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Davey D’s Hip Hop Daily News Table of Contents 2010

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April  Hip Hop News Headlines 2010

Zack de la Roca Speaks to Arizona’s Harsh Immigration Law-Congressman Gets Death Threats

Black bank Robber Turns out to Be White Guy with Hollywood Style make up..

Guru’s Brother Harry Pens Article for Boston Globe: My brother, Gang Starr’s Guru

First South Africa and Now Mississippi-White Supremacist Stabbed and Beaten

An Open Letter to 97.9 The Box-in Houston-Don’t Ban Trae the Truth

Henry Louis Gates Pens Article Absolving White People For Slavery-Wants us to Blame Africans

State of Arizona is Set to Join the ‘Birther’ Movement-They Tell Obama-No Birth certificate No Name on Ballot in 2012

Solar Opens Up About His Relationship With Guru-Denies Gay Rumors

Malachi Garza: Prop 21 Reflections & Lessons-Ten Years Later

War on Youth: 10 Years Later We Remember the Historic Fight Against Prop 21

DJ Premier officially Responds to Guru and Addresses the Letter Released by Solar

NY Times Talks w/ Guru’s Brother About His Death-Solar Responds to Skepticism Over Letter

Bakari Kitwana: Hip Hop Activism & Politics The Next Steps to Take Under Obama-His Keynote Address at Mills College

Today We Lose a Civil Rights Legend-Dorothy Height

Sad News Today We Lost a Legend RIP Guru… He Loses His Battle to Cancer

As the Poor Get Poorer Look for Brutalizing Police to become the New ‘Buffer’ Middle Class Set to Protect the Rich

Is T-Pain an Uncle Tom? Should Hip Hop Treat Him the Way Country Treated the Dixie Chicks?

Neo-Nazis Catch Beatdowns at LA Rally-So Called ‘Non Racist’ Tea Party Types Are Absent

Is T-Pain a Republican? Is He Stomping for Sean Hannity?

New Boondocks takes a Hard Shot at Will I am, Barack Obama and Tiger Woods

Jay-Z Beefing w/ Boston Redsox David Ortiz Over Club name 40/40

This Year the South Gets Honored at the VH1 Honors-What Groups Will they Highlight??

Mystic, Freestyle Fellowship, 2 Mex, LA Breakers Come Together for Earth day Celebration

The Merger of Hip Hop & Punk..an Interview w/ Fab 5 Freddy

Inside Music Media: Conan on TBS — Smart?

Fear of An Arab Planet: 5 Videos & Groups Speaking Truth to Power & Repping Hip Hop to the Fullest

Rising Dissatisfaction Among Post Apartheid Blacks. Is South Africa On The Brink Of A Bloodbath?

KRS-One Explains why Bambaataa & Zulu Nation-boycott Nat’l Museum of Hip Hop

Malcolm McLaren the Man Who brought Us Buffalo Gals and Fuzed Hip Hop and Punk is Dead

League of Young Voters Teams Up w/ Hip Hop Artists to Encourage Folks to Fill Out Census

Chamillionaire: Hustling & Grinding in a Hi-Tech World…

Did a Racist Coup in a Northern Louisiana Town Overthrow its Black Mayor and Police Chief?

Court Rule For Comcast Net Neutrality Falls on Our Watch-That’s a Damn Shame!

An Open Commentary To Adam Coralla’s & Teri Hatcher Comedians Who Like to Poke Fun at My Filipino People….

South Africa: Will Killing Of White Supremacist Trigger Racial Violence?

Erykah Badu’s Window Seat Spawns Off a Slew of Parodies

Trials of a Hip Hop Educator: Promoting Proper Education in Our Communities

BET to Launch Conscious Countdown Show…NY Oil Set to Host

March  Hip Hop News Headlines 2010

Should Dallas Official Charge Erykah Badu?: ‘Window Seat’ To A Black Woman’s Soul

Beef Squashed Paul Wall & Chamillionaire Set to Touch Down In SF

Russian Subways Suffer Horrific Bombings US Hip Hoppers Talib Kweli & Professor Jelani Cobb are Safe

Mistah Fab Keeps it Real on 6th Street-Kicks Nice Freestyle

Drama & Politrix-Funkmaster Flex Not Happy w/ Tunnel Documentary

Ludacris Says ‘Yes’, Ron Paul says ‘No’-Who Should We Listen to About the Census?

Why Hip Hop Won’t Tangle With the Tea Party

Ice Cube..Tells New Jacks He’s Not Here to Make Them Famous

Activists Beat Down by Police At Tavis Smiley Roundtable

Is the Healthcare Bill Racist Toward Rich Socialite & Poor Redneck Women?

