My Thoughts on that Video Showing Rapper 2 Chainz Getting Chased and Robbed

2 Chainz

2 Chainz

So the truth is out and everyone is talking about that video of rapper 2Chainz getting robbed in broad daylight in San Francisco…Everyone’s saying its funny.. Maybe.. But let’s keep it real.. Let’s look at some videos of cats paying $250 for sneakers that cost $5 bucks to make.. Now that’s a real robbery and there’s some rich white guy in hills looking at that video, counting your money, sending his kid to college, really laughing his ass off..

Let’s show videos of folks paying $5 for an ATM fee to retrieve $20 of your own damn money in a bank that made hella interest off your money, but didn’t give you one red cent.. If anything in addition to charging you for that ATM fee they charged you for a bunch of fees you ain’t even know about all the while tanking the economy or fraudulently foreclosing on your the Black community alone, the theft of wealth via the banks is more than 93 billion dollars.. Now that’s a robbery,  let’s look at that video and join those Wall street bankers laughing their asses off.

I know they got hella video of fools paying $25, $30 even $50 for some damn luggage fee to the airlines on top of that $400 ticket.. And to show how brazen these airline robbers are…they say it ain’t enough and they need, and will charge you more. Last year airlines made 3.5 billion dollars in luggage fees alone. Let’s look at that video and laugh…

Don’t get me wrong. I am no shape or form a fan of 2 Chainz and his music… I think could do so much better with his talent but instead has allowed himself to be part of a larger operation within the  commercial music industry or as activist Rosa Clemente dubbed the Rap Industrial Complex that has helped dumb us down, robbed or at the very least compromised a vibrant Hip Hop culture.. Things have gotten so backwards that 2 Chainz felt a need to publicly deny this robbery took place to keep up this charade which is all too pervasive not just in Rap, but in our communities at large. So again, you’ll get no defense from me about his material.

At the same time I’m not a fan of some cat with gun busting off a shot at someone in broad daylight and robbing them. This could’ve gone south real quick if Chainz and his crew busted back.. We’ve seen these type of scenarios play out once too many times resulting in innocent blood spilling in our streets. Even more disturbing, far too often the cat willing to brazenly rob a 2Chainz is also willing to turn right around and rob our mothers…Could you imagine if that gun man had jacked a Brad Pitt, a Donald Trump who many of us despise or even the bank down the street which is even more despicable?  I suspect TMZ and all those other mainstream outlets that have been laughing while showing this video, would’ve have changed their tune and been showing grainy, blurry close ups  of the gun man demanding that we identify him and help see to it justice is served. Today he remains at large

So yes 2 Chainz got robbed, but in the larger scheme of things he ain’t too different from the rest of us getting ganked every damn day with some rich tycoon type off in the distance laughing at all our collective misfortunes.

-Davey D-