Blackface is the New Black



You ever see that blog Stuff White People Like? Well, blackface should most definitely be on that list. For whatever reason some whites love to paint their faces black and then express profound shock when black people get offended. Now to be fair, Asians will get in on the foolishness as well. Which makes me wonder how in 2009 seemingly intelligent people can be so offensive yet “oblivious” at the same time.

In the recent high profile incident of blackface on a variety show in Australia, the offending party, who referred to themselves as the “Jackson Jive” were all medical doctors. And, I’m sure the people who run French Vogue are experienced professionals. My brother Paradise just reminded me about Halloween coming up and how each year some college fraternity throws a blackface bash whose pictures always seem to make it to the latest social networking site.

Which leads me to the million dollar question, Why? Can we just say it’s racism and close the case? Is it maybe some deep seeded psychological problem? I can tell you one thing, it damn sure ain’t funny. The country is already divided and the fire of hate is being fed 24-7 by the right wing flunkies at Fox News. Why throw a bucket of gasoline on it just to amuse yourself and get a few chuckles form your friends. Is it really worth a potential beat-down if you run into the wrong person? Plus the way things tend to resurface on the internet that blackface may soon become permanent.

Jasiri X

GOP on GOP Violence: Bill O’Reilly Underfire for Interviews w/ Marc Lamont Hill


BillOreilly-225By now most of you know the fate that has befallen political analyst Marc Lamont Hill. He was one of the few progressive voices that regularly appeared on Fox News. However,  last week he was let go by after two conservative  pundits David Horowitz and Cliff Kincaid started raising a ruckus about Hill’s support of political prisoner Mumi Abu Jamal and political exile Assata Shakur. Here’s what Kincaid said in his recent column…

Murdoch, chairman of News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, used his company’s annual meeting on October 16 to announce the firing of Fox News contributor and O’Reilly Factor regular Marc Lamont Hill. This is the left-wing cop-killer apologist that we have written about for weeks. We called him the Van Jones of Fox News Channel. We said Fox News was as bad as Obama on the matter of background checks for their employees.

Interestingly, both Van Jones and Marc Lamont Hill are public supporters of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Both were also associated with the George Soros funded Center for American Progress.

The announcement of Hill’s firing was made as I was questioning Murdoch about why Hill was hired in the first place. Hill’s support for cop-killers, had been highlighted on his own web pages. Hill had also spoken before a black communist group―something he had proudly listed in his official curriculum vitae

Witch hunts aimed at progressive voices are nothing new. In this column, Kincaid goes on and on about Hill being connected to George Soros and the Center for American Progress  and how Hill supports the Fairness Doctrine which will open up the airwaves for those who hold opposing views.-Blah Blah Blah. It’s the usual dribble and the usual suspects.  However, this time around we have an interesting twist.  Also  in the line of fire is longtime Fox News Commentator Bill O’Reilly.  The crosshairs are on him for actually having Hill on his show multiple times. 

Critics of Hill are now demanding answers from O’Reilly and demanding that he come out of spinzone.. In Kincaids column he places a letter from a disgruntled viewer…

“I personally do not like Bill O’Reilly any more. He is too liberal for me. He has ‘sold out’ and I am disappointed in Bill. I am a hair designer in San Francisco, the most sick liberal city in America, and the few conservatives that live here are ‘banning Bill’ because he has gone ‘wishy-washy’ and we don’t like him anymore. His ‘cuteness’ doesn’t cut it! He doesn’t have the ‘guts’ that Glenn Beck has and I will bet you a dollar to a donut that Glenn’s ratings pass Bill’s in the very near future, maybe by next week.”

-Katheryn O’Shaunessy-

Industry insiders have long noted that inside the hallowed halls of Fox there is a war of egos. Bill doesn’t like Hannity, Hannity doesn’t like Beck etc.  Funny thing is when you compare Hannity and Beck with O’Reilly, Bill comes off as a lot smarter and actually more reasonable. He doesn’t buy into all the birther conspiracy crap like his colleagues. He clearly understands that its all about showmanship. Hence his angle is to be crass and obnoxious. The big irony with O’Reilly is that if you watch him long enough you’re likely to see and hear more Black leaders discussing politics then you do on BET or TV One which goes to show you just how much we been lacking.  In any case word on the street is that they are now gunning for Bill O’Reilly. They have some new sheriffs in town and they are crazier and nuttier than the old guy.  LOL I can’t say I have any sympathy for any of those fools. GOP on GOP violence -well in this case its a good thing. May they all destroy each other.

Something to ponder

-Davey D-

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