Shock G of Digital Underground Explains Why Saafir is Bound to a Wheelchair

shock G pointLast year, a close friend asked me “Why is Saafir in a wheelchair?” and with a sigh, all I could muster was “It’s complicated” because it really is. Months later, he asked me a 3rd time, so I shot him this email below:

Saafir’s sitch is the gradual result of a series of events..

Here’s a ruff timeline:


Survived TWA plane crash at JFK scheduled for Frisco. Engine blew during take-off, skidded-out sidewayz off the runway, came to a stop, and after a few seconds, burst into flames:

Saafir was the first one off, but he jumped before the slide fully inflated and wound up jolting his lower back as his feet hit the ground beneath the thin material. It was a Boeing DC-10, so it was hella high-up ( jumping from a 3rd floor apt balcony).

Afterwards he refused hospital assistance (“I’m aight”) a hurry ta catch the next plane back to the bay.




At a d.u. photo shoot in Jack London Square (oakland) for Rappages mag, showing-out for the writer & photographer, he jumped onto the metal steps of a moving train that was goin faster than he anticipated. So when he jumped back off 2 blocks further, he hit the street with a snap, causing him to run violently faster than humanly possible for the first few steps to keep from scrubbing on camera, ha. He pulled it off, but it looked craaazy, and for the rest of that day he kept holdin his lower back and whispering “Damn, I think I fucked my back off again blood”.

1994 thru 1999:

He popped hella ecstasy without drinking the required water to protect the spine from dehydration.


While on Up in Smoke Tour w/Xzibit, horseplayin around backstage he hurt it again while kickboxin wit da homies. He could barely stand up from the pain. So Nzazi Muhammed (Digital Underground’s fitness & witch doctor) came & met him backstage, gave’m acupuncture & some massage therapy which immediately got him movin around again. This became one of Saafir’s classic stories, how Z made him lay on the concrete and had him screamin in pain right in front of Dr.Dre, Ras Kass and everyone while he worked on him, and how he jumped up afterwards in disbelief, and with a huge teary-eyed smile told Z, “Damn blood, u really fixed my back!! For the first time in 5-years the pain is gone!! Wow man, thanku man, thanku!!!”

2000 to 06: 

saafir lookDoes two more Up in Smoke tours w/Xibit.

Back pain gradually returns & increases over the years, resulting in several doc visits & consultations.


His first spinal operation for “cartilage deterioration” and “nerve damage” on a few specific vertebrae. Afterwards, against doctors’ advice to “take it easy and stay off your feet while you heal”, he continued to do shows & hustle in the street.

07 thru 09:

Music biz real slow, so to pay his rent he starts grindin his prescription back-pain meds (oxys & roxys, high $treet demand) while he breathes thru the pain “like a soldier”.

Meanwhile, in addition to back pain, his right leg gradually begins to go numb from the toes upward, until he has to walk (and perform) with a cane:

Early 2011:

Numbness reaches his knee on right leg, left leg first signs of numbness in the foot. After several doc visits & diagnosis’s, still no solid explanation or solution. “Scar tissue around his lower spine is swelling and pressing against the nerves that control the legs” is the general assessment.

Late 2011:

shocksaafir1Can’t walk at all on his own anymore, begins using a wheelchair. Loses his own place, and hasta move in with an ex-gf who he doesn’t get along with but was the only place he could go. They barely get along, the scene is usually tense. Meanwhile, his X & molly abuse continues, and without ever drinking water (their nightly ritual is to x-out before they fuck and crash-out). He continues to ride-out the pain (“Blood, I’ma soldier”) while flippin his pain meds for cash.

Also worth a mention, and since ever, Saafir is a sugar junkie (skittles & soda), only eats junk food, and has been chaining Newports since the early 90s. He recently told me he hasn’t eaten a vegetable in over 10 years, and most of his meals come from either the Arco Mini-market, 7-Eleven, or the Wendy’s nearby their deep-east oakland apartment.

Feb 2012:

He reveals to Money-B his sitch, which spreads thru the crew & shocks all of us. None of us had any idea, and we’re all hurt & pissed that he waited this long before he told anybody.

March 2012:

I go visit him, our first in-person meeting in over 10-years. His apartment is small, dark, cluttered & filthy. Cig butts fill every ashtray, empty soda bottles & fast-food cups everywhere. When our eyes met, it took all my strength to push down the urge to cry, and we met w/big smiles & hugs. But later when I was alone, I had ta pull the car over and dump tears for 10-minutes straight.

