Hip Hop History w/ Big Daddy Kane-This is Why He is One of the Best



Glad to see D-Nice put this episode of his excellent series True Hip Hop stories.. You listen to Big Daddy Kane after all these years and realize he was not only truly one of the best, but also someone who never really got his full props both as a writer and emcee..






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Big daddyKane

7 comments on “Hip Hop History w/ Big Daddy Kane-This is Why He is One of the Best

  1. Big Daddy Kane was NIIIICE…
    I really wish these kids nowadays would just try to learn the wordsmithing that this guy had. Definitely a top 10 emcee.

  2. I met Big Daddy Kane once at a “Lady B” brithday party in Philly. He’s was as cool and smooth in real life as he was on wax. I ‘memba this culbin’ honey was all over him, and I was like, “Damn, Kane, she want you”, but he just had that nonchalant look at me like “she don’t want none of this” and blew her off. She was nice though! Moreover, Kane did get credit in 1994 in my booklet “The Origin of Rap Music” in the Rap Music Hall of Fame section’s (Source started their awards a month after they received the booklet) awards part –
    “13. The award for the best Rap Music innovative rapper in the Newer-New School rap category – and the nomonies are – Chuck D, Heavy D, DAS EFX, EPMD, Fresh Prince, MC Hammer, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Rakim, CL Smooth, and Treach
    and the winner is – Big Daddy Kane. I gave Big Daddy Kane a copy of the booklet back then at Lady B’s birthday bash. Tito from the “Fearless 4”, UTFO, and others were there, as well. Hell yeah, I got an axe still to grind with those at “Source”. I’ll take this to my grave as a letter I wrote was published in the Philadelphia Dailey News years ago that stated – “Long Live the Kane was the last “Rap” album ever recorded. Everything else “after” that was hip-hop” (geared to mainstream America). Got to hear “Rapologist Speaks ’94”., ya’ll. Working on getting some excerpts from the tape on here to debate some folks. Kane’s flow was uncanny! Only guy I ever heard anyone come close was my homeboy from the Roots – Black Thought, I believe his name is. Don’t know hip-hop.

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  4. i know big daddy kane’s oldest son. kane is a lowsey father. his son raps just like he does. he actually has talent, but when i ask him why doesnt he talk to his father if he’s really serious about being a rapper his son never has anything positive to say about his dad… “fuck that nigga” is what he reply’s when ever kane’s name is bought up.

  5. Alicia, you sound like the baby momma on here tryingto cause some mo drama. What’s Kane’s oldest son’s name and why do women always got to try to pull a brother down? “The jews ain’t go nothing on me” – Alicia.

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