Fired LAPD Officer Shoots 3 Fellow Cops Killing One-Release’s Manifesto Exposing Corruption

If you’re in Southern Cali.. here’s whats jumping off this morning.. Right now in LA there is a police officer named Christopher Jordan Dorner who is accused of killing 2 people. They were a couple, one a college basketball coach and the other the daughter of a man who repped him when he was fired from LAPD..He is believed to have shot 3 officers killing one and has threatened to return and do more major damage..He’s accused of killing a Riverside police officer.. He is on the run as they have an all out manhunt …

**** Here’s a quick update*****WTF? So police in Southern California have shot two unarmed Asian women who were delivering newspapers..

The women were driving a truck similar to what the wanted LAPD officer is reported to be driving.. They saw the women throwing papers out the window and got spooked and shot them.. A short time later a white male also unarmed was driving a similar blue pick up truck.. he too was shot by police who believed he was the suspect.. Keep in mind the man they are looking for is a 6foot 4 Black male..

TV news stations in LA are warning people not to drive pick up trucks in LA and to obey all traffic laws or rick being shot by police who are all stressed out and tense.. This is happening right now.. Its no exaggeration… I don’t care whats going on, we pay officers to be have professionally under the most stressful situations.. No excuse for this bullshyt

The word is he was recently fired for trying to expose corruption within LAPD.. Below is a manifesto he released that he posted on his Facebook page..He threatens a bunch of officers..If u can tap into LA news channels do so.. This thing is crazy.

****Here’s Legal documents Christopher Dorner filed against LAPD****


Christopher Dorner w/ Chief William Bratton

Christopher Dorner w/ Chief William Bratton

From: Christopher Jordan Dorner /7648

To: America

Subj: Last resort

Regarding CF# 07-004281

I know most of you who personally know me are in disbelief to hear from media reports that I am suspected of committing such horrendous murders and have taken drastic and shocking actions in the last couple of days. You are saying to yourself that this is completely out of character of the man you knew who always wore a smile wherever he was seen. I know I will be vilified by the LAPD and the media. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that I do not enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the LAPD and reclaim my name. The department has not changed since the Rampart and Rodney King days. It has gotten worse. The consent decree should never have been lifted. The only thing that has evolved from the consent decree is those officers involved in the Rampart scandal and Rodney King incidents have since promoted to supervisor, commanders, and command staff, and executive positions.

The question is, what would you do to clear your name?

A word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to.

Name Synonyms;
reputation, title, appellation, denomination, repute.

A name is more than just a noun, verb, or adjective. It’s your life, your legacy, your journey, sacrifices, and everything you’ve worked hard for every day of your life as and adolescent, young adult and adult. Don’t let anybody tarnish it when you know you’ve live up to your own set of ethics and personal ethos.

In 8/07 I reported an officer (Ofcr. XXXX/now a Sergeant), for kicking a suspect (excessive force) during a Use of Force while I was assigned as a patrol officer at LAPD’s Harbor Division. While cuffing the suspect, (XXXXX), XXXX kicked the suspect twice in the chest and once in the face. The kick to the face left a visible injury on the left cheek below the eye. Unfortunately after reporting it to supervisors and investigated by PSB (internal affairs investigator Det. XXXX), nothing was done. I had broken their supposed “Blue Line”. Unfortunately, It’s not JUST US, it’s JUSTICE!!! In fact, 10 months later on 6/25/08, after already successfully completing probation, acquiring a basic Post Certificate, and Intermediate Post Certificate, I was relieved of duty by the LAPD while assigned to patrol at Southwest division. It is clear as day that the department retaliated toward me for reporting XXXX for kicking Mr. XXXXX. The department stated that I had lied and made up the report that XXXX had kicked the suspect. I later went to a Board of Rights (department hearing for decision of continued employment) from 10/08 to 1/09. During this BOR hearing a video was played for the BOR panel where XXXXX stated that he was indeed kicked by Officer XXX (video sent to multiple news agencies). In addition to XXXXXX stating he was kicked, his father XXXXX, also stated that his son had stated he was kicked by an officer when he was arrested after being released from custody. This was all presented for the department at the BOR hearing. They still found me guilty and terminated me. What they didn’t mention was that the BOR panel made up of Capt. XXXXX, Capt. XXXXX, and City Attorney XXXX had a significant problem from the time the board was assembled. Capt. XXXXXX was a personal friend of XXXX from when he was her supervisor at Harbor station. That is a clear conflict of interest and I made my argument for his removal early and was denied. The advocate for the LAPD BOR was Sgt. XXXXX. XXXXX also had a conflict of interest as she was XXXX friend and former partner from Harbor division where they both worked patrol together. I made my argument for her removal when I discovered her relation to XXXX and it was denied.

During the BOR, the department attempted to label me unsuccessfully as a bully. They stated that I had bullied a recruit, XXXXX, in the academy when in reality and unfounded disposition from the official 1.28 formal complaint investigation found that I was the one who stood up for XXXX when other recruits sang nazi hitler youth songs about burning Jewish ghettos in WWII Germany where his father was a survivor of a concentration camp. How fucking dare you attempt to label me with such a nasty vile word. I ask that all earnest journalist investigating this story ask Ofcr. XXXX about the incident when Ofcr. XXXX began singing a nazi youth song about burning jewish ghettos.

The internal affairs investigation in the academy involving Schefres was spurned by a complaint that I had initiated toward two fellow recruit/offifcers. While assigned patrol footbeat in Hollywood Division, Officers XXXXX IV and XXXX (both current LAPD officers) decided that they would voice their personal feelings about the black community. While traveling back to the station in a 12 passenger van I heard XXXX refer to another individual as a nigger. I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly as there were many conversations in the van that was compiled of at least 8 officers and he was sitting in the very rear and me in the very front. Even with the multiple conversations and ambient noise I heard Officer XXXX call an indivdual a nigger again. Now that I had confirmed it, I told XXXX not to use that word again. I explained that it was a well-known offensive word that should not be used by anyone. He replied, “I’ll say it when I want”. Officer XXXX, a friend of his, also stated that he would say nigger when he wanted. At that point I jumped over my front passenger seat and two other officers where I placed my hands around XXXXs’ neck and squeezed. I stated to XXXX, “Don’t fucking say that”. At that point there was pushing and shoving and we were separated by several other officers. What I should have done, was put a Winchester Ranger SXT 9mm 147 grain bullet in his skull and Officer Magana’s skull. The Situation would have been resolved effective, immediately. The sad thing about this incident was that when Detective XX from internal affairs investigated this incident only (1) officer (unknown) in the van other than myself had statements constistent with what actually happened. The other six officers  all stated they heard nothing and saw nothing. Shame on every one of you. Shame on Detective XX (same ethnicity as XXX) for creating a separate 1.28 formal complaint against me (XXXX complaint) in retaliation for initiating the complaint against XXXXX and XXXX. Don’t retaliate against honest officers for breaking your so-called blue line. I hope your son XXXX, who I knew, is a better officer than you, Detective XX. The saddest part of this ordeal was that Officer XXXX and XXXXX were only given 22 day suspensions and are still LAPD officers to this day. That day, the LAPD stated that it is acceptable for fellow officers to call black officers niggers to their face and you will receive a slap on the wrist. Even sadder is that during that 22 day suspension XXXXX and XXXXX received is that the LAPPL (Los Angeles Police Protective League) paid the officers their salaries while they were suspended. When I took a two-day suspension for an accidental discharge, I took my suspension and never applied for a league salary. Its called integrity.

Journalist, I want you to investigate every location I resided in growing up. Find any incidents where I was ever accused of being a bully. You won’t, because it doesn’t exist. It’s not in my DNA. Never was. I was the only black kid in each of my elementary school classes from first grade to seventh grade in junior high and any instances where I was disciplined for fighting was in response to fellow students provoking common childhood schoolyard fights, or calling me a nigger or other derogatory racial names. I grew up in neighborhoods where blacks make up less than 1%. My first recollection of racism was in the first grade at Norwalk Christian elementary school in Norwalk, CA. A fellow student, Jim Armstrong if I can recall, called me a nigger on the playground. My response was swift and non-lethal. I struck him fast and hard with a punch an kick. He cried and reported it to a teacher. The teacher reported it to the principal. The principal swatted Jim for using a derogatory word toward me. He then for some unknown reason swatted me for striking Jim in response to him calling me a nigger. He stated as good Christians we are to turn the other cheek as Jesus did. Problem is, I’m not a fucking Christian and that old book, made of fiction and limited non-fiction, called the bible, never once stated Jesus was called a nigger. How dare you swat me for standing up for my rights for demanding that I be treated as an equal human being. That day I made a life decision that i will not tolerate racial derogatory terms spoken to me. Unfortunately I was swatted multiple times for the same exact reason up until junior high. Terminating me for telling the truth of a Caucasian officer kicking a mentally ill man is disgusting. Don’t ever call me a fucking bully. I want all journalist to utilize every source you have that specializes in collections for your reports. With the discovery and evidence available you will see the truth. Unfortunately, I will not be alive to see my name cleared. That’s what this is about, my name. A man is nothing without his name. Below is a list of locations where I resided from childhood to adulthood.

Cerritos, CA.
Pico Rivera, CA.
La Palma, CA.
Thousand Oaks, CA.
Cedar City, UT.
Pensacola, FL.
Enid, OK.
Yorba Linda, CA.
Las Vegas, NV.

During the BOR an officer named, Sgt. XXXX, from Los Angeles Port Police testified on behalf of the LAPD. XXXXX stated for the BOR that he arrived at the location of the UOF shortly before I cuffed the suspect. He also stated that he assisted in cuffing the suspect and that’s old the BOR he told me to fix my tie. All of those statements were LIES!!! XXXX, you arrived at the UOF location up to 30 seconds after I had cuffed Mr.XXXX. All you did was help me lift the suspect to his feet as it was difficult for me to do by myself because of his heavy weight. You did not tell me to fix my tie as the BOR members and everyone else in the room know you lied because the photographic evidence from the UOF scene where XXXX’s injuries were photographed clearly shows me wearing a class B uniform on that day. A class B uniform is a short sleeved uniform blouse. A short sleeved uniform blouse for the LAPD does not have a tie included. This is not Super Troopers uniform, you jackass. Why did you feel the need to embellish and lie about your involvement in the UOF? Are you ashamed that you could not get hired on by any other department other than port police? Do you have delusions of grandeur? What you did was perjury, exactly what Evans did when she stated she did not kick XXXX.