By now paralyzation had reached his hips, no feeling in either leg, can’t wiggle a toe or flex any leg muscles. It took us 2-hours to dress him and get him into the car, and then another 2 to get him situated in bed after our food & pharmacist run.

After the visit, I jump onboard full throttle in search of anyone who can help, any medical solution..

April 2012:

shock & Saafir

shock & Saafir

We zero in on the Laser Spine Institution in Scottsdale Arizona who propose a procedure with a 90% success rate. After reviewing his med records, requesting several new MRIs, and a slew of financial form clearances, they accept his case. We negotiate the appointment for late May, and began the surgery-prep processes at home.

May 26, 2012

I fly out with him as caretaker.

On day 2 of the 7-day process, after many tests, they apologetically announce they can’t help his situation. “Our type of procedure can’t treat his type of injury” was their only explanation, “We’re extremely sorry you traveled this far..” and they reimbursed us 15k of the 20 we spent to make it happen.

June 2, 2012

Saafir returned to his gloomy home situation in oakland devastated, exhausted & defeated. All of our hope was in that trip to AZ.

2012 to present:

Still searching for a doctor or a procedure that can help.

Still living off skittles, soda, chips and 7-Eleven burritos.

Still chain-smokin Newports

Still got them roxys fo’ya!

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  1. I was never really a big fan of this mic skills, but I respected homie Saafir. I am so saddened about this. I am sitting at my desk now almost in tears thinking about what he has gone through. I have a friend that is very close Eminem that has had a similar journey through medical hell. I tried to do the same for him with the assistance. His situation has begun to turn around, but I’m not sure where it will go from here. D8mn I get tired of reading about the pain of life. F*ck. Much love to the homie. #Salute.

  2. Dud is reckless! I don’t like to see anybody wheelchair bound but maybe that’s keeping him from completely self-destructing.

  3. Shock G is a stand up dude! Saafir, what will it take for you to understand?? Damn, why must folks wait so long to get help?????? Damn Shame!

  4. Man this so sad for me I been knowing this cat since he was about 5. My prayers with him if there’s a way i could do something every now an then take him a meal or something. He know who I am Dwayne Ealy.

  5. That’s to bad for Saffair, I remember the first time he walk thru my parents front door and said we wanted to be a member of my brothers group in 1990. I remember he called me right after the plane crash. I have a story that know body has ever heard. My brothers production made him and in 1992 they got unsigned hype in the source magazine. There is so much more I can tell you, but I dont have time.

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  7. This story is very sad but understandable once given the chain of events. I study Chinese medicine and I truly believe in the power of the mind and spirit to help heal ourselves. I think alternative medicine could truly help him. It may be unrealistic at this point to have all your hope riding on just one thing, even if it’s something as drastic as surgery. Even with the surgeons in AZ having given you that grim diagnosis, please do not give up on yourself. A combination of therapies may help, and of course one of the most basic steps is getting into a healthier daily regimen. It doesn’t have to be a 100% overhaul change but steps can be taken one-by-one. There are also many herbs and natural substances that may help regenerate tissue, nerves and bone. Please contact me if you would like more info.

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  9. Heartbreaking…. I wish the brothers well in the quest for a better situation for Saafir… so many brothers in and out of the entertainment industry have developed dire conditions due to unwitting and witting neglect, inexperience, pride, and lack of affordable resources for health care.

    One love y’all…

  10. Thank You Dave and Shock for this article. I’ve known Saafir for a while now, but have been out of touch with him since 2006. Ironically, last time we talked he was headed to the gym. Good lookin’ Shock G for all of his help and persistence in helping him with his situation. Is there a foundation or something that someone can donate to help his cause? Let me know…

  11. Man May Allah bless you Reggie, Know were Saffir came into this rap game with him seen him from the RAP beginngs to get to were he got in this Hip-Hop game. (I know his story) Did not know it has gotten this bad. Mad props to Shock G for stepping in and helping

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  14. Just going off wikipedia here, but for detailed account like this why is there no mention of his spinal tumor?

    “Good Game: The Transition (ABB Records, 2006). The album covers the major transitions throughout his life, most notably his spinal tumor, and his conversion to Islam.”

