Professor Tina Bell Wright: Response to Davey D Blog-The Surveillance State & Privatization

Today I posted an article that included two very insightful interviews about the emerging Police-Surveillance state.. You can peep the article which is title ‘Massive Domestic Spying was Wrong in the Past..It’s Wrong Today‘…Its generated alot of response, but one really stood out and wanted to make it a separate post.. This comes courtesy of Professor Tina Bell Wright who has long taught and spoken about the constant encroachments on our civil liberties… Her blog series Rise Up Hip Hop Nation has a lot of gems we should all soak up..

Professor Wright response to my latest article is essential and ads so much more to what was written and discussed..

ProfTinaWright-225I see a number of things coming to light with this …first, I know I’ve said it before Davey but while it looks like things are getting worse, or just “business as usual” as some claim…this is actually progress.

As we move more and more toward police state tactics, what we see is a people no longer believing the hype…Hegemonic power used to be enough to keep us all in line…We bought in to the system and supported it by the very act of buying in…Now it will take much more to keep folks in line – unapologetic breaches of privacy, police state tactics, and basically the end of the delusion that we live in a “democracy”. So that’s the first point…

Here you actually have some journalists saying “F’ the government” where before they were fine just being the “patsy of the govt“..You have whistle blowers and ideas like anonymous that are being strategically modeled to “fight the power“…you have mass protests in Turkey and Japan and worldwide (despite some media blackouts)….

You now have a counter strategy to expose and challenge today’s Cointel-Pro that did not exist in the 60s/70s..mostly due to the advances in technology…but then we get to how those advances can also be used to DISTRACT…So as you well note, you have many folks that care more about trivial celebrity shit than this…In other words,  while folks have much more access to information because of technology, many are distracted by technology – a strategy that so far has worked well for those in power….

MEDIA is a very powerful institution that will make or break the next progressive movement..Having a strategy to utilize media is critical in any plan….and yes, you have some black folks because of race allegiance coming to the defense of Obama…but Carter G. Woodson warned 80+ years ago about black educated class and support for black leaders and how that leaves the larger black community nowhere…

Now to keep it absolutely real: I promise you that the mass of black people don’t give a damn about Obama…the problem is many of those same folks also don’t give a damn about your momma…How are we dealing with this?

Those not distracted by media/technology are distracted by survival and the cultural adaptations that has given us – specifically VIOLENCE in many forms which reveals a total disregard for human life. On top of that, you have an upcoming generation that is ahistorical – many don’t really even know who Malcolm X is much less how to internalize his message!

PrivatizationFinally, a VERY important point is what you elude to in the article and where much of the power is being shifted to…PRIVATE companies... PRIVATIZATION is the way the 1% can and will keep power even while folks do start to wake up…

If folks are finally starting to scream “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore’ (from Network) en masse, we could see some big changes…but if all resources have shifted from the public to private entities, we will be a mass of people, that pay lower taxes because we own nothing…and hence have nothing to fight for and are completely dependent on private industry for our survival – from food and water (being privatized) to education (for profit schools) to freedom (private prisons)….

All aspects of our lives will be controlled by private corporations…And of course nation-states are a thing of the past thanks to globalization, so instead of trying to maintain its supremacy as a world power, the US is at the forefront of transferring its power (our money) to private corporations. THIS is our real war…

Ayn Rand lives.

written by Tina Bell Wright

3 Dope Songs from Kev Choice… A Bay Area Treasure, A Musician’s Musician

Kev Choice

Kev Choice

Shout out to one of the hardest working brothers in show biz… Its Oakland’s own Kev Choice.. Around these parts he’s a fixture as the classically trained pianist is highly sought after from by everyone from Boots of the Coup who he’s currently on tour with to Lauryn Hill.  The man does everything from write to compose to emcee and of course he does it with extreme funkiness. To put it succinctly  Kev is a musician’s musician.. The other day I got a nice video from him in France and decided to highlight him in the 3 Dope Song series..A little bit of background..

Back in 2009, Kev Choice launched the Daily Dosage music series to offer music lovers and fans a new song every 24 hours from Halloween until New Year’s Eve. Fast forward to 2012. During Kev’s European Fall Tour as keyboardist with The Coup, Kev launched the Daily Dosage: Euro Edition from Dijon, France. The second song recorded in this series — “Show The World” — was recorded in his hotel room in Dijon. The song carries the theme of showing the world what you have to offer, taking advantage of the moment, taking risk, and the challenges of seeking international fame. The song was produced by Kev Choice and features a sample from French composer and arranger Jean-Claude Petit.

About a year ago Kev Choice and long time SF based singer Martin Luther hooked up to do this heartfelt song called ‘Let It All Go’ The song pertains to dealing with everyday stress and struggles. Kev Choice plays a homeless person in the video, with the message being that no matter how bad things may be, it could always be worse. The video was shoot on location in downtown San Francisco by director Samm Styles and Brian Storm

Below is one my favorite songs from Kev..Its an inspiring song called ‘The Best‘.. It was originally featured as one of his Daily Dosage offerings. Hopefully it leaves you inspired as it did me..