What they failed to mention in the BOR was XXXXX own use of force history during her career on the LAPD. She has admitted that she has a lengthy use of force record and has been flagged several times by risk management. She has a very well known nickname, Chupacabra, which she was very proud to flaunt around the division. She found it very funny and entertaining to draw blood from suspects and arrestees. At one point she even intentionally ripped the flesh off the arm of a woman we had arrested for battery (sprayed her neighbor with a garden water hose). Knowing the woman had thin elastic skin, she performed and Indian burn to the woman’s arm after cuffing her. That woman was in her mid-70’s, a mother and grandmother, and was angry at her tenants who failed to pay rent on time. Something I can completely understand and I am sure many have wanted to do toward tenants who do not pay their rent. XXXX was also demoted from a senior lead officer rank/position for performance issues. During my two months of working patrol with XXXXX, I found her as a woman who was very angry that she had been pulled from patrol for a short time because of a domestic violence report made by Long Beach Police Department because of an incident involving her active LAPD officer boyfriend, XXXXX, and herself. XXXXXX is the same officer investigated for witness tampering. She also was visibly angry on a daily basis that she was going to have to file for bankruptcy because her ex-husband, a former LAPD officer and not XXXX, who had left the department, state, and was nowhere to be found had left her with a tax bill and debt that she was unable to pay because of a lack of financial means. XXXX, you are a POS and you lied right to the BOR panel when XXXX asked you if you kicked XXXXX. You destroyed my life and name because of your actions. Time is up. The time is now to confess to Chief Beck.

I ask that all journalist investigating this story submit request for FOIA with the LAPD to gain access to the BOR transcripts which occurred from 10/08 to 2/09. There, you will see that a video was played for the BOR members of Mr. XXXXX who suffers from Schizophrenia and Dementia stating that he was kicked by a female officer. That video evidence supports my claim that Evans kicked him twice in the upper body and once in the face. I would like all journalist to also request copies of all reports that I had written while employed by LAPD. Whether in the academy, or during my 3 years as a police officer. There are DR#’s attached to each report (investigative report) that I have ever written so they all exist. A FOIA request will most likely be needed to access these at Parker center or at the Personnel/Records. Judge my writin/grammar skills for yourself. The department attempted to paint me as an officer who could not write reports. Even though Sgt. XXXXX a training officer who trained me stated for the BOR panel that there was nothing wrong with my report writing and that I was better than all rookie/probationer officers he has ever trained. Officer XXXX XXXX stated the same but refused to testify as he did not want to “get involved” with the BOR’s. Contact Sgt. XXXX ,(now a Captain at Lompoc PD), Sgt. XXXX, and Sgt. XXXXX. All will state that my report writing was impeccable. I will tell you this, I always type my reports because I have messy handwriting/penmanship. I never had a single kickback/redlined report at Southwest division and Sgt. XXX and Sgt. XXXX can testify to that. I never received an UNSATISFACTORY on any day or week. The same can be said within the U.S. Naval Reserves. All commanders will state that my report writing was always clear, concise, and impeccable. Even search my AAR (after action reports),chits, Memorandum’s, IIR’s (Intelligence Information Reports) which were written in the Navy. All were pristine.

I had worked patrol at LAPD’s Harbor Division from 2/06 until 7/06 when I was involuntarily recalled back to active duty (US Navy) for a 12 month mobilization/deployment to Centcom in support of OIF/OEF. I returned back to LAPD’s Harbor division on 7/07 and immediately returned to patrol. I worked at Harbor division until 11/07 where I then transferred to Southwest Division. I worked At Southwest division until 6/25/08 when I was relieved of duty.

I have exhausted all available means at obtaining my name back. I have attempted all legal court efforts within appeals at the Superior Courts and California Appellate courts. This is my last resort. The LAPD has suppressed the truth and it has now lead to deadly consequences. The LAPD’s actions have cost me my law enforcement career that began on 2/7/05 and ended on 1/2/09. They cost me my Naval career which started on 4/02 and ends on 2/13. I had a TS/SCI clearance(Top Secret Sensitive Compartmentalized Information clearance) up until shortly after my termination with LAPD. This is the highest clearance a service member can attain other than a Yankee White TS/SCI which is only granted for those working with and around the President/Vice President of the United States. I lost my position as a Commanding Officer of a Naval Security Forces reserve unit at NAS Fallon because of the LAPD. I’ve lost a relationship with my mother and sister because of the LAPD. I’ve lost a relationship with close friends because of the LAPD. In essence, I’ve lost everything because the LAPD took my name and new I was INNOCENT!!!  XXX, XXX, XXXX , and XXXXX all new I was innocent but decided to terminate me so they could continue Ofcr. XXXX. I know about the meeting between all of you where XXXX attorney, XXXX, confessed that she kicked XXXX (excessive force). Your day has come.

I’m not an aspiring rapper, I’m not a gang member, I’m not a dope dealer, I don’t have multiple babies momma’s. I am an American by choice, I am a son, I am a brother, I am a military service member, I am a man who has lost complete faith in the system, when the system betrayed, slandered, and libeled me. I lived a good life and though not a religious man I always stuck to my own personal code of ethics, ethos and always stuck to my shoreline and true North. I didn’t need the US Navy to instill Honor, Courage, and Commitment in me but I thank them for re-enforcing it. It’s in my DNA.

Luckily I don’t have to live everyday like most of you. Concerned if the misconduct you were apart of is going to be discovered. Looking over your shoulder, scurrying at every phone call from internal affairs or from the Captains office wondering if that is the day PSB comes after you for the suspects you struck when they were cuffed months/years ago or that $500 you pocketed from the narcotics dealer, or when the other guys on your watch beat a transient nearly to death and you never reported the UOF to the supervisor. No, I don’t have that concern, I stood up for what was right but unfortunately have dealt with the reprocussions of doing the right thing and now losing my name and everything I ever stood for. You fuckers knew XXXXX was guilty of kicking (excessive force) XXXX and you did nothing but get rid of what you saw as the problem, the whistleblower. XXXX himself stated on video tape ( provided for the BOR and in transcripts) he was kicked and even his father stated that his son said he was kicked by Evans when he was released from custody. The video was played for the entire BOR to hear. You’re going to see what a whistleblower can do when you take everything from him especially his NAME!!!

Look what you did to Sgt. XXXXX (now lieutenant) when he exposed the truth of your lying, racism, and PSB cover-ups to frame and convict an innocent man. You can not police yourselves and the consent decree was unsuccessful. Sgt. Gavin, I met you on the range several times as a recruit and as an officer. You’re a good man and I saw it in your eyes an actions.

Self Preservation is no longer important to me. I do not fear death as I died long ago on 1/2/09. I was told by my mother that sometimes bad things happen to good people. I refuse to accept that.

From 2/05 to 1/09 I saw some of the most vile things humans can inflict on others as a police officer in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in the streets of LA. It was in the confounds of LAPD police stations and shops (cruisers). The enemy combatants in LA are not the citizens and suspects, it’s the police officers.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. How ironic that you utilize a fixed glass structure as your command HQ. You use as a luminous building to symbolize that you are transparent, have nothing to hide, or suppress when in essence, concealing, omitting, and obscuring is your forte.

Chief Beck, this is when you need to have that come to Jesus talk with Sgt. XXXXXX and everyone else who was involved in the conspiracy to have me terminated for doing the right thing. you also need to speak with her attorney, Rico, and his conversation with the BOR members and her confession of guilt in kicking Mr. XXXX. I’ll be waiting for a PUBLIC response at a press conference. When the truth comes out, the killing stops.

Why didn’t you charge me with filing a false police report when I came forward stating that Evans kicked Mr. XXXXX? You file criminal charges against every other officer who is accused and terminated for filing a false police report. You didn’t because you knew I was innocent and a criminal court would find me innocent and expose your department for suppressing the truth and retaliation, that’s why.

The attacks will stop when the department states the truth about my innocence, PUBLICLY!!! I will not accept any type of currency/goods in exchange for the attacks to stop, nor do i want it. I want my name back, period. There is no negotiation. I am not the state department who states they do not negotiate with terrorist, because anybody with a Secret or TS/SCI has seen IIR’s on SIPR and knows that the US state department always negotiates by using CF countries or independent sovereign/neutral country to mediate and compromising.

This department has not changed from the Daryl Gates and Mark Fuhrman days. Those officers are still employed and have all promoted to Command staff and supervisory positions. I will correct this error. Are you aware that an officer (a rookie/probationer at the time) seen on the Rodney King videotape striking Mr. King multiple times with a baton on 3/3/91 is still employed by the LAPD and is now a Captain on the police department? Captain XXXXXX is now the commanding officer of a LAPD police station (West LA division). As a commanding officer, he is now responsible for over 200 officers. Do you trust him to enforce department policy and investigate use of force investigations on arrestees by his officers? Are you aware Evans has since promoted to Sergeant after kicking Mr. XXXX in the face. Oh, you Violated a citizens civil rights? We will promote you. Same as LAPD did with the officers from Metro involved in the May Day melee at MacArthur Park. They promoted them to Sergeant (a supervisor role).

No one is saying you can’t be prejudiced or a bigot. We are all human and hold prejudices. If you state that you don’t have prejudices, your lying! But, when you act on it and victimize innocent citizens and fellow innocen officers, than that is a concern.

For you officers who do the job in the name of JUSTICE, those of you who lost honest officers to this event, look at the name of those on the BOR and the investigating officers from PSB and Evans and ask them, how come you couldn’t tell the truth? Why did you terminate an honest officer and cover for a dishonest officer who victimized a mentally ill citizen.

Sometimes humans feel a need to prove they are the dominant race of a species and they inadvertently take kindness for weakness from another individual. You chose wrong.

Terminating officers because they expose a culture of lying, racism (from the academy), and excessive use of force will immediately change. PSB can not police their own and that has been proven. The blue line will forever be severed and a cultural change will be implanted. You have awoken a sleeping giant.

