Looking Through the Window-May Micheal Jackson Rest in Peace



Looking Through the Window-May Micheal Jackson Rest in Peace

by Davey D

Michaeljackson-look-225By now I think everyone on the planet has now heard that Michael Jackson the King of Pop has passed away. Talk about having a full range of emotions. It’s hard to know where to begin when you start talking about an icon that was essentially the sound track through your childhood and much of your adult life. Michael Jackson was always bigger then life and yet had this vibe about him that made you feel like he was within reach.

 It’s hard to know where to begin with a guy who is credited with saving a then troubled music industry with the release of what many consider his two most impactful albums ‘ Off The Wall’ which was put out in 1979 and Thriller which came out in 1982.  Those two albums along touched people all over the world that will take years to fully comprehend. They changed the face of music, as Michael Jackson became the building block for almost every major music icon today from Madonna on down to Usher to the Backstreet Boys, Diddy, Nsync, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Britney Spears, MC Hammer, Ne-Yo and beyond.  Most of the artists mentioned openly recognize this fact. I just hope they along with their peers come out and pay a proper tribute to this icon that was on par for their generation the way that the Beatles, James Brown, Frank Sinatra and Elvis were for previous generations.  Entire thesis’ could and should be written on just how Micheal Jackson changed music industry with those two albums.

Its hard to know where to begin when you look back and note that once upon a time  MTV which in the 80s was an upstart music video channel, had garnered a sour reputation for not playing too many videos from Black artists. How ironic that Michael Jackson with his ground breaking  videos which were really mini movies became the saving grace for MTV and put them on the map in ways that I don’t think has ever been fully acknowledged.  I hope all Viacom employees appreciate the creative genius of Michael Jackson and that they haven’t been caught up in the fray of dragging his name through the mud by viewing  the King of Popas some sort of laughable charcter.   I hope yesterday and the days to come are spent reflecting on  how so many owe their jobs and the millions of dollars the company has generated over the years to this man.

michael-jackson_0_0_0x0_359x356When word got to me about Michael’s passing I kept thinking, I wonder when he woke up yesterday morning  did he hear  the news about 70s icon actress Farrah Fawcett passing away? I wonder if Micheal Jackson ever in his wildest dreams thought that Thursday June 25, 2009 would be his last day on earth. I wonder if he thought the TV programs with all their breaking news interruptions and television  anchors doing walk down memory lane tributes with friends and families calling in to pay tribute to Ms. Fawcett, would just a few short hours later be doing the same for him.

They say that Michael Jackson for the past few weeks had been preparing for his 50 city tour. They say he was showing up to his tour rehearsals hours late each night and that he was low energy. Now we all know that here were so many people who wanted for him to come back and be the King of Pop again, but I wonder if that even mattered to him anymore. Did Michael Jackson come to a point where he said ‘No More. I had enough!’ or was he still the perfectionist that I had often read and heard about from close friends who actually knew him?  Which Michael woke up on June 25, 2009? Was it the perfectionist with childlike enthusiasm for life and people or a was it a man who was seriously worn down from the controversy and day to day ridicule and scorn that surrounded his life who sensed he was taking in his last earth memories? I wonder what Michael’s last thoughts were? All I kept hearing was the man was in pain and that he was seeking some sort of peace of mind. The phrase “tortured soul” has been used over and over again to describe him and it was evident by what many described as eccentric behavior.  

Yesterday was emotional because there was little time to grieve for Michael’s passing. To be honest there seemed to be little time to even wish him a speedy recovery when we initially got word that he suffered a heart attack. While the man was enroute to the hospital and from our understanding not able to breathe and in in some sort of coma, all sorts of media opportunists jumped out the woodwork and started laying in. Can we all raise a big middle finger to so called gossip blogger Perez Hiltonwho epitomized the ugliness and viciousness of the day? This dimwit had the nerve to put out a blog accusing Jackson of faking his heart attack. As of last night, I didn’t hear or see one of vintage  long winded videos apologizing for the transgression.  Who knows?  Maybe there will be one today.  But do we really care at this time? The damage was already done and sadly Perez wasn’t the only one. Michael Jackson’s death was paydirt for many who continue making name for themselves by smashing on him and being a source of controversy.

