, the 9/11 truth movement has been successfully labelled by the media as the movement of absolute wackos. And, as is always the case, this is perhaps itself a testimony to the validity of the movement. When the truth offends someone, as it often does, the only retaliation left is to attempt to destroy their character. If this were a dictatorship they could just murder people…but then again, they wouldn’t need to pull off a stunt such as 9/11 to begin with if it were a dictatorship.

    Firstly – Ron Paul does not publicly declare 9/11 to have been an inside job — you assume what he believes in your statement it seems. And the fact that you label those in the movement as “his cronies” is pretty absurd. The more I think about this, the more I realize that you most likely do have an agenda here…so enough said from me.

  37. P4L is either a White Supremacist acting like a Black Person or he is a very Ignorant person. for one Latinos do not live of off anybody’s civil Rights movement. one thing Civil Rights is not Exclusive to Just Black Folks that’s one of the Biggest Lies and Misconceptions ever told in this Country. Mexicans Chicanos have been fighting there own Civil Rights struggle since the Land called the South west has been stolen and we were also fighting in our own countries. before you say that Black and Brown Unity is fake and that Civil rights are exclusive to Black People you better learn about the Chicano Movement and Native American Movement and the Mexican Revolution and about Yanga a African Slave who revolted against the Spanish in Mexico. Ignorance will never be defeated with Ignorant Minds like your no wonder your such a Alex Jones Cult Follower.

    and Dave D thank you for exposing Alex Jones for the Racist Hatefilled idiot that he is. i have been telling people about this White Nationalist for sometime. just he has a Cult that hangs on his everyword.

  38. As a mexican american I hate it when alex jones goes off on mecha. It was never taught to me to reconquest america and to hate whitey as alex has suggested. It was taught as a tool of empowerment so as kids we can come up from hardship to excel in school and to compete with the private school kids that were better off. It gave us a sense of confidence in a world of anti-minority to love ourselves and to know our history.

    I like alex jones but i strongly disagree on whatever agenda he has for groups like mecha. Mecha is not the enemy he needs to focus on the true enemy. Even if alex is correct (which he isnt) mecha is not a terrorist group and is basically a ant compared to the golliath illuminati that we are all collectively facing.

  39. Pingback: Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones… The Gun Control Debate | Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

  40. Your style is unique compared to other people I have read stuff
    from. Thank you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just book mark this

  41. I must admit ,that ive been duped,up to now i was giving alex jones and ron paul the benifit of the doubt.however his most recent comments on the martin murder confirms it.alex and ron are closet racisis.and all that a black man can expect from this fight is a trail of tears…dont belive me?…then ask the CHEROKEE PEOPLE.

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