White Cops In Philly Refer to Black Kids As Ghetto Monkeys-Black Cop Set to Sue



daveyd-raider2As you read the article below  please keep in mind several things which make this story even more disturbing. First, Philadelphia currently has a Black Mayor, Michael A Nutter  and had another mayor John F Street, a community activist and organizer who served for 8 years.  This means that the website Domelights used by white Philly Cops to post up racist rantings about the people and the communities they a re supposed to serve was launched and has existed un-challenged on the watch of two African Americans leading the City of Brotherly Love.  How is this possible?

For the past 8 years, Philadelphia has had two Black Police Commissioners, Sylvester Johnson and the Charles Ramseywho is highly decorated and currently oversees the department. How is racism this blatant amongst white officers tolerated on their watch? Do these men not have power or do these men not have backbone to stand up and shut things down? How was Johnson and now Ramsey able to lead officers who feel comfortable enough to embrace and exude the type of unconscionable racism described in the article?  Their inability to have a zero tolerance policy put in place and acted upon when such egregious behavior occurs is a stark reminder that even though we have Black faces in high places it don’t mean a damn thing for the everyday Black person on the streets of  Philly and throughout this country.  

Professor and Fox news Commentator Marc Lamont Hill came across out of control cops on the Temple University campus in Philadelphia just last week. They were making several young men drop their pants in a public place while they laughed and cracked jokes.

Professor and Fox news Commentator Marc Lamont Hill came across out of control cops on the Temple University campus in Philadelphia just last week. They were making several young men drop their pants in a public place while they laughed and cracked jokes.

As I’m reading this story, I can’t help but think about two things. First, is a situation which took place just last week around Temple University in Philly when Professor and Fox News Commentator Marc Lamont Hill came upon some out of control officers who thought it would be funny to harass several young Black men passing through the campus by having them drop their pants in public while being detained. 

Hill tweeted about the incident and described how he stood watching  the officers when he himself got confronted. The officers wanted him to leave the scene. They said he was ‘hovering ‘when Hill was actually observing which he has a right to do as tax paying citizen. Perhaps the only thing that kept him from being made to drop his pants was that he let it be known he was a professor on the campus where the young men were being jammed up.

Hill tweeted about how angry he was because after the cops let the boys go they started laughing and cracking jokes about the incident.  What made this more outrageous was they did this in front of Professor Hill- The message seemingly conveyed by these callous cops was; It don’t matter who the hell you are, we’ll do what we want.  One has to wonder if these cops went home  wrote about the incident and shared a good laugh with other white cops on the racist website Domelights.

The second thing that comes to mind, is the plight of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. Year after year when his case comes up, the Philadelphia police union Fraternal order of Police #5 leads the charge to block any attempt to free him. Mumia has long talked about the insidious racism and brutality of the Philly police.  The things he’s reported on prior to going to jail over 20 years ago  and throughout his stay on death row have been met with skepticism, rebuke and disbelief by mainstream pundits who simply feel the police can do no wrong.  Perhaps these pundits need to look at the daily, pervasive racist commentary on Domelights from these White officers serving a city with a majority population of people of color and has  Black leadership which is more than unnerving. One can then ask  how much worse and in your face were these racist attitudes  under white leadership, especially when Mumia was free and having to deal with well known racist Police Commissioners like Frank Rizzo. One can only imagine it was even worse.

Lastly one has to ask, how is such conduct tolerated by the Fraternal Order of Police. You go to their website and you see they are alerting their members to upcoming contract hearings on July 24th. I didn’t see anything telling their officers to fall back and set a good example for other officers by not tolearting racism. The FOP want a new contract when they have pretty much remained silent and not reined in their members?  Pay attentions folks and lets see how this plays out.

When will President Obama aggressively address these increasing issues of police terror and the racism that is pervasive throughout many departments?

When will President Obama aggressively address these increasing issues of police terror and the racism that is pervasive throughout many departments?

