Common Jumps in the Cuba Debate -Adds Scorching Lyrics to Jay-Z’s Open Letter.



So Jay-Z sparked controversy with his song Open Letter which was a response to the hoopla some in Congress was making about his trip to Cuba.. Well J Period hooked up a remix and added a scorching verse from Common.. I gotta note Common hits hard but may throw folks with his lyric about still riding for Obama..especially since he’s also talking about his support for Assaata Shakur.. In all fairness Common’s  been riding w/ the Pres from day one and hasn’t wavered.  So we’ll have to debate that another time.. In the meantime,  politics withstanding the song is a head bopper for real.. I hope other rappers come on and add their own take and expand the conversation about why we need to respect Cuba and drop the embargo


4 comments on “Common Jumps in the Cuba Debate -Adds Scorching Lyrics to Jay-Z’s Open Letter.

  1. Nice to hear him shout out Assata and Mumia, no doubt. I do, however, think the republicans are a straw argument here, obama deserves none of our support. His camp tossed Jay like they did Rev. Wright and yet here we again come back to say, “with the obamas i still ride… ?” Its scientific at this point (always was of course) that liking obama and, say, Assata or Mumia, is an irreconcilable contradiction and we have to get past it. It hurts to hear this inconsistency so consistently.

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