3 Dope Songs to Mark July 4th, Independence Day & American Dominance

American Flag soldToday is July 4th, Independence Day which is an interesting concept when you consider how are independence is now being compromised by those increasing erosion on our Civil and Human Rights by our government and the multi-national corporations that back them. Over the years we’ve seen billions spent to buy up politicians via lobbying efforts and the emergence of official partnerships via ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council ) where corporations write laws that are later championed by elected officials. Its patriotism at its finest, if you have millions and billions.

Speaking of which, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mark Independence Day by acknowledging a disturbing trend that is best personified by New York’s billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This is a man who once famously said NYPD which is 40 thousand strong, is his own private army. He than commenced to allow that police department to cripple our independence by having them deploy an invasive policy called Stop and Frisk..

Under Bloomberg, his private army have executed stopped and frisked over 5 million times, with 85-90% of being Black and Brown men.. Less than 10% of those stops were found to be in violation of any law, minor or major.. Yet in spite of massive complaints and a number of high profiles cases of police killings and brutality during stop and frisk encounters, Bloomberg as said the police need to stop more Black people and that they are going hard on too many white folks….

Last week NY’s City Council recently voted to reign in some of the stop and frisk tactics.. the billionaire Mayor got pissed and is now investing his personal fortunes into launching campaigns against anyone who opposed stop and frisk..

Seems like Mayor Bloomberg & Police Commissioner Ray Kelly are heavily borrowing from the sordid legacies of LAPD Chiefs Chief William H Parker & Darryl Gates

Mayor Bloomberg & NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly wanna up the ante with Stop and Frisk

Again, I cite Bloomberg and his antics because he personifies the growing trend in America that we should peep this independence day.. That would be Corporate dominance and tyranny, the privatization of public space and goods.

This July 4th we should note that in the name of so-called national security our independence is marked by major telecom and internet companies collecting personal data from millions of people for the NSA. Many of those people later down the road may face scenarios where they have to prove their innocence rather than be proven guilty of any sort of crime or in the case of this data collecting ‘associated’ with folks connected to terrorism.. Those same corporations while wrapped in the flag of  ‘patriotism’ have used the media outlets they own to hire pundits who will not only justify towing the party line, but will enthusiastically cheer what many see as fascism…

M1 and Obama NationOur Independence Day is now marked by a huge increase in private prisons  and detention centers and harsh new laws that make it easy for anyone to get caught up and become a long-term resident in these facilities. It’s now known that in 2013 a sound monetary investment may be in private prison stocks.. This is something that several our most popular TV and Cable outlets have found to be the case, hence they’ve invested.. Yes I’m talking about you Viacom which includes MTV and BET.. Yes, I’m talking about you Time Warner..

Today should not be a day to blindly shoot of fire works and stuff a bunch of hot dogs down our throats.. It should be a day we reflect on the imperialistic direction this country has turned and what sort of things we can do to both raise awareness and craft solutions. This should be a day that we all ask ourselves, how did a country which was founded in 1776 with the backdrop and official policies that supported Native American genocide and African people being enslaved, 235 years later, still be vicious and oppressive to many of its people and folks around the world.

Today we should be questioning our foreign policy far too often supports ruthless dictators, undermines duly elected leaders and has a policy of bringing about regime change when leaders we don’t like stand up to us..We wont even talk about our Drone policy which has brought terror to the lands of people who’se countries the average American couldnt find on a map if quizzed. Much of foreign policy is driven by the companies and corporations that make up the Military Industrial Complex.. Again the key word to all this privatization.

If you wanna be a true Patriot, question our government and hold those who make bad and unlawful decisions accountable

Below are 3 Dope Songs to Mark Independence Day.. along with several bonus songs that give us some compelling perspectives about America, Home of the Free Land of the Brave..

Brother Ali ‘Uncle Sam Goddamn’.. This is an honest and heartfelt song where Minneapolis based Brother Ali ask the tough questions of Uncle Sam and of himself who lives within these lands…


Immortal Technique  ‘4th Branch’.. This is a classic song from this Harlem based emcee. The 4th branch has always been the media and in this song he shows how its been used to corrupt people’s ideology. Often times its that same media that beats the drums of war under the guise of Patriotism..


Flipsyde ‘US History’ This Oakland based group literally flipped the script, by doing a song about the rise of the world’s biggest Super Power.. It’s a history lesson all of us should be taught in school. Its also a song that gotta lot of love all over the world..


