Oklahoma Senators Coburn & Inhofe are Shady When it Comes Aiding Storm Victims

TornadoWith the devastation that took place in Moore, Oklahoma this afternoon leaving 91 dead including dozens of children and massive EF4 and EF5 storms for all of us to be in deep reflection about, we offer heartfelt prayers and condolances..No one deserves to have a lost one lost especially their kids..The look on people’s faces and seeing the storm itself on TV will no doubt leave ineligible marks on our minds..Whats more disturbing is more severe storms are expected..

Tom Coburn

Tom Coburn

With this in mind, it’ll be interesting to see what punk politicians like Oklahoma Senators Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe do.. For those who don’t know, these are two gentlemen who decided to stand on staunch political ideology and perverse set of principles in the wake of the Hurricane Sandy tragedy where more than 100 people died..These two clowns pumped out their chest and voted to deny aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy citing too much government spending while falling back on the nonsensical belief that global warming had nothing to do with spawning these storms..Coburn also voted against giving aid for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Jim Inhofe

Jim Inhofe

On top of that it was just last week Inhofe had a woman tossed out of his DC office who came to talk to him about the environmental concerns. We must fight to keep our humanity and understand that the survivors of this storm deserve help..Thank God for the first responders and thousands of volunteers who have jumped in at a moments notice to help those in dire straits. Victims of these storms deserve better treatment than what these two bozos senators unleashed on others in times of need..

.We should not forget the evil and mean spiritedness these two Senators embraced and watch to see if they behave in the wake of this new disaster which unfortunately impacted their own backyard. We know in the past the pair have voted to have emergency funds come to their state while crapping on and blocking emergency aid for others states. But with the recent denials of aid for Hurricane Sandy victims, lets see how they behave now that president Obama has declared Moore, OK a disaster area.

KRS-One and NYOil Drop 2 Seperate Videos Addressing Hurricane Sandy..Very Dope

Hip Hop continues to deliver in the wake of hurricane Sandy.. Here’s two different videos.. One is from KRS-One who breaks down all that is needed in a disaster.. The video is nice, the information is spot on.. I hope people take heed… Thanks Blastmaster for keeping 100 always..


The other video is from NYOil aka Kool Kim who lives on Staten Island which was hit pretty hard.. He touches on the decades old racial tension that has long existed , but shows how folks should and can see the humanity in others.. This video called Conflicted is powerful as NYOil talks about going to the South Shore of Staten Island to help those in need.


Don’t Forget..Hurricane Sandy Wrecked Havoc on More Than Just NY..

Haiti has been hard hit

By now its obvious to all of us that Hurricane Sandy did some serious damage to New York City. We pray for those suffering and we pray for those 11 people reported dead in the aftermath of this huge storm. At the same time, while all our attention is focused on New York, there are a few things to keep in mind.. First NY has vast resources and lots of contingency plans. The eyes of the world is upon her and thus as bad as Sandy has been the path to recovery will be certain and it will be swift.

What many of us including folks in NY may want to do, is note that natural disaster know no boundaries and thus our collective attention should be on all those who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Her fierce winds and waves wrecked havoc in Haiti, which was already beleaguered with hundreds of thousands of folks still living in tents 2 years after the 7.5 earthquake. Sandy wrecked havoc in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaican and throughout the Caribbean. More than 60 people have been killed in those neighboring countries. Haiti has lost her crops.. Over 200k are left homeless with far fewer resources to rescue and restore what was lost..

I wish here news outlets would be more mindful of this when speaking about Sandy.. It was a storm of immense proportions and devastation..Sadly what we see taking place are stories about when and how the stock exchange will open and what the cost will be.. I hope the rest of us recognize the humanity in others beyond  our borders and the narrow framing of corporate news outlets..We can’t say we recovered until the folks south of us have recovered. All lives our precious, not just ours in the US..