Accidental Racist-LL Cool J Says He’ll Forgive the Iron Chains if You can Overlook His Doo Rag

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 1.48.58 PMSo LL Cool J and country singer Brad Paisley did a song called ‘Accidental Racist‘ where Paisley raps about why he rocks the confederate flag.. he says it’s about Southern pride and has nothing to do with the hateful past.. LL raps that he wishes white men wouldn’t judge him for wearing sagging pants.. He says if you don’t judge my doo rag, I’ll forget the iron chains..

I get the who notion of wanting to spark dialogue and wholeheartedly deal with racism.. but c’mon LL the iron chains can’t be forgotten.. especially since those chains never left.. Systemic oppression and the system of white supremacy never left..

Today its called the Prison Industrial Complex.. Today it’s called police terrorism¬† where¬† Black people are shot and killed every 36 Hours by law enforcement. Today’s its called the Rap Industrial Complex, where we have rich mostly white executives bombarding us and the world with the most vile and absolute coonish music the planet has ever seen..

Today those iron chains are replaced by one out of four Black folks in the US living below poverty thanks to continued land grab and pillaging in the form of fraudulent foreclosure, corporate tyranny and gentrification.

Maybe on an individual basis LL and Brad can get along.. and that’s nice.. the real enemy is still alive and well and ain’t listening to songs like this.. The sooner we all can separate corporate agendas and imperialism and those who represent it from average folks trying to do right, we might be better off.. But as it sits, many want their cake and eat it to…until then Brad Paisley can rock his confederate flag as soon as he gives back the economic resources his daddy stole from my daddy..