I am here to change and make policy. The culture of LAPD versus the community and honest/good officers needs to and will change. I am here to correct and calibrate your morale compasses to true north.

Those Caucasian officers who join South Bureau divisions (77th,SW,SE, an Harbor) with the sole intent to victimize minorities who are uneducated, and unaware of criminal law, civil law, and civil rights. You prefer the South bureau because a use of force/deadly force is likely and the individual you use UOF on will likely not report it. You are a high value target.

Those Black officers in supervisory ranks and pay grades who stay in south bureau (even though you live in the valley or OC) for the sole intent of getting retribution toward subordinate caucasians officers for the pain and hostile work environment their elders inflicted on you as probationers (P-1′s) and novice P-2’s. You are a high value target. You perpetuated the cycle of racism in the department as well. You breed a new generation of bigoted caucasian officer when you belittle them and treat them unfairly.

Those Hispanic officers who victimize their own ethnicity because they are new immigrants to this country and are unaware of their civil rights. You call them wetbacks to their face and demean them in front of fellow officers of different ethnicities so that you will receive some sort of acceptance from your colleagues. I’m not impressed. Most likely, your parents or grandparents were immigrants at one time, but you have forgotten that. You are a high value target.

Those lesbian officers in supervising positions who go to work, day in day out, with the sole intent of attempting to prove your misandrist authority (not feminism) to degrade male officers. You are a high value target.

Those Asian officers who stand by and observe everything I previously mentioned other officers participate in on a daily basis but you say nothing, stand for nothing and protect nothing. Why? Because of your usual saying, ” I……don’t like conflict”. You are a high value target as well.

Those of you who “go along to get along” have no backbone and destroy the foundation of courage. You are the enablers of those who are guilty of misconduct. You are just as guilty as those who break the code of ethics and oath you swore.

Citizens/non-combatants, do not render medical aid to downed officers/enemy combatants. They would not do the same for you. They will let you bleed out just so they can brag to other officers that they had a 187 caper the other day and can’t wait to accrue the overtime in future court subpoenas. As they always say, “that’s the paramedics job…not mine”. Let the balance of loss of life take place. Sometimes a reset needs to occur.

It is endless the amount of times per week officers arrest an individual, label him a suspect-arrestee-defendant and then before arraignment or trial realize that he is innocent based on evidence. You know what they say when they realize an innocent man just had his life turned upside down?. “I guess he should have stayed at home that day he was discovered walking down the street and matching the suspects description. Oh well, he appeared to be a dirtbag anyways”. Meanwhile the falsely accused is left to pick up his life, get a new, family, friends, and sense of self worth.

Don’t honor these fallen officers/dirtbags. When your family members die, they just see you as extra overtime at a crime scene and at a perimeter. Why would you value their lives when they clearly don’t value yours or your family members lives? I’ve heard many officers who state they see dead victims as ATV’s, Waverunners, RV’s and new clothes for their kids. Why would you shed a tear for them when they in return crack a smile for your loss because of the impending extra money they will receive in their next paycheck for sitting at your loved ones crime scene of 6 hours because of the overtime they will accrue. They take photos of your loved ones recently deceased bodies with their cellphones and play a game of who has the most graphic dead body of the night with officers from other divisions. This isn’t just the 20 something year old officers, this is the 50 year old officers with significant time on the job as well who participate.

You allow an officer, XXXXXX, to attempt to hack into my credit union account and still remain on the job even when Det. XXXXX shows the evidence that the IP address (provided by LAPFCU) that attempted to hack into my account and change my username and password leads directly to her residence. You even allow this visibly disgusting looking officer to stay on the job when she perjures (lies) in court (Clark County Family Court) to the judge’s face and denies hacking into my personal credit union online account when I attempted to get my restraint order extended. Det. XXXX provided the evidence and you still do nothing.

How do you know when a police officer is lying??? When he begins his sentence with, “based on my experience and training”.

No one grows up and wants to be a cop killer. It was against everything I’ve ever was. As a young police explorer I found my calling in life. But, As a young police officer I found that the violent suspects on the street are not the only people you have to watch. It is the officer who was hired on to the department (pre-2000) before polygraphs were standard for all new hires and a substantial vetting in a backround investigation.

To those children of the officers who are eradicated, your parent was not the individual you thought they were. As you get older,you will see the evidence that your parent was a tyrant who loss their ethos and instead followed the path of moral corruptness. They conspired to hide and suppress the truth of misconduct on others behalf’s. Your parent will have a name and plaque on the fallen officers memorial in D.C. But, In all honesty, your parents name will be a reminder to other officers to maintain the oath they swore and to stay along the shoreline that has guided them from childhood to that of a local, state, or federal law enforcement officer.

Your lack of ethics and conspiring to wrong a just individual are over.
Suppressing the truth will leave to deadly consequences for you and your family. There will be an element of surprise where you work, live, eat, and sleep. I will utilize ISR at your home, workplace, and all locations in between. I will utilize OSINT to discover your residences, spouses workplaces, and children’s schools. IMINT to coordinate and plan attacks on your fixed locations. Its amazing whats on NIPR. HUMINT will be utilized to collect personal schedules of targets. I never had the opportunity to have a family of my own, I’m terminating yours. Quan, Anderson, Evans, and BOR members Look your wives/husbands and surviving children directly in the face and tell them the truth as to why your children are dead.

Never allow a LAPPL union attorney to be a retired LAPD Captain,(XXX). He doesn’t work for you, your interest, or your name. He works for the department, period. His job is to protect the department from civil lawsuits being filed and their best interest which is the almighty dollar. His loyalty is to the department, not his client. Even when he knowingly knows your innocent and the BOR also knows your innocent after Christopher Gettler stated on videotape that he was kicked and Evans attorney confessed to the BOR off the record that she kicked Gettler.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants-TJ. This quote is not directed toward the US government which I fully support 100%. This is toward the LAPD who can not monitor itself. The consent decree should not have been lifted, ever.

I know your TTP’s, (techniques, tactics, and procedures). Any threat assessments you generate will be useless. This is simple, I know your TTP’s and PPR’s. I will mitigate any of your attempts at preservation. ORM is my friend. I will mitigate all risks, threats and hazards. I assure you that Incident Command Posts will be target rich environments. KMA-367 license plate frames are great target indicators and make target selection even easier.

I will conduct DA operations to destroy, exploit and seize designated targets. If unsuccessful or unable to meet objectives in these initial small-scale offensive actions, I will reassess my BDA and re-attack until objectives are met. I have nothing to lose. My personal casualty means nothing. Just alike AAF’s, ACM’s, and AIF’s, you can not prevail against an enemy combatant who has no fear of death. An enemy who embraces death is a lose, lose situation for their enemy combatants.

Hopefully you analyst have done your homework. You are aware that I have always been the top shot, highest score, an expert in rifle qualifications in every unit I’ve been in. I will utilize every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordnance, and survival training I’ve been given.

Do you know why we are unsuccessful in asymmetrical and guerrilla warfare in CENTCOM theatre of operations? I’ll tell you. It’s not the inefficiency of our combatant commanders, planning, readiness or training of troops. Much like the Vietnam war, ACM, AAF, foreign fighters, Jihadist, and JAM have nothing to lose. They embrace death as it is a way of life. I simply don’t fear it. I am the walking exigent circumstance you created.

The Violence of action will be HIGH. I am the reason TAC alert was established. I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty. ISR is my strength and your weakness. You will now live the life of the prey. Your RD’s and homes away from work will be my AO and battle space. I will utilize every tool within INT collections that I learned from NMITC in Dam Neck. You have misjudged a sleeping giant. There is no conventional threat assessment for me. JAM, New Ba’ath party, 1920 rev BGE, ACM, AAF, AQAP, AQIM and AQIZ have nothing on me. Do not deploy airships or gunships. SA-7 Manpads will be waiting. As you know I also own Barrett .50′s so your APC are defunct and futile.

You better have all your officers radio/phone muster (code 1) on or off duty every hour, on the hour.
Do not attempt to shadow or conduct any type of ISR on me. I have the inventory listing of all UC vehicles at Piper Tech and the home addresses of any INT analyst at JRIC and detachment locations. My POA is always POI and always true. This will be a war of attrition and a Pyrrhic and Camdean Victory for myself. You may have the resources and manpower but you are reactive and predictable in your op plans and TTP’s. I have the strength and benefits of being unpredictable, unconventional, and unforgiving. Do not waste your time with briefs and tabletops.

(KTLA has removed the names of a number of officers out of respect for their privacy.)

198 comments on “Fired LAPD Officer Shoots 3 Fellow Cops Killing One-Release’s Manifesto Exposing Corruption

  1. Wow, this is intense. Nothing is going to stop him. The revolution will NOT be televised. I am definitely going to stay on top of this story. I believe this is the beginning of a series of chain reactions from people who are tired of the injustices in this world.

  2. i’m following and re-blogging/re-posting this…and yes, I’d like to know the names that were XXX’d out. It might become intensely relevant in the very near future.

    And here is an even colder thought…Oakland just hired Bratton as a ‘consultant’ to the tune of 250,000.00 … hear ye, hear ye. the sounds of jack boots in your corn flakes are getting louder. Bratton is probably orchestrating this hunt for Jordan from Oakland…A mere taste of what Oakland is in for in the very near future. We are definitely going to have to be on our toes even more. All Power to the People.

  3. Just yesterday night I was watching the movie Crash, and a part was dedicated to the corruption at LAPD. This is almost surreal. I hope he doesn’t get killed so that some may save their names.

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  6. Reblogged this on Erudite Hillbilly and commented:
    Been following this in the media. They fired him because he violated the TBL gang’s rule… cops do not rat on other cops, regardless of how wrong they are. Now the other gang members are so eager to get him, they have shot two Asian women and one Caucasian man mistaking them as a 270 pound black man.

  7. Here’s a thing: I’m a middle aged white man living rural England and I have just read this incredible letter and I’m moved to my core. I know the system to be a failed one, I understand that corruption is systemic and endemic in this crazy messed up world in which we all have to find our way. I hope Christopher gets the justice he seeks. Things need to change so very badly all over the world, this might be the spark that lights the fire that moves the citizens of this great civilization of ours to stand up and say together in one clear voice, ‘enough is enough, this is where the lies have to stop and the healing has to start.’ I hope someone can help Christopher, to give him the sanctuary he needs, to give him his voice. Good luck Christopher.