In closing I will say this.. yesterday we had a huge debate on my website and facebook pages about whether or not President Obama was doing enough to address racial issues that are impacting Black folks daily. Many felt like he was on the case. Others felt like he was falling short. One of the main sticking points in our debate were these increasing incidents of police terror that are happening from Oakland to Mississippi to Houston to Trenton,  NJ with Wise Intelligent to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Hip Hop pioneer and X-Clan member Paradise Gray. It was not lost on me that earlier this week President Obama went out of his way to offer prayer and praise to officers who were shot and seriously injured in the line of duty  while chasing down suspects in Jersey City, New Jersey. He offered prayer and praise to slain officers in Pittsburgh a couple of months ago and he offered prayer and praise to the 4 officers slain in Oakland back in March.  These things he should do.

At the same time, when is our President going to put out of control police on notice and offer solace to people brutalized by renegade cops?  When is he going to instruct his Attorney General Eric Holder to draft a plan of action to hold police accountable and make sure that there will be zero tolerance for abuse and racist behavior as demonstrated by the white officers on Philly’s police force.  

President Obama gave lots of money in his stimulus package for police-Perhaps he needs to take some of that money bback and treat the polce the way he treated the car companies. Let them know they don’t get any money until they start doing right by the American people.

Something to Ponder…

-Davey D-


  • Cops claim police message board “infested with racist, white supremacist” remarks
  • Boards reference swim club incident, calls black kids “ghetto monkey faces”
  • One post describes “no car insurance driving, bad weave wearing” black women
  • Lawsuit seeks for site to be taken down or have cops stop posting during work
  • Black Philadelphia police sue over message board, say it’s racist


    Domelights is a privately run website used by police in Philadelphia where they routinely post up racist rantings including one where they referred to Black kids discriminated at a Philly country club-Ghetto Monkeys'

    Domelights is a privately run website used by police in Philadelphia where they routinely post up racist rantings including one where they referred to Black kids discriminated at a Philly country club as Ghetto Monekeys

    (CNN) — A group of black Philadelphia police officers filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against their department, alleging an online forum geared toward city police is “infested with racist, white supremacist and anti-African-American content.”

    The suit alleges white officers post on and moderate the privately operated site, Domelights.com, both on and off the job.

    Domelights’ users “often joke about the racially offensive commentary on the site … or will mention them in front of black police officers,” thus creating “a racially hostile work environment,” according to lawyers for the all-black Guardian Civic League, the lead plaintiff in the suit.

    A look at the site’s forums Friday for racist comments found several possibilities.

    Reads one: “In urban areas, it seems [African-Americans] living on welfare in paid for housing is ingrained in their culture as well as fighting. … Kids, along with adults can’t speak proper English or spell at a 3rd grade level, but they can sing among “theyselves” the lyrics to a rap song.”

    Said another Domelights user of an African-American woman: “She is a classic example of that exact non tax paying, no car insurance driving, bad weave wearing, all the whitey’s are racist black women.”

    The site’s tagline is “the voice of the good guys.”

    “Every time African-Americans do or say something in our city, we get this backlash of cops who think they’re anonymous on this Web site — just racist, nasty, hurtful things about what we do,” said Rochelle Bilal, the president of the Guardian Civic League and a 23-year veteran of the force.

    The league’s attorney said other black officers echo Bilal’s statement.

    “We’ve heard the same story over and over again, which is that [African-American officers] witness in the workplace Domelights being used and discussed [in a racial manner],” said Brian Mildenberg, whose firm is also representing a Philadelphia day camp that recently gained national attention when its mostly black campers were turned away from a swim club.

    He said it was “a gift from the heavens in a way that the two things happened at once.”

    While Mildenberg and Bilal said they had been monitoring the 10-year-old Web site for years, the pool incident did seem to play into the timing of the lawsuit.

