Lou Dobbs to Speak at Hate Rally-CNN’s Credibility at Risk


Lou Dobbs-When will CNN Finally let this man go?

Lou Dobbs-When will CNN Finally let this man go?

This should come as no surprise to anyone. What else can corporate media do that it hasn’t done already, especially when it comes to the issue of race and how it treats marginalized and oppressed communities.  Guys like Lou Dobbs should’ve been bounced a long time ago,  but he is apparently protected by the powers that be and he seems to pushing an agenda that his bosses agree with..

With that in mind, I suggest that people who take issue with Dobbs and his ilk, use this appearnce as an opportunity to light more fires.. While a boycott may be good.. How about us all posting a simple avatar that says No to CNN /No to Lou Dobbs.  I say turn up the heat and let your displeasure be known..hell I say demand to have a community representative who is well versed in such issues be granted a show. How smart would that be? I guess the name of the game is to not empower people in the least.

What’s interesting to note is that CNN has been slipping in the ratings with MSNBC surpassing them. One must wonder if CNN is now going to be focusing on the birther/ tonhall/ rightwing nut crowd or if they are gonna fall back and try to nurture an audience with the people their commentators like to routinely crap on?

-Davey D-

Lou Dobbs to appear at hate rally; CNN credibility at risk

August 30, 4:16 PMPortland Progressive ExaminerMichael Stone

Lou Dobbs is planning to appear and speak at a hate rally, putting CNN’s journalistic credibility at risk. Dobbs, conservative radio personality and CNN on air personality, is scheduled to speak at a rally sponsored by FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). The organization has been designated a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

FAIR is often criticized for running racially offensive ads. The group was founded by John Tanton, who has a long history of making racist statements and espousing racist beliefs. A FAIR press release announced that Dobbs will broadcast his show from the rally and will be joined by 47 conservative talk radio hosts. Entitled “Hold Their Feet to the Fire”, the legislative advocacy event and rally is scheduled for September 15 and 16.

Recently Dobbs has been under a great deal of scrutiny and criticism. Just last month Dobbs humiliated himself and CNN by trying to legitimize the birther movement. During and after the birther episode many inside sources thought Dobbs would be fired by CNN. His behavior and actions certainly merited dismissal.

Now Dobbs finds himself in another kettle of hot water. Dobbs has always been willing to endorse and tolerate racist views when it comes to immigration. Agreeing to speak on behalf of a known hate group is simply beyond the pale of good taste and common sense. Such an individual is a liability, not an asset, to CNN, or any legitimate news organization.

It is time for CNN to let Dobbs go. Like Beck before him, he has no place with a legitimate news organization. No doubt Dobbs will be welcomed over at FOX News, a place where racists and lunatics alike tend to congregate.

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3 comments on “Lou Dobbs to Speak at Hate Rally-CNN’s Credibility at Risk

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  2. ***Let me stand on my soap box***…….Nothing surprises me anymore after Obama became the president Every time you turn around another comment with racist overtones is said on these network news stations and no one is being fired or suspended for their actions. That is why we(Black’s and Latino’s) have to come correct and have more empowerment in our communities and respect ourselves more. It worked for the Jews, Italians, Russians, and many other group how came from Europe and lived in poverty. If you say anything outright racist or say something about Jews that they feel is negative towards them they would take out an ad in the newspapers and condemn that person. They would go all out to hold that person responsible for their action.
    Not with us! We degrade ourselves on TV and the internet but want to ask for respect! Who will respect us if we don’t respect ourselves! Black and Latinos are the only ones who have not moved forward from poverty in one major movement and big up the ghetto like there are is something really good there. We have so many wealthy celebs(actors, ball players, musicians,etc..) that we can spread money around and help our communities rebound and become empowered that will give us some financial and political power to allow us to speak up for ourselves and denounce the BS racist statements said by these so called news anchors. Other groups help there own in America and abroad to create stores, banks, schools, museums, townships/countries, etc…. that is why they are in power and why they don’t get the slap in the face everyday like we do. Peace and Blessings….**stepping down off the soap box***

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