14 Days Later..Still No Charges for 6 LAPD Officers Who Shot 2 Innocent Women

Davey-D-brown-frameToday the lead story on corporate news here locally and nationally has been the case in South Africa around the so-called blade-runner ‘Oscar Pistorius‘ shooting his girlfriend.. They even have a local reporter on the ground in front of courthouse.. Glad to see our media is NOW interested in what goes on in Africa.. yes its a bizarre case, but so are the policies or lacktherof around Mali and the Congo where our media has essentially been absent or the new Obama drone base being built in Niger where they’ve been silent.

So while we talk about Pistorius, what’s being swept under the rug is the plight of the 6 LAPD officers who shot those two Latina women 71-year-old Emma Hernandez, and her daughter Margie Carranza who were delivering newspapers in a bright blue truck.. Police fired off close to 50 rounds because they thought the women were Christopher Dorner who was Black and driving a grey truck.. I’ve called LAPD and they say the names of the officers are still not released as the case is still under investigation.

Truck shot upPeople are saying the women will get paid after they sue and for that many cheer.. Many were applauding that LAPD will give the women a new a truck..A couple of things to keep in mind.. getting paid for police opening fire w/o identifying themselves or issuing you commands is not justice..Arresting those officers, charging them for attempted murder and gross negligence and making sure they are fired and not just placed on paid administrative leave, is justice..If either of those women have been killed, saying it was an accident or case of mistaken identity would not suffice..By the way.. the new truck LAPD promised to get the women hasn’t happened yet..

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck the other day, has stated that he has not yet made up his mind as to whether or not the officers who he said were working under tremendous stress will be disciplined..He also noted that Dorner’s Manifesto did have an effect on LAPD’s reputation..Its one they are now trying to repair..

No word from LA’s district attorney, Jackie Lacey if she’ll press charges..This is why we need to push to have separate arm of government where they have a prosecutor  that deals with elected officials and police..Until then you can call LA DA’s office at (213) 974-3512 or email them webmail@da.lacounty.gov  ..You can email Chief Beck at contact.lapdonline@gmail.com

Many of us have forgotten and have gotten used to police terrorism that we don’t push for what is right…While those police officers remain shielded from the public, someone managed to take pictures of Dorner’s burnt body and as was the case once upon a time back when they sold pictures of post cards of Black men being hung, they are selling the pictures of Dorner.. God Bless America..

PS..Since today is the day Malcolm X was killed Feb 21 1965.. We should remind you of what he had to say about LAPD


With respect to news..It’s amazing how dead prez’s song propaganda is so relevant years after they first rocked it..


We Remember Malcolm X on this Date When He Was Taken From Us..

Malcolm-xthinkgreenAs we celebrate Black History month, we should not forget that on this date February 21 1965, Malcolm X and as he was later known, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz was brutally murdered  as he got ready to speak inside New York’s famed Audubon Ballroom. There was the famed, Presbyterian hospital right across the street, but it took almost an hour for him to be taken there.. Hopefully we take a little time out to reflect on Malcolm’s philosophies and also the cointel-pro efforts used to take him out and kill him..

Just on a side note, the Audubon was an influential and popular spot for Hip Hop as it was emerging in the 1970s..Many of the great pioneering groups cut their teeth there. The love affair Hip Hop had with Malcolm should not be overlooked. Long before sampling and records, deejays especially Afrika Bambaataa would rock excerpts from Malcolm’s speeches over beats..In fact one of the first labels to put out Hip Hop breakbeats Paul Winley records  also put out records of Malcolm’s speeches. I still have my vintage copies of Legend of Malcolm X Black man’s History.

We wanted to post a couple of clips for us to remember him by including this interview from 1965 on CBC TV just weeks before Malcolm was killed …


In this clip we honor Malcolm X by fusing excerpts from his speech message to the Grassroots where he talks about Revolution and questions whether or not we’re ready to embrace it.. We also hear reaction to his death at the time it happened.. We conclude with the riveting eulogy given at his funeral by actor the late Ossie Davis..


The Roots Black Thought Supports The Ladies

Black Thought greenThe Roots‘ own Black Thought is doing his part to help the young people from his hometown live an healthier and more active life. With over 900,000 young people in Philadelphia are overweight or obese, the GrassROOTS Community Foundation held its third annual health forum and Let’s Move It Philly! charity concert.

Building on First Lady Michelle Obama‘s initiative to promote physical and mental health, the health forum kicked off a day of education and entertainment. Guest speakers covered everything from eating a well-balanced meal to answering questions, dispelling myths and educating the audience on sexual activity. Over 150 people attended the event which included a speech from Mayor Michael Nutter and performance by spoken word artist Ursula Rucker. Black Thought was on hand for a special meet and greet.

Black Thought sat down for an exclusive interview with 4UMF. In addition to discussing his charity at length, the legendary rapper spoke about The Roots’ upcoming album. Tentatively titled & Then You Shoot Your Cousin, the band’s 11th album will follow in the footsteps of “undun” and “How I Got Over” and is expected to hit the shelves in 2014.

“We’re painting a picture,” he explains. “Using each song as a separate piece of a larger puzzle. It’s going to be dense, it’s going to be graphic.”

The Philly native is also revealed he is exploring the possibility of releasing a solo album which will feature a singing Black Thought. Expect features with Raheem DeVaughn, TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, New Orlean‘s Dr. John, Kenny Gamble and more.

“I’m working on a project,a solo effort where I do a lot more singing than writing.”

Philly rapper Chill Moody and his five-piece band kicked things off right. Dice Raw and his violinist kept the enrgy, pace and rock moving. Family Soul surprised the crowd and gave a rousing performance. Philly’s own Freeway had the packed crowd rocking to his favorite hits. Black Thought headlined the event. Holding court on stage, the legendary rapper freestyled over every beat DJ Shorty Rock threw at him including Tyga’s ‘Rack City,’ A$AP Rocky’s ‘Fuckin Problems’ and Kanye West and Jay-Z’s ‘Otis.’

Also preforming was a Philly favorite Freeway.

Founded by Black Thought and sociologist Dr. Janice Johnson Dias, the GrassROOTS Community Foundation is a healthy advocacy organization that supports, develops and scales community-driven solutions to the health facing women and girls living in poverty. Proceeds from the Let’s Move It Philly! charity concert will benefit C.H.I.C.K.S. (Creating Healthy Informed Confident Knowledgeable Selves), an after school health program for female students at Philadelphia’s Harding Middle School.

“We are concerned about the next generation coming up after us and we are doing what we can to help these young people and their families live healthy, active, happy lives,” said Black Thought, “This charity concert is important because it brings awareness to an issue that’s affecting thousands of kids in this city and millions around the country.”

For more information or to donate to the GrassROOTS Community Foundation, please visit www.grass-rootsfoundation.org

source: http://4umf.com/the-roots-black-thought-supports-the-ladies/