Massive Domestic Spying was Wrong in the Past..It’s Wrong Today

NSA signIt’s a damn shame that with all that’s going on, the biggest news in Hip Hop this week is that rapper 2 Chainz did not get robbed while visiting San Francisco..Hell I was just in SF the other day and I didn’t get robbed either.. Why is this news? One would hope that the big news for 2 Chainz is while he was in the Bay he donated one of two chains to charity, he went to a group home to work with youth or that he’s doing a new song about Trayvon Martin or one that he addresses the NSA spying drama…

Which brings me to my next point, as we look at all this massive spying and surveillance of innocent people, we should keep a couple of things in mind.. First watch the media distraction where they are now getting. All these corporate backed news outlets have tuned into a PR firm for the government where they are doing massive spin control by getting everyone to debate whether or not Edward Snowden the man who blew the whistle on all this is a traitor or patriot. One would think and hope the main thrust would be centered around the actual situation of us being spied upon by private corporation using govt money and resources.. Snowden is the guy who gave of us the info.. He’s not the one in power and should not be the main focus. The questions should be what are private companies doing with all that data? What’s the guarantee it wont be abused or compromised?

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

The other thing to keep in mind, is since we’re talking Hip Hop news, perhaps folks should make the connection as to whats going on now with what was going down in Hip Hop a few years back New York City had a Hip Hop cop division that spent countless hours collecting dossiers on rappers and their entourages. 2Pac was being tailed, Biggie was being tailed and to this day all this intel gathering has not led to an arrest and conviction of their killers… At the time many rappers played up being surveilled as part of their whole mob/gangsta image and proof that there was bit of an edge to them…Considering the long legacy of CointelPro and how the FBI, CIA and other government agencies  spying on artists and using culture as a weapon against us, more should have been concerned and outrage then, as they should be now.

Under Cointel-Pro irreparable damage was done, not just in the Black community via the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, but also the Chicano Movement, American Indian Movement, Puerto Rican Independence Movement and the Anti-War Movements. Prior to Cointel-pro we had the McCarthy Era where major damage was done to journalists, entertainers, academics and any other thought leaders who were thought to be connected to Communism.

Like Cointel-pro many during the McCarthy Era who were 100% innocent were caught up in the wide net used by the government to battle what was actually described by some even back in those days, as a Fight Against Terror..There’s no excuse for folks who understand this history not to speak out now.. As we see a lot of this has got to wonder whats really going on? Maybe Hip Hop was surveilled in such a way as to get folks used to this practice so they wouldn’t sound the alarm once this spread and became a bit more Draconian.

Civil Rights Lawyer King Downing

Civil Rights Lawyer King Downing

Below is an interview we did with Civil Rights lawyer King Downing who is the founder of the Human Rights Racial Justice Center and has long dealt with the issues of privacy, unwarranted surveillance, racial profiling and over reach by the government. King is also formerly of the ACLU which is now suing Obama and the NSA for their egregious actions. In 2006 when I first met King, the ACLU was suing George Bush and his administration for spying on the American people Sadly not much has changed, if anything the government has doubled down.

A few years ago, King and myself along with a number of scholars, law enforcement, civil rights people, artists and activists sat on two round tables put on by the ACLU that dealt with the use and abuse of government informants. Lastly King was featured in the documentary Black and Blue: Legend of a Hip Hop Cop which focused on NYPD and their Hip Hop  division which collected large numbers of dossiers on artists, most of them innocent of any wrong doing.

He breaks a lot of things down in this Hard Knock Radio interview including the fact that the surveillance of rappers went far beyond NYPD but was actually coming from Washington DC itself..He connects a lot of dots and firmly makes the case of how the invasive profiling tactics used in the failed War on Drugs that crippled many who lived in the hood and inner cities has expanded under the Patriot Act and the War on Terror. He notes that all of this is connected and in totality make up what he describes as the surveillance state….

Hard Knock Radio logo

During our interview with King Downing I mentioned I would play/post up the excerpt of former FBI informant Darthard Perry speaking about how he and others in the bureau did massive surveillance on Black culture so as to weaken the people…This interview took place in the 1970s..

Spying NSABuilding off what we covered with King Downing, we sat down with professor of communication Christopher Simpson of American University..
Simpson is author of several books, including; BlowbackScience of Coercion and National Security Directives of the Reagan and Bush Administrations.

With respect to this spying saga Simpson noted:

“The newly public National Security Agency records about PRISM and similar operations demonstrate that metadata about electronic communication is actually more dangerous to democracy than intercepting conversations. That is because the NSA’s analysis of this information is based on mathematical formulas that use guilt by association to construct imaginary networks of people who might, or might not, have some link to political violence, espionage, or to almost any controversy involving international relations.

“Much of what was revealed last week about the National Security Agency has been publicly available for almost a decade, but denied by officials and forgotten or ignored by most big media. The information now on the public record enables any informed person to understand the basics of how these intelligence operations work and why they are dangerous.

During our Hard Knock Radio interview, Professor Simpson expounded upon these remarks.. He laid out the case how this NSA spying situation is the War on Drugs on steroids..If anyone who has dealt with the wide nets used in the War on drugs, then you can probably relate, except, this is bigger and goes a lot deeper..The way the data is being mined, folks are getting tagged and dinged falsely with very little recourse..Y’all better not get caught up in conversations about whether or not Snowden is a Patriot or Hero.. Y’all best be asking what recourse you have from this drama..

Professor Simpson also painstakingly explains how the PRISM program works. He alerts us to how the data is collected and cross referenced with criteria that is secret which in turn determines if you are a potential target for further and more penetrating surveillance..This is no joke.. Peep the interview below..
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