Before there was Madea w/ Tyler Perry, There was Geraldine w/ Flip Wilson-How Many of Y’all Remember?


flipwilsonsammydavisI like Tyler Perry and his character Madea. He/ she does have her funny moments.. However, before there was Madea there was Geraldine played by comedian Flip Wilson. A lot of folks have forgotten about Flip.. he was eons ahead of his time..Geraldine was before Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy and any other comedian that has made a mark playing a woman.

I loved the way his character Geraldine would talk about fictional boyfriend ‘Killer’.. I also loved the way Geraldine would interact with the guests..

Below is a classic clip where Geraldine engages heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali. We must not forget our history..

Another classic skit is Flip Wilson engaging the Jackson 5

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13 comments on “Before there was Madea w/ Tyler Perry, There was Geraldine w/ Flip Wilson-How Many of Y’all Remember?

  1. “We must not forget our history” – I’m holding all of you all to that. Yes, I remember Geraldine. Remember Flip Wislson’s sample of her used on Philly’s track “Funky Dividends”?

  2. Still waiting for some history on Sylvia Robinson the owner of Sugar Hill Records in 1979, T LA Rock, and Nikki D. “We must not forget our history”. Who’s history?

  3. you gotta also include joey robinson sr in that with his wife sylvia it was cats like joey robinson, bobby robinson, peter brown, paul winley, were the original record men in communities.

  4. hank, a whole lot of them jumped on the band wagon, but Sylvia started an industry and production of “Rap Music”. Just heard Chuck D mention Rap Music been around thirty years on Monique’s Show and he mentioned King Tim III, but the point that I’ve been trying to make for 15 years is that the industry of “Rap Music” started with Sugar Hill Records. Can’t. call it a “dynasty”, but if you know about Black people in ancient Kemet – that was Sugar Hill Records from 1979 – 1983. King Tim III was a album, Sugar Hill Records was the beginning of the “industry”. We do not love ourselves. We’ll hate Imhoptep and love Socratres or Hypocrates or whatever that white thief of medicine was. “We must not forget our history”. Give Sylvia her props and thgen the rest of the badwagoners can get some credit, but shit how “you” jump all the way up to 1984 with Def Jam? Who’s history?

  5. Wasn’t old enough to even remember, though he was brought up at times by the grown-ups when I was a kid…

  6. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? You do realize that you are highlighting Black Men dressing up like black women WTF? This is not new or rare. It is actually a Hollywood rights of passage for black comedians and top black male actors. Watch Dave Chapelle’s Oprah interview and this fact may have went over your heads. Then you may understand why you don’t see Dave Chapelle outside of reruns. He was painted as a hallucinating fool who ran from 50 million Dollars. Deep.Although I respect each persons right to reach his, her, or his/her goals. There is nothing nostalgic about Slavery in “Hollywood” Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Richard Pryor, Wesley Snipes, Ving Rhames, Choose a Wayans, etc. etc. etc. Why?

  7. D Mand respect, right on! Who’s history?
    Nothing really to be proud of, I agree. “Burn Hollywood Burn!”

  8. D Mand Respect:

    You took the words right out my mouth! I, too, often cite that Dave Chappelle interview, as well as the HISTORICAL PATTERN Dave was talking about, when some of our Brethren and Sistren challenge me on my dislike of most of Tyler Perry’s work. It’s a damn shame that some STILL refuse to see the blatant burnt cork and red lipstick – even when it’s all up in their face, all slick, scaled-back, streamlined, refined and modernized, New Millenium Minstrel Show style – and when you throw in religion, it’s even easier to continue the deception. I hope that Eddie Cantor, Carl Laemmle, Al Jolson, D.W. Griffith, and others like them are burning quite crispily in Hell. . .

  9. Well they set it up real nice like you said Critical & Rob Jr. You see how quickly he shot up the culprit ladder. From Bootleg Plays to the Silver Screen rather quick. Because when you see him you see Madea dressed like a man and not Tyler Perry Dressed like woman. Don’t sleep on how the black woman is getting crossed matched with everybody but the black man including in Tyler Perry’s movies. It’s initiations to get on that silver screen. Check the no holds barred Bufoonery in Couple Retreat. It’s work to do fellas. Conspiracy it may be, but theory it is not. Shit is real.

  10. Jews and gays “do” run Hollywood. Let’s not lie about that. But homey killed it calling it “a rights of passage” for Black comedians and actors. Make you look at Denzel and Shamore (he’s gay) and others a little differently. Google most of the Black males that America let’s through in history, and you’ll find that they had “gay” backgrounds, that’s why “they” let them through. If they screwing you, they let you through – its the ‘rights of passage” for the Black male in their entertainment world.. Ask P-Diddy, LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy, Wanda Sykes, Queen Latifah, the jews and gays from history and others is this “gay” stuff true. Google every Black actor, writer, and entertainer and see if you don’t find sugar in their tank. They often try to hide behind their wives. You ain’t gay, you ain’t in. Why do you think the brothers who been to prison don’t have a problem in the industry. Used to it.

  11. Bravo Dmand Respect! It is sad and scary that as Malcom once said “a people who don’t know there history are doomed to repeat it” Geraldine was 40yrs ago, are we saying that we have made NO progress? The condition of our community demands we have men that act as MEN.

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