Cedric Muhammad-Black Coffee Show-Davey D Speaks on HR 848



The move away from political ideology continued in Cedric‘s first show since the week off for a tree-hugging dual-minded observance of Memorial Day/African Liberation Day (Can one really be a confused Army brat/Pan-Africanist?)…Although he initially tried to be diplomatic, Cedric eventually assigned an official ‘Wacktivist’ label on the anti-hunger bloggers, advocates and politicians in Harlem who have decided to ‘force’ Costco to accept millions of dollars in Food Stamps (rather than calling for the financially backing of local entrepreneurs capable of building an alternative wholesale/grocery store outlet that would keep those Food Stamps circulating where they belong!)

President Obama was saluted for exposing the partisan cult charade masquerading as ‘news’ on cable channels likening it to the WWF (Things like this are why Cedric voted for him)…On the basis of Business principles, Cedric also defended POTUS B.O.’s selection of Sister Sotomayor for the Supreme Court and his recent embrace of Ronald Reagan imagery – which demonstrate that emerging demand (‘Hispanic voting bloc’ and his Republican supporters ‘Obamicans’) is more important than current demand (‘African-American’ voting bloc) when current demand is constant (or just lazily loyal)

…The last Eminem record to ever be played on the show was spun (a 2001 classic), after a review of “Relapse” which noted its quality production by Dr. Dre and lyrical flow by the White America’s Prodigal Son, but which deducted points because 10 years of hearing about Em’s personal problems is a now boring (which is why sales have dropped to 200,000 in week 2 from a 600,000 debut) . However, the hot new Ben Harper album – “White Lies For Dark Times” received 4 crescents out of five…Listeners were warned about starting businesses with partners who lack strong will power and really are not Entrepreneurs but only Professionals in transition (praying for a better job from the Mystery God via begging ‘the system’)

daveyd-raider2… the legendary Hip-Hop Historian Davey D. called in with perhaps the best breakdown of HR 848 and why it is hard for him to support John Conyers, Cathy Hughes and even Dionne Warwick on this one

…Cedric confided that he has been watching Oprah for a week and is not buying a recent repeat episode that claims a 12-year old boy received a text message in which he was propositioned by a 12-year girl and voluntarily took it to his mother in disgust (Cedric suspects that the Mother actually spied on her son and read the text through covert operations OR that the boy never really liked the girl anyway and just wanted to humiliate her)…The show ended with an explanation as to why China still actually wants and needs a strong U.S. dollar and an insightful breakdown of the phony pleasantries exchanged by Kobe and Magic Johnson in a recent interview (couldn’t you just hear them both thinking, ‘I’m better than you’?)…Did anyone catch the hot Angela Davis-Papoose hourly intro?!?

(A slight glitch in the matrix interfered with the Show Comment box this week, please forgive. This show will be archived next week: http://www.cedricmuhammad.com/showarchives/)

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