3 Revolutionary Videos to Get U Hyped-Sista Souljah, Paris, Aztlan Nation

Where are the Real Terrorists? Right Here at Home! Members of Congress Threatened with Violence

Documentaries-Highlight Legendary Hip Hop Nightclubs, The Fever, Latin Quarter, the Tunnel & The Good Life

OaklandSeen.com Set to launch This Thursday

Suge Knight Accused of Robbing Yukmouth-Yuk Says He’ll Get Last laugh

Hip Hop is Worldwide-Meet Chilean Emcee Anita Tijoux

Minister Farrakhan:Should We As Black People Be Publicly Criticizing Barack Obama?

Puffy is Poison-Where All The Bad Boy Artists?

Killer Mike Speaks on Black Economic Empowerment & being for the Underdog

Kevin Powell: An Open Letter to Black America

Fear of a Brown Planet-Rush Limbaugh Resurrects the Brown Immigrant Boogie-man

This is the First Step-Our Goal: Healthcare should be Right and Not for Profit-Ever

Did Obama Inc. Threaten Dennis Kucinich & Make Him Fold on Healthcare?

Rebel Diaz Gear Up for SxSw-How to organize Your Block & Not be Fake

Texas Text Book Drama-How the Community is Fighting Back

Meet Ghanian Born Blitz the Ambassador… ‘Dying to Live’

POCC Launches 2010 People’s Resistance Film Festival Haiti, Oscar Grant, Angela Davis

Dear Lil Wayne Stop Promoting the Bloods

NY Oil Steps Up, Helps Boost Self Confidence Teaches Youngsters How to Flow

Austin Rapper SaulPaul Makes Moves-Set to be on SXSW Panel on Hustling & Grinding

Popmaster Fabel Addresses United Nations-’We Are One’

Celebrating Women’s History Month Meet Hip Hop Artist Dessa Darling

Hip Hop is About Consciousness and Freedom.. Longtime ‘graf’ writer Refa1 drops Gems

Women Rock the Mic & Hold Up the Sky: Where are the Female Emcees? Right Here!

A Push to Make Ronald Reagan the Next ‘Dead President’ in Our Wallets

Guru’s Nephew Issues Video Claiming Family Has been Cut Off from Contact

Interview w/ Rodstarz of Rebel Diaz-Why they are looting in Chile?

New York City Cops Under pressure to make Arrest Quotas

Ebony Magazine Pens Article Criminalizing Mumia Abu Jamal

Fat Joe, Ice Cube, Immortal Technique & Alex Sanchez Talk about Black & Brown Unity

Goodie Mob, Jacka, Umi of RBG Drop Pearls of wisdom around Violence in the community

Former Black Panther chair Elaine Brown Speaks on Cointel-pro, The Panther’s influence on Gangs & Freeing Chip Fitzgerald

Building an iPod? There’s an app for that-It’s called Apple uses child labor

Update: Surgery Successful for Legendary Rapper Guru Full Recovery is Expected

February  Hip Hop News Headlines 2010

Rakim Transcends Hip Hop’s Age Barrier

President Obama Releases His Own Healthcare Plan proposal-Has No Public Option

Anger in the Nation: Was Joe Stack a Hero or Terrorist and Did You Mourn for Vernon Hunter?

Is this the Beginning of the End for Consolidation? Radio Employee Uprising

Black History Fact: Exploring the Historic Links of Early Hip-Hop and Gang Culture

Former Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Rosa Clemente Running for NY State Senate

**Updates** (Feb 22) on AC Transit Fight in Oakland Intvs w/ Epic Beard (Tom) & Blackman (Coolio)

Oakland asks court to approve anti-gang ’safety zone’

Hip Hop Congress Seeking Artist 4 Haiti Relief Song

B-Fresh Interview w/ Rhymesayers rap star Toki Wright

White Fraternity Mocks Black History Month With “Compton Cookout”

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.. Crazy drama on AC Transit Bus..

America Was Hit w/ Another Terrorist Attack…It was an Economic Bomb & Coup designed to Cripple & Destroy Working People

Report Back From Haiti: Aid is Not Reaching People, Conditions are Dire, It’s a Military Occupation

. . . and the ‘hood pass’-Adam Mansbach Goes in on John Mayer

Minister JR from Haiti, Part 1: Starvation and Jim Crow racism

Corporate Influence:How the Congressional Black Caucus is a Fundraising Powerhouse

Dr Dre Wants His Damn Money-Sues Death Row for Unpaid Royalties

Breakdown FM w/ Davey D-All Day Play #8: There Goes the Neighborhood

An Interview w/ David Banner-Contrasting Katrina and Haiti Recovery Efforts

Black History Fact: When Hip Hop Took on Everything from Hollywood to Education.. Remember these songs?