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  16. This is sad. Just sad! Folk don’t want to face the reality of what comes with being in the music game. Not investing properly leads to no health coverage and the environment leads to possible drug addiction. Not for everyone, of course. So big ups to those who handle their b.i. . I give major props and eternal blessings to Shock for his humanity. Without some spiritual reconnection on The Saucy Nomads part, this situation looks dismal. Peace be with you Saafir, Insha Allah

  17. this isnt just what comes with being in the music game this is a perfect description of america & the problems the accesibility to food thaT IS NOT HEALTHY and lifestyle take on as well. it takes courage and strength to stand up and know the life you are living is ruining you, most will just take pills to try and numb th epain they have caused themselves. saafir can walk again but he needs to put his faith back in GOD.Allah. he need to get with that healer who helped him b4. look up Dr. SEBI. he needs to stop smoking, stop eating the junk, stop accepting that rap is the only thing he can do and start doing more if he wants to LIVE. A holistic lifestyle will begin the healing to his recovery in that as well, he needs to do some releasing of emotions as it seems he enjoys to put himself through pain to still note that he is indeed living or to gain attention.

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  19. Wow… that’s what I call not giving a fuck about yourself. How are you going to be Muslim and not take care of yourself. The Qur’an def states that you should try your best to be healthy. 711 burritos are not food… Big up to Shock G for trying to help, but no matter what surgery or treatment they give him, he’ll never recover while treating his body like a garbage pale…

  20. chiropractors work brotha. much better than surgery. worked for my pops. some of the best chiros are in the bay

  21. pedro u ever think mybe there’s other stuff going on when folks ‘stop caring’? maybe its stuff thats not so easy to repair..God Bless if u are able to overcome ur obstacles..some of us for whatever reasons don’t..I would hope you’d be more compassionate than condemning

  22. Totally agree about not having access to healthy foods. Such a disgrace in this country. Also, unhealthy eating is an addiction and it takes a lot of strength to break the cycle and realize that what you are eating could literally be killing you. In my culture, we say food is medicine. Anything you put into your body affects your whole health physically and spiritually, either good or bad. I have my own health issues and I struggle with this every day. It’s easier when you are in pain and feeling depressed about it to grab a box of cookies and feel sorry for yourself. I totally understand that. But it doesn’t improve your situation. In fact, sugar increases inflammation, so it just made it worse. Do I still do this sometimes? Yes, so I am not speaking from a place of judgement. The thing that has really helped is doing a Whole 30/paleo diet. Just cut everything out cold turkey or you won’t quit the bad habits. They sneak back up on you. The doctors at UCSF and the spine center there are a blessing, maybe they can help you to? Just know that you are not alone in this struggle Saafir. Many blessings to you.

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  24. Can anyone get the photo of the whole car that DREAM TDK (Livicated) did for BOXCAR SESSIONS, i would love to make a shirt and give all the proceeds for Saafir, well i would give it to SHOCK G, it seems he has more concern about Saafir’s health then The nomad. If anyone could help lmk. Bless.

  25. He has to want to change. He has treated his body like crap for decades and continue to do so. even if he does get the medical help, he will still have issues because he won’t take care of his body. that is just like a diabetic who won’t stop eating sugar. everyone has a choice in life, and your choices have consequences, he need to make the choice to live a healthy life and get rid of the things that are causing him to make bad decisions.

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  27. First step, change his diet! Read the book, “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and apply the knowledge you gain to helping him eat right. If he starts eating right, anything is possible. The body can’t heal the necessary areas if it is in shock and merely trying to sustain itself from the toxic diet. After that, just keep looking for the right doctor to help. This is a great start.

  28. Man I was bumpin Saafir’s joints hard up in Chicago. As a former video game head, I remember my excitement when Ahmad had a joint featuring Ras Kass & Saafir on the Street Fighter movie soundtrack called “Come Widdit”. It was fire of course. I’m extremely sad to hear this news & it’s a reminder that a few unfortunate events can derail promising lives. Anyone can be touched. Never take these days for granted & live life to the fullest. Hope that Saafir can find peace & healing amidst the pain & struggle.

  29. Back in the days my crew Trendz of Culture heard about his birthday and decided to surprise him since we were in the same town and perform for him. He was known to have an offbeat style of rap as well as us. It seemed only right to perform and show love to a fellow hip hop artist who was on the same page we were on. Also being cool with Frank Toro gave us a inside peek at what Digital Underground was up too. So Saafir got love from the crew real early before boxcar sessions. It always pleases me when folks show their human side for their brothers and sisters. I hope Saafir gets well, besides he’s a light sleeper.