Bonus Songs

Lowkey & M1 Obamanation pt2


Dead Prez Propoganda


Killer Mike Reagan


Gil Scott-Heron Work for Peace

Sage Francis  makeshift Patriot


3 Dope Songs from Kev Choice… A Bay Area Treasure, A Musician’s Musician

Kev Choice

Kev Choice

Shout out to one of the hardest working brothers in show biz… Its Oakland’s own Kev Choice.. Around these parts he’s a fixture as the classically trained pianist is highly sought after from by everyone from Boots of the Coup who he’s currently on tour with to Lauryn Hill.  The man does everything from write to compose to emcee and of course he does it with extreme funkiness. To put it succinctly  Kev is a musician’s musician.. The other day I got a nice video from him in France and decided to highlight him in the 3 Dope Song series..A little bit of background..

Back in 2009, Kev Choice launched the Daily Dosage music series to offer music lovers and fans a new song every 24 hours from Halloween until New Year’s Eve. Fast forward to 2012. During Kev’s European Fall Tour as keyboardist with The Coup, Kev launched the Daily Dosage: Euro Edition from Dijon, France. The second song recorded in this series — “Show The World” — was recorded in his hotel room in Dijon. The song carries the theme of showing the world what you have to offer, taking advantage of the moment, taking risk, and the challenges of seeking international fame. The song was produced by Kev Choice and features a sample from French composer and arranger Jean-Claude Petit.


About a year ago Kev Choice and long time SF based singer Martin Luther hooked up to do this heartfelt song called ‘Let It All Go’ The song pertains to dealing with everyday stress and struggles. Kev Choice plays a homeless person in the video, with the message being that no matter how bad things may be, it could always be worse. The video was shoot on location in downtown San Francisco by director Samm Styles and Brian Storm


Below is one my favorite songs from Kev..Its an inspiring song called ‘The Best‘.. It was originally featured as one of his Daily Dosage offerings. Hopefully it leaves you inspired as it did me..



3 Dope Songs To Raise Your Consciousness During this Troubling Week

Hakim Green and Kool Herc Someone was complaining the other day about lack of consciousness in Hip Hop… He wanted to know where all the good emcees are? I asked him where he was checking? In the age of consolidation, corporate tyranny and a desire to dumb down the masses and make them consummate consumers, did he expect to hear consistent consciousness on ‘pop culture outlets?’.. When you have companies like Viacom and Time Warner holding investments in private prisons why would you expect to hear and see folks telling you to fight the power? Those outlets are in fact the power you should be fighting.

If we are to learn anything from the recent NSA spying drama, is that a whole lot of corporations  are trying to cash in on the multi-billion dollar a year prison-police-security industrial complex.  Much of our corporate media is in the business of serving as a PR Firm vs being an investigative news agency for Draconian policies.

With that in mind, I wanted to alert folks  via our 3 Dope Songs series of some bumping joints that are floating around raising consciousness. The fight for social justice has not gone away..Hip Hop on this level is as it was years ago, its being meticulously created, nurtured and ready to be embraced by all.. Below are 3 songs that fit the bill and will let you know without a shadow of a doubt.. Intelligence is alive and well and fighting the power is daily occurrence..

First up is Hakim Green from the group Channel Live.. This brother stays on the grind, not just as an emcee, but as an activist. He goes directly to the heart of the problem and stays involved. If we have violence in the community, Hakim is there working directly with those causing the chaos. If we say we need political change, Hakim ir right there.. Here’s a video he just put out to a song called Secrets.. enjoy


Next up is Wise Intelligent from Poor Righteous Teachers.. This cat still has one of the illest flows and ultra sharp lyrics.. I wish more folks would try and include him as a guest on their records.. I also love the concepts that Wise brings to the table.. Peep this video to the song ‘I said It‘ which will make you reflect on the George Zimmerman trial which just started today and the mindset of people who think and act like him and what he did to Trayvon Martin..


This next video is from a sister named Narubi Selah.. I first saw this earlier this year and was surprised more folks ain’t hold it up.. She comes with some hard edge lyrics that’ll definitely make you rewind to catch what she just spit… I’m loving this song ‘Hookless‘ and I hope you do as well. Look for her album The Architect: Sacred Geometry


Mumu Dosea

Mumu Dosea

I’m gonna leave outta here with a bonus song from this dope emcee from Australia. Her name is Muma Dosea.. If there’s one album I’m serious looking forward to, its her.. I’m literally counting the days for her masterpiece called Ms Fortune.. she has a sampler which is free download.. But the cut for me to get you going is a song called Walk Alone.. I wish she had a video for it.. I think I’ll make a public appeal..Also if you get a chance check out her weekly radio show Hip Sister Hop which airs Mondays from 1-2pm Australian time.. That can be found here…http://www.3cr.org.au/hipsistahop