NYC Councilman Charles Barron being Dissed by Fellow Democrats who Denied him Chairmanship

Chuck D speaks on Cointel-Pro, Global Politrix & Oscar Grant

Think Hip Hop Songs Cause Violence? Frank Sinatra Songs Causing Lots of Killings

Black History Fact: Remembering How Hip Hop Took on and addressed the issue of Apartheid

It’s About to Get Nasty:How Corporations Are Secretly Gearing up for the 2010 Elections

Today is Dream Day-Remembering Graf King Mike Dream

Update-Army Puts Smash on Hip Hop Soldier Sends him to Iraq for Court Martial

BlackHistoryFacts: Every Place Has a Story to Tell-Early LA Hip Hop

An Interview w/ SXSW Hip Hop Director Matt Sonzala

Warning: Hip Hop Artist Need to Know About Today’s 360 Record Deals

X-Clan Reunion Set to Highlight Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Awards

The Hustle-The Story of Robert beck aka Iceberg Slim

Why are Civil Rights Orgs & Leaders Helping Big Media Giants & Telecoms Take Over & Cripple the Internet?

Black History Fact:Hip Hop Came Together to Close the Crack House w/ X-Clan-(It Was One of Many Battles Against Chemical Warfare)

Black History Month-Remembering Lakim Shabazz-First rapper to Shoot a video in Egypt

The Wisdom of Dick Gregory-Obama, Racism, White Supremacy & Haiti

Black History Month-Remember Gary Byrd & Stevie Wonder’s Rap Song-The Crown?

Hip Hop Loses Another Pioneer-West Coast Dance Legend Greg Pope aka Greg Campbellock Jr

Cornel West Goes In on Barack Obama-Expresses Disappointment

January Hip Hop News Headlines 2010

From Bun B to Mystic to X-Clan to Dwayne Wiggins to NY Oil Hip Hop Steps Up to Help Haiti

Did President Obama’s Speech Go Far Enough? Not if You are working class or poor

Remember Shirley Chisholm.. Today’s the day she set it off for Barack Obama

Music Videos Changing the Game:Interview with artist Hasan Salaam,director Mark Carranceja, & actress and model Ameena Dove

Special Haiti Relief Fundraiser & Benefit Tonite at Oakland’s Black Dot Cafe

Pittsburgh Police Brutally Beat Young Violinist Who Played for First Lady Michele Obama

Immortal Technique: (Reflections on the Haitian Revolution & Present Condition)

Obama’s First year in Office: Rapper NY Oil Squares Off Against Conservative Pundit Carol M Swain

Supreme Court Decision is the Result of Conservative Court Stacking which will Haunt us for Years to Come

Breakdown FM w/ Davey D on ADP #6: This Thing Called House

Portable Hospital Turned Aways as France & America bicker as Haiti-US Accused of Occupying not Helping

Breakdown FM Podcast: The Wars Waged Against Haiti-Interview w/ Pierre LaBossiere of the Haiti Action Committee

Supreme Court Decision to Keep Same-Sex Marriage in the Dark is Troubling

Democracy Now: “Bush Was Responsible for Destroying Haitian Democracy”–Randall Robinson

Wyclef Responds to Yele Accusations Clears the Air & Puts Folks On Notice..

In These Troubled Times We Really Need to Remember Martin Luther King-Now More Than Ever

President Obama Pens Article About Haiti for Newsweek

Naomi Klein Says Don’t Get Shocked Again-pay Real Close Attention to Haiti and the Corporate Game Plan

Army Imprisons Soldier for Singing Against Stop-Loss Policy

New Trials of a Hip Hop Educator-2010

Breakdown FM w/ Davey D on All Day Play Radio: Episode 5: Give the Beats Some Room & Let Them Breath

US Supreme Court to meet to Decide If Mumia Should be Put to Death-Sign Petition to President Obama to Save Him

Gang Peacemaker Alex Sanchez Finally Released on Bail

An Interview w/ Eternia-Download Here Mixtape

Haiti’s Tragic History Is Entwined with the Story of America

Conan Goes In on NBC-Says No to the Tonight Show

Ethnic Cleansing: Blacks Under Attack and Being Run out of Town in Italy

Comedian Paul Mooney Goes In on Beyonce & Taylor Swift-Praises Kanye West

Harry Reid, Michael Steele, Negro Dialect & Political Grandstanding on the Backs of Blacks

Sights & Sounds from the Oscar Grant Memorial-One Year Later We Still Remember

How Does the New Google Phone Measure Against the Iphone and Blackberry?

Comedian Paul Mooney Tells Obama Haters to Fallback-Respect the First Black President