  30. Hi.. I’m Amber. i love y’all been loving y’all since u first came on the scene. I’m a certified nursing assistant who lives in San Francisco. Ur music is part of the soundtrack that plays alongside my life. I want to help saafir. I take care of ppl with all sorts of disabilities and i would b willing to help him as much as i could.. I assist with activities of daily living, bathing, dressing, physical therapy, anything i could do to help i would as a thank u for the years of great music i was given. i could even try to make vegetables taste good coz i can throw down in the kitchen! Lol anyway don’t feel like ur all alone there’s help out there! All u have to do is reach out.. A closed mouth don’t get fed. And the only thing i ask in return is a thank u. let me help it’s what i do 🙂

  31. Always been a fan of Saafir’s work, exspecially BALL B4 YOU FALL and the joint with Big Hutch from Above The Law PLAYAS GANGSTAS AND BALLAS.


  32. maybe i’m reading too much into this but isn’t this the story of the black man in america today. People who are deeply and profoundly hurt but refuse help until it’s too late. People who lack self love and therefore the fuel to heal themselves, a people full of deep rage (justified) which leads them to unconsciously hurt themselves and the people around them…. Yep i’d say it is

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  34. While my story is different, it is still the same. I too have the some of the same spinal issues that Saafir is currently suffering with. Stay strong man… and my prayers are with you.

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  36. My bad everyone, it was one ‘..Smoke’ tour, and two Anger Management Tours actually.
    Thanx 4all the support!!
    We’re gunna marinate on his options, and try to choose a wise path of action.

  37. I agree with the Grayson technique….i got chills reading this because I have a very similar back story. I have daily pain that made me want to do anything to take the pain…mary jane has been a great friend. I never messed with the pain pills does irreversable damage to your body. I have had my injury since 2006 and was almost in a walker by 2010. I went to a pain rehab clinic got my mind right and learned some coping techinques….PAIN NO FEELING IN MY LEG GOING OUT OF MY MIND WITH THE GOOD & BAD DAYS…..ANYHOW 2013 MET A GREAT CHIRO WHO FOR THE FIRST TIME BROUGHT FEELING BACK TO MY LEG & FOOT..TRY THE GRYSON TECHNIQUE AND PRAYER….really people don’t knock it till you been there…ive had thoughts of heroine use on my bad days, almost anything to take it away. My prayers are with you and may you be healed in Jesus Name!!

  38. It’s too bad it might have been prevented with proper care. My aunt is in a wheelchair and assisted living home as of last year and it also could have been prevented with proper care. and not ignoring health issues very easily. It’s a good lesson to all to never ignore your symptoms from a stroke or back injuries. This type of thing can be prevented by just putting your ego aside and seeing a doctor. I hope he gets the help he needs.

  39. He came thru the office 1day in 2012 & helping a friend, a local rap artist get some graphics done. .. but yeah, he had a cane and i was wondering why he couldnt stand. Besides, that he looked ok.

  40. Please keep looking!!! Some doctor has to help him!!! & at least get him a caretaker that make sure he eat & drink right that should help!!!! Ooh wow so sad to hear this, I come from the era waaay back where we use to help each other!! My daughter is the little girl on tu PAC first album strapped.. I met PAC once at the summer jam & he did tell me to come to the studio in Oakland to pick some things that he had for my daughter even though he did give her a check so that’s what it’s about helping out!! Tracy Barlowe use to take pictures around our neighborhood right around the corner from ray & dwayne in toni, tony, tone mom house all the time & he loved the expression on my lil girls face.. He said would it be ok if she can be on my album cover, I was like sure.. He said don’t dress her all up, just have her looking normal with that same facial expression..yes he was so cool, He met her dad at a record release party before I met him but her dad passed away In 2000 by getting gunned down in the streets of Oakland with me in the car & my best friend died also… So

  41. Perhaps he can try an MUA: manipulation under anesthesia. “Manipulation under anesthesia works by altering adhesions and scar tissue in and around the soft tissues and joints of the painful area, to restore range of motion and mobility.  The procedure is performed while the patient is in a comfortable and safe twilight state of anesthesia, enabling doctors to perform the stretching and soft tissue treatments without discomfort to the patientunder anesthesia.”