    “When they said something about our pretty, brown, young, innocent children and called them monkeys because they wanted to go swimming, that was enough,” Bilal said.

    She may have been referring to this comment posted on Domelights: “Maybe the people who work for a living didn’t want to swim with a bunch of ghetto monkey faces.”

    The lawsuit also highlights comments made on Domelights by the site’s founder and administrator, a sergeant in the Philadelphiapolice force who goes by the online handle “McQ.”

    A statement from McQ that Mildenberg described as “racially abusive commentary” reads, “Blacks and other minorities frequently don’t have the resources that white people have. Consequently, blacks may not be able to keep their vehicles inspected, registered, and roadworthy.”

    McQ is also listed as a defendant in the lawsuit. Asked why McQ bears responsibility for the racist remarks of his site’s anonymous commenters, Mildenberg said it was because “he started it.”

    The person known as McQ did not respond to a request for comment, but posted a message on the site citing the lawsuit. McQ wrote that the suit may cause the Web site to be suspended, but added his statement was not an admission of wrongdoing.

    “I categorically deny any wrongdoing on my part,” the message reads. “I did not make racist posts. I did not maintain the Web site on city time.”

    Ideally, Mildenberg said, his clients would like to see the site shut down. Failing that, they want Philadelphia police officers to be prohibited from posting comments on the site, particularly during working hours.

    The plaintiffs in the class-action suit also are seeking unspecified financial damages available under the Civil Rights Act for Philadelphia’s 2,300 African-American police officers, according to Mildenberg.

    Shelley Smith, Philadelphia’s city solicitor, said. “The lawsuit is about a private Web site. It’s not a police department Web site. It’s not operated or overseen by the police department. The allegations against the city and police department are misplaced.”

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    26 comments on “White Cops In Philly Refer to Black Kids As Ghetto Monkeys-Black Cop Set to Sue



    3. Davey D, you are going to have to stop bombarding us with all this race stuff. See what your boy Obama don’t started by showing that he ain’t have no balls. Mainstream America saw that speech and said, “I got this muther f***r now!” The job is always worst when you got a Black boss in charge at a white company, ain’t? Why did people think it would be different? Reverse discrimination and race carding, oh, you all ain’t seen nothing yet. Obama done gave some of these people the green light. They ain’t studding “Hip-hop”, trust me. Just got some fellows in the wrong place that can happen to write.

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    6. Robert, McCain and your girl Palin lost, now get the fuck on! Every day with your bullshit in here. We get it.

    7. STFU, Robert, Don’t you have a name? You can “google” mine, Who are you? I’ll keep returning every day until enough people grow-up and realize that “Hip-hop” is only an acronym for helping ignorant people – hurt our people” and you people get the courage to understand who “controls” the media and have you idiots fighting Black against white, while they continue to make all of the money. And by the way, the “white” lady I voted for was named “Hillary Clinton”. Know your enemies, STFU, Robert, I KNOW MINE.

    8. Robert, are you still in here trying to convince people that you’re NOT a self hating, Uncle Tom with a fucking axe to grind? Of course you are, you desperate sack of shit. Fuck you. Get the fuck on. You leave like 3 comments in a row, every time you comment. Attention whore. Just quit it.

    9. I see that some people are learning. If you knew Black history you’d know “Uncle Tom” wasn’t the bad guy. Why do you think I’m here – “Since you was tricked, I have to raise ya'” – Rakim. Keep reading, you’ll learn, ’cause I ain’t going no where until YOU ALL DO LEARN!

    10. these cops are really getn outta control and the crazy part about it is I’ve been a victim of cops harming me physically and verbally but let me just say this, I WILL NOT let it happen again and if I EVER see it (because I do often see it) I will not close my mouth and look thee other way. I will make sure something happens, even if I have 2 fight for it, justice will be served. WE as black african americans women/men we need 2 stop being scared of thee outcome n just go for what we know. help make a change before it happens 2 u or someone u love.. – A proud black woman

    11. Cops just locked up Obama’s Harvard alumni Henry Louis-Gates for breaking into his “own” home. Cop name was Figueroa. I just wonder what Henry Louis-Gates now think about his buddys NAACP speech. Everythings connected, just got to connect it. Yes, I was a victim of police abuse, as well. The cop was black. Its an institution we are fighting against, something some people just “gloss” over.