  8. Obviously, this wack job is another product of the perpetuation of “perceived” racism by the so-called “Reverend’s” of this world. Another idiot who feels he is a “victim”.
    I look at this person as a overgrown baby throwing a tantrum after being wronged. cant wait to see his autopsy photo. LAPD needs to do a better job screening this scum.

  9. I hope this man doesn’t get painted as an evil man. Please remember the reason behind this. God bless you christopher

  10. I support Chris!! There is truth behind evey lie, and I am sure that there is an over whelming amount of truth behind this. Power to the people. Especially him he took an oath to defend this country and its people from all ememies forgien and DOMESTIC. I cannot believe that a person could just do this, to do this. Sometimes you have to stand up and fight for your voice, your beliefs, your fellow man.

  11. KTLA should not have censored his comments!! They are in the business of REPORTING not censorship!! I absolutely believe his account of things and those officers involved should be investigated although I’m certain nothing will happen to them at this point.

  12. Chris Vs. The Good Ol Boys Club of the LAPD. I once went up against The Good Ol Boys Club of my SQ in the Air Force and got my dick knocked down in the dirt and was fired from my fav job ever in the Air Force. I know how he feels. Not saying he’s right in what he’s doing but now you see how people in the work place can really fuck your life up and change things forever. Fuck those people. If this world would be nicer and treated eachother with more respect, then we wouldn’t be having this problem right now would we you corrupet fucks.

  13. Well, of course the LAPD are trigger happy here. They don’t want to capture this man. They want him dead as soon as possible so he has no chance of testifying against them.

  14. Christopher Dorner my heart and thoughts goes out to you. May Father God Protect You From all Swords that try to bring harm to you (No weapon formed against You Shall Prosper) for exposing the actions of the LAPD and BOR, In Jesus Holy and Precious Name I ask it all. Know this battle is already won whatever the outcome is, You may not be a Christian but I’m asking Father God to have your back in this crisis you are going through. AMEN to the Most High Father God!!!!! And Thank you Father God for what you have done and about to do for Christopher Dorner!!!!!

  15. This is a heinous act of vigilante police trying to quiet a snitch. Worse part about this is the main stream media is not covering this what so ever. Be scared and get out of a town that would mistake 2 asian women for a 6 foot black man. This should terrify every tax paying american right down to our core. How can this be happening in AMERICA. I want to know the names of XXX – I demand to see there files to collaborate what he is saying is correct. And if it is true We The People Need To Take Some Marines And Give This Gentleman Safe Passage To Wherever he Would Like To Go. I am shocked and outraged police can act this way. They murdered women and it is ok. They beat tax paying citizens and thats ok. TIME TO VOTE SOME GOOD PEOPLE IN!!!! WE THE PEOPLE WILL SPEAK AND WE WILL BE HEARD! Or at least thats my opinion – for any responses. Thanks for letting me say my opinion.

  16. WOW Sounds Like this is How The DRONE KILLINGS WORK …. Government is TRULY Very Corrupt maybe This is the Beginning of the Revolution II …. It could very well look like this. GOD DAMN THE CROOKED GOVERNMENT … God Damn Them

  17. Tell me again what we even need cops for… except to fill out police reports for the insurance companies… I have my own gun for protection and have an IQ of 180 the average IQ of a police officer is between 80 and 110… kinda disturbing isn’t it.

    So… tell me again what I need a retard with a gun for?

  18. I am concerned about this officer , he needs to get out of that state ASAP ,until an investigation is started . Obviously these cops will go to great lengths to make this guy disappear . Hope he gets through this .

  19. “[The victims] were a couple, one a college basketball coach and the other the daughter of a man who repped him [sic] when he was fired from LAPD.” Step back from your blood lust people. Would this “manifesto” comfort you if these civilians were your mother? Brother? Friend? Would you be screaming, “Right on!”? Would the excuse that this man was fired, or the history of LAPD justify cold-blooded murder of innocents? Of a man who apparently tried to help the accused? Why would murder be acceptable here, but not in our communities? Just consider, just for a moment, that perhaps everyone who pulls the trigger against another has just as valid a reason – at least in their mind – for killing that person? That one has been “disrespected.” That one has been denied something we deserve.Have we been so debased by violence that we are now willing to accept the tool we decry when it is used against us? We have surrendered our humanity because they are inhuman? We give ourselves permission to kill, indiscriminately, or we encourage it, because we have assumed the title of judge, jury, and executioner(s). Did Dr. King, Jr. succeed by force of arms? Did Ghandi defeat the British Empire with violence? And what of all the brave folks who have exposed and fought corruption in LAPD without resorting to murder?

  20. Some are not going to like this but I don’t have a problem at all with any of this! These cops murder black people and keep us in fear everytime we get pulled over as to tether or not we are going to make it away from a traffic stop. It’s about time lived in fear and were worried when they drove down the street if some one was gonna end there life. You never hear about cops killing white citizens yet its all to common in the black and brown communities. Now that they have one of there own brining it to them is a prime example of the chickens coming home to roost! You can’t continue to kill us and not expect for it to be some kind of back lash. Now they will really be in trouble when some one decides to be a copy cat and join in then war will really be on. Black people if you don’t have your guns in ammo ready it’s times like these when we will find our selves on the short end. This can easily turn into a race riot and where will we be? Cause when that time comes they are not going to sell us a fire cracker. Get your guns and your ammo now!

  21. I find what has happened to this man very disheartening. But I know there is some truth to this situation because I have been a victim of police misconduct in this country as well. Though, I do not agree with him taking the life anyone. I really wish that he had the support that he needed to win this battle he was up against. At this point, I can only pray for his soul and ask God to forgive him for his actions. But, the injustices that go on in this country are undeniably wrong. And I know it will ultimately take God to come back and restore this fallen world. May God have mercy and this young man’s life. And may God have mercy on this country!

  22. So if he happened to be Muslim with a name like Abdullah, would this have been a totally different story? Would it have been interpreted differently? Think about it…

  23. Wooooo! not surprised, specially Southern Cal at that.. Please to the writer proof read before posting. Lot’s of typos.

  24. Deja Vu: Somebody else is living my life….SDPD this coulda been you.[but for God]

    Brother “D” it’s gonna be a minute before this is over, because you are very good at what you do.
    Put it in the Master’s hand and he will take care of you.

  25. Police Officer here… This man is simply a racist. In his manifesto he continuously brings up race. He is propetuating racism, preaching a necessecity to end it while calling to arms those who feel wronged and is encouraging them to respond violently, further widening the gap between equality. In response to the individual asking why police are needed, perhaps you dont need us. However, i hav an IQ of 162, and am not an intelectual slouch. I also have the physical prowess necessary to protect and serve. I will be prepared to help those who do need me.

  26. The majority of this comment section is terrifying. This man is a megalomanic murder! He killed multiple innocent people, people should not be asking God to protect him during his time of crisis.

  27. No names should be x’d out they should be exposed, if what he says is true. Godspeed to him and good luck. All corrupt should be dealt with from top ranking to low ranking.

  28. American Citizen, you are the ‘Wack Job’ I bet Christopher has a lot more in common with you then you think you have with the elitists that wound him up so much that he felt he had to make a stand.

    USA needs a revolution!

    “American Citizen
    February 7, 2013 @ 10:34 am

    Obviously, this wack job is another product of the perpetuation of “perceived” racism by the so-called “Reverend’s” of this world. Another idiot who feels he is a “victim”.
    I look at this person as a overgrown baby throwing a tantrum after being wronged. cant wait to see his autopsy photo. LAPD needs to do a better job screening this scum.”

  29. The more I read about this absolutely awesome warrior for justice the more I like him. We have violent, racist police who get promoted in my home city too, like James Turney who murdered a disabled teenager named Paul Childs. Denver Police only ever face lawsuits, once in a while they get fired and reinstated by Civil Service Commission. Enough is enough! Chris Dorner is right on! I was a nonviolent activist against police brutality for 5 years and police only got impunity for even murder! They were able to get away with all kinds of subtle retaliation, harassment online and in real life, over a petty lawsuit that ended in a settlement because a rookie arrested me for asking for a business card while harassing me over my videotaping police abusing a homeless man, and their under-the-radar retaliations almost ruined my life too. I’m still angry, but today I feel some glimpse of hope. Maybe this is what was needed. Nonviolence has its place but sometimes we have to show some backbone and rise up! NO MORE KILLER COPS – FTP!

  30. If he has a problem with certain people that wronged him, I can understand his anger. I don’t condone murder, but I understand his anger. But, to go after the innocent family members and just random officers who might be really good people is just plain wrong. This man is not a hero people. He may have a legitimate complaint, but killing innocent people is not the answer.

  31. i do feel that this guy is making a good case for the evil of some, but a innocent couple, one who teaches our children, two police officers that might just be some of the same cops he said he was. people are dead, Chris is not a hero but a angry man, binlded with rage. now the thug cops are out in force .and i believe there are many more good cops to thugs, but they are out there to quiet this man. i feel he will die and the message will be buried. i refuse to make this man a mortor but
    he has a great respectful history for fighting for what right and serving his country. i truly wish Chris would of used a different path

  32. Violence is never right. This is why we all must take responsibility for and demand the system to change. There will be more like this poor misguided soul until we do. We raise our children “You shall not kill” and they’re not even adolescent when they figure out that WE the collective through government in our name are the only thinking murderers. The rest are like this guy in some manner, and most of them are reacting to “WE”.

  33. “Police Officer here… This man is simply a racist. In his manifesto he continuously brings up race. He is propetuating racism, preaching a necessecity to end it while calling to arms those who feel wronged and is encouraging them to respond violently, further widening the gap between equality. In response to the individual asking why police are needed, perhaps you dont need us. However, i hav an IQ of 162, and am not an intelectual slouch. I also have the physical prowess necessary to protect and serve. I will be prepared to help those who do need me.” THE MAN IS A HERO NOT A RACIST!!!! He is NOT widening the gap between equality you pigs and the goverment are the ones who do that he is actually helping to bring equality!!!!

