Kanye West vs George Bush-The Katrina Mix-We Remember



This is a Hip Hop audio mix that captures so of the thoughts sounds surounding the nation’s worst tragedy in history… In this mix you will hear from people like former Black Panther H. Rap Brown, rappers Juvenile & Master P, Mayor Ray Nagin, reporters Sam Sheppard and Geraldo Rivera and of course Kanye West and George Bush

Below is the link to the mix


Kanye West vs George Bush-The Katrina Mix

This is a audio mix that speaks for itself.. 5years ago.. Monday August 29 2005 Black America got her own 9-11. She was hit with an act of terrorism in New Orleans that was just as devastating if not more than what took place when those Twin Towers were felled by planes… Yes, you read that correctly.. Most people mistakenly believe that the city of New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Lets make sure folks understand this once and for all.. Much of neighboring Mississippi was destroyed by HurricaneKatrina which hit the state with its full level 5 impact.

New Orleans which was initially in the path of Hurricane Katrina was spared at the last moment… What hit New Orleans were winds that were around level 3.. The devastation that took place in New Orleans was the city’s levees broke and the entire 9th Ward and other parts of New Orleans was flooded. Did the winds break those levees? Was it the surge of rushing water?  Thats what’s been suggested. That’s what then President  George Bush told us.. Well here’s the deal.. New Orleans was hit by several acts of terrorism. It started on Monday August 29th 2009 when those levees bursted open..

We attended the International Tribunal for Hurricane Katrina and Ritain 2007 and heard 4 days worth of testamony from residents who were still displaced from their homes. This tribunal was one that was conveened by former Congress woman Cynthia McKinney and a number of organizations in New Orleans. There were a panel of judges who came from all over the world who listened in shock as horror story after horror story was told of what went down in the aftermath of Katrina. The most telling testamonies came from resident after resident who talked about hearing a number of large explosions nearwhere the levees were breached. Talk to the residents of the Lower 9th and they will tell you emphatically those levees were blown up.  After hearing so many speak and documentaries made, where its been emphatically suggested that 9-11 was an inside job, why wouldn’t the blowing up of the levee fall under the same cloud?

But if that’s hard to swallow, lets look at the testamonies that came from engineers who did independent studies. Professor Robert Bea who headed up the engineering team from UC Berkeley spoke at the Tribunal and spoke for a couple of hours where he painstakenly showed how the levees were designed in such a way that they were ‘destined to fail’.    So negligent were the designs that one could only conclude that it was deliberate-hence an act of domestic terrorism.

We heard the horric accounts of police shootings, and vigilante killings of Blacks by roving mobs of whites. Former Black Panther Malik Raheem put together a documentary where he captured white residents bragging how they had gone on pheasant hunts to shoot Blacks seeking refuge in one of the unflooded parts of the city. He estimated there were more than 200 killings. He showed bodies of Blacks who were shot in Algiers in his documentary ‘Welcome to New Orleans’

Again, the terrorism experienced came in the aftermath of Katrina here entire communities mainly poor Blacks were run out of the city with most never to return.  I recall when San Franciso and the Bay Area was devasted by the 1989 earthquake. The entire Marina district in San Francisco home top the wealthy was destroyed. Within a year those houses were fixed. The Bay Bridge that collasped was fixed. The 880 highway that collasped was leveled and eventually replaced.. But the homes in West Oakland where the poor lived still had visible damage 5 years after the quake. In New Orleans 5 years after Katrina we still have the Lower 9th is disrepair and many of the folks still scattered around the country.  If thats not terrorism what is?

something to ponder

-Davey D-

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4 comments on “Kanye West vs George Bush-The Katrina Mix-We Remember

  1. Its been five years? This was an “American problem”, but Bush’s attitude made it racial. They still haven’t rebuilt New Orleans back up. Natual disater gentrification. All this stuff does is make me angry, then we think about how far we’ve come with “hip-hop” people, like Russell, and the elecetion of Pres. Barack Obama. We got a loooong way to go. Hate to be reminded, but…

  2. reality is reality in the face of reality some in our community would rather use the tools they learned from the system that opressed their fore fathers and continues to opress those today in many shapes and forms, but they use those tools they were schooled in, to offer debate, not solutions or they use talking points, or play fox news devils advocate, there is not always 2 sides to a situation, but many in our community have been dumbed down into buying into that as some form of intellect and reasoning.

    stay strong Robert.

  3. I think people still miss the mark on Katrina. Most people feel it was nothing but another race issue when it was about the bigger issue of class in America. There has been a growing divide between the haves and the have nots. People in power have long tried to separate the public by race, gender, religion, sexuality and so many other things we could go on about. This was a moment like others that showed once again the people in power should a lack of compassion or responsibility for the events that occurred. Instead, it boiled down to black v. white/

  4. Jay-G, when the Federal Government doesn’t use its resources to help a certain population of American and “the media” are allowed to refer to a people as “refugees”. oh its “racial”, buddy. The classism argument sounds logical when you got a Black President and he says “the hell with the 9th Ward because I’m flying over it on up to the “Ink Well””. That’s classim! Other than that, Bush set the racist tone and the Federal giovernment followed its leadership – “they didn’t care about the “refugees”. Call A spade a spade, Bro. A lack of compassion for Black folks ain’t never been about class, its always been about hatred of of us and our race to us.

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