    12. And STFU, Robert, since you are so into “HIp-hop (Helping Ignorant People – Hurt Our People)”, why don’t you listen to a hip-hop song called “You can’t stop the prophet” by Jeru The Damaja from his album “The Sun Rises in the East”. Maybe that will better explain who, why, and what you are supposed to be fighting against. Listen to it. I’ve been teaching this for years. Don’t need attention, just “comprehension”.

    13. A cop in Boston wrote an e-mail saying something very similar about Professor Gates being a “bannan-eating jungle monkey”. He was on Larry King, I heard. We need a Congressional Department to investigate and break up institutional racism in the Police force. If you haven’t serve four years active duty in the military or four years of college to show that you are not just a high school graduate and that you can complete something than cop academy, you don’t need to be on the force. For every one good cop, you can find plenty of bad one’s like the cop in Boston and those in Philly.

    14. The problem is most people are still uneducated on just how corrupt police are. They want to feel safe, so they have to believe that the ‘good guys’ will protect them. Also, police slander and discredit their victims and anyone who complains. People need to start fighting back with the truth: How many cops end up in jail for serious offences against the very people they are PAID to ‘protect and serve’? ___POLICECRIMES.COM___”Rape by police is an epidemic”___GAINESNET.COM/POLICE__”1 out of every 115 police officers in the US will be implicated in an act of misconduct or criminality in the news”___INJUSTICEEVERYWHERE.COM___Mayors 2 dogs shot for no reason__NOTHUGCOPS.COM__RATEMYCOP.COM____Cops misuse police databases__COPWATCH.COM___How do police treat their own families?__BEHINDTHEBLUEWALL.BLOGSPOT.COM___You won’t believe this one__TWITTER.COM/InjusticeNews___SPREAD THE WORD!!

    15. Mumia’s ‘plight?’ Spare me! If he hadn’t murdered a Philly cop in cold blood there wqould be no ‘plight.’ Fry the bastard and the sooner the better.

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    19. When will Hill ever say something about teen pregnancies, illiteracy levels, shootings, robbing and everything else that makes every American inner city a hellhole filled with forgotten children? When is the last time that Hill cartoon was in the ghetto and understands what normal people in the ghetto have to go through because of the animalistic behavior of most black youth? Why doesn’t he write about single mothers and their fear about something happening to their children?
      Because Hill is a racist himself, filled with hatred against White people and therefore he only comes along when he can score some points against white people. Business as usual. This idiotic bigot even ran a Fox campaign when Vogue put LeBron on the cover with that whore Bundchen.
      Hill is sick, maybe he needs to spend some time in the ghetto to finally understand what the real problem is.