  34. Btw, why would anyone at face value believe he hurt that couple? The media and police don’t have a very good record for the truth anymore.


  36. THE MAN IS A HERO NOT A RACIST!!!! He is NOT widening the gap between equality you pigs and the goverment are the ones who do that he is actually helping to bring equality!!!!

    This is exactly why you will never make a difference. You can’t fight evil with evil… That’s just stupid. You are propetuating the same hate. For every Martin Luther King Jr. there were millions of failed attempts at equality through violence. Dr. King got things done because he knew love was the answer to hate. You may want to re evaluate your revolution or you will end up another insignificant speck.

  37. His good name and image means more than his paycheck at a time when black people pay good money go see Django to have the white man call them niggers over 100 times and loved it.

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  39. Murder is murder no matter how you feel about this situation. he has turned this into a racist act and that will not get my support period. it is him that is acting out the racism now. you are fighting a wrong cause at the wrong time. You are not a Rambo or a one man army no matter what armaments you stole from the LAPD armory or you acquired illegal military armaments from some Chicano gangs or black LA gangs, your cause is distorted and you are evil. You want a war with the white race, a war is what you will get with them. The only thing you are doing is, awakening the sleeping white giant that will devour all you of your kind who think like you. War is hell and hell it will be if you continue on this racist road. stop listening to race hustlers in LA and around the country, you have been deceived badly. their is no justice for you now, the only justice you will get is judgement in hell from God, Oh that’s right you dont believe in Christ or his word, so that makes you a heathen/pagan or what ever you are. you war is not honorable and just, its defiled.

  40. Watch the movie ‘Falling down’ it’s very much like this sad story…

    Things like this will always happen as long as corruption exists.

    Enjoy your popcorn. It’s going to be one hell of a show.

  41. Police Officer…if you are truly an “intellectual” with an IQ of 162, then you should learn to spell. Spelling is important, especially in the sentence where you make such a proclamation, which I believe is total bullshit. Your post is competent, but nowhere near that of a person with an IQ of 162, unless you’ve had a traumatic brain injury since you were tested.

  42. Thank you Theresa! I was starting to lose hope, little I have left, in the human race.

    Ppl will believe anything for the sake of entertainment or a cheap adrenaline rush, no wonder Foxnews and CNN top the charts.

    What ever those officers did it’s not up to one man to decide how they should be punish. What ever those cops did they didn’t deserve the death sentence.

  43. really? #1 Theres problems in every department. #2 Look at the way this guys is acting… He has mental issues and somehow slipped though the psych tests. The only system that failed was the medical background… Your guys are rediculous.

  44. Well, sir, I’m on an IPhone. Typing on a IPhone, for me at least, can be rough. In case you didn’t know, IQ measures your aptitude for learning, not intelligence (I corrected it for you!) Spelling and IQ aren’t really related.

  45. This clown is a disgrace to LAW ENFORCEMENT. Your a joke and cannot hold up to the calvary…. My Thoughts and prayers go out to all of my California brothers and sisters in blue. Ive been a police officer in NJ for over 5 years, and I couldnt imagine what you guys are facing right now.

  46. Shame on those of you who buy into this maniac’s line of reasoning. There is no justification for what he has done. He is acting like a spoiled little child who got dissed in the sandbox. All he’s done is set into motion the events that will eventually cost him his life. What a vindictive, loser, fool when if he’d maintained his cool, he might have actually had a positive, productive effect upon the world. You fools who want to cheer him on are only exhibiting your own vicious nature, your underlying desire to act out similarly and you lack of ability to deal with the world around you appropriately.

  47. This man needs to be protected, not murdered. The LAPD are the bad guys here and want this guy dead. The LAPD has already shot innocent people as if they were in some kind of mad frenzy. They want this guy dead, silenced because they’re scared of the truth and truth is always the first to go under Fascism.

  48. @ rupert – by your reasoning the people this man shot and killed aren’t entitled to justice, but the perpetrator somehow is? Stop romanticizing this. Dorner is a premeditated, cold-blooded killer, and your emotions have made you quite loopy.

  49. What if he is telling the truth? What if there is a conspiracy going on and these officers he speaks of are bad? No one is condoning his actions of killing another human being (or at least I am not) But corruption does run rampant in police departments and civilians civil liberties do get violated. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by any means – And when I say any means maybe thats how he felt – A man at the end of his rope (nothing to lose) but even though his actions are despicable I will give Merritt to his words until they are PROVEN FALSE. Maybe one day you will be smart enough to distinquish between the methods.

  50. lol – Dorner proclaims, “Find any incidents where I was ever accused of being a bully. You won’t, because it doesn’t exist. It’s not in my DNA.” The man is running around killing people in cold blood, but he’s no bully. The man has collected grievances against all of his co-workers and filed them away by race, but he’s no racist. The man is a Christian, but he’s chosen to play God today. What a crock of untrue self-serving BS!!!!

  51. like I always say the roosters will always come home. and when they do there is hell to pay. I pray this man gets his day, I hope the truth will come out. it is time to stand on the stand on the side of justice and stop the corrupts. now is a good time to get behind this man and come together and bring all the corruption to a halt, not just with the police depts. but with our government. time has come to stand and unite for truth and justice. we all once believed that the truth should always be told, what happened to this country? I will support his side and will do what I can to help the truth to come out. I am a fellow veteran and believe still in our republic even though it has been guided to the wrong side of justice, my prays go out to you and youyr family

  52. Although it does not surprise me of the atrocities that are committed by police officers of almost every police department in the nation. I am on Christopher’s side. But the preparation of violent crimes of murder I cannot agree with. The anger of man generally profits nothing. It is my sincerest hope that Christopher some how comes out of this alive. That unfortunately will probably not be the case. I realize that the LAPD will smear and spin this all into some maniac that lost his mind. The facts that he wrote are indisputable though. To all people we must prepare ourselves and stand ready to defend ourselves at all costs. Our constitution protects our rights to be able to live and not be bullied or enslaved by those that are in authority. May the power of a loving God take care of Christopher and the rest of us. But America we must become the change that we want to be. The police structures must be investigated and if found corrupt dismantled. Equality is something we must all strive for. We must get involved and become knowledgeable even on the local level get involved. go to your city council meetings go to the meetings of government officials. Unilateral Unite the communities in which you live to produce the results that you wish to see. This is the beauty of living in america. We can change it if it starts to hurt enough. Well folks it is hurting alot. Christopher to you my brother. Bless you for standing up boldly and very courageously for righteousness. Let your thoughts about God hopefully be changed thorough all of this. He God still and always will love you no matter what….Thank you for telling us the truth…..

  53. if you are condoning him KILLING those two people based on his manifest you are as deranged as he is. He killed a man and a woman who personally did NOT wrong him and in my eyes that makes him as CORRUPT as those he is trying to expose.

  54. “The system did me wrong! Well, that gives me the right to start killing people.”

    Sounds reasonable.

  55. Chris Dorner got me when he posted an utterly believable, and probably verifiable, story detailing the injustice that happened to him… He lost me when he murdered a young couple whose only crime was being related to one of his ex-supervisors. He further lost me when he went to Riverside and randomly opened fire on some police officers he didn’t know, who had nothing to do with his previous assignment. Finally, he totally lost me when he apparently tried to hijack a boat to Mexico… Taking a stand, my ass. Christopher Dorner is a coward and a punk. He’s no better than the cops he bitches about for putting people in jail because they “look like a scumbag.” He’s killing people now for the same bullshit reasons: because of their associations.

  56. The shooting of innocent truck drivers shows that they have no intention of letting him live. I hope there is a full investigation.

  57. You should turn the spelling and grammar check on when you post. FYI ALL police departments, sheriffs offices, and government positions are private corporations, and NONE of them are funded by the public. It is a complete myth that we pay the salary of pigs, fire fighters, government officials, etc.

    “Los Angeles Police Dept in Los Angeles, CA is a private company categorized under Municipal Police. Our records show it was established in and incorporated in California.”

  58. This guy is a douche. Killed innocent people because he felt wronged….REALLY!!!
    What, was Gloria Allred not available for this poor man’s injustice. Be a whistle blower, not a MURDER!!

  59. When it comes down to it, “justice” doesn’t exist within the system. You may not agree with the man’s actions, but the least you can do is try to understand his experiences and what he witnessed, so that you can understand that they affected him so severely, so deeply moved him, that killing those he killed was logical to him.

    There are two types of people posting on this thread: those who get it, and those who don’t. If you haven’t lived as a person of color in a place like Oakland/LA, if you are ignorant of the history of racism and murder dealt out to the people by the cops, you see Christopher as a murderer, and nothing more. If you understand where he is coming from, you are likely aware of the murder rate of men of color at the hands of cops over the last 4 decades in Oakland/LA. Oscar Grant? Anybody? After trying and trying and trying to go through what are seen as the proper channels to seek justice, and things don’t get made right, should people sit back and let themselves be fucked over & hurt, over and over again? No wonder he fucking reacted by killing! No fucking wonder! Christopher is NOT the problem, and his actions, whether you believe them to be justified or not, are a result of the racism and corruption in the force and in this country. Period. If you refuse to look at that because you don’t see an easy solution, or you don’t want to be held accountable for your own racist self, your own privilege, your own contribution to the suffering, discrimination and oppression of other humans…well then, I just want to say, “fuck you,” and if I had a gun and didn’t care about consequences, there are days I wouldn’t mind taking your asses out, too.

  60. We should poly graph everybody named/all cops hired before 2000. If they are clear then there should be nothing to hide. If they are gonna kill this guy at least ask some questions first.

  61. They’re going to kill him. and anybody else they think might be involved, or in what looks like his pickup–which he’s probably already abandoned–very soon. They’ve been ginned up with fear for their lives. We need a peaceful revolution of the majority, not killing sprees. Dorner’s rage is understandable, but he’s chosen exactly the wrong answer for it. Now his story will never come out and his name will be forever tarnished as a serial murderer. MLK left us a roadmap to a just peace; this is not it. Those who live by the gun die by the gun. Peace cannot be achieved through violence. Justice cannot be found in a declaration of war. When the revolution occurs, as I believe it must–this is not what it will look like.

