Is Oakland the New Vacation Spot?



The SF Weekly takes a shot at cool hipsters and the city of Oakland by highlighting this video which tell s you why ‘The Town’ is the new vacation spot.. Take alook, laugh, cringe, and lemme know  what you think..

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5 comments on “Is Oakland the New Vacation Spot?

  1. The Black Panthers, M.C. Hammer, and them. Are there any Black people in Oakland, California? Or was this just your typical “Hip-hop” piece? Didn’t find it funny and still trying to figure how it made it to the “Corner”.

  2. I just moved to San Fran from Honolulu, Hawaii four weeks ago and so far I am not impressed with what I’ve seen here in “Sucka Free” City. Maybe does have more to offer by way of “culture” because it is OVERRATED on this side of the Bay.

  3. I did not enjoy watching that negative video about visiting Oakland. I don’t like humor that puts people down. There’s nothing funny about dissin anyone or any place.

    I like to see stories about vibrant cultural activities that show community spirit, talent, creativity and life at its best.

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