    20. There were 67 accidental deaths of officers in 2005, 15 fewer than a year earlier, the FBI said! Cops are rarely killed, but it is usually their service weapons or their patrol vehicles doing the killing when it happens! In late August, a police officer shot and killed a man after he mistook the man’s cigarette lighter for a gun. That same week in Detroit, a deaf and mute man wielding a garden rake was shot and killed by an officer.
      A Detroit police officer was charged with manslaughter in that city’s slaying, and an investigation is under way in the other.
      The shootings in two very different communities have heightened questions about whether police officers, in small towns and larger cities, are properly trained about when to — and not to — use deadly force.
      In Boise, Idaho, a spate of recent deadly shootings in an otherwise tranquil Western city brings the issue to a public debate.
      “Officers can begin to see everybody they deal with as being a threat,” said Pierce Murphy, a community ombudsman in Boise. “Not a potential threat but a real threat.” Shootings on Rise in Small Towns by cops!
      While high-profile shootings, like the 1998 slaying of Amadou Diallo, who was killed by four New York City officers who mistook his wallet for a gun, have brought the issue of police shootings to the national forefront, there is an indication that such shootings are happening more often in small-town America. The U.S. Department of Justice does not require police departments to report deadly shootings statistics. Some FBI statistics indicate the number of people fatally shot by police each year has changed little in the past five years, with about 360 dying at the hands of police in one recent year. But researchers who study trends in crime suspect an important shift may be under way: Police-related fatalities and instances of abuse, which have traditionally been associated with large urban areas, are occurring in smaller cities and towns. In the Colorado case, Eric Vantslot, 30, was shot and killed by sheriffs’ deputies in the town of Lyons after the man aimed what appeared to be a gun at them. After the shooting, investigators discovered the object was a cigarette lighter that resembled a semiautomatic handgun. Police officers in America are either poorly train or just STUPID! Or racist ignorance uncaring cowards! Especially white police officers! At what point are the powers that be going to acknowledge. That many cops in America (especially white cops) are just plain stupid and irresponsible? The country have lived threw white cops that are willing to turn waterholes on pregnant women and children! Four white cops beat and kick unarmed Rodney King and upwards of 26 white officer stood by and did NOTHING! We have witness white cops shooting the wrong man 41 times many bullets in his feet! There reason they thought a wallet was a gun YEAH RIGHT! In NY we also witness 5 police office black white and Hispanic officers fire over 51 bullets at 3 black unarmed men in a car! Their reason one cop thought he overheard one of the 3 say. They where going to get a gun! So they murder unarmed Sean Bell 4 bullet to his body and fire another 19 bullets into the body of his front seat passenger and three bullets in the backseat passenger! They lived Sean died!


      I need to asked a question that really needs a answer! How many America must died? In other counties because of the hate and divide and WAR WAR WAR Republicans mentality in America!!! There are Americans in America dying at the hands of racist white police brutality in AMERICA!!!! Nothing is done to prevent or stop that evil in AMERICA!!!! After WACO Texas after MOVE in Philly! After Americans murder children and adults in America! America needs to show other counties how America respects their own citizen! While we are murdering innocent children in Afghanistan TODAY!!! There are black children in Philly and NY. That are made to drop the trouser and take off their shoes. In full view of the public with their Stop& Frisk policy! Libya is in a “Civil War” in their country! They should be allowed to fight and die for their country FIRST!!! The talking points for the Sunday news pundits was. President Obama didn’t act quick enough or his leadership! President Obama did the right thing and America is better for his decision! To rush into a war is irresponsible! America lost 4,400 and counting in Iraq for NOTHING!!! All because of a irresponsible former Republican President G.W. Bush!

    22. Saggy Pant & Black Males

      Listen up black parent it is time for your sons to pull up their pants! Saggy pant may be a style BUT that style is under attack! There are politician that have pass laws against saggy pant. In Louisianan there is a $500 fine and or 30 days in jail! Yes yes the law is totally racist and done base on hatred! BUT it is the law in Louisianan! So you know that it will be coming to NJ soon! Any encounter with police can result in death for minorities! And the police office will be back to work before the black male is out the hospital on in the ground! Saggy pant may be that reason to murder your unarmed handcuff son!! IN THE MINDS OF A POLICE OFFICER!!!! Saggy pants if a law is pass in NJ can result in death! DEATH……so talk to your sons ….maybe it could save their life!