    Instead, there will be tens of thousands upon thousands of us, in all our beautiful diversity, sitting quietly in public places with our arms locked together. They will hose us, beat us–but our numbers will only grow.

    The Berlin Wall did not come down because Reagan asked Gorbachev to do it! It came down because the people of East Berlin started candlelight vigils, first of just 60 people, then 600–until finally over 300,000 stood on one side of the wall holding lighted candles–and people on the other side began to do the same. There is no power greater than a peaceful majority gathering together in civil protest.
    In the same way, led by Gandhi, India eliminated British colonial rule. This is the way to Justice, sanctified by our Constitution.

  62. “Mike Ruppert, former LAPD and crack cocaine whistleblower, released the following statement upon hearing the news regarding Chris Dorner:

    Michael C. Ruppert: From my own experience as a Los Angeles police Officer and deep familiarity with both LAPD culture and history I can say that with regards to Christopher Dorner’s allegations regarding internal corruption, favoritism, racism and concealment of excessive force, I believe him 100%. My life as an investigative journalist focusing extensively on military, paramilitary and covert operations gives me absolute certainty that this man is an extremely dangerous weapon.

    He is killing here in the United States the way too many US service members have killed routinely and with much less concern about Rules of Engagement overseas for decades.

    I am also certain that his presence on the streets and any new engagements will put stresses on huge fault lines within law enforcement agencies in Southern California.

    — This man needs to be brought in alive and he needs to be heard. I will be discussing him on radio show THE LIFEBOAT HOUR this Sunday.”

  63. Here’s an unedited and un-redacted version. The version being posted by the news has many passages cut out and names redacted – the former, I assume, to make him seem less human, and the latter for obvious reasons of safety and privacy.

  64. Glad this exposes the racist bullshit that goes on at LAPD. But, as an aspiring rapper with multiple baby mamas who has sold weed before, I’m offended by one of his comments.

  65. Dam this guy is scurry. the police are the highest form of corruption. peace will not stop them. as long as they feel they have power they will continue to do what they do until someone makes a statement. my condolences go out to the lives of those that have to die for this statement to be made. RIP

  66. Anyone notice the original version has some non sequitur talk about gun control? It seems totally out of context and written in a different style (spelling is different, punctuation, word choice, etc.). It’s pretty obvious to me that it was doctored up to include pro government crap. Rest assured, the government is even more corrupt than those small time LAPD crooks.

  67. Lines 128 to 136 on that Pastebin version Jefferson posted have clearly been added in by another party with a gun control agenda. I seriously doubt that a vigilante would throw in an out of context rant in a completely different writing style and suddenly follow up paragraph line 127 at paragraph line 137 inexplicably.


  69. That’s what you got out of my post? Your really part of Americas problem – Wake Up – Say No More Killing. Demand to all your law makers that this man is brought in alive so we can here his complaints andgrievences – I am not condoning his actions at all – but I believe with all my heart his story is one Americans need to hear.

  70. It is obvious that someone in LAPD wants this man silenced at ALL costs. Let the truth be exposed, and let the gavel of justice hammer upon them.

  71. Before your superhero boners get too hard, I want to remind anyone who expresses support of this man…that he means to use lethal force on his targets…and that his targets are not specific individuals, but KINDS of individuals. Kinds, types…races. If his manifesto tells the truth, than he was deeply wronged, but his means and approach are a direct contradiction to the morals and values he claims to hold dear.

    He says that courage is in his DNA. Someone needs to spill this fucker’s blood, so we can check.

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  73. I hope that there will be a peaceful ending in to this i do believe he is telling the truth here and he just want the public to know of what is going on with in the LPD i sure they hide alot of things reports an they have a code for which they dont snitch some one needs to be held accounted for if not 1 person then all whom are involed in this mess , it is like rambo all over stay tune for more

  74. Some are not going to like this but I don’t have a problem at all with any of this! These cops murder black people and keep us in fear everytime we get pulled over as to tether or not we are going to make it away from a traffic stop. It’s about time lived in fear and were worried when they drove down the street if some one was gonna end there life. You never hear about cops killing white citizens yet its all to common in the black and brown communities. Now that they have one of there own brining it to them is a prime example of the chickens coming home to roost! You can’t continue to kill us and not expect for it to be some kind of back lash. Now they will really be in trouble when some one decides to be a copy cat and join in then war will really be on. Black people if you don’t have your guns in ammo ready it’s times like these when we will find our selves on the short end. This can easily turn into a race riot and where will we be? Cause when that time comes they are not going to sell us a fire cracker. Get your guns and your ammo now!

  75. This animal is getting well-widget support in here? What is the matter without of you? He is murdering people. Where has your common sense gone? Heck where have your brains relocated? People are wishing him blessed wishes and this garbage is against Christ, and obviously life itself. He is a racist, full of hate, a void. And many are supporting him? And you wonder why so many feel doom and gloom in this society. Most of you don’t realize how effed-up you are to think this loser is somehow a hero. Trash like him.

  76. Let’s ask the ancestors to guide this brother to victory. This is a war we are living in people! Wake UP! You think because you have a supposedly black president that america’s war on the black man and woman has ended? Where is the truce? Where did the signing of the end of conflict occur? Wake Up! The civil war was a transition from one type of slavery into another! Have you heard of capitalism? Have you heard of consumerism? Have you heard of the prison industrial complex? And all you white devil reptilians who love interjecting your subversive opinions into the minds of your black slaves be warned for your days are soon coming to an end! Why, because the irony is you are the biggest victims of them all. You are proud to be American but you are ashamed of your history. And those of who are proud of it are either severely uneducated, or are just psychopathic reptilian racists in your true form!

  77. Why spill his blood? He is a man of flesh and blood. If they kill him it will just prove they just want to silence him. You are insane sir.

  78. All of you people saying you support him and feel bad for him are disgusting. No matter what happened to him, taking another person’s life is NOT justifiable by any means… And he’s killing more than police officers, he’s killing their spouses.. He is obviously mentally unstable and needs help.. But how dare any of you say that you support him, he’s KILLING people. Situations of any degree can be handled in different ways.. not by murder.

  79. Would love to know ALL the real truths that Christopher is exposing. I understand what has put him over the edge between right and wrong…NO excuse for murder though! His writings give us insight into what he has faced. He is not mentally ill, just a man that has hit the proverbial wall way too many times. It doesn’t have to do with race people…his mission is TRUTH. Please bring him in alive and let all the truth and facts be exposed about the LAPD and its “Blue Line Code”.

  80. Maybe you should take the time to read my biography, “Hey Nigger, Boy Come Here!’. You will see that things have not changed since my experience in 1961 with racist police officers. Eugene A.

  81. “This animal is getting well-widget support in here? What is the matter without of you? He is murdering people.”

    The reason he’s getting support is obvious:

    “So police in Southern California have shot two unarmed Asian women who were delivering newspapers..

    The women were driving a truck similar to what the wanted LAPD officer is reported to be driving.. They saw the women throwing papers out the window and got spooked and shot them.. A short time later a white male also unarmed was driving a similar blue pick up truck.. he too was shot by police”

    That’s why people are supporting Dorner. Because other LAPD “officers” are murdering random people on the street.

    Dorner’s reaction to this is completely inappropriate — killing people’s *families* in retaliation for their behavior makes NO sense, and I thought we got past that in the 1700s. But what response is there to a gang of murderers and torturers — who routinely get away with it and are above the law? Answer: the only known responses are vigilantism and revolution.

    The old saying is: “No justice, no peace”. Justice must come first before peace is possible. Know justice, know peace.

  82. As soon as I got to the whole name and synonym garbage after the first paragraph I stopped. This guy is batshit crazy. My prayers are that the police kill him ASAP. I am not interested in what this piece of garbage has to drool about.

  83. Btw it’s YOU’RE “really part of Americas problem” NOT “Your really part of Americas problem.” Idiot. If YOU’RE gonna be a writer then learn how to use grammar correctly. People talking and typing like fucking retards is a huge problem.

  84. The only person who went to prison for water-boarding was the whistle-blower, yeah the guy who let us know the army was water boarding went to prison a couple weeks ago. Before they sent him away they bankrupted him. This is just SOP now. It’s also illegal to protest about it. But it is legal for them to pick you up in the middle of the night and hold you forever or even kill you. If you don’t know these things you’re not paying attention. And if you’re one of those who wanted protection after 9-11 or said “I don’t care if they’re listening to my calls, I’m not doing anything wrong”, the reaping has begun. Some years from now someone will probably make Bin Laden look like a schoolyard prankster who is right now having to watch for “The wrath of God” every time he goes outside because every square mile of his country has a drone sitting in the sky for 16 hours a day. Yes, it’s reaping time and you who sowed it still have no clue.

  85. TO: J. FALL

    I just now read this story. So I don’t know the rest of the events of the killings. My heart almost fell out of my body. I so believe in what he said. I live it every day and become a little more depressed when I look around and see the rights we don’t have and the gigantic inequality our lives have taken on. I was so stunned when he placed himself in a position of losing his life. But words cannot express what a true human being, his strength in what he believed in that he could give up his life to right a world that has gone so horribly wrong. The one thing that grabbed my heart is that he was not looking for some kind of glory, but his NAME and what his life stood for. I cried at that point. What an amazing human. Right now, I feel “all shook up with awe and sadness.” They DID NOT VALUE him.

    You are so right, they are afraid of the truth. How much time is devoted to hunting him down, and is there any time devoted to looking at what he was saying? This is nothing new. It is not just in police work. Although this is not done with guns, this kind of behavior is rampant in any large business and of course the corporations. I live with this kind of exchange of behavior everyday of my life. The dishonesty, the efforts to take your money. The efforts to get that one step ahead of you to get that one more penny. Even Medicine and healthcare is no longer a profession. It is a money-making business. Even people die everyday, but nothing happens to them. The newspapers just say they will do better next time. They are not held to any kind of responsibility, Of course we have to turn our lives over to them to protect our lives, and this happens same as with law enforcement. I have viewed horrifying abuse of disabled elderly people, but I have had a police officer help me set up my Christmas tree on his “well-being” call for me.I remember a more civilized world probably up to the 70`s. Like I could go down to Mexico by myself. Not any more, it’s a changed world. So while the country slept, or made the Malls their priority, we have lost our country. I am hoping what this incredible man is doing will start turning the tide and not die.