    I herniated my back and was on sick leave,vacation and no Pay for 2 or 3 months, as i couldnt stand up straight. The last month i got a steroid shot which got me mobile and back to work but still stiff, some pain and not twist and turn freely. 3 months later, i drove myself to atl to get the MUA done by my chiropractor. They started friday morning and finished dunday morning. By Friday afternoon i was walking to the flea market FREELY with no issues, but i was being cautious so i wouldnt mess my back up. Bu sunday morning, i was at the farmers market, driving all over south atl, with no problem doing so. This was 2009. Today i feel fine! The ONLY issue i have remaining in numbness in my right foot. That could be due to me not following up my mua like i was supposed to. But i will take that over a hurting back or surgery ALL DAY LONG!!!

  42. I hope Dude gets better and if he’s reading this, I know he’s gotta eat and shit happens, but I hope he can really start believing in himself, cause he’s got fans that really care about him. I heard him 1st on Casual’s album and we FLIPPED when we heard this nicca’s style, Boxcar Sessions was my soundtrack more than Dre and Snoop was cause I never heard anything like it….and I’m from rural South Carolina…anyway, get well son…and I also saw that Grapevine from Trendz of Culture posted on here also!! Another one of those groups that dropped a classic album!

  43. Lot’s of eastern method’s can work…. acupuncture by a certified practitioner may take some time but he can get results……but NOTHING will work properly until he cleanses his body…..the synthetic chemical, sugars, and nicotine are polluting him on the inside blocking healing energies.

  44. I have some real mixed feelings about this. It sounds like it was the plane crash and train stunt that really set the ball in motion. Both of which were not his Saafir’s fault. However, I’m not sure I would say Saafir was a victim of circumstances. Sounds more like he was young and foolhardy. He made his choices after that.

    Shock G, I empathize with greatly. Regardless of Saafir’s choices he seems to remain nonjudgmental, and supportive. I am moved by the quality of his character. He is a true friend.

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  46. Thats one of my all-time favorite MC’s right there! From when I first heard that song “Playa Hater” on the radio back in 95, right up to now. It was very difficult to read that timeline, I honestly could not make it through the whole thing. No matter how bad the situation seems, its never too late! He still has many years ahead of him to change, I will keep Reggie in my prayers. Peace!

  47. Shock. Have you tried The Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC or Good Shepard in Atlanta? My father’s buddy has back issues and swears by HSS. My brother in law was in a car accident in Atlanta and Good Shepard helped him. God Bless homie Saafir

  48. Wow. That’s such a tragiic thing to have to live with. Although still able to walk my father has similar type of back problems. Its very hard to watch him in constant pain for 20 years even after 4 unsuccessful back surgeries. My heart goes to anybody who has to go through any of this. I wish you all the best.
    Lori B.

  49. I used to chill with Saucy up in Oakland…he is one of the coolest and realest (and humblest) cats you will ever meet. I remember telling him that my generation in the 90’s thought he was one of the greatest emcees to do it and he was genuinely surprised to hear that. If you ain’t from that time you still need to give this man his respect because he is truly one of the hardest.

  50. Saafirs boxcar sessions was one of THE most groundbreaking albums in hiphop history. Seriously. Changed my whole view of what rap music could be. So ahead of his time. That album is still untouched. I hope saafir knows how true that is while he’s going through the bad. Get better saucy nomad. One more battle drill…..

  51. celery, carrot, spinach, kale, garlic….. juice fasting works miracles man.
    shoot. he likes sweets? apple, carrot, ginger, avocado, banana, kale juice smoothie. bam. homies walkin in 2 months no doubt.

  52. This is sad to hear. Enjoyed his music. Much respects to Shock G for trying to help him out. I hope Saafir can find the inner strength needed to get through this.

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  54. I started having sharp pains in my lower back after my third son in 1990….shortly there after numbness and tingling in my left left. The pain cause me to take all types of pain meds just to be functional for the next four years ….then one morning I woke up and I couldn’t feel my legs or get out of bed….my father took me to the local Kaiser in Richmond who then transferred me to Kaiser Redwood City…..I undergone six hours of surgery ( my nerve was severely pinched and protruding) it took a week to get out ofhospital and one year on walker, cane, and help bathing…it’s been a rough twenty-two yrs. plus dozens of spine injections, spinal cord implant but I can walk on my own without any assistance……I see a great Dr. in

  55. Shock Im sorry for your situation but there is something that can be done. There is no surgery so if thats what you want the answer to be then im sorry i cant help you. Saafir has a mineral deficiency and needs to put the proper nutrients in his body so that it can heal and rebuild itself. I work with a doctor who can get him out of that wheelchair. His name is Joel Wallach, if you look him up that will be the greatest thing you ever did for your friend.

