Hip Hop 101

Essential Articles on Hip Hop

History of Hip Hop by Davey D(1985)

Afrika Bambaataa’s definition of Hip Hop (1996)

Grandmaster Flash’s Definition of Hip Hop (1996)

A Historical definition of the Term Rap pt1 by Davey D

A Historical Definition of the Term Rap pt2  (Street Hustlers to Revolutionary Poets) by Davey D

Grand Wizzard Theodore Explains the Origins of the Scratch and Beyond

The History of Hip Hop And Funk.. Bay Area Style by Davey D (1996)

The Connection Between Hip Hop, New Wave and Punk by Davey D (2005)

A Day In the Bronx Remembering the Black Spades & their Connection to Hip Hop by Davey D

History of Electrofunk What Does It All Mean?

When The Fever Was Mecca..The Legacy of Disco Fever by Mark Skillz (2009)

DJ Eddie Cheeba & DJ Hollywood..The Disco Side of Hip Hop by Mark Skillz (2009)

One Night at the Executive Playhouse Kool Herc vs Pete DJ Jones by Mark Slillz (2007)

Industry Articles

Does the Music Industry need a Bail Out Plan? by Tony Muhammad (2009)
Payola The Dirty Industry Practice Ruining Hip Hop  by Davey D (2004)
Hip-Hop, Copyright + Cultural Legacy, Part 2: -by Jeff Chang (2010)
Why Hip Hop is Dead by Lethal Wonder

Should  New York’s Proposed Hip Hop Museum Include Gangsta Rap
I Say Let Them (Gangsta Rappers) Get Their Own Museum by Furious Styles
Casual Weighs in on Museum Controversy Around Gangsta Rap by Casual

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