Don’t Forget..Hurricane Sandy Wrecked Havoc on More Than Just NY..

Haiti has been hard hit

By now its obvious to all of us that Hurricane Sandy did some serious damage to New York City. We pray for those suffering and we pray for those 11 people reported dead in the aftermath of this huge storm. At the same time, while all our attention is focused on New York, there are a few things to keep in mind.. First NY has vast resources and lots of contingency plans. The eyes of the world is upon her and thus as bad as Sandy has been the path to recovery will be certain and it will be swift.

What many of us including folks in NY may want to do, is note that natural disaster know no boundaries and thus our collective attention should be on all those who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Her fierce winds and waves wrecked havoc in Haiti, which was already beleaguered with hundreds of thousands of folks still living in tents 2 years after the 7.5 earthquake. Sandy wrecked havoc in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaican and throughout the Caribbean. More than 60 people have been killed in those neighboring countries. Haiti has lost her crops.. Over 200k are left homeless with far fewer resources to rescue and restore what was lost..

I wish here news outlets would be more mindful of this when speaking about Sandy.. It was a storm of immense proportions and devastation..Sadly what we see taking place are stories about when and how the stock exchange will open and what the cost will be.. I hope the rest of us recognize the humanity in others beyond  our borders and the narrow framing of corporate news outlets..We can’t say we recovered until the folks south of us have recovered. All lives our precious, not just ours in the US..


12 comments on “Don’t Forget..Hurricane Sandy Wrecked Havoc on More Than Just NY..

  1. Thanks so much for this. I had posted the al jazeera article about the hurricane’s devastation in Haiti on my facebook page; for all three readers. 🙂 Will be sharing this as well.

  2. While I agree with what is said here I have to also point out that the United States cannot be and should not be the only country that can assist all these other countries.

    Why can’t some of these other nations also step up to the plate and assist?

    Hong kong

    The United States is always being looked at first and foremost for help but yet everyone hates the US for what she is, but yet, they’re not gonna pass up the opportunity to have their tin cups out waiting to get money from us.

    Sometimes we have to take a long hard look at things and as unpopular as it may be, we have to take a step back and deal with our own issues at home at some point in time.

    Yeah right now the focus will be on NY. Why? Because NY is the backbone of the financial world and what happens there affects a lot of people, places and countries so yeah, they gonna put every available resource that they can get their hands on to get the job done and restore some type of order there.

    You have other nations who can assist these other countries whether financial or industrial.

    The US cannot be the only source of funding whether financially or otherwise.

    Germany I’m sure is quite capable of supplying Haiti with construction to get that country back on track and one or two of the above mentioned nations can assist financially but there will always be red tape and bureaucracy to prevent it from happening.

    If you’ve never been to Germany I suggest you take a trip to see what I’m talking about as far as assisting with construction.

    At some point in time we have to deal with our own issues.

    I’m not saying fuck the rest of them let them figure the shit out themselves but we can still help in other ways and it also does not have to be a military solution for help.

    We can supply construction contractors, financial contractors, trainers, teachers and the list can go on and on to help assist other nations.

    This in itself will give those countries an opportunity to rebuild and prosper and possibly open up new avenues and advantages for their citizens in their rebuilding.

    The same can apply here as well in our own backyard.

    This country needs an overhaul of it’s infrastructure through and through but nobody is talking about that.

    Bridges need to be fixed, built or destroyed, roads, subways, airports and the list can go on.

    It can and will take decades to get all of this done thereby creating more jobs for our own citizens in the construction industry and other professions.

    Trade schools need to be put back into the spotlight to support this as well.

    The military doesn’t have to be a last resort for some who can’t find a job but then the military trains you in all these professions.

    The solutions to fix everyday problems are and have always been in front of us all along but the powers that be are not doing anything about it.

  3. Seems like another Frankenstorm ‘Weather Underground’ what will strike on new left radical politics with an emergence of new such deficits the presidenthaal debate hugs the votes on new bail outs for these ones, who can’t see, that NYC and all the others affected areas has in common that a female sounding name will strike the pose by anti-sentiments the vogue has exploited.

    My respect for Americas and Canada’s rebuilding efforts. No power nation is secure by that what an esoteric nature ‘qaeda’ battles the beAph.

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  6. Gary, many of those countries do help in times of natural disaster, the difference is the carribbean are damn near extended states of ours.. We have an embargo on Cuba, so help to them is limited .. That’s the US foreign policy.. All sorts of countries helped Haiti and the kept tons of food and supplies in storage hangers to rot.. We did several radio shows on this with folks both on the ground and others who went as part of a delegation..many are helping now.. but we have no idea.. why? because our media is parked in new York City even as other states nearby are also being ravaged.

    Countries like China are all up in various countries in Africa helping with infrastructure..Has that been welcome by us? No.. Our govt is afraid China is being nice to get first dibs on untapped resources, so we have Africom set up and we help so-called rebel armies overthrow leaders who we deem unfriendly to US interests..

    When counties like Venzuala have stepped up to help, which they do.. the US has seen them as a threat and have not only tried to undermine, but also enforce blockades and other policy measures..

    lastly some of these disasters like Hurricanes could be argued to be a result of Global warming, something we contribute to with our consuption habits vs our ecological prevention tactics

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