Michael_Jackson_Ben_FrontBlogFor these types of people, it didn’t matter that Michael meant so much to so many people. It didn’t matter that for many he was more than just a good singer. It didn’t matter that he was more than just a guy who moonwalked and did funny gyrating dance moves. It didn’t matter that for many he was more than the Thriller video that they keep showing over and over again. Michael Jackson the King of Pop was a constant companion through all our childhoods.  He was piece of magic and bit of sunshine. He was the one  who could always bring on a smile.

Maybe it was through the videos. Maybe it was through his concerts. Maybe it was through his charity work. Maybe it was through a special song that has stuck with us over the years while so many have simply faded away. For me it’s ‘Looking through the Window’ and ‘Life of the Party’. Others say it’s ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ or  ‘I Want You Back’. Still others will point to ‘She’s Out of My Life’ or ‘Man in the Mirror‘. The bottom line for so many of us Michael Jackson was so much more than  the salacious scandals and sordid controversies that far too many pundits have reduced him to.

Michael Jackson was someone who touched folks in multiple generations. For a 70s baby like myself, he was our favorite Saturday morning cartoon. He and his brothers had our favorite variety show next to Sonny and Cher and Flip Wilson. Everybody who was anybody in the neighborhood watched The Jacksons. That’s where new ground was broken and new trends were set.

For example, everyone likes to talk about the thrill they got when they first saw Michael Jackson do the moonwalk during the Motown 25th  Anniversary Tribute. It was good and exciting and I’ll give it its props as a great moment in television history. But for those of us who came up when the Jacksons had their variety show kicking off, our ‘moonwalk’ moment was actually a ‘robot’ moment. I remember how I bugged out when the group came on and performed their hit song  ‘Dancing Machine’ and Michael Jackson busted out with the robot. Talk about setting a benchmark. His moves were flawless. He looked like a machine and had each angular movement down to perfection.  Every kid I know including myself came to school the next day trying to rock the robot the way Michael Jackson did.

Unfortunatly for us we didn’t have videos to go back and see this over and over. The next time I saw him do the robot was in concert at Madison Square Garden and I will say this to this day – I seen everyone from Sammy Davis Jr to U2 to Prince, Rick James, Teena Marie, Tina Turner, Rollingstones, James Brown to KRS-One name the artist I seen them perform. I say this emphatically-Nobody could rival what I experienced at the Garden that night. Michael was simply the best-hands down. And yes you read this correctly – Michael was better then James Brown on stage.  

Jackson-5-cartoonFor my 70s baby generation, Michael Jackson was our answer to the over hyped and overplayed Osmond Brotherswho also had a cartoon and variety show around the same time as the Jacksons. Michael gave us important bragging rights when those racial insults were hurled and comparisons between the two groups were made at school.

Micheal Jackson was also a fashion icon of sorts. I know some will try to deny it but back in the days, having a tight Applejack cap  and big afro set it off for more than just us grade school kids. We all wanted to be like Mike long before the other MJ (Michael Jordan) came along. If anyone denies it I guarantee there’s some auntie or cousin just dying to post up a picture up on Facebook of a family member trying to look tight with a vintage Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5Apple Jack fit. Many of us had those outfits and had mastered MJ’s superior spinmoves when we got on the dancefloor. And while a younger generation coming up in the 80s may laugh at such things we need not remind folks that Michael wearing black loafers and white socks and that funny jacket was adorned by quite a few folks. I have quite a few pictures of younger cousins to prove that.  Bottom line- The man was always loved  and is surely missed.

I was asked yesterday what I remember most about Michael and I responded there was an array of things.

Jackson 5We keep forgetting the important role Jackson played in the We are the World Projectin 1985  He along with Lionel Richie wrote the song and of course Michael did the hook. That was the jump off record for artists to come together and try and make big statements. Up to that time I think the Boycott Sun City Projectwhich was done a year or two earlier was the only other supergroup project.

I’ll never forget that Michael Jackson had the gumption to do his Remember the Timevideo set in Egypt and showed the ancient Egyptians as Black. That was big and the height of irony because so many of us always were annoyed that Egypt was always associated with Elizabeth Taylor who was one of Michael Jackson’s best friends. Instead of casting her in a return role of Cleopatra he put in Magic Johnsonwho played the Pharaoh. Sadly Jackson caught heat for it, but he never changed that video and many of us loved him for it.