  86. My heart is deeply wounded by these events. I have been following this story and “mental illness” was the label given him by my fellow friends. However, after reading this I honestly dont know where I stand. I am a woman of God and I believe vengance belongs to the Lord. I also believe the justice system fail minorities tremendously. I’ve known innocent people incarcerated and careers and lives sometimes wrecked and labeled. This is what happens when enough is enough. On one hand innocent people are dying, my prayers to the families for the victims are not directly linked to the injustices this man has endured. What does a man do when he has been trained and taught discipline, violence, ethics, and honor and yet for maintaining this code he has lived by he is stripped of everything including his honor? Resort to the only thing left that he knows violence. It is time for some justice and this is how he plans to get it. To think that some of the things aforementioned in this letter actually take place amongst people who are sworn to protect is appalling! My prayers will be for change to occur. For all the allegations stated above be throughly investigated by OUTSIDE law enforcement to prevent any bias decision making. Surely some people should be arrested and charged. There needs to be a total change in the way LAPD and BOR is run because obviously the current highly ranked officials either don’t care or are active particpants in the madness. The innocent lives lost are at least worth that including the life of Mr. Christopher, he did nothing but try to uphold the oath and he lost everything behind it and probably will lose his life as he is fully aware of regardless of what changes or confessions are made he is a walking dead man. Lets see how authorities handle this. Enough is really enough!! Prayers to the victims and Mr. Christopher. God bless!

  87. The psychiatrist Piers Morgan interviewed this evening characterized Dorner as a rambling homicidal lunatic based on what he said in his manifesto.
    I’m far from a mental health professional, but this is not nearly as rambling or difficult to understand as what Cho of Virginia Tech or Loughner of Tucson put out before their respective shooting sprees. Dorner is clearly very angry, but I’m not sure I’d go as far to characterize him as mentally ill. What he’s done is inexcusable, but I think he raises some perfectly valid grievances.

  88. This lunatic is out shooting police officers that never had anything to do with the corruption he CLAIMS took place? What a great way to get the word out, by killing police officers. And the sick people I see glorifying this mentally defective person makes me sick. This is a “man” who goes around pointing guns at innocent people, killing people who had absolutely nothing to do with his perceived injustices. This isn’t a Robin Hood story. It’s the story of a sick individual going out and killing people in an entirely self serving fashion.

    Disgusting. And anyone who see’s this insane person as some kind of hero should be seeking mental help the same way this guy should have. Is the world perfect? No. Is mass murder the right way to get message across? Hell no and it should not be built up as such.

  89. Sociopathic institutions breed sociopaths. “I am the walking exigent circumstance you created.” Seems Dorner has struck upon a truth here. It doesn’t really add up though. He was in Navy and LAPD for years and is surprised by violence, racism and corruption? He must have always been a delusional man with little understanding. Or he’s not telling the whole story. Why did he really rat on this officer who kicked someone? Possibly some other dumb beef was involved. Now this ex-cop and ex-Navy, trained killer, is going to take some moral high ground? No, the whole story has yet to be told, or perhaps he really was sleepwalking and some sudden trauma made him see part of the truth and snap. We’ll probably never know.

  90. You all know he killed the daughter of his lawyer who represented him in his BOR case right? He then ambushed Police officers also with no relevance to his BOR case, nor his removal from the Navy. he ambushed innocent, unarmed civilians, and officers in the line of duty sent out to protect the families of the people he threatened… he is quite literally hunting, not his targets, but their families. This is not about his want to undue injustices, this is an ego centrist vengeance. I understand the need to fix and point out corruption, but the levels that this man has gone to for retribution makes his just as bad as the corruption he is fighting. Real change isnt created by pointing the barrel of a gun at those who hold no bearing to the crime…. This man is a lunatic, and those of you who claim he is a hero, clearly dont understand what the word means.

  91. For respect of their privacy my @ss why x out their names? The BOR should be reviewed and dealt with accordingly! I see why Christopher Dorner is pissed the hell off. Nothing was being done about things he stated in this release. KTLA should release the names. Why should they have privacy when they are the reason for this story. Don’t protect those that are involved if we need the truth out. Wouldn’t you want Justice for the disabled man that was kicked and nothing was done? Them officers need to be fired, along with the one’s that was covering it up! Dorner will have to live with what he has done, but people would want something done if it happened to their own family! JUSTICE, wow…we will never get it if everyone is not truly treated EQUAL. White people still have in their minds that blacks, Hispanic’s….etc are beneath them. Look at the name they call us minority. Now take the first part, adjective; Minor – Lesser in importance, seriousness, or significance. It’s 2013 folks lets get it together!!!!!!

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  93. All I can say is if everything he’s writing is true I don’t feel bad or upset at him I mean we don’t deserve corrupted police out there they are suppose to serve an protect us. He had to take matters into his own hands for the truth to come out. Sometimes it just has to be that way.

  94. He killed his public defender (who likely covered up the misdeeds) and her fiance (also a cop). They are not as innocent as the media would have you believe.

  95. You have to believe the LAPD story to judge the guy to be the insane lunatic they’re trying to make him out to be. Here’s a quote from the CNN story:
    “Authorities believe he followed through on his threats early Thursday by shooting a Riverside, California, police officer and two others. A day earlier, Irvine police named Dorner a suspect in the double slayings Sunday of a woman — identified by Los Angeles police as the daughter of a retired LAPD officer — and her fiance.”

    Authorities believe…
    …named Dorner a suspect…

    This guy may not make it to a trial. He’s being judged by the LAPD & of course the media.

  96. Anyone hear who is defending this son of a bitch needs to reexamine their lives. This guy killed INNOCENT people who had nothing to do with his problems! Also, killing someone for not trying to “lead a revolution” to reform the police force is stupid. We live in a free country, and if people don’t see the need to do something, that’s their choice.

    This is fucking ridiculous that people are defending a MURDERER. I dont care if the LAPD is corrupt, but this is WAY OVER THE LINE. Once you do shit like this, you immediately discredit yourself.

    I find it ironic that people will never side with terrorists from foreign countries (like Al Qaeda) but will side with wackjobs like this who are killing people in their own country.

    Fuck this guy.

  97. Judgement is suspect here but so too are the findings discovered by internal affairs that the department where honor objected by most and lost for the rest of us is playing out in interweaving bit parts like the watch commander who do and watches out for his men so they don’t have to look at him keeping sentinel at the right time but for the wrong reasons when hide by real school frilor an indifferent a judicial system that knowingly arrests innocent citizens in order or them to do their jobs charging them withf or the purpose of providing persons of interest for District Proecutors to answer for crimes

  98. So let me get this right. He thinks that by murdering people he is going to clear his name? And not only that, but there seems to be a lot of people (judging by this comment section) that think what he is doing is justified? I am scared for the future of this country that this many people buy into this.

    I don’t doubt that there is some corruption in the LAPD. However, I know many police officers as I was at one time a police dispatcher. The number of good police officers far outweighs the bad. Police officers take an oath basically saying that they would give up their own lives to save yours and the lives of your family members. Every police officer I have ever known takes this oath seriously and would not hesitate for a second to run into a burning house to save you or your children. I find it interesting that Dorner talks about how police officers don’t value people’s lives, but yet he is going around killing people that he has never met and that have nothing to do with his problems.

    Clearly Dorner is mentally ill and everyone who thinks that he is justified in what he is doing should probably re examine their moral code.

  99. @Police Officer (@1:12pm) — You have an IQ of 162… and yet you can’t spell “intellectual” or “perpetuating” correctly? Right.

  100. people can change the world if they come together for justice. Of course violence is not the answer but when the justice system has failed and police are corrupt the truth needs to come out. If nothing is done it will only get worse and many more will be hurt, beaten and lied on. Two innocent woman was shot in Torrance because of mistaken identity and these are the people who are suppose to protect. REALLY….

  101. Our opinions don’t matter whether we are for or against, when you push a person too far, its only a matter of time before he goes after your family first then you. Its oly the beginning! The seeds of hatred are fully grown and you know who will now reap what they’ve sown! In other words, the chickens have come to roost

  102. Well, i do not support the killing. I do support the truth. the truth is cops and government, lie, and break our laws that we the people have to follow, I was never a cop, but i know of the corruption,the lies. So i hope everyone,will seek the truth. the cops will try to cover it up. it’s up to us to get to the bottom of this. Chris sounds fed up to me, not crazy.

  103. The L.A.P.D has a long rap sheet of corruption. Shine the light on rats and watch what happens. This brave man needs someone with clout to back him up, before he is killed to cover the stink. The feds or ACLU or Naacp somebody needs to help him now before the lairs cover their butt at his expense.

  104. So it’s ok for him to kill cops. Come on people, he is no better than anyone else that kills. If he was white killing black cops it would be racial!! Forget about the skin color, he may have been mistreated, but that’s still no excuse to kill other people!

  105. Having been only 17 and unarmed with only a “foggy” window of my vehicle being reason for a county sheriff to pull his gun on me, I do find myself in agreement. It may seem out of the norm, but good luck sir. If police are to continue self affirming their actions without any real sense of justice than they are as dangerous as any cult.

  106. Read the original letter that has NAMES. Respect for privacy? It’s a little late for privacy & should be the least of worries. & also the letter is cut short here. Why? I respect this man so much & pray he isn’t killed but I know he most likely will be considering innocent ppl that were mistaken for him have already been gunned down. My heart hurts b/c of how corrupt & heartless the ppl in positions of power are today. & also for this man who did the right thing & had his life ruined by it. I don’t believe he killed the innocent ppl that they are saying he did. The media will do any & everything to paint the picture they
    want. I learned that a long time ago firsthand. You have to search for the truth when dealing with evil ppl with endless agendas.

