NY Oil Calls Out LL Cool J Says He Needs an Intervention Re-does Rock the Bells

NYOil-suitI knew it was bound to happen, somebody gone stepped to LL Cool J on the battle tip over the song Accidental Racist and threw down the gauntlet.. NY Oil who many may know as Kool Kim of the famed group UMCs just re-did the classic jam Rock the Bells and called out LL Cool J.. He basically said LL needs an intervention and proceeds to give a history lesson reminding LL and everyone else that general Robert E Lee was a slave owner and doesn’t need any RIPs and good tidings..

NY Oil wrote this…

My son LL COOL J went out.. with that wack ass song he did with Brad Paisley….

Now for the record I have always been a LL fan.. but he violated.. and LL has always been a confrontational rapper.. so .. it is what it is.

Wake up brother.. come back home.

NY Oil doesn’t leave LL hanging by himself.. He saves his harshest lines for country singer Brad Paisley and lets him know,  healing racial relations is not about allowing some privileged white man feel good about rocking a confederate flag..

We’ll see if LL responds with a song of his own.. One thing we should not forget, no matter what we think about that country song.. LL is still one of the greatest emcees in Hip Hop to ever touch a mic..You best have some serious skillz if you’re gonna call him out..


Fighting Back & Winning over Black Male Images Meet the Game Changers


Game Changers: Shaka Jamal, Jasiri X, Cheo Tyehimba Davey D

Click the link below to listen to the conversation on Hard Knock Radio about Black male images and how to go from negative to positive..Our guests include Oakland  film maker Shaka Jamal, Pittsburgh rapper Jasiri X and Game Changer Project Executive director Cheo Tyehimba

The Game Changers Project is the hands down answer to the mass amounts of negative images that  of Black people,  in particular Black men that have long bombarded our community..For those who have bemoaned that situation, then you definitely wanna peep out the solutions offered and call to action, put forth by the brothers I had on our Hard Knock Radio show yesterday.  We went into depth about heroes in our community and how and why they should be highlighted.

Jesus El

Jesus El a True Game Changer

As Jasiri X noted there is a lot for us to celebrate.. Many in our community are hungering for the spotlight to be shun on folks who are beating the odds and making it crack for themselves and the community. During yesterday’s compelling show we focused on the micro documentaries done on Oakland native Jesus El who does acrobatic dunking and Pittsburgh activist and X-Clan co-founder Paradise Gray

We talked about an array of topic starting with the death of Margret Thatcher, to the how corporate media develops images, to the systemic dehumanization of Black people to the controversy around Rick Ross.. We also focused on the specific steps that have been taken to bring about victories and why we should be getting behind and celebrating the success of Game Changers.. Check out two of the mini-docs below.. For more in-depth information on the Game Changers Project go to their website http://gamechangersproject.org/the-project.php

Jesus El: http://vimeo.com/52181079#

Paradise Gray: http://vimeo.com/55547420

Thoughts on Obama and Cuts to Social Security-Can’t Truss It

social security checkWanna remind folks that tomorrow (wed April 10th 2013) President Obama will present his budget proposal.. Within that proposal are plans to cut social security to the tune of $112 billion dollars..Social security is already suffering in two main ways.. First, its being called an entitlement and we see very little correction with that labeling. Words are important, because it implies that folks who receive social security are somehow gaming the system vs having paid into it over a lifetime.. In short Social security is being ‘dehumanized’.. It’s being made to sound like a poison..

Second, the average payment one receives under social security is pretty bleak..I think its something like $1200.oo  That’s not really enough for someone who is now an elder to live comfortably off of.. Many of y’all reading this who are most likely to be saddled by economic challenges of your own ranging from upside down mortgages, to college tuition for your kids or student loans that still need to be paid off had best be figuring out how you will be helping your parents, because the check the govt is cutting won’t cut it..

We are at a day and time where more robust payments should be made toward our seniors..Our national conversation should be about comprehensive elder care that goes way beyond facilities to help those with dementia, but how to seriously improve the quality of life for our aging parents  and grandparents but that does not seem to happening.. Instead we’re being hit with news about congressional investigations as to why two multi-millionaires, Jay-Z and Beyonce went to Cuba..All of this is complicated by the fact that those who have alot.. ie the 1% do not under any circumstances want to pay more in taxes.. Instead they wanna privatize social security or get a system in place where you the individual start playing around with the market and investments..  I hope folks are paying attention.. So far two million people have signed a petition which was presented to the White House..

Here’s a couple of articles and shows that you may wanna peep to be brought up to speed..President Obama is the first President to propose cuts to social security.. Some are saying don’t trip he won’t cut nothing.. There’s a long list of things we were told not to worry about, because it was believed President Obama would not compromise on.. We now know better..In the words of Public EnemyCan’t Truss It..

Washington Post: Social Security Needs Expansion

Nation: Two Million Sign Petition to Save Social Security

-Davey D-