I remember that whenever Michael Jackson did a new video it was a big event which on a couple of occasions actually interrupted all tv programming. I’m not sure if the Remember the Timevideo was one of them, but I recall the networks would delay prime time programming to premier a new MJ video. That’s how large he was and that’s how much he impacted music.

I recall Michael Jackson holding a press conference  and calling Sony record executive Tommy Mottola out who at the time was one of the most powerful label executives in the world. Jackson called him a racist and a devilish person who was ripping off Black artists. He even went so far as to accuse his ‘former friend’ of using the N word when referring to another Black artist. At the time it was a bold move by Jackson. Not a whole lot of artists were willing to stand up and be counted. I thought it was interesting to see  Mottola on one of the networks yesterday praising Jackson and talking about the good times they shared together.  That was classy of him to do that in spite of their beef. What was Keith Oberman’s excuse for being so tasteless in his coverage?

I remember when Michael Jackson burned his hair during the taping of a Pepsi commercial. We all feared the worse when that happened. Of course we know he survived it but he never really looked the same. He did quite a bit of plastic surgery in the aftermath of that accident.

I’ll never forget that Michael Jackson did an anti-war song called Man of War, which is still relevant today. The words are deep and searing. In fact, if you take time to listen to many of his lyrics, you find that they aren’t always as simple and poppified as they may suggest.

How do you conclude a summarization of Michael Jackson? You simply can’t. He was and will continue to be someone who will touch a part of us even in death.  May he rest in peace finally and may his music and gentle spirit live forever within us. 

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41 comments on “Looking Through the Window-May Micheal Jackson Rest in Peace

  1. This is so sad about Michael Jackson. I grew up with his music in the 1980s. Thriller (1982) was an album that everyone had to own. Even almost 30 years later, the album is still great. I wish his family and friends the best in trying to recover from this.

  2. Many times Black people support Black people because white people like certain Black people. When Michael Jackson had the melanin and a big nose, we made him. They had to go out and get the Osmonds. We as Black people are always happy to see our own accepted by white America, and will even take the back seat as a race to their fame, because its theirs, but boy how we take the flack and accept the prodigal sons when white folk turn their back on the Black man, don’t we? We was with Mike with the big nose and Mike when the Jews extorted him for child molestation money, but how many of you all turned against the Black man because the jews and whiter people told you so. This is a sad day, you all.

  3. This is a beautiful tribute to an amazing man. Thanks Davey. Rest in peace dear King of Pop.

  4. Robert,

    I disagree with you and I think your wrong.. The Jews did not extort anything from him, but as in the case with many who want to blame someone else for your problems. Or speak on something you know nothing about. It’s easy to see hate for what it is. Just plain Hate. I don’t know you or your problems you have with the Jews? But I think you need help and should try to fix yourself brother you don’t need to drag your hate out for the world to see. There are some many other ways for your to have responded but this is just wrong.

  5. The truth hurts. Ask Larry King was the family Jewish and their laywers that were extorting Michael Jackson for money. I hate people because I know the truth? Michael Jackson was extorted because he wanted to use the word “kike” on a record. You better know the facts before you start that bullshit anit-semitism crap! Michael Jackson wasn’t living outside of America because of what white people and Black people were doing to him, he was living outside because of what your Jewish friends had done to him with their slander and media. You can diagree, Frank H, but the Jews know what they did to that man and his career. The truth ain’t always anti-semitism.

  6. Frank H, please google “Micahel Jacskon and leeches”, you may learn something. Knowledge is power.

  7. Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Mike Tyson, Bill Clinton, Jesus Christ, and many others were all destroyed by whom? And for what? Not anti-semitic – fact!!!

  8. In defense of Robert, I do recall much of the drama that ensued when he (Michael Jackson) dropped the ‘Don’t Care about Us’ song/video. I think the line was ‘ kike me.’ I would agree that Robert’s statement is a gross generalization though. Perhaps, saying ‘some Jews’ would have been appropriate.

