Breakdown FM: 25 Joints-HealYour Heart & Bless Your Soul


This week we kick things off with a few songs that address the issue of rape and domestic abuse. It was our way of raising consciousness and acknowledging the horrific tragedy that took place last week here in the Bay Area. For those who don’t know, a 15-year-old girl was gang raped right outside the doors of a her high school dance. 20-25 people stood around, watched, took pictures, taunted her and beat her. No one called the police as she was raped for over 21/2 hours.

amir-sulaiman-cdSpoken word artist Amir Sulaiman had written a song a while back in an attempt to comfort a friend who was raped called ‘How Beautiful’. It’s deep. Brother Ali comes with a gem on his new album ‘US’. The name of his heartfelt song is ‘Baby Girl’. His rhymesayer labelmate Slug of Atmosphere was broken up over a rape and killing of a young lady attending one of the groups concerts a couple of years ago in Albuquerque. ‘That Night’ captures the angst and anger Slug was feeling over the incident. Also from Twin Cities is Desdemona who drops a cut called Faulty Fuses that deals with a woman sitting in jail after she goes after her husband who was beating her. She describes how the guards in jail now violate her.. . These songs give you much to think about…

Other standout cuts on this week’s 25 Joints include; Narcicyst’s ‘Vietnam’ , Sim City’s Surrender, Jasiri X’s Dear Debra’ and US3‘s ‘Can I Get It’

25 Joints to get U Thru The Day #16
Heal Your Heart and Bless Your Soul

01-Amir Sulaiman ‘How Beautiful’ (Atlanta)
02-Brother Ali ‘Baby Girl’ (Minneapolis)
03-Atmosphere ‘That Night’ (Minneapolis)
04-Desdamona ‘Faulty Fuses’ (Minneapolis)
05-Zion I ‘The Rebel’ (Oakland)
06-Wise Intelligent ‘Genocide’ (Trenton, NJ)
07-Narcicyst ‘Vietnam’ (Montreal/Iraq)
08-Mystic w/ Beat Minerz) ‘Pull ya Card’ (Oakland/ NY)
09-Medusa ‘Fiend or Foe’ (Los Angeles)
10-KRS-One w/ Marley Marl ‘Rising to the Top’ (New York)
11-Sim City ‘Surrender Win is in the Bag’ (Washington DC)
12-Western Union ‘Bird in the Hand’ (Los Angeles)
13-Scipio ‘Black Heroes’ (Los Angeles)
14-Justice System ‘Dedicated to Bambaataa’ (New York)
15-Peeps of Soul ‘Thank Mama for the Soul Sisters’ (New York)
16-Mighty Underdogs ‘Victorious’ (Oakland)
17-MC Lyte ‘Wonder Years’ (New York)
18-X-Clan w/ Tony Henry & Bun B ‘Thru My Eyes’ (Los Angeles/ Houston)
19- Rob Swift ‘The Ghetto’ (New York)
20-US3 ‘Can I get It’ (London)
21-Sick Jaken ‘Black Ships’ (Los Angeles)
22-Jasiri X ‘Dear Debra’ (Pittsburgh)
23-Beanie Sigel ‘Dear Self’ (Philadelphia)
24-Perceptionists ‘Love Letters’ (Boston)
25-Taj & Superstar Quam Allah ‘I want More’ (Oakland)
26- Jern Eyez w/ Mista FAB & Zoombi (Oakland) Less

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