      It is so very obvious what the white control media has done to the first black President! They have allowed the Republican Party and the Tea Party and hate and divide to take the lead! Whenever the white control media reports something that President Obama does positive. There is always a “BUT” and that “BUT” always knocks the positive! LIKE: Unemployment over and over it was reported that Senator Obama stated that his stimulus package would bring unemployment to 8%! Well when he took office unemployment was at10%! In two in a half year. It went from 10%…9.8%…9.5%…9% ..today 8.8%! That to me is progress and working towards 8%! Not the white control media they reported the 8.8%! “BUT” they all of a sudden are concern about black America’s unemployment which is 15.5%! Something that was barely mention when stating unemployment! But they needed a negative! This has been the practice of the white control media from day one! First they demonize candidate Obama’s Pastor and Pastors that visit the church too. To the point Obama left his church. Obama’s wife was attacked his sister and a brother Obama had not seen in year! A aunt he had not seen in 25 years. Was found and Obama was criticize! Then it was candidate Obama experience or the lack of! Then it was William Ayer a white man that at one time in his life. Was involve with a group thet bomb American building. Obama was 8 years old at the time and knew nothing of Ayer! To date Ayer is a Professor at a college! Then it was the Tea Party attacking his citizenship calling him Hitler and a socialist! The white control media then started to refer to the health care Reform Plan as Obamacare! Not only was it no Obamacare . It was disrespectful and unprofessional! President Obama is a very good President that has put up with more BS! Then any of the 43 pass Presidents!


      Former Democrat President Clinton left office with a 800 billion dollar surplus! Republican President G.W. Bush receive that surplus and turn it into a 13 trillion dollar debt! During the time Bush was in office destroying America with his horrible decision. NEVER did you hear from Hannity, Palin, Beck and Rush. Claims of run away spending against the Bush‘s administration! NEVER!!!! Republicans pass a prescription plan NOT PAID FOR! Started a war in Iraq for NOTHING ( 4,400 and counting dead for NOTHING)….. NOT PAID FOR! Started another war in Afghanistan with no plan….NOT PAID FOR! There was over a trillion dollars of taxpayer money to date under Bush! Not accounted for in Iraq! Republican today continue to charge President Obama’s administration with spending out of control! To date President Obama’s administration spend 1.5 Trillion dollars in two and a half years! The different between Bush and Obama most of that money was to stop the financial downfall Republicans create! (1.) Stimulus Package 750 billion (2.) Unemployment 10 billion (3.) Military 100 billion! All necessary to keep America running! Unlike the Bush administration President Obama is spending money on the American people! To date 500 billion has been paid back from the stimulus package. In the end the stimulus package will earn America 300 billion in profit! To date know one ever talks about the 350 billion dollar stimulus package Bush spent. Nor how did it help or where did it go!


      Ones again another black unarmed American citizen is gun down by police! This time it’s in Trenton NJ. In every state in every city the same story is told. We (that “WE” means all 15 to 20 cops or more present) thought he was reaching for a gun. In this case the responding officer said the call came in. Assault in progress. But when they arrived to the seen Mr. Brown was walking away from the victim. Police said that a woman then approached Brown in an attempt to calm him down. He threw her to the ground, police said, and then raised his hand ( NOT A GUN) “as if he had a gun in a threatening manner,” according to statement issued by acting Police Director Joseph Juniak. So they fire him up! Not one officer but three officers shot a unarmed man! They all thought he was reaching for a gun. They all felt threaten. They all fire more then one shot. Never seeing a gun from their first shot to their last! Now let me look into my Chrystal ball….The investigation will find all cops acting within the law…. The police will release Mr. Brown’s police record….If he has one! Or his driving records. Anything to say to the public Mr. Brown was a bad person (OR JUST ANOTHER N—–R) that deserve to be shot by three cops! There will be some protest MAYBE.! If Rev. Sharpton gets involve. It may be some marching. The cops love that because now the incident is no longer about police brutality. Or police shooting a unarmed human being Mr.Brown. They will now make it about the protestor and Rev. Sharpton! Then black Americans will wait for the next police shooting! Of another black unarmed child or adult! Now I wrote this post on 4/26/2011.….Check back and see how my Chrystal ball did.

    Let us know what u think..

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