    All that aside, EVERYONE loved Michael Jackson! Last night, I overheard on the bus a Chinese elder expressing his shock and sadness in his broken English. It was bittersweet. (In my experience, it’s rare for Chinese folk to be chit chatting–IN English WITH Black folks–on the bus 🙂

  9. Bill Clinton was destroyed? I didn’t know that…when did this happen? Did I miss that?
    Also I didn’t know that Jesus was destroyed either… but wait Jesus was Jewish too, along with most of the Apostles…. So then I would like to be destroyed too, so that way I could be one of the most powerful men in the world (Clinton), or leave a serious legacy (Jesus)… not bad for being destroyed…

  10. The difference between Black people and jews is that when one of us say something out of line, we’ll chastise them on national televison and say that that person is wrong and doesn’t speak for all Black people. But let the jews, like Areal Sharon or whoever, do or say something wrong, not a jew will speak up against a jew. Therefore, one speaks for all, so there is no “gross generalization”. What hip-hop has been doing to black people over the past 24 years is a disgrace, but you won’t ever hear jews speaking against their own for controlling it and doing what they are doing to “our” people. Its not about “hate”, its about accepting the “truth” and not what those who own and control the media tell you. Not everyone that speaks the truth is anti-semetic. I guess Jesus Christ was the inventor of this “anti-semitism crap. Michael Jacskson was a victim of anti-hammitism, and not a jew stood up to say jack. I don’t care how you all slice it, “they” stressed that man like that.

  11. Jose,”destroyed” is when they remove you from the media or records. Like they tried to do our history in Kemmet by renaming it Egypt and giving the deed over to the Arabs. Can’t explain what ain’t meant for you to understand.

  12. Robert,
    I do disagree with some of your observations… BUT I will stand next to you with this statement that you made “What hip-hop has been doing to black people over the past 24 years is a disgrace.”
    If I read that correctly, I will stand with you on that idea…

  13. Hip-hop has helped my generation. Not one social ill would be any lessor if hip-hop never existed. Baltimores worst muder years were in the late 70’s early 80’s. Hip-hop was not a factor. Drug abuse and selling has nothing to do with hip-hop. Handgun proliferation has nothing to do with hip hop. Teen mothers was becoming an issue regardless. Hip-hop came along and put the news mainstream and America loves the drama.

    Michael Jackson passed over. It was a good time. I have a feeling the 50 date tour would have just tarnished his legacy. His traditonal act may have been to high energy for a 50 year old to pull off. We not talking Willie Nelson sitting on a stool.

  14. Jose and Robert,
    Check your facts. HipHop hasn’t done a damn thing to us. The exploitation and abuse of HipHop’s musical elements may have allowed some of us to justify some ridiculous behavior, but HipHop as a culture has done far more good than harm.

    And Davey,if I remember correctly, wasn’t Eddie Murphy was the Pharaoh in Remember the time? Just nitpicking, beautiful piece man. Well said.

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  16. Nice piece Davey D.

    Michael was a musician, probably the greatest the world will ever see. He was more successful than Elvis and The Beatles combined. This is not the time to debate your views on who did what to whom. We have lost a spectacular human being. He was an artist and father and a friend to anyone that was willing to accept his friendship.


  17. To those who mentioned my name – learn the history of Rap Music before you can understand where hip-hop came from. Michael Jackson’s dead, know your facts, nothing you, I or hop-hop can say will bring him back. Just know the facts. A lot of the crap can be googled. Davey D, I’m a little salty you was late on the peice. Maybe I did over react on “all” jews. But find out who owns Source, Def Jam, MTV, ect.

  18. Hotep Fam

    My condolescenase go out to the all the Jackson family, internal & extended, past & future. I grieve with you, but not in vain, as I stand in defiance of the international communities’ unwillingness to learn or speak out against the people that have constantly conspired against Michael J. Jackson.

    Those conspiracies have been played out in humiliating body, home, financial record, and personal relationship searches, and examinations. Yet, through the years, those who claim to have loved him, did nothing to find out, search and examine the demonized, corrupted (paid off) people, who did everything in their authorized power to harm Mr. Jackson in every way.

    Mr. Jackson was not your toy, but You made him a toy for your listening and viewing pleasure, You, the fan, all, and of every nationality, persons of color, and those depleted of color. Not a single group of his “fans” have every arranged, organized, to launch a much needed campaign against the names and homes, and places of work & worship, and leisure, against those hired, appointed, and elected oath-takers (people who are sworn in before working), which includes the police, who are also sworn in, and used as the “catcher” for the victim sacrifice for the L.A. County demons, who have tried year after year, to stop him from telling You all the truth about what’s going on around him.