  56. He should go see Dr. Joseph Maroon in Pittsburgh. He works with NFL players, athletes and many people who are told they’re going to be wheelchair bound to restore their mobility. It also has to be a health and wellness thing though – that diet sounds like a killer regardless of who he sees. Someone from D.U. needs to take him in, give him a spare bedroom that’s clean, and make the brother eat some salad. Yeah I know salad sucks but if I had a crappy diet for a couple days on the road and I eat one, even a cheap McDonalds side salad, I can’t tell you how much better I feel. Vegetables aren’t always a side dish – they can be a meal. We can all take a break from the burritos now and then, and as far as Skittles there’s no nutritional value in that whatsoever. If he’s that much of a candy fiend have him eat some fruit chews with Vitamin C. Everybody involved has to get serious and Saafir needs the positive mental attitude to change his life, but giving him a clean place to live with a friend who truly cares could kickstart that change.

  57. Don’t give up just because conventional medicine can’t help you. I recommend mega-mega dosing with Vitamin E, one of the strongest healing anti-oxidants. When I say mega, I mean 20,000 plus IUs a day for several weeks. I can only recommend “Healthy Origins” a 100% natural product of Vitamin E, since most of the E on the market is synthetic and won’t do anything, or worse, burns tissue. I have had severe back injuries which I cured with Vitamin E. I mean CURED. I had nothing to lose, either.
    You can find Healthy Origins at:
    My son told me of your situation. Good luck

  58. Obviously he is in a depressed state of mind and just believes this is his path. In order to do better, you must have your mind right first. Mind over matter is not just a statement. He is comfortable in his current situation and I applaud Shock G for shedding some light. Maybe Saafir seeing his story on the web will inspire him to do better and try again. Stories like his are all too common in the field of entertainment.

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  60. I’ve always felt bruhh’s music from “Boxcar Sessions” to “Hit List” to the “The Cleaners” LP with the Hobo Jct. I’m sad to hear he’s falling on hard times with his health and finances. God bless him and I hope he gets well and prospers. Dude deserves it, he’s a beast on the mic. And I was just bumpin’ “Can U Feel Me”,”The Heavyweight and “In A Vest” the other day. Peace to Saafir and The Hobo Junction.

  61. Its a trip to think the last tie I saw Him doing a show in the City he had that cane. I was like what happened to my manz. I been in the Joint Nine years. Shock Got at ME in SOlano and I always reflect on the crew and circles I came up with in the early 90’s in African Identity. All I can Say is to Shock I LOVE YOU BRUH.. ALways, you know this I think, To Safir I hope you are enabled to use the pain and hardship to lead you as a soldier into a powerful testimony of your strength inside and you talent which cant be made to sit still. MAKE US SOME SONGS> WRITE SOME SCRIP’S You ARE NOT DEFEATED. In JESUS NAME.. DonMegaTV

  62. The love I have for Saafir is way beyond the realm of music as my brother in faith we have a soul connection enriched with morals and spiritual ethics…. I have seen Saafir grow passing through the storms shining…. Allah is the best of knowers he wills our predestinated lives… AfricanIdentity songs were respected by Homobo Junction the alliances created where never broken… Solider call on the name of God he will answer…

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  64. I’ve been a fan of Saafir for a long time. I’m an emcee as well and in 2010 i went through a very similar scenario. I dreaded the thought of performing on stage with a cane. Ultimately I moved to kc where a really good chiropractor with a high success rate helped me get back on my feet. Smoking sucks all of the moisture from healing parts of the body. Sugars intensify pain. Any drugs that dehydrate must be cut out. Healthy diet cutting out excessive read meat, fast food and replacing them raw fruits and vegetables will improve his life.

  65. pick a card..any you can’t pull it


    Saafir, sorry to hear this story, but you are still breathing and life is a gift.

    I remember Shock saying the exact same line about Tupac “never once seen him eat a vegetable…..except french fries”

    I just buried my sandbox buddy…..literally grew up with this man….and his health problems were made worse by him refusing to stop smoking….and eating whatever he wanted whenever he wanted….died a week before reaching 40..

    So many hurdles and things out there pinted against US…..we can’t keep defeating ourselves by poor lifestyle choices.