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  109. So I’m reading other accounts and apparently the more rambling, crazy bits of the letter have been excised from this version? come on, it’s deceptive to not show all of it, even the parts where he’s praising G.H.W. Bush, Charlie Sheen and Hillary Clinton. The man has obviously suffered a mental breakdown and is a product of his immersion in the psychotic culture of violence of the Navy and police. All the nutty references to obscure abbreviations and military lingo make it obvious. Of course he’s right that the LAPD is a racist, corrupt institution that should be destroyed. But he was part of it for years and it obviously damaged him irreparably.

  110. oh, not to mention the fact that he’s apparently killing the family members of people he has grudges against. If people can’t see the insanity of that, then they’re as bad as the cops Dorner is bitching about (and again, which he was one of!)

  111. I’m an ex-op and retired border officer fro Canada, and personally, I think corruption and racism is not as bad as one would think. Unfortunately the bad outweighs the good and we all get caught up in rampant cop hating and mistrust. There is nothing worse than a cop gone bad,BUT there is no one more worthy of our praise and respect than an honorable and dedicated police officer
    Mr. Dorner is a good man gone bad and is expressing his frustration at a system which did not allow him to expose the wrong side of the L.A. Police dept. I absolutely DO NOT condone his actions, but let us not lose sight of the dynamics which can affect a fragile mind!

  112. Ni66ers gonna n1g…..and of course, play the race card the entire time. I hope some White police officer gets to kill this worthless ni66er slowly and painfully.
    Biggest mistake in all of human history, bringing the worthless chimps here to America….

  113. LAPD and surrounding area loves to help bad people stalk celebrities, women, etc. It’s time for America to wake the fuck up. The corruption goes way above LAPD, too. Everybody knows each other there, and things are run mafia-style.

  114. You can’t type cast all people by saying that few police officers are that they are all bad. There is corruption in all walks of life. It is possible that this officer or ex officer has some valid complaints, however he is going the wrong way of retaliating his being fired. Who knows, he might have thought it was the only way that people would listen. It’s sad. My heart goes out the the people who were slain. I hope that no further innocent lives are taken. Maybe we can all learn from this and fly the straight and narrow.


  116. Seriously regardless of this guy, LAPD feels they have a right to open fire on anyone and get away with it????

    Something is wrong here. Something is wrong with America is the White House allows us citizens to be controlled and feared by LAPD. I was born here in LA, I am white but does not matter I am not an LAPD an LAPD officer they will kill me too so no reason like shooting at these ladies.


    Time to move from America. LA is SHIT.

    Thank you for letting me post. I need to vent like others. It is scary here and stressfull.

  117. I learned of your website from my former roomate from USC.

    Best of luck citizens of Los Angeles. America and the World please wish us luck and pray for us. LAPD opens fire at anyone here and they get away with it.

  118. I’ve read a lot of comments to what’s happening in LA and I can’t help but to believe that there is corruption in this police department, but you can say that about any department in the country for that matter. The over-whelming feeling I’m getting from the people is that they’re tired of corruption from the people we as a society look to for protection. I don’t agree for one minute what Dorner is doing as far as killing. Officers around the country who fear this may happen to them if they speak out, what does that really say about your character to go with the status quo? Is a paycheck really worth not doing what you know is right? I know Officers have a tough job and so does every living person on this earth that works hard on a daily basis to provide for their families. Any citizen who has been mistreated by anyone in authority should report no matter the outcome! Hold law enforcement responsible for their actions. I try to show the authorities respect, just last week here in MI, I had a couple of Officers come to my door to ask me some questions about an accident that just had occured. I answered all of their questions and they knew I had nothing to do with the incident as I had my two young children with me and they still tried to treat me like a criminal saying cps would come and get my kids if they decided to arrest me and I was wrong for not informing them of my CPL when they came to my home unannounced in all. To make a long story short if you’re aware of your rights they can’t get away with treating us in any manner which they see fit.

  119. Thank God for our marine brothers!! We as citizens need you at home more than ever – God Bless Each And Every One Of You.

  120. Since he was a single 270lb black male who owns a GREY Nissan, seven shots at the head of the passenger of a blue Nissan containing two Asian women? WTF much? I think this guy has really figured out how to provoke the LAPD into bringing down their entire gang mentality police state organization on their own. This will force the Feds to either join or oppose the thugs in uniform. This will not just “go away.” I am not happy that he is killing relatives of the ones who have been complicit in his “unfair dismissal” for speaking truth to power. But to be clear, he is not a christian as he said so clearly in his written words. The Bible more correctly matches the actions of the LAPD where no one other than your own tribe is to be given any consideration as all others are “unworthy” and actually he seems to be invoking the “sins of the father” clause that is in the Bible some on here so seem to want to judge him by. Yes, they may be innocents. However, to be clear, all the children killed in drone strikes overseas do not seem to be bothering many of the pro-authoritarian respondents on here so why the difference? Hmmmm?

  121. The sad part of this story is this officer saw his co-worker brake the law and when he reported him then in return they fired this man and destoryed his name and he wants it back because this name has meaning and he has worked very hard and earn his dream. The officer that kicked the man in face should have been arrested,charge and be in jail but he is not and they are up holding in his wrong. Well now Dorner is after them. Well I guess now he will judge. I did not know that they compare which officer has the worst crime sence whle family member hurt and suffer when they lost a family member. They are sick. Tell the truth because the more you officers hang to those lies you are going to lost more family members and friend and Dorner knows them all. Remember he has worked very close with you all. This man is not kidding. Tell the truth for others sake and he has promise to stop killing.

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  124. Well after reading this mans manifesto its obvious he views himself as a neccesary martyr for the cause of stomping out corruption and evil amongst LAPD.In my opinion he should have left the force and found a new occupation when discovering the level of corruption rather than allowing his disgruntled frustration to turn to rage, revenge,hatred and murder then try to justify his acts as a neccesary evil. My view is, he should have listened to his mama when he states she used to tell him that “sometimes bad things happens to good people” but he admits could not accept that. We live in a BAD world and shit happens. But there is no excuse at all to justify becoming a rage driven blood thirsty psycopath….

  125. Justifying what he has done is silly. Is corruption prevalent in society, yes. Does this guy deserve to be treated like a martyr for what he has done, no. Killing innocent people(dirty cops included) for the trivial injustices he has had to go through is fucking ludicrous. So the man lost his job and dealt with some racist assholes along the way, welcome to the fucking world braj. People lose their jobs and people get verbally assulted on a regular basis, grow some thicker skin and try to make a change in a logical way. For the lot of you that are glorifying this mans actions, you are all pieces of shit. Life is the most precious thing in this world and this megalomaniac is taking that away from people because of his misguided delusions of grandeur. This story ends like so many others, with the felon dying in a less than glamorous way.

  126. Speaking of pieces of shits – its nice you can look so far down from your pedalstile to call me a name – These are peoples opinions and just because somebody doesnt have your opinion does not make them a piece of shit – Your a clown bitch – I feel sorry for your family.

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  129. I never singled you out. I simply stated that those who condone the actions of a killer that has no reason to kill are in fact pieces of shit. If you think it is okay to go on a killing spree because you were a witness to police brutality and racism, tried to voice what you encountered, then were pushed out of your job because of it, then yeah…you’re a piece of shit. How difficult would it have been to have moved out of LA, gotten a job at a more reputable police department and then utilized the myriad of media outlets to talk about the debauchery that goes on within the LAPD. Also, everybody has a right to an opinion, but if you are an idiot and decide to voice an opinion, expect a follow up opinion from someone logically and morally superior to yourself. Also, it’s pedestal, clown bitch :-).

  130. Well I am glad you can spell – I don’t think anybody is condoning murder clown but you seem to have it all figured out so continue your reign of stupidity – Things happen when men reach the end of there rope – clearly he made bad desicsions but its clear to me lapd is trying to silence a snitch that knows to much and that concerns me

  131. Really…because I can scroll up and cite at least a dozen. Not denying that the LAPD isnt a shady organization or that police brutality isnt a legitimate concern; but true to form, you needed to ascertain that “things happen when men reach the end of *their* rope.” The only thing that should have been at the end of that rope is this narcissistic, egotistical, homocidal asshole. So, as much as I would like to continue this insightful repartee I will depart from the conversation. Solidarity brother, keep up the “good” fight.

  132. Catch him, kill him and then continue with the reinvestigation. He’s a monster, a cry baby and parnoid. He does not deserve to live.

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  134. WOW!!!!! It’s a shame that this has to play out this way. May GOD bless all the people who are affected by this. HOWEVER, I HOPE THE TRUTH CAN FINALLY BE TOLD.

  135. At the end of tbe day, this man was a psychopath and murdered innocent people out of some misguided retaliation.

  136. I mean even of he was fired for snitching about police brutality, that didn’t give him the right to murder members of the LAPD and their families. Even if you’re anti-cop, the man murdered innocent people who weren’t involved in him losing his job. There’s no justifying what he did, the man was a very mentally unstable individual, and he snapped. The whole thing is though, we don’t live in a society where you can be excused of murder because you were having a bad day. No one should be defending this man, regardless of how unfairly he may have been treated.

  137. I can only speak for myself but I Never condoned the murders in any way shape or form – But I do believe he should not be murdered either – Arrest him – he deserved due process just like anyone else but the police were not even trying to arrest him – as shown whith the asian newspaper ladies ( they gave no warnings just opened fire) this is a tradgic event but I believe he had eveidence of police misconduct and I wanted to hear whst this man had to say – They did not give him that chance – I wonder why? Because the lapd are snakes (generally speaking) I am sure there are a few good officers but for the most part they all trampke on citizens civil liberties and this has to stop –

  138. That man was a thug and a murderer. Yes, he wrote some ridiculous stuff. So what? He was a criminal.

  139. When the FBI left, the LAPD really went nuts. Jeffrey Dunn’s Threat Management Unit is now working openly for entertainment law firms. On the taxpayer’s dime, Jeff Dunn fixes cases for celebrities so they can have illustrious careers. If they are sued or their secrets are revealed on the internet, Jeffrey Dunn gets criminal charges brought against those who dare sue them or bad mouth them on the internet. No joke. Trutanich was in on it cause Marty Singer and Ron Litz was a good friend to have when it came to his desire to be DA. Actress Paulley Perrette destroyed an innocent guy with the help of Jeff Dunn at his crew. Cancer comedienne, Tig Notaro, is now scamming the public again because of the TMU.

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