5 Dope Scary Songs Other Than ‘Thriller’ You Need for Halloween

Its Halloween and over the years there have been some great songs to mark the occasion.. Yes we all know and love Michael Jackson‘s Thriller.. That was epic and will never be topped, but here’s a few more that will always be in my iPod on Oct 31. They are the best of the best.

Whodini Haunted house of Rock .. This is a classic jam that you could rock all year long and to be honest when it first came out many people like myself did.. This song sounds as dope as it did when it first came out..



DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince.. Nightmare on My Street... I miss the days of Will Smith when he second billing to Jazzy Jeff.. They were totally underrated even with the release of this song which was dope and got a lot of play when it first dropped


Grave Diggaz ‘Diary of a Madman’.. Folks forget when there was a sub genre of Hip Hop called Horrorcore… Folks like Rza, Prince Paul and the late Poetic were in the forefront of producing songs that had a darker more ominous edge that touched on the occult and eveil spirits.. Grave Diggaz was a dope group who delivered.. I’m including another favorite song.. No where No where to Hide



Ministry Everyday is Halloween This group was mostly associated with the New Wave when this song dropped although I’m not quite sure if the group itself would describe themselves that way. The song was dope and was often played at parties of all types. The 12 inch was a dance club classic.. Timeless joint..


8 comments on “5 Dope Scary Songs Other Than ‘Thriller’ You Need for Halloween

  1. Heres my 5: Ganksta Nip: Horror Movie Rap, Flatlinerz: Live Evil, Insane Poetry: How Ya Gonna Reason Wit A Psycho, Necro: White Slavery Pt 2 and Kool Keith and Thee Undertakerz: Party In The Morgue.

  2. WOW. I never thought I’d see Ministry on this blog, but I’m so happy it’s here. (Not nearly their best song, but whatever.) Totally agree with the love for Jazzy Jeff and Gravediggaz (my students have never heard of ’em and they don’t understand why I’m not impressed with Odd Future)..

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