Blackface is the New Black



You ever see that blog Stuff White People Like? Well, blackface should most definitely be on that list. For whatever reason some whites love to paint their faces black and then express profound shock when black people get offended. Now to be fair, Asians will get in on the foolishness as well. Which makes me wonder how in 2009 seemingly intelligent people can be so offensive yet “oblivious” at the same time.

In the recent high profile incident of blackface on a variety show in Australia, the offending party, who referred to themselves as the “Jackson Jive” were all medical doctors. And, I’m sure the people who run French Vogue are experienced professionals. My brother Paradise just reminded me about Halloween coming up and how each year some college fraternity throws a blackface bash whose pictures always seem to make it to the latest social networking site.

Which leads me to the million dollar question, Why? Can we just say it’s racism and close the case? Is it maybe some deep seeded psychological problem? I can tell you one thing, it damn sure ain’t funny. The country is already divided and the fire of hate is being fed 24-7 by the right wing flunkies at Fox News. Why throw a bucket of gasoline on it just to amuse yourself and get a few chuckles form your friends. Is it really worth a potential beat-down if you run into the wrong person? Plus the way things tend to resurface on the internet that blackface may soon become permanent.

Jasiri X

11 comments on “Blackface is the New Black

  1. Whenever you negroes ready to fight the Klan, let me know. But I suggest before you go starting with the Romans, you all better know who the ones bringing you these images from Australia to begin with. I don’t mind fighting racist white people, but I be damn if I’m going out there to fight white people while “jews” sitting back instigating and collecting all of the money. We fighting white people over slavery and they didn’t even own most of the slaves, plantations, nor did they have the money to finance the Middle Passage journeys to begin with. Ain’t falling for that crap, again. Nas and Nick Cannon and Hip-hop ain’t help either with their original “Eat That Watermellon” video. Notice the Jackson Jive are sort of doing the jewish “Huva Huva” dance in the beginning and it takes a long time before the Catholic/Jewish guy even gongs them. If the guy truly disagreed with the show, it wouldn’t have been aired and made it back to the United States. Know your enemies, Black people. I work with white people everyday, the people that denigrate my race daily are the people I rarely see; who own synagogues, television, book publishing, newspapers, music, hip-hop, magazines, and other propaganda. I vote we go after the “instigators”, and after that we fight the european American white people we work with who are just trying to survive just like us. Know your enemies, Black People, they hide behind the Rush Limbaugh’s, Sean Hannity’s, Glen Beck’s, and O’rieley’s. They are the one’s truly controlling everyone’s minds. These people divide and conquer all day with their media and have us American Blacks and Whites fighting while they collect all of the money, and “we” still somehow end up paying Israel out of our paychecks 3 billion a year. Just say the word, and I’m in.

  2. Al Jolsen or Asa Yoelson was the “jewish” guy that made “Black Face” in America famous to begin with. “Know your enemies” is right.

  3. Who brought us this despicable image? Who told us this vision through the television? Furthermore, who would be more than willing to finance a race war? Maybe they are the ones that every race should declare war upon. Damn right. Know your enemy.

  4. Wow. Black people, were being discriminated against, lets unite and GET THE JEWS! < do you see how dumb that is?

    Fighting ignorance and racism with more ignorance and racism. pathetic. Hope these anti semitic comments get removed. Hate hate, love love.

  5. I didn’t say anything about Jewish people. I’m talking about financiers. Maybe you don’t know your true enemies yet. They don’t love you.

  6. You know i´ve never really understood the rationality of loving you enemies will cause some great change in their thinking and they will change their ways. It´s been how many centuries now and we are still dealing with the same racisim from the same two groups of people. They have had, and continue to have, no ill feelings about killing & raping our people so why should we have any second thoughts about bringing it back to them.

    ¨They sabotaged and they camouflaged
    But if these niggas came to crank up some shit, then I be down to ride¨

  7. This stuff is getting rather tiresome. This isn’t anymore different than that LeBron/Vogue cover. The global minority has lost its clout and I can give 2 sh!ts about some perps wearing shoe polish. The judeo-christian minstrel show should be on its last leg…

  8. What I don’t understand is how in this day and age …we’re still pointing fingers at the other man. Yes, I agree …we have to be mindful of the financiers who operate the hidden hand. However, we also have to start holding our own damn sambos and uncle tom’s accountable!

    We got heads who got money for days ..and they can’t think of anything better to do than buy weapons, diamonds, cars (worst investment you’ll ever make) for days …and it’s a bunch of bullshit. THAT IS BLACKFACE!! ..because you actin just like the ni***r they want you to be! Unless we get smart and stop shooting ourselves over some bullshit we don’t even own ..until we get a clue ..we will always be the primary reason why we can’t seem to push through.

    I could give a damn about some old white racist radio personalities. Who cares …what we do to one another ..whether we take care of our own, educate our own …create opportunities for our own …whether we do these things or not has a FAR MORE reaching impact and Rush and any other of those bigots. We have to wake up!!!


  9. yeah saw that vid and give major props to harry conick jr for going off about their ignorance masked as humor. its becoming mainstream again, bro. and yes the freedom fighters who remain in silence have to speak up. after stumbling upon this site, I had decided to change the premise of my own blog, because, it is in fact 2009. I love Black militant leaders, and have been seeing a lot of them become more vocal on the internet lately. it still is necessary to have a pro Black attitude, and a protection over our children. showing that not all of us are shucking and a jiving. thanks for this piece.

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