  66. When the Laser Spine Institute said their “procedure” wouldn’t work, did they say if any other type of procedure would work?? There’s so much going on with spinal implants and the such, these days. He also should be eligible for Medical etc.
    How’s his spirit? This shite leads to depression big time. Saafir, a lot of people love ya, man.

  67. Youtube -> Psychic Surgery and Watch anything by ‘John of God from Brazil’. If you can get out to that man – he will heal Saafir. Please contact me for more information. I wish to help..

  68. “In Mexico there lived a remarkable female healer known as Pachita–born Barbara Guerrero–who was a practitioner of psychic healing. Pachita discovered in childhood that she has a profound healing ability, and practiced it on animals while she worked as a high-wire acrobat for the circus. She later fought alongside Pancho Villa as a teenager, sang in cabarets and sold lottery tickets before recovering her abilities as a thirty-year-old housewife. For the next forty-seven years, she strictly avoided publicity as she practiced her skills, and helped many different people with seemingly incurable medical problems. Only in late 1977 did she become open to idea of her talents being medically studied–and asked Dr. Andrija Puharich to investigate her psychic healing powers with a team of specialists from the United States.

    Carla Reuckert wrote firsthand of her healing treatment from Pachita in ‘The Law of One, Book 1:

    ‘In late 1977 and early 1978 we accompanied Dr. Andrija Puharich and his research associates to Mexico City to investigate a Mexican psychic surgeon, a seventy-eight-year-old woman called Pachita, who had been practicing for a great many years. . . . Pachita used a very dull knife with a five-inch blade. She passed it around amongst the entire research group watching to see our reactions, especially mine, since I was the guinea pig. Since her “operations” took place with me lying on my stomach I cannot give a firsthand account of what occurred , but Don informs me that the knife seems to disappear four inches into my back and was then moved rapidly across the spine. This was repeated several times. Pachita was, she said, working on my kidneys. Again we made no attempt to conserve “evidence” as we knew that it would come to nothing. Many have attempted to research psychic surgery by analysis of it’s products, and have found either inconclusive results or null results, indicting that psychic surgery is a fraud.’

    Whether or not these were actual surgical procedures, Pachita’s work also had a huge impact on Dr. Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum–arguably Mexico’s most controversial neuroscientist. In 1977, Grinberg took a teaching job at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City–and produced a wealth of hard scientific evidence on the physiology of learning and memory, visual perception and physiological psychology. That same year, Grinberg met Pachita–who completely transformed everything he thought he knew about biology, psychology and medicine. Sam Quinones described the effect Pachita had on Grinberg in a 1997 article:

    ‘According to Grinberg, [Pachita] performed successful surgery without anesthesia, using a mountain knife. She replaced diseased organs with other that appeared out of thin air. . . . Grinberg spent several months watching Pachita’s operations and talking and traveling with her. He admitted that his descriptions of her operations sounded like ravings, but he insisted he’d seen them.’

    According to this same article, Grinberg ultimately wrote seven volumes on the shamans of Mexico, and had gone deeply into this type of research by the mid-1980’s. Puzzled by the feats he believed he had observed Pachita performing, he theorized that there must be a “neuronal field,” as he called it, created within the brain, which in turn interacts with what he called the “pre-space structure”–a field that all space, time, matter, energy, biological life and consciousness emanates from–i.e., the Source Field. Here is how Grinberg explained it in his own words–which are admittedly technical.

    The pre-space structure is a holographic, non-local lattice that has . . . the attribute of consciousness. The neuronal field [created by the brain] distorts this lattice, and activates a partial interpretation of it that is perceived as an image. Only when the brain-mind system is free from interpretations, do the neuronal field and the pre-space structure become identical. In this situation, the perception of reality is unitary, without ego and with a lack of any duality. In this situation, pure consciousness and a feeling of an all-embracing unity and luminosity is [sic] perceived. All the systems that spiritual leaders have developed . . . have had the goal of arriving at this direct perception of the pure pre-space structure. . . . The science of consciousness that I would like to develop is a science that will try to understand, study and research the above-mentioned ideas.'”

    -Excerpted from David Wilcock’s work ‘The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations behind 2012 Prophecies’

  69. nice to see everyone using this as a platform to pedal their garbage or to name drop and tell made up stories. its probably why he didnt come to anyone with this problem in real life. Everybody has always got the “answer” or a more tragic story or some holier than thou attitude. some of you, and you know who you are, need to get off it.

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