    He tried to tell You in cort, no one listen, he tried to tell You in song, You just danced, and when they cut his promotional budget down and gave you Britney, Paris, Flava-of-Luv, Jay-Z and 50, You drifted away and fell asleep.

    The stage was set, and now with curtain closed, they paid off a man, the devil in flesh, the “sincere adviser” who killed Mr. Jackson, a person, a father, an uncle, a Brother.

    If you don’t know about the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations,) the Bilderbergs, the Rockefellers (“The Roc”), the Bushes, The Rothschilds, The Lehmans, the Morgans, the Illuminati, the Brown Death, Skull & Bones, the Boule, and their massive collective, conglomerated control of the top, major news media outlets, and their control over musical recording distribution, then accept that You do not know what’s going on, and begin to learn it from those who do.

    And those who do know, need to get off your asses and start informing people around, especially those who want to sign their lives away on a dotted line. HTP

  19. June 26, 2009

    Russia’s FSB Reports Pop Icon Michael Jackson Assassinated By CIA

    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

    FSB sources are reporting to President Medvedev today that American pop icon Michael Jackson was “most assuredly” assassinated by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after an examination of data transmitted by a Russian Military’s Kosmos 2450 satellite show “conclusively” that immediately prior to the music stars death in Los Angeles an electromagnetic pulse consistent in pattern to EMR weapons looted from the former Soviet Union by the United States was employed at the “exact coordinates” of the rock stars home.

    To the type of technology being perfected by the US Military-Industrial Complex based upon former Soviet Union research used in these kinds of assassinations we can read about as reported by Cheryl Welsh, president, Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, in her landmark 2001 report “Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Weapons: As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb”, and which says:

    “A newly declassified U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report says- extensive Soviet research into microwaves might lead to methods of causing disoriented human behavior, nerve disorders or even heart attacks…. A copy of the study was provided by the agency to The Associated Press in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The Pentagon agency refused to release some portions of the study, saying they remain classified on national security grounds.”

    Even more importantly, since Ms Welsh’s landmark report in 2001, the US has continued perfecting this insidious technology they’ve named Active Denial System (ADS), and as we can read as reported by New Scientist in their 2005 report titled “US Military seeks new non-lethal weapon; the prototype of the phaser?”, and which says:

    “The US military is funding development of a weapon that delivers a bout of excruciating pain from up to 2 kilometres away. Intended for use against rioters, it is meant to leave victims unharmed. But pain researchers are furious that work aimed at controlling pain has been used to develop a weapon. And they fear that the technology will be used for torture.”

    To the ‘final’ employment of these weapons [3rd photo, left] we can also read:

    “In January 2007, Theodore Barna, an assistant deputy undersecretary of defense for advanced systems and concepts told Reuters that “We expect the services to add it to their tool kit. And that could happen as early as 2010”.

    Apparently the military is still unsure about ADS after all the tests. Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne didn’t help clarify the issue when he suggested that the military should use the “pain ray” at crowds in the United States before deploying it in Iraq. It would be hard to imagine that Americans would be feeling okay about trying such weapons on themselves even if they believe they are not lethal.

    Wagner suggested a new nickname for the weapon; the “death ray”, since it’s well-known that exposing mammals to microwaves make them explode. He sent an email all around the U.S. in which he used a live example to prove his theory.”

    To the reason behind the CIA needing to assassinate Michael Jackson, these reports continue, was an out of court settlement the pop icon signed with son of the king of Bahrain, Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa, this past November in London, and which stated, in part, that in exchange for millions of dollars previously lent to Mr. Jackson by the Sheikh, Mr. Jackson would allow his sold-out United Kingdom concerts to be a “platform” for warning the World of a soon to occur mass genocide event.

    Both Michael Jackson and Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa have been long standing supporters of the fearless Austrian investigative journalist, Jane Burgermeister, who is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway, and as we can read:

    “Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.

    In her charges, Burgermeister presents evidence of acts of bioterrorism that is in violation of U.S. law by a group operating within the U.S. under the direction of international bankers who control the Federal Reserve, as well as WHO, UN and NATO. This bioterrorism is for the purpose of carrying out a mass genocide against the U.S. population by use of a genetically engineered flu pandemic virus with the intent of causing death. This group has annexed high government offices in the U.S.

