Blackface is the New Black



You ever see that blog Stuff White People Like? Well, blackface should most definitely be on that list. For whatever reason some whites love to paint their faces black and then express profound shock when black people get offended. Now to be fair, Asians will get in on the foolishness as well. Which makes me wonder how in 2009 seemingly intelligent people can be so offensive yet “oblivious” at the same time.

In the recent high profile incident of blackface on a variety show in Australia, the offending party, who referred to themselves as the “Jackson Jive” were all medical doctors. And, I’m sure the people who run French Vogue are experienced professionals. My brother Paradise just reminded me about Halloween coming up and how each year some college fraternity throws a blackface bash whose pictures always seem to make it to the latest social networking site.

Which leads me to the million dollar question, Why? Can we just say it’s racism and close the case? Is it maybe some deep seeded psychological problem? I can tell you one thing, it damn sure ain’t funny. The country is already divided and the fire of hate is being fed 24-7 by the right wing flunkies at Fox News. Why throw a bucket of gasoline on it just to amuse yourself and get a few chuckles form your friends. Is it really worth a potential beat-down if you run into the wrong person? Plus the way things tend to resurface on the internet that blackface may soon become permanent.

Jasiri X