    Specifically, evidence is presented that the defendants, Barack Obama, President of the U.S, David Nabarro, UN System Coordinator for Influenza, Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, David de Rotschild, banker, David Rockefeller, banker, George Soros, banker, Werner Faymann, Chancellor of Austria, and Alois Stoger, Austrian Health Minister, among others, are part of this international corporate criminal syndicate which has developed, produced, stockpiled and employed biological weapons to eliminate the population of the U.S. and other countries for financial and political gain.

    The charges contend that these defendants conspired with each other and others to devise, fund and participate in the final phase of the implementation of a covert international bioweapons program involving the pharmaceutical companies Baxter and Novartis. They did this by bioengineering and then releasing lethal biological agents, specifically the “bird flu” virus and the “swine flu virus” in order to have a pretext to implement a forced mass vaccination program which would be the means of administering a toxic biological agent to cause death and injury to the people of the U.S. This action is in direct violation of the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act.”

    Interesting to note, too, is on the day of Michael Jackson’s assassination, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that their mathematical models show over 1 million Americans have contracted swine flu and that of the 58,000 confirmed cases around the World the US has over half of them, and even worse, Emergency Containment Areas are now being reported being set up in that troubled country.

    Sadly though, and with an acknowledgement that this World star had led a much troubled life, it can never be taken away from Michael Jackson the real love he had for all of humanity and best expressed by him in the chorus of his anthem to the human race, We Are The World:

    Heal the world

    Make it a better place

    For you and for me and the entire human race

    There are people dying

    If you care enough for the living

    Make a better place for

    You and for me.

    © June 26, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved

  20. You know you dealing with some “devils’ when you have to move out of the country and convert your religion to Islam. What they hell kind of bean counting, hawk- nosed, neo-con wicked people are they? Let’s get to the facts of who rally was extorting and black mailing this man. Abraham Foxman and the ADL needs to be bum rushed. I feel like we should be rioting in their communities. I haven’t calmed down yet, obviously. These people need to pay for what they do and have done to our people.

  21. Killamanhojoe, go some where and sit down with your jew deflecting nonsense. Must be related to Puerto Rican Jew Geraldo Rivera with that crap.

  22. I’ll calm down after the funerals over or a jew comes on here and admit the truth about who extorted the man and who owns and controls hip-hop and the behavior of our people. “Never happen captian”. I’m grieving, and they getting paid off his images. TIme to fight back Black people. Shake the white man’s hand and go after the “real” enemy.

  23. My advice to all entertainers, make sure you have your own photographer and video people, because if you don’t they will be re-telling your story with their copy rights and making a whole lot of money just like they doing off of the death of Michael Jackson. Wake up, people! We have to tell our own story because if we don’t they’ll have you believing that what you created is called hip-hop and that your cursed because of Noah’s son Ham and all that other bull crap they make up when the tell our story. And notice they will always go out and get bufoons like Flavor Flav, Snoop and Ice T to say what they want to hear. Best thing I heard a “Black MAn” have the courage to say was “Michael Jackson was bigger than the Beatlles, the Beattles sold to white audiences, Micheal sold to Black, whaite and everyone”. When we tell our own story, we get the facts, when we let them tell our story, we always end up the cursed, broke, penniless people. That’s the story they love to tell, therefore we have to assure that they aren’t telling it and exploiting us like they are doing Michael Jackson. Three days ago you called him a pedophyle and ruined this Black Man’s life, now that he’s dead your cashing in. I hate you people, and the truth about you will be told.

  24. nice expansive and thought-provoking piece, D…had to come to your site to see what the Tribune lopped off in its cover…one thing though: Eddie Murphy played the Pharaoh in Remember the Time, not Magic Johnson (he was a sentry). Peace.

  25. Hey D. I wanted to read something that would make me really appreciate what I was missing. I grew up on MJ like almost all of us here. I had the pleasure of working with you for a few years. AND I JUST KNEW….i could count on your for the article that would hit home for me. Thanks Davey! RIP MJ The Greatest of my Lifetime

  26. I love Michael’s music. Ultimately, it was the molestation charges that killed him. If you watch “Remember the Time”, dude looks in great shape- even with the plastic surgery. This was ’92, one year prior to the charges. Lisa Marie was even quoted saying that this was when he got heavy into drugs – and she convinced him to settle for $20M – making him a target for future leeches in 2005. Based on what I’ve read, I think the charges were false and the parents of those kids (now very rich) destroyed one of the most gifted musicians in history. Rest in Power

  27. Not sure about the ‘Jew’ conspiracy or the ‘death ray’ assassination attempt – but all i do know that I’ll miss and mourn Michael Jackson. I, like millions or even billions of people have been reminiscing strongly over the past few days since the news of his untimely passing.

    But, there’s a moment of pause in me that asks me which Michael I’m mourning? For me personally, I felt like i started the mourning process in the mid 80’s. I was in such shock when I saw him in the Bad video – and even though I danced and sang along eventually, I always felt – Is it me or do I feel like it isn’t the same anymore? I wasn’t just a question of a plastic surgery ‘tweak’ here and there. It was more than a mere physical change. My Michael, i felt had been ‘erased’ – my shining black prince had disappeared ‘overnight’ – the reflection of the man in the mirror was no longer my own and I was never sure how i should respond to that, other than with a silent but knowing grief.

    So over 2 decades later, like a deep coma victim who finally passes, the man they call Michael Jackson is dead and I guess, I now know for sure, that my Michael, is surely gone as well.

    Rest in peace Micheal.

  28. Beautiful and poignant. Michael meant a lot to people all over the world. I grew up in a little country far, far away from LA, feeling that he was my friend. And I still feel that way, some 26 years after I fell in love with him and his music at age 8. So many have said it, but his music really was the soundtrack of my life. His message of love and colour blindness have had a profound impact on my view of the world. His generosity – often sadly overlooked – should be an inspiration to us all.

    This man sacrificed his entire life to entertain and bring magic to our lives. The least we can do is say ‘thank you’ and acknowlege him for the genius that he was.

  29. When I get a list of all of the people who ever got paid for suing Michael Jackson I’m going to post it. I know his lawyers were jewish, but until I present the list, Oba, you can claim conspiracy, but he wasn’t saying “Jew me, sue me… kick me, kick me” just to be saying it. I think you stop being a MJ fan when he bleached his skin like the rest of “Americans”. Just my spin on your piece.

  30. I live in Taiwan so when news of Michael Jackson’s passing hit I was talking with an international collection of folks. From New Zealand,

    I’m with Ryan and others. Despite what you may think… you can’t ignore the fact that Michael was genious…. his music was amazing… he was an incredible entertainer, and I feel very sad that he is gone. Maybe he was a bad guy or maybe he was another victim of Hollywood and the Press. A great loss to music. Lets hope the best of Michael continues to rock our souls and inspire us. RIP. Micheal. Thank you.

    From the UK,

    Yeah, I kinda feel quite sad about it. Billie Jean is one of the best songs ever. We build em up, knock em down and then feel sorry when they bow out.

    From Taiwan,

    Jessy is glad that she saw him once but sad that he’s now gone forever!

    It made me both happy and sad to know that so many people around the world hadn’t gotten caught up in all the circus frenzy US media coverage.

    Happy because people recognize the genius, happy because people appreciate the gift, happy because they honor the memory.

    Sad because so many people in the States drank the Kool-Aid and are still drinking it. Sad because we sit in judgment as if it’s where we belong, as if we know with the Knowing which is reserved for God alone and I’m talking about mostly white folks here but we’re all guilty of it.

    if this is the way it had to end I hope Michael’s found that elusive peace we all seek, if there is understanding to be had on the other side I hope he understands how much he was loved.

    As for me, my favorite Michael Jackson moment is sitting with my friend Fred as he was DJing a Halloween party for our whole town, all ages on the dance floor. He turns to me looking for a suggestion, I pass over Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, he nods, puts it on and at least three generations respond on the dance floor.


  31. Damn man. Miss you Michael – Was just watching the MTV tribute (lame) and having a discussion with my big bro. So who do you compare MJ to? Elvis? Frank Sinatra? Nah man! How about Beethoven? Van Gogh? MJ’s influence is unsurpassed – and as the days go by, he’s there playing on my mind, on my soul. I just recognise and am back in love with the man and the music, like I always was. MJ was a gift from the Universe, as we all are in every moment- but this is one gift we recognised, were inspired by and loved. Damn man. Miss you Michael!

  32. I love you for ever you always in my heart i love you more than everything i will miss you soow much Michael Jackson!!!!
    I love you